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In latest interview by @ujjaldosanjh he spoke on many issues surrounding #Punjab today. In which he emphasized on Systemic Deindustrialization of state due to Feudal Polity and Religious Fascism. He compared the current situations to ISIS and Fanaticism which happens in 🇵🇰 1/3
And it has brought and still bringing radicalization to our society. He further spoke on Referendum and added #Punjab will never be separated from 🇮🇳2/3
Furthermore he spoke on Role Model crisis in youth of #Punjab. 3/3
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Now that the glorification of #Mughals is finally being struck down from Indian history textbooks, here are some important events that need to be included in: Image
1) Destruction of Nalanda to remind Hindus of how the ahimsa philosophy didn't help monks at their hour of need and how it is important to arm oneself and train in the art of war and defence. Pacifism does not work in the real world and will get you killed. Image
2) Second Battle of Tarain to remind the Hindus that even if you spare your enemy, the enemy will not spare you so finish off your enemies when the chance is at hand. The "granting abhaya to sharanāgat" attitude doesn't work with Samuday Vishesh. Image
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🧵A British + Canadian - Max MacAuliffe & W Hopkinson connection lives on - #Khalistanis
Maharaja Ranjit Singh (Nov13, 1780-June 27,1839); reign 1801-1839 Sher-e-Punjab. 10y Fought his 1st battle. Defeated Zaman Shah Durrani x2. Conquered Lahore 1799. Consolidated various Misils; had 1of d strongest army-Khalsas & created 1 of the greatest empires, Afghanistan-China.
Duleep Singh (1839-1893) after multiple ascendants were deposed, 1843 was crowned as Maharaja at 5yo with his mother Rani Jind (Kaur) administering the empire.
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#Indespicable | #NewYork based #fanatic #Japneet radicalizes young nascent minds to advance his #nefarious designs of #Khalistanis as children can be seen parroting what & how to spread hatred against #India. #Parents of the children & society they live in need to be worried
Japneet Singh
ਨਿਰਭਉ ਨਿਰਵੈਰ
Former Candidate for NY State Senate D15
Social Activism ⚖ @khalsapatrol
Seva (Service) 🌍 @nysikhcouncil

Insta | @japneetsinghforny

@FBI Please look into this
Times Square, NYC📍

Sandeep Singh Sandhu
Deep Sidhu
Sidhu Moosewala
Amritpal Singh

Is Japneet Singh paying the bills @FBI @HMOIndia @HinduHate @hindupost
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The #SFJ gang inspire many in Punjab & outside to stand up for the cause of #Khalistan

I'm sure, it must be a richie-rich business. Let's look at some of the filthy rich businessmen of #SFJ
JS Dhaliwal, a prominent #SFJ member & reporter of USMI News.
He is a hotel owner
2/n Next in the list is Amandeep Singh Khalsa.
Working for #SFJ is his side-business. Rest of the time, he is engaged with "Kaur Biz Services" along with his wife.
He is Surinder Singh Thikriwal.
In #Referendum voting, car rallies, protests, you'll find him in the forefront. Rest of the times, you may find him driving his Mercedes-Benz.
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A Khalistani on a rampage in the only country where they stand a chance to get a land for Azad Khalistan.

Canada be safe. These rouge elements are now killing people in broad daylight.

#InderdeepSinghGosal #Khalistanis #AmritpalPalSingh
Canada is realizing that they have been breeding these khalistani terrorists just to gain vote banks . Inderdeep Singh Gosal, 32, has been promoting Khalistan and genocide against Hindus openly on his social media before it was taken down by the VPD. #Vancouver #homicide
#Vancouver Stabbing Case On Granville Street at Pender Street! 26th March 2023. The man stabed another man to death (in front of the victim's wife & young daughter) is Inderdeep Singh Gosal. Peaceful #Khalistan activist.

#Canada #InderdeepSinghGosal #AmritPalSingh #Satyaagrah
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If you thought #Khalistani cult members could not stoop any lower, watch this video of #Melbourne today where juveniles & adults shout in Hindi ‘Gali Gali Me Shor Hai - Bharat Mata Chor Hai'
@RobMitchellMP is close to this cult

#Bharat @AlboMP @Australia
Australia's Victoria police releases images of Khalistani extremists who have indulged in violence on January 29th. In a statement says, 'Police appealing to identify six men following affray in Melbourne'
Victoria Pol Statement in 2nd Image #Australia #AmritpalSingh ImageImage
Police are appealing for public assistance as they continue to investigate an affray at the Khalistan Referendum at Federation Square on 29 Jan.
Police have released images of six men they believe may be able to assist with their enquires.
Read more > Image
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#Khalistanis spreading fake news that Punjab police "abducted" Papalpreet Singh's wife and mother. Harmeet Dhillion, member of Republican Party amplifies this fake news further. Dhillion's lackeys went after @SarahLGates1 when she exposed #Khalistanis in Oz. Read next tweet.
We called out Harmeet Dhillion's support for #Khalistanis in Feb 2023. Her lackey harassed and intimidated @SarahLGates1 for speaking against #Khalistanis .

Papalpreet Singh is #Amritpal Singh's mentor and associate who helped #Amritpal escape.…
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Piers Corbyn, elder brother of Jeremy Corbyn, asking for release of Avtar Singh Khanda, a #Khalistani who vandalised #Indian flag at Indian HC, London and calls this a "beginning of a massive struggle which must overthrow the #Modi regime". Ends with "victory for #Khalistan".
Here are his tweets.
FYI, @MEAIndia @DrSJaishankar @PMOIndia @AmitShah former UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's elder brother comes out in support of #Khalistanis and asks for a regime change in India. RaGa met with Jeremy Corbyn last year.
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𝐅𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐃𝐮𝐛𝐚𝐢'𝐬 𝐃𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐨 𝐀𝐣𝐧𝐚𝐥𝐚'𝐬 𝐀𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐭

It surely must have been a busy weekend for the advocates of 'Sikhi' sitting outside India with all the noise surrounding #AmritpalSingh
With internet shutdown in #Punjab, the Western allies undertook the responsibility to be their voice. Major advocates includes those from the US & #Canada
Fair enough! Since the #Farmersprotest it's only now when they have got a chance to put forth their concern for India's 'dying democracy'

With less time in hand, they immediately got into the business of accounts creation & a whooping 822 accounts were created on March 17th
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As the #Khalistan movement is spreading, I as a responsibile Sikh who was never tought any difference between Hindus and Sikh by my family stands uprooted. Today I'm presenting you some measures and want the government to look into this with utmost responsibility. 1. There are
100's of channels running propagandas within India with shorts gloryfying Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala as a saint and martyrd who fought against the army who were trying to destroy the Golden Temple and lost his life defending the Darbar sahib but they don't tell why the army
stormed the Golden Temple at first place? Because JSB was hiding inside it.
2. They show how the Akal Thakt was destroyed which was immensely shameful by the Government of Indira Gandhi, but did'nt they killed her?Isn't the revenge being taked so why not to move on and live a
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Sewer rats #Khalistanis from Canada coming out in support of #AmritpalSingh. Another country, other than Pakistan that harbours and promotes terrorists is #Canada and Justin Trudeau. ImageImageImageImage
George Soros funded Sikh Coalition shows support for #AmritpalSingh and has Soros Fellowship winner Simran Jeet Singh as their member.

UK's Khalsa Aid founder Ravinder Singh tweeting in support of #AmritpalSingh. Image
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Diaspora Indians: CAUTION.
If there's one confirmed fact about #Khalistanis , especially overseas ones, it's that they are T€rr0rists and Cowards. Remember Air India 182.

They may try & target helpless Indian Diaspora civilians in retribution for coward Amritpal Singh's arrest.
Remember the recent attacks & vandalism against Hindu temples in Canada, UK, and Australia, and the violent targeting of both Indian Consulates/Embassies as well as peaceful celebrations of Indian national holidays. Expect this to intensify. That's all the guts #Khalistanis have.
In preparation, note down & screenshot EVERY Tweet you see from every #Khalistani handle over the next several days, that makes ANY sort of threat and/or ANY reference to Amritpal Singh or Waris Punjab De. RT & TAG LOCAL POLICE IN YOUR COUNTRY & INDIAN EMBASSY/CONSULATE, BOTH.
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Now that our for-hire feminists have started doing mental gymnastics to justify #Khalistani terrorism, let us go back 31 years to 1992. These stories are from India Today and very few women dared to speak up against sexual terrorism of #Khalistan because Sikh orthodoxy 1/4
fully backed by SGPC didn't let anyone speak up.

This sex-mania, below waist thinking & sexual slavery is final proof that Khalistanis are just like their owners - ISIS parent org.

Just like in Kashmir, Afghanistan or Syria, terrorists would abduct young women for pleasure. 2/4
Some were forcibly married off but many were just kept as sex slaves even in sacred buildings these terrorists had captured. No "be-adbi gang" said a word just like they didn't say anything about Amritpal carrying Guru Granth. All that gyaan only an excuse for killing Kafirs. 3/4
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1. A #Sikh friend from #Norwich #Connecticut sent me these photos. Apparently, an Indian American Sikh group made a digital presentation in front of the Norwich City Hall against Mayor Peter A Nystrom, accusing him of supporting and promoting supporters of #Khalistan terror group
2. Messages called on Mayor Nystrom to focus on the issues of #Norwich, including lack of development and an alarming opioid crisis, instead of supporting agendas of extremist groups that were responsible for one of the worst airline bombings in the world. (Kanishka bombing)
3. Friend told me that despite being a small town, Norwich has been facing infrastructure issues with power outages in the past month. Most people in the town he spoke to told him that were completely unaware of who #Khalistanis were and why the Mayor would be promoting them.
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THREAD!! A lot of people are upset at the latest anti #Yoga rant by Hindu hater and “caste” saleswoman Thenmozhi Soundarajan from “Equality” Labs. It’s important that people understand that she is a critical cog of a multi-layered hate-ecosystem spreading #Hinduphobia in US, 1/n Image
A cursory look at Equality Labs and the those involved in it, exposes its connection to individuals and organizations that are connected to #Pakistan, it’s intel agency, genocidal war criminals, radical #Islamists #Khalistanis and terrors groups. Let’s look at some of them. 2/n Image
Equality Labs became famous after they wrote a “caste report” in 2018. This report was fully debunked as biased & unscientific in 2020 by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. However Equality Lab’s report, exposed some scary stakeholders in Thenmozhi’s shenanigans. 3/n Image
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A minority in the community seems to be hell-bent on giving Sikhs a bad name across the world.…
"In December 2021, the German authorities arrested Jaswinder Singh Multani, after the Indian government put significant pressure following the court blasts that took place in Punjab."
"During British PM Boris Johnson’s recent India visit, the governments of India and the UK agreed to create a taskforce to counter extremist elements operating in Britain, including pro-Khalistan forces."
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@DrAmbardar @nytimes A huge thank you to Mr Babones for making an effort to investigate the facts behind the "protests" & displace some falsehoods, however, other key points have not featured in this report:
1. The Farm Laws are not a new set of reforms- these have been in debate & consultations 1/n
@DrAmbardar @nytimes for a number of decades. In fact even Congress included it in their 2019 manifesto. The claim that the Law was rushed through the Parliament is therefore grossly misleading.
2. NOT all the wealthy farmers are protesting the Law - only a miniscule number concentrated in 2/n
@DrAmbardar @nytimes Punjab & Haryana. India has a farmer population of around 150 million & typically only a few thousand attend these protests. That's not even 0.1%
4. Even the protests do not entirely relate to the substance of the Law. It's a well planned act of subversion by Khalistani 3/n
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Agriculture bill was just an excuse, the real story is something like this
1. For many years we were eating imported pulses.
2. Years ago .@narendramodi started banning it and now completely shut it down.
3. In 2005, Manmohan abolished the subsidy being given on pulses.+
...2yrs after that the government started importing pulses by compromising with Netherlands, Australia and Canada. Canada has established large farms of Lentil Dal at its place, the responsibility of which was handed over to the Punjabi Sikhs living there.+
...Large scale pulses are being imported from Canada to India. Among the big importers, Congressmen like Amarinder, Kamalnath were also there. As soon as Modi banned imports, Badal also, their game started. Their Canadian farms started drying up.+
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2019, So called Democratic Anti CAA Protests had Radical Islamists behind the scene.

2020, It seems so called #FarmerProtest have #2020Referendum supporter #Khalistanis behind the scene. Image
जब जब कांग्रेस डरती है, देश मे दंगा करती है

- Haryana on the name Jat Aandolan
- Rajasthan on the name Gujjar Reservation
- MP on the name of SC/ST Protests
- Gujarat on the name of Patel Protests
- Karnataka on the name of Lingayat
- Tamil Nadu on the name of Hindi Imposition ImageImage

Another #SaheenBagh in making?
Another Riot in planning, on the name of Protest? ImageImage
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Deeply saddened to know of swargvas of @RSSorg veteran Shri Jaikrishna Sharma, who bravely stood up against #Khalistani terror at its peak. Organised Punjab Rashtriya Suraksha Samiti.Held lectures, processions all over #Punjab. तेरा वैभव अमर रहे मां हम दिन चार रहें ना रहें 🙏
Was bed ridden 4 years when I met him in Una HP due 2accident. But full of warmth. Was happy 2tell me abt Punjab struggle, showed photos, news clips of those days 4my PhD research. He was emotional when he talked of @narendramodi ji, saying he never imagined he will see this day
When Rajju Bhaiyya ji , then Sarkaryavaah, asked him, you know the possible of responsibility of fighting #Khalistanis? Jaikrishna ji said, "Yes, bullet." He coined the slogan in Punjabi - "We will not allow any division between Hindu-Sikh, we will not allow another 1947." 🙏
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