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🔥 AI is changing the world faster than ever. Here are some of the most mind-blowing AI news from last week that you don't want to miss:

🧵 A thread
1/ AI Builder: a new app by Microsoft that lets you create and train AI models without coding. Use them for image recognition, text analysis, and more.…

#microsoft #aibuilder #windows #programming #artificialintelligence
2/ Neural Filters: a new feature by Adobe that adds generative AI to Photoshop. Apply realistic effects to your photos, such as changing facial expressions, hair styles, age, and lighting.…

#adobe #photoshop #neuralfilters #generativeai #photography
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With all the rage about ChatGPT, have you ever wondered about the differences between AI and more classical technologies? Join me for a brief tour, with its relation to Aerospace. @RedDivulga, @filarramendi, @uc3m y @doctoradoUC3M.  @PhDAaeroUC3M #PhD #Aerospace #Engineering
ChatGPT, and its equivalents work like buttonsmashing. You have a bajillion buttons, and them you mash, tweak, and tune them randomly. Like this young Alien Stu is doing in the Pixar short movie Lifted.
Stu is trying to learn how to abduct humans. I know, a very Aerospace oriented scenario. Consider him as Chatgpt in its beginnings. He pushes random buttons, and not surprisingly, nothing really works. However, the more he tries, the more he learns the buttons
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@mjrovai @seeedstudio my $15 #xiaoEsp32S3 arrived all three of them. Canadian Import tax was a bit high at $25 CDN not sure if that is fixed or increases if I purchased more.

Excited to test the camera, mic and WiFi to see if it works with robotics, @EdgeImpulse
#ml and #tinyML ImageImage
WiFi antennae was hard to push on, not sure why, I have done a ton before. Camera clipped in easy.
@seeedstudio #xiaoEsp32S3 Image
Off course my setup is not standard so installing the board is a pain. Great instructions at…
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Have you ever heard of a Reality Index?
Neither have I until about a week ago.

Today I'm going to dive into an AI network that is combining paradigms of AI, autonomous robotics, and Blockchain, to prompt realities into existence.


👇 Image
Week #1 the core team behind Roko proposed via snapshot and acquired the following node infrastructure.

2 Million $POND tokens for running relays on @MarlinProtocol layer zero relay network.

1034 $TAO for delegating to @bittensor_ validators for decentralized computation
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"The future of #ChemicalEngineering"

I asked @slidesgpt to create a slide deck on the topic with #AI.

Some might say "pretty generic" again but let me tell you:
At every conference, there are presentations looking at least partially like this.

Let's go through it.

For a start, it is good that @slidegpt warns you that you should have a critical look at the content.

If you want to talk about the future, start with the past. Okay.

It also gives you a comment so that you can just make a karaoke session out of it:

"[...] Understanding this history is important for understanding the current state of the field and predicting its future."

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Ten new age technologies built on #opensource

AI or Artificial Intelligence
Cyber Security Methods
Cloud Computing
Big Data and analytics
Blockchain Technology
Full Stack Development

#Python #Web3 #AR #VR #devops #Iot #FullStack #AI #neuralnetworks #IT
AI is like having a really smart robot friend that can help us do things faster and better! 🤖👍 #AI #RobotFriend
AR and VR are like magical glasses that let you see and interact with things that aren't really there! 🤓👓✨ #AR #VR #MagicalGlasses
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Want to get started in DIY electronics? This is the thread for you:

Robin Mitchell, Electromaker's resident Engineer and Educator, has compiled a list of everything you need to get going, all for under $100. Let's take a look!

#diyelectronics #electronics #Engineering
(By the way, everything in this thread and more can be found in the blog post and video on the Electromaker website:…)

#diyelectronics #electronics #Engineering
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With the start of 2022 🎉, it's a good time to share appreciation for everything we've learned and the people that I had the fortune to work with.

It was an extraordinary year for us in #robotics and #machinelearning. And thanks to it, 2023 has some incredible projects lined up!
Hierarchical & non-hierarchical RL together!

We learned how a general dual system approach 🧠 to reinforcement learning can enable us to learn faster while retaining strong final performance. We also have some great results with robot arms and humanoids!

Work led with Giulia Vezzani, Dhruva Tirumala and a great team across @DeepMind!
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ChatGPT for Robotics?
@Deepmind latest work: A general AI agent that can perform any task from human instructions!

Or at least those allowed in "the playhouse"

The cherry on top of this agent is its RL fine-tuning from human feedback, or RLHF. As in ChatGPT
The base layer of the agent is trained with imitation learning and conditioned on language instructions

Initially, the agent had mediocre abilities

However, when it was fine-tuned with Reinforcement Learning and allowed to act independently, its abilities 🆙 significantly

The authors structured the RL problem by training a Reward Model on human feedback, and then using this RW model to optimize the agent with online RL

The RW model, also called Inter-temporal Bradley-Terry (IBT), is trained to predict the preferences of sub-trajectories

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The GPT of Robotics? RT-1

RT-1 is a 2y effort to bring the power of open-ended task-agnostic training with a high-capacity architecture to the Robotic world.

The magic sauce? A big and diverse robotic dataset + an efficient Transformer-based architecture
RT-1 learn to take decisions in order to complete a task via imitation from a dataset of 130k episodes, about 700 general tasks, acquired over the course of 17mo.
The architecture of RT-1 is made of:
- A Vision-Language CNN-based architecture that encode the task instruction and image into 81 tokens
- A TokenLearner that attends over the 81 tokens and compress them to 8
- A Decoder-only Transformer that predicts the next action
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"Liquid and Solid #Brains: Mapping the #Cognition Space"

Today's SFI Seminar by Ext Prof @ricard_sole, streaming now — follow this 🧵 for highlights:

"Why #brains? Brains are very seems like they are not a very good idea to bring complex cognition to a #biosphere that just needs simple replicators."

"I also want to explore the problem of #consciousness, which is around all the time..."

@ricard_sole Image
Two different views of #evolution:

- Stephen Jay Gould and an emphasis on #contingency

- Simon Conway Morris/Pere Albach and an emphasis on #constraints and #convergence

--> "Replay the tape with different results vs. 'the logic of monsters' & 'life's solution'" Image
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Just started! It's not too late to join this wonderful free event on #SpaceMedicine. Now speaking: Lisa Campbell, President - #Canadian #Space Agency (CSA)
2/ Health is about well being Image
3/ Accelerated aging effects from living in space: 6 months in space ~ 10-20 years of aging on Earth. We don't know yet if it the aging stabilizes or continues. Open problem: no health solution for deep space missions. We need to create future deep space health systems. Image
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After spending the last three days as a judge for the @xprize #robotics AVATAR, here are some thoughts on the state of #robot telepresence. A 🤖 🧵
This XPRIZE challenge is for teams to build robot and operator systems that would enable a human operator to control a remote robotic avatar through a number of tasks that prove that it can see, hear, feel, and interact at a distance.
Teams had 1 hour to train an operator judge on their system and then had to sit back to watch their robot go through 10 challenges. For more details:
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excited to release the course material (slides, lecture notes, coding+theory exercises, Unity-based simulator, ...) for the graduate course MIT 16.485 "Visual Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles" (VNAV), with topics spanning geometric vision, VIO, SLAM, 3D reconstruction, ...
2/n ... robust estimation, graph neural networks, and more.

Course material:
Paper describing the course:…
3/n The course was created at MIT in 2018 in collaboration with @KasraKhosoussi, and with many contributors including @VassilisTzoumas , Golnaz Habibi,
@MarkusRyll , @TalakRajat , @jingnanshi , and Pasquale Antonante, among others.
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A tea of five underprivileged students is set to participate in the First Global Challenge - the Olympics of the Robotics World in Geneva, Switzerland, from October 13 to 16, 2022. Image
Rohit Sathe, Sumit Yadav, Paras Pawade and Pritam Thopate are part of the Skills@School academy at Salaam Bombay Foundation, while Nikhat is from the Avasara Foundation.
The team was trained in advanced Robotics by The Innovation Story pro bono and provided continued support.

#TeamIndia #YoungIndia #Innovation #Robotics #TheBetterIndia
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Q: What is the use for the robots you are making?

#Robotics #applications vs. #knowledge
Unlike industry, in academia performing research is more about generating new knowledge than a product. Thus when you see the technology we are developing, it is important to try to see the bigger picture than just its apparent direct applications. 1/3
Applications (products) are important indeed (ultimately that’s why we are doing research) but knowledge generated can be more widely applied to many more applications, often times even to areas that are not directly related the robot itself. For example: 2/3
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Elon Musk revealed the #TeslaBot today and I have #robotics thoughts.

Am I blown away? No. Am I laughing? No.

First, the team did a good job. They came a long way in about a year(?), going from zero-to-robot from the ground up.

Also, doing a live demo without a tether (safety catch rope) is braver than people know.
Let's talk walking.

I told my lab today that I expected it to walk on stage, and it did, but I was a bit surprised how they did it.

It *seems* to use a method called Zero-Moment Point to maintain balance. It's been used in various forms since the 90's.

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This artificial skin for robots looks like real human skin and can "heal" itself as well.
#gigadgets #engineering #robotics #sensors #bionic
Scientists at the University of Tokyo have developed a skin-like coating of collagen and human dermal fibroblasts for a three-jointed robotic finger. According to Shoji Takeuchi, the lead author of this study,
living skin is the ultimate solution to give robots the appearance and sense of touch of living beings.
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Practical tips for writing #robotics conference #papers for venues like #ICRA & #IROS that get ACCEPTED: a 🧵.

🙏Please retweet if useful!


#QUT @QUTRobotics @sourav_garg_ @TobiasRobotics @Stephen_Hausler
@ieee_ras_icra #ICRA2023 #AcademicTwitter Image
1) Know what type of paper you're writing: a) a robot doing better at some well known task or b) a completely new and novel task / application / area.
For a) Show your delta over previous contributions, theoretically and/or practically
For b) Sell the relevance to robotics
2) Know your context: demonstrate a detailed and nuanced understanding of the application context in which your research is situated: the more specific and up-to-date, the better
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Open MSc and PhD positions

“ I am looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated PhD (4 years) and MSc (2 years) students with expertise in #Control and #Robotics theory. The positions will be at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University
(Carleton Engineering And Design), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. - PhD applicants are recommended to have background in one or more of the following topics: linear/nonlinear control, adaptive control, optimal control, control stability, Lyapunov stability, probability and statistics,
and applied mathematics.

- MSc applicants are recommended to have background in one or more of the following topics: linear/automatic control, linear algebra & mathematics, deep/machine learning, mechatronics.
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❄️❄️❄️Sierra Nevada, Granada, South Spain🇪🇸
22nd April 2022.- 0º C
❄️❄️❄️ Valdezcaray, La Rioja, North Spain🇪🇸
23rd April 2022.- 0º C
❄️❄️❄️Casi en mayo, Maraña, León, North Spain 0º C
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