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Pictured: One of the most dangerous creatures on earth.

Regularly chew on crocodiles while teething (and the crocs let them, because otherwise mom will eat them).

Pictured: Danger Mlem.

I love them so much.
I was being quite literal, by the way. They use Nile Crocodiles as chew toys.
Because this is mom. Mom is being chewed on by lions and doesn't give a fuck.
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Und weil es die liebe @chra war die mich wegen @KhazAndCrit drauf gebracht hatte, gibt's den #Duetgame Thread jetzt auch noch in deutsch für die #pnpde #ttrpg Twitter Blase 😘

Duospiele - 1on1 oder Duetgames - was ist das?

#Duetgame = 1 #ttrpg, 1 #GM / #DM + 1 Spieler

Du kannst ein Duetgame mit den Regeln von so ziemlich jedem #ttrpg spielen

#ttrpg #dnd #dnd5e #pnpde
Ich habe die meiste Erfahrung damit #DSA und #DnD / #dnd5e Duetgames zu leiten, aber ich habe auch schon #Duetgames in #Shadowrun und #Vampire the Masquerade gespielt und es hat super funktioniert und hat so viel Spaß gemacht!
#ttrpg #pnpde
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I started writing a reply to this, but it's quickly turning into a whole thread, so I'm gonna spare @DungeonCommandr's mentions, and QT instead.

Let's talk about podcast promotion. I've been on both sides of it--I've run an AP pod for 3.5 yrs, and promoted a game on other shows.
A lot of people will throw out "pitch your game to podcasts" as advice. And it's really solid advice! They're right to say it.

But, I want to talk today about what that looks like on a practical level, and how to make the most of having your game featured on pods.

Make a note of the podcasts you see on the TL, or that friends/designers you like appear on. Keep a running list of shows you know of. Give a listen if you can, even if just to an episode or two.
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Okay y'all. We've rearranged all.the furniture in our apartment, cooked and eaten dinner, and cleaned. Time to de-stress with a good ol fashioned #AudioDramaSunday thread. 1/6
First off, I want to congratulate @2298pod on their finale! I highlighted the episode on my TWIP, but it should be said again: this finale was incredible, and I absolutely love how it concluded Profile 24's story. The acting, writing, and design were all gorgeous. 2/6
Next I want to talk about @LoveLuckPodcast because it's been too long! L&L is a short-form #AudioDrama about two witchy boyfriends in Australia, just trying to support their queer community and make it a better place. I leave each episode with a little more hope for humanity. 3/6
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