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This is a good time to redirect frustration and pain onto creative outlets and prayer.

By all means, do your online activism.

But balance that out with self-care Address your mental, spiritual and emotional needs.

Self-neglect will not solve the problem.

Some Tips ⬇️

Look for signs of burnout (use Google) and assess yourself honestly

Whilst your voice matters, so too does your spirit.

Take a break from Twitter to recharge for a few days.

You can continue supporting your cause in other ways.
Redirect the brain to different activities for a change. Art, games on your phone, deep breathing, music.

This isn't escapism. Some of the best ideas come when we're in the middle of doing something unrelated. (Like Archimedes shouting EUREKA! In his bathtub)
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How I prep for a video shoot🎥

For every client, I make a video shoot in the first month that is structured by BLOCKS.

It saves so much time long-term and I think this thread will help you

Let's dive in👇
Step 1:
You need to do your research and creative strategy. I shared this info a lot but to sum up I do it like this:
👉My own content questionnaire [client fills it]
👉I look at the website, FB ads manager, Tiktok ads manager where I find some creative patterns
[read more]👇
👉Reddit, Amazon reviews, competitors...

I go deep. I want to know the brand/offer/audience inside out

Then I create blocks👇
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1/10 Ten Tips for Creativity. 🧵 👇 "A good poet will usually borrow from authors remote in time, or alien in language, or diverse in interest." T.S. Eliot. Diverse sources and experiences help create better ideas. #Creative #Insights
2/10 In a world of AI, humans are more important than ever. AI can provide a space and support for human creativity. Technology is driving the need for greater creativity. We are on the road to even more creative developments. #AI #Tech #Creativity
3/10 Creative insight is often unstructured, sometimes chaotic; it needs time and space to daydream and look at things differently. It can be unpredictable and random, and other times more planned. Some create on-demand, others on the fly, and some at rest. #CreativeInsight
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While #science thought us that we can even cut and paste #genes with #CRISPR technology…even with that we only influence 3% to 5% of #chronicillness. The rest depends on #how you #live your #life!!! So how do we #SelfRegulate our #body?
1. Good #sleep is more important than most think! What happens during sleep? The fluctuation of consciousness…that we call the waking state. But in many wisdom traditions of the world, the waking state is merely a lucid dream that consciousness is having…
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In honour of ths morn's conv w/ @czzpr & @realdcameron for @teacherhugradio , here's a THREAD exploring t complexity of t most recent BABY LAUGHTER video to go viral. Whn we look closer at ths wee one's JOY, we gain insights into our whole human species.
2. Ok, she starts out, at 0.00, lookng straight at t camera. That means she's aware of Daddy, who is videoing ths lovely moment. Even in t midst of the hilarity, she's aware of her wider environment & the people in it. That's multi-taskng! She can do complex things w/ her attntn.
3. And now! On with the joy! She's got a new toy - a torch (flashlight) - that she can USE to make WONDROUS THINGS happen! She can CONTROL THE DOG! We are witnessing a baby discover she has power over her world. This is a baby building self-esteem in the midst of FUN.
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This makes me so 🤢

The idea that women are automatically “safe” is exactly what creates this “opportunity” for some women to exploit children & monetize their “optics” of “trustworthy” on behalf of predators.

Gender does not predict ethics, integrity, safety.
Why does #GhislaineMaxwellTrial matter to #womeninSTEM?
⬇️federal funding
➡️private donors (Epstein)

“Socialites” open doors to elite spaces, including #academia #science #STEM
Women=“optics” & “reputation management” for these wealthy predator men…
These same connected women, often daughters of powerful businessmen

are on boards of #WomeninSTEM “empowerment” organizations or on #MeToo (TimesUp scandal)

the very women who are predators of young women are given access to women’s “safe spaces”? (!!!)…
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What entropy is not: The very definition of entropy is inconsistent with a #deterministic #world view. This entails difficulties in understanding entropy because our education is based on the deterministic paradigm. Read more:… Image
What entropy is: According to its standard definition, entropy is precisely the expected value of the minus logarithm of probability #Physics #Math Read more:… Image
What entropy is: If this sounds too difficult to interpret, an easy and accurate interpretation is that entropy is a measure of #uncertainty
#Physics #Math Read more:… #UncertaintyExperts Image
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“Knowledge is power, but it is much more powerful when it is shared.”

As part of @Wikimedia's @Wikipedia #WikipediaByUs campaign we celebrate access to knowledge.

Why is knowledge sharing important especially in a time of a pandemic? How can we counter misinformation? Thread 🧵
Early on in the #COVID19 pandemic there was much fear, uncertainty, and misinformation. There still is!

As we gather more data, new research, more knowledge, our understanding improves and we can counter those uncertainties.

But that knowledge needs to be accessible too...
Numbers and statistics can be overwhelming, and so needs to also be shared in a way that's simple, clear and understandable

Just like a picture can tell a thousand words, graphs can put numbers and quantities into perspective, show trends, and tell a better story

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/22/2021…
Ecosystems are really important, are we correctly applying them in Business?…

#BusinessApplications #EcosystemThinking
How Flu Vaccine Effectiveness and Efficacy are Measured…

#vaccine #flu #effectiveness #efficacy #measurement #method
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See this thread 👇🏻

What would you add to the list? 🤔

#tweet100 #creativity
🔆Mental blocks creatives struggle with...
🔆Mental blocks creatives struggle with...
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Which emotions are guiding your actions today? Scientific research by Barbara Fredrickson shows positive ones move us towards exploration, insight, possibility, excellence. Yes, POSITIVE EMOTIONS BROADEN OUR PERSPECTIVE whereas negative emotions narrow them #heartbasedleadership List of positive emotions a...
"The more moments we have of that broaden mindset the more we build our resources and change who we are and become a more resilient, more resourceful, more connected version of ourselves (...) Positive emotions are like nutrients, we need them to grow & change" B. Fredrickson
Fredrickson points out that in fact "more than 20 years of experiments by Alice Isen of Cornell University & her colleagues show that when people feel good, their thinking becomes more creative, integrative, flexible, and open to information"… #creativity
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Our project website is online 😍 enabling to discover and explore our objectives, our teams and universe by visiting

#creativity #ErasmusPlus #PrimarySchools #game #quests #citizenship
🔍Get creative using our template for sharing your ideas of quests related to #societalchallenges #SDGs #citizenship…
This work has been strongly inspired by the amazing work of @fabline06 managed by @margaridaromero on card games for approaching SDGs and educational playful activities 👏🙏…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/04/2021…
‘We are witnessing a crime against humanity’: Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe…

#COVID19 #PandemicResponse #india #consequences
India’s massive COVID surge puzzles scientists…

#COVID19 #surge #india #research
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At a more fundamental level, finding out that for an autistic person the pathway towards #GoodCompany is distinctly different from the life trajectory mapped out by the expectations of mainstream culture is life changing/saving….
Autists thrive in inclusive #NonHierarchical organisations operated by neurodivergent people that provide a #safe and #nurturing environment for #DivergentThinking, #Creativity, #Exploration, and #CollaborativeNicheConstruction….
As a bonus, #NeurodiVentures contribute to making the world a safer place for everyone….
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[DAY 24/24]
#MerryChristmas ✨❄️🎄

The whole Let's STEAM consortium is wishing to the great #STEAM community, #parents, #schools, #teachers, #kids, a very merry #Christmas!

May your holidays be filled with #joy, #food and #creativity 🥰🤩
Congratulations to all the amazing people and organisations thanks to whom we have so much inspiration in the field of #STEAM, #equity, #creativity and #education!

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[DAY 23/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄

We are coming to the end of our #advent calendar! Still more space for #fun and #creative resources to spend a nice #Christmas moment with your family and #kids?


#STEAM #creativity #education #programming4kids Image
Get some inspiration for #festive #programming activities around #Christmas


Discover #Christmas #teaching resources and ideas to be performed at #home around the table after a huge Christmas dinner!



Thanks @STEMLearningUK 🙏
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[DAY 22/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄

(Re)Discover our first newsletter!


Read about our work on understanding #teachers needs in #STEAM education towards #interdisciplinarity, #creativity and #computationalthinking, eased by the use of #IoT solutions!
💻Let’s STEAM within the Digital skills development
Understanding of the teachers’ positioning within the digital skills framework as defined by #DGConnect of the @EuropeanCommission

🧑‍🏫Let’s STEAM educational commitment & scenarios
Discover the structuration of our training modules

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[DAY 18/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄

We love our #STEAM friends 😍 Discover the #Roobopoli initiative handled by @Perlatecnica and @_Bluenet_ 👏and aiming to create an educational experience in the field of #SmartCities

#STEAM #education #creativity #programming Image
Roobopoli is a tiny smart city, a miniature city, where the life of the inhabitants called Roobo, is assisted by modern #technologies, the same available in real cities, but reproduced in scale for educational, testing and simulation purposes 🏙️
As part of the Roobopoli project, one of the main activities consists in the construction and programming of #smart #vehicles called Roobokart, which will have to move independently on the roads of Roobopoli 🚘
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Experimenting with a slow burn, "cold takes" variant of @threadapalooza. I commit to starting now, and eventually getting to 100 findings/papers on #creativity in this thread. No promises on coherence or timeline, but I will aim for posts to be maximally useful. Here goes! 0/100
1/100 Currently thinking about why #interdisciplinary research is hard. One key concept is "scatter": how coherent is the literature for a field? If fairly well-defined and small, then it's low scatter; if not, it's high scatter. See Bates (1996) for an overview ImageImage
2/100 Important study by Mote (1962): Scholars in fields of study with high degree of scatter (Grp III in Fig.) self-reported needing longer searches (> 30 mins) about 20x more frequently compared to scholars in low scatter fields (Grp I in Fig.)! ImageImage
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[DAY 14/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄

This week, let's focus on inspiring activities and projects handled by our partners🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️!

Today, get super #creative thanks to @RETROSTEM1 and discover #programming, #electronics and #robotics through the use of a #retro #gaming #console! 🕹️
The @RETROSTEM1 project focuses on the achievement of 3 main aims:

❓Enhance #creativity, motor skills, #problemsolving, self-direction, #collaboration, and other life skills

➡️Through #reading, #writing, #maths, and instil business principles and #STEM knowledge
⌨️Improve #digital skills of teachers

➡️Prepare them for the advent of #IoT, #Industry40 and game-based learning.
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[DAY 11/24] 🎄🎄

Support the #openhardware movement!

"Open-source hardware was a key part of the Covid-19 response. Engineers, designers, and medical professionals collaborated from around the world to design and deploy equipment to meet the world’s unprecedented need." 👏 Image
Read more about the challenges of the #OpenHardware community ➡️…
Discover the work of the @ohsummit hosting the Open Hardware Summit and developing a certification program!
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[DAY 7/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄🎄

Ever heard of the @astro_pi project handled by @esa and @Raspberry_Pi 🚀👏?

Discover how young people can have the amazing opportunity to conduct #scientific investigations in #space through simple computer programme!

#STEAM #creativity
Mission Zero is still open!! 😍🤩

Create your team of young people aged 14 or younger or submit entries individually before the 19 March 2021!

Learn more:
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