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@ajhospitalmng Our recent experience at this prestigious self-proclaimed hospital felt we need to share so that others are aware of what will come their way.

This review and feedback are in no way to attract attention to our woes but think well before you plan
your recovery at this place.

My wife was admitted a few days back for a C-section Surgery, and praise God we were blessed with a beautiful boy, and now we have been discharged and back home.

Our experience at this hospital though was not so much as peaceful at all, though.
- Worried about the current pandemic time, we thought the hospital was more cautious and safer, but as we entered, the staff just filled the COVID screening forms by herself, including our body temperatures without even checking.
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Didn't Doctor Who have a Christmas special this year

Anyone actually watch it?

Oh, do it's a new years thing again??

Still dumb
I can name all the actors for both the Doctor and his companions

And for most of the writers

That I no longer know or care about Doctor Who is a huge statement to how badly the BBC botched Dr Who
#DoctorWho #bbc #whovian #film #tv #Review
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🎥 THE LADY OF HEAVEN : Film Pertama tentang Fatima Putri Nabi, Ditentang Ulama Syiah !

-- sebuah utas --

#LadyOfHeaven #newmovie #trailer #islam #shia #syiah #rafidha #ISIS #iraq #British #review
Beberapa hari sebelum perayaan Natal 2020, Enlightened Kingdom merelease trailer film THE LADY OF HEAVEN yang disutradarai Eli King, dengan arahan John Stephenson.

Ini adalah film pertama yang mengisahkan kehidupan Wanita Sorga yaitu Fatima, putri Nabi Muhammad.
Melalui narasi seorang nenek tua kepada bocah lelaki Irak, dalam kondisi negerinya sedang memerangi aksi terorisme.

Setelah kehilangan ibunya, bocah itu berada dalam asuhan nenek tua yang mengisahkan sejarah Putri Nabi ;
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1/ Here's a review of the book "The Great Reset" by Klaus Schwab.
#TheGreatReset #TheGreatReset #Review

For a long time it was considered a conspiracy theory until Ursula von der Leyen unabashedly promoted it in her function as EU Commissioner¹ and until the documents on...
2/ ...the Rockefeller Foundation were supplemented by some videos directly from the World Economic Forum (WEF). In the meantime, there is a whole series of promotional videos for the Great Reset² and, as so often, a conspiracy theory has been caught up with reality.

3/ ...


Now there is no need to speculate, because Klaus Schwab presents his "Great Reset" himself in a book. The book contains 331 pages including sources and acknowledgements (German edition). I like to quote some of it and...
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1/ Hier is een recensie van het boek "The Great Reset" van Klaus Schwab.
#TheGreatReset #TheGreatReset #Review

Lange tijd werd het beschouwd als een samenzweringstheorie, totdat Ursula von der Leyen het ongegeneerd promootte in haar functie als EU-commissaris¹ en totdat de... Image
2/ ...documenten over de Rockefeller Foundation werden aangevuld met enkele video's die rechtstreeks afkomstig waren van het World Economic Forum (EWF). Ondertussen is er een hele reeks promotievideo's voor de Great Reset² en zoals zo vaak is er een samenzweringstheorie...
3/ ...ingehaald met de werkelijkheid.



Nu hoef je niet meer te speculeren, want Klaus Schwab presenteert zijn "Great Reset" zelf in een boek. Het boek bevat 331 pagina's, inclusief bronnen en bevestigingen (Duitse editie). ...
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Was doing #Gochar #Transit analysis for a #Libra #Jaatak #Kundali when I stumbled upon a very powerful #Astro event taking place in ALL #Libra #Charts but also potentially quite damaging for the #Jaatak if their #Natal #Chart or #Lagnesh is weak...
#Mars would be around 25* in the 6th #Bhaav, looking into the #Lagan with 8th #Drishti where #Laganesh #Venus would also be placed with similar #Degrees. #Mars/#Venus are not just antiparties, they are also #Enemies to one another and hence this #Vedan is not the best
#Rahu, placed in the 8th #Bhaav of the #Chart would also be having similar 25*. In #Taurus, dispositor of #Rahu is #Venus. #Rahu and #Venus having similar strength, #Rahu becomes very powerful and #Malefic for the time being
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#Financial #Stability #Review, #novembre 2020 #ECB
I responsabili delle politiche devono evitare rischi di precipitazione a breve termine, considerando anche le vulnerabilità a medio termine 1/
L'importanza delle misure politiche nel contenere l'impatto sulla stabilità economica e finanziaria della pandemia rende altrettanto importante la gestione dell'uscita da questo sostegno. 2/
Le riserve di capitale delle banche dovrebbero rimanere disponibili per assorbire le perdite per un periodo prolungato e dovrebbero essere affrontati eventuali ostacoli alle banche che utilizzano le riserve. 3/
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Our invited expert review on #Ayurvedic #herbals and #liver #toxicity. #herbal #medicine is NOT safe. Review on #herbs used in #Indian #traditional #medicine & adverse events is lacking in #published #Literature
We deep searched, compiled
Full paper:
1/4 Image
This #review is important for #ayush practitioners and those interested in opting for #alternative #therapies as #knowledge regarding potential #toxic components is the #right of every #patient and #moral #duty of the physician. This 👇 list show names of imp toxic herbs.
2/4 Image
We give #real #life #patient data supporting our review: such as this example which shows that #Ayurveda #drugs cause severe #chronic #liver #damage that can lead to #cirrhosis in the short term.
The implicated agent here is Holarrhena antidysenterica (Tellichery bark)
3/4 Image
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Die neue @QueerWelten kam an, als ich im Urlaub war, nun konnte ich sie endlich lesen! 🤩

Zur 1. Ausgabe habe ich einen Mini-#Review auf Twitter gemacht, auf Facebook habe ich das versäumt. Also nachgeholt: Mich begeistert das Magazin, weil es gezielt queerfeministische

1/9 Die 2. Ausgabe von Queer* g...Die 2. Ausgabe von Queer* g...
Phantastik bedient. Das hat lange in der Szene gefehlt, wo manche Alteingesessenen moderne Themen scheuen. Hier ist volle Entfaltung angesagt. So hat die 2. Ausgabe nicht nur Kurzgeschichten und ein Essay, sondern auch einen Comic von Sarah Burrini @laburrini.

Der Anfang:

"Was der Krieg frisst" von @RCreydt.

Eine Story über die Mutter des Krieges, "Ansha Wah", die mein Amazonenherz bewegt! Ihr Kampf gegen das Volk aus Eis und Schatten macht einen Genrewechsel, sodass die Kurzgeschichte am Ende zur Ballade wird. Hammer, Ausgabenliebling!

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Nachdem ich alle Podcasts gehört habe, bin ich mehr denn je der Überzeugung, dass sich das #Wissenschaftssystem nur bottom-up ändern lässt. Warum es eine Änderung braucht, werde ich in meinen Kommentierungen der Podcasts darlegen. Ein Thread #TwitterCampus #APIKS #FristIstFrust
Heute kommentiere ich das Gespräch mit Julika Griem, Vizepräsidentin @dfg_public + Direktorin @kwi_essen, durchgeführt durch @JMWiarda. Wichtig: die Aspekte die ich herausgreife sind solche, die mich als Postdoc bewegt haben – es ist also eine subjektive Kommentierung! #APIKS
Das erste Thema, das mich zum Nachdenken gebracht hat war das des Selbstbildes von #Wissenschaft. Griem äußert sich am Anfang des Podcast erstaunt darüber, dass die Überstunden(!!) der Wissenschaftler*innen über die letzten 30 Jahre kontinuierlich abnehmen. #APIKS #FristIstFrust
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🔊Series alert!

We are thrilled to announce our new series 𝐊𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐆𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐬 (𝐓𝐆𝐬) to put across:
🧐know-hows of TGs for #STIP2020 policymaking process,
🤝bringing fosterers of STIP2020 Track 2 discussions,
⌚starting tonight,
🔄 every evening. Image
𝐓𝐆1⃣ Access👐to Knowledge & Resources📖

Addressed challenges of #openscience🔓 in #India 🇮🇳 by devising sharing mechanisms for #research #publications 📰, #data📂, open-source #software💻, educational #resources 👩‍🏫👨‍🎓, library 📚,#research facilities👨‍🔬… Image
𝐓𝐆2⃣ Agriculture, Water and Food Security🔐🌾🥤🥗

Addresses the creation of a strong nexus in #Agriculture 🌱🧅🥬, #Water 🌊and #FoodSecurity 🌽🔐through a robust STI enabling environment ♻️🌏.… Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/15/2020…
Post-COVID, should countries rethink their obsession with economic growth?…

#EconomicGrowth #degrowth #environment #ClimateChange #PostPandemic
Should We Conserve Parasites? Apparently, Yes…

#parasites #insects #biology #environment
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So here's my unsolicited 2 cents on using Zenni Optical @zennioptical for buying your next pair of glasses and bringing it to Jamaica. #review

Thread 🤓
@earlito876 who is my likkle big bro put me on to this website (they also have an app) and told me what to do. I decided to get my eyes tested locally at an opthalmologist.
You should ask for the prescription including PD (pupillary distance). It should note if single vision.
Once you have gotten your eyes tested , create an account with the Zenni Optical app or web. Enter the prescription data from your doctor.
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A thread of my #comics #writing and analysis to pin. First: #Hickman’s #XMen work on #HouseofX, Tom Miller’s graphic design, and oppression, rage, and numbness in 21st century America. A work more painfully relevant today than when it debuted last year.…
A review of Judas by Jeff Loveness and Jakub Rebelka. Published by @boomstudios. A moving work of religious art. One of my favorite #comics of the last decade. #writing…
Here is a bit of a different piece. A theological reflection on #Superman and #superheroes. Wrote this for a class while I was working on my master’s in theology. Just my long way of saying, reading and #writing #comics can be a form of prayer.…
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Measuring and interpreting transposable element expression #Review by @sophie_lanciano and @retrogenomics @ircaninstitute @uca_research @inserm @INSB_CNRS
Computational tools to analyse RNA-seq data often discard reads derived from transposable elements (TE) but measuring TE expression helps to understand when and where TE mobilization occurs and how it alters gene expression, chromatin accessibility or cellular signalling pathways
Measuring TE expression is not straightforward; not only are TEs highly repeated in their host genome but insertional polymorphisms (presence/absence) and internal sequence polymorphisms between individuals complicate their identification
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Exciting new systematic #review on "#Eyetracking methodology in #mathematics #education research" by @tweetingamsel @kelseymack92 Andreas Obersteiner and @palabra2017 published #openaccess in "Educ Stud Math"…
(2) The authors reviewed 161 eye-tracking studies published between 1921 and 2018 to assess what domains and topics were addressed, how the method was used, and how eye movements were related to mathematical thinking and learning
(3) If you ever wanted to get started with eye-tracking in mathematics education research, or are already involved in the field but desperately seek for an overview of the present literature: this is the study you were looking for!
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/04/2020-2…

Graduate Student Solves Decades-Old Conway Knot Problem | Quanta Magazine…

#topology #Knot
What We Lose When We Assume People Are Bad : NPR…

#people #bad #SFI
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Imagine tweeting about your projects... couldn't be me tbh.
We make a weekly podcast about Games, Tech, Music, Life, Degeneracy, and that time a dog got sat on.
Arcane Ramblings is 7PM every Monday on! Join Scotty from #Sojourner, Teddy from Teddy, and Rob from Rob! 🎸🎮🤘🏻
#Comedy #Podcast #Gaming #Scottish #Twitch
Animated Regrets is a podcast where Teddy, Lee, & Rob watch 3 eps of 3 anime and deign if they are worthy of continued watching, like a Roman Emperor with too many wall scrolls. 🗻
You can listen to our first episode here:…
#Anime #Podcast #Review #Scottish
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We reviewed and analyzed the #academic #literature to answer the following questions: How have #Indigenous peoples participated in #environmentalmonitoring, and how has their #participation influenced #monitoring #objectives, #indicators, #methods, and #monitoring #outcomes?
Findings: 1. The literature most often characterized participation as data collection;
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Our systematic #review of #SARSCoV2 antibody-mediated #immunity is out as a pre-print. #covid19. Short thread on the main questions and findings from the literature on endemic coronaviruses, MERS, and SARS… 1/8
Antibody kinetics after infection: time to detection is similar for SARS and SARS-CoV-2 (11-12 days), and longer for MERS (16 days). IgG wanes over time but has been detected up to three years following infection. Key gap: studies of asymptomatic/mild infections 2/8
Antibody responses and severity: antibody kinetics varied among illnesses of different severity with longer duration of detectable antibody associated with more severe symptoms. Key gap: will mild cases of SARS-CoV-2 have detectable serum responses? 3/8
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There are a lot of misconceptions what a rejection from Apple's app review means, so I thought putting together some strategies from publishing 1000+ apps for our clients might help. Here's what we learned: #apple #ios #app #review
1⃣ Persistence: Don't give up after the first or even third rejection. Ask the reviewer questions if you're unsure. Be polite with your replies and try to pinpoint the main problems. Saw problems go away, just by explaining them a few times in different ways.
2⃣ Don't take it personally: Reviewers are just trying to do their job, they are not creating those rules. Snappy replies or "running to the press" without trying to resolve the issue in the first place *usually* doesn't help.
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#Free for 1 month: Towards a comprehensive catalogue of validated and target-linked human enhancers #Review by @MollyGasp, Jacob Tome & @JShendure
This Review discusses the evolving definitions of transcriptional enhancers and the modern experimental tools to identify, characterize and validate them.
The authors discuss how diverse perspectives and methods provide differing but complementary insights into enhancers, each with notable strengths and caveats, and how they might be combined in a comprehensive catalogue of functional enhancers.
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Lets talk about how important it is to frequently #Review #CentralBank #MonetaryPolicy #Frameworks...
I will set things off by pointing out that the various facets of #BusinessCycles (early, mid, late / boom & busts) consistently keep reminding us that what goes up, must come down. We might find ourselves in a prolonged #expansion, but eventually it decelerates into a #recession
As part of #Macroeconomic management (counter cyclical), a #CentralBank's objective (through its #MonetaryPolicy) is to maintain #PriceStability & #FinancialStability & in other cases, to promote #FullEmployment. It does this hand in hand with #FiscalPolicy...
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