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Amazing interview, Joe Rogan is the best long-form interviewer Period

I don't get why big tech is so scared by Alex Jones,
what they don't get is 90% of his listeners enjoy Jones as comedy, & do not take him seriously

#joerogan #alexjones #podcast @joerogan @joeroganhq
Rogan had a fact-check going & made sure there was an article on google from a mainstream source for each of Jones's claims,

so it wasn't like @joerogan was just letting jones say whatever crap he wanted as the truth
whatever U think of Jones,

new proposed Big Tech stance of letting Tech control whom podcasters & journalists are allowed to talk to is seriously Orwellian

Do you want corporations telling journalists what they are allowed to report & whom they can talk to?
@joerogan #podcast
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As it is #audiodramasunday Let’s have a rare #thread on some #audiodrama for once! Let’s talk @HearCircles which you can now listen to on @StreamEvergreen...
#audiodramasunday As of today, we’ve just dropped the last episode of this series, @HearCircles and I couldn’t be more humbled by the response to it. It seems to have connected with listeners in a way that hasn’t happened in a long while. But then again...
#audiodramasunday ...I have been AWAY from content creation for a while. A few reasons for that, including that a fair few people wanted my time and expertise elsewhere, and that I always want to ensure my projects are now budgeted and pay the cast/crew, because #artiswork.
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After our fantastic webinar with @Salesforce, we sat down, as a team, to collect our best #CustomerSuccess content ✅ 📝 (A thread)
First off, our free #Ebook is essential reading for #CustomerSuccess. It's a must-read for any new hire on our own #CS team 📘… (1/12)
Of course, we had to mention our #webinar with @Salesforce. They showed us how they use @ProcessStreet to efficiently grow their #ClientSuccess practice, especially #ClientOnboarding and #ClientExperience 🙌 📹 (2/12)
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OMG. How amazing! Turn jumbled thoughts on #AI & #FutureofWork into vision, articulate, recruit superstar team, pitch to @MITvsCOVID19 & get included, hundreds sign up + #blackexcellence on systems thinking @MIT @MITSloan #Hack4theFuture #COVID19…
Mea culpa: Rulebreaker/boundary-defier of the cookie-cutter #marketing best practices (yet am a top 1% influencer status for #healthcare so 🤷‍♀️) yes, I admit we have a range of logos within a color family. If you are bothered, I invite you accept a diversity of colors ;-)
Read 6 tweets have to say, the most misogyny I have encountered is on #MedTwitter mostly from anon account doctors or anti-vaxx.

& tho I repost "The Female Lead" I have rare to no trolls or harassers. I have found @LinkedIn pretty female-friendly, in fact. Rarely get a weird message
My first run in was an all male group of doctors discussing IVF and ridiculing acupuncture as not evidence based but they had fragility to any aspect of IVF itself at all questioned or perceiving even tolerance of acupuncture as "quackery"
My point then was more a people in glass houses should not throw stones. There is a difference between clinical trials existing and #EBM as I know from having been on the payer side where business-minded clinicians' narrative advances ahead of science:…
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Agree. There is a lot more to unpack and there are not simple policy or regulatory fixes. If you think the feds coming down hard on what the population uses to connect and communicate, you’re not a student of history, sociology, psychology, etc.

@sinanaral in @HarvardBiz
I hear all the old, harmful ideas repeated by many who should be at cutting edge of technology. Whereas what @DrvanTilburg describes, if merely digitized to “control” social media, will not work, will harm #SoMe #AI #SciComm #professionalism
From the #healthcare lens there are these potential issues of #AI and #bias including as relates to #COVID19. Yet 30% of business are now using #ArtificialIntelligence in some form. Horse out the barn.

So what is the answer? Ban? Control?


@JordanBazinsky @HealthITNews
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Hier mein Thread, wie man gute journalistische Podcasts produziert! #podcast #podcasters #journalism #PodcastRecommendations
1. Sucht eine gute Story oder ein tolles Podcast Thema. Bleibt immer neugierig! Es gibt über 1 Million Podcasts in der Welt. Die Konkurrenz ist hart 😬
2. Immer einen Pitch schreiben! Ein Podcast ist ein Projekt, und man weiß nie, ob man seinen Vorschlag an irgendwelche Medien oder Institutionen verkaufen muss.
#podcasters #journalismus #Pitch 🎙️📻🎚️😃🤓
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The Star's @maywarren11 was relieved to learn she had been exposed to #COVID19. Why? She believed she had the virus in March but didn't qualify then for a swab test to confirm. An antibody test confirmed she had indeed been hit with the virus…
There has been a lot of interest in antibody tests. Not everyone who believed they were sick were tested for #COVID19. Also antibodies typically fight reinfection and hold clues about immunity. Could #COVID19 be a one time deal like chicken pox?…
Health Canada-approved antibody tests are available — for a price, at private clinics in Ontario. But experts told @maywarren11: don’t assume you’re protected. You are not immune to #COVID19 after having it once.…
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China has denied Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been “arbitrarily“ detained in response to Canada’s arrest of an executive of technology giant Huawei.
The state of relations between Canada and China are likely more fraught than they have ever been. A number of issues stem from the Canadian arrest of Meng Wanzhou and the subsequent detaining of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor #ThisMatters #podcast…
How does a mild-mannered middle power like Canada push back against an aggressive superpower like China? @reggcohn…
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Epic Games Inc. has failed again to force Apple Inc. to put #Fortnite back in its App Store while the game developer pursues its antitrust claims against the iPhone maker.…
Why were they in court? Epic added a new way for iOS players to pay the company directly for #Fortnite in-game currency, which are called V-Bucks. This violated Apple’s iOS App Stores policies #ThisMatters #podcast…
Apple booted #Fortnite from its digital storefront as a result. Since then, tech companies are choosing sides and a group has started a new non-profit called the Coalition for App Fairness. #ThisMatters #podcast…
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If you've just started following us on Twitter. Here's a little bit about us and what we do! @VaakaMedia is an independent podcast production and communication consultancy based in Bengaluru.
We've been making #podcasts since 2017! Our flagship show is @IntheFieldIndia, that attempts to capture India’s development story, as it happens, through a feature-style podcast that combines interviews, commentary, and debate. You can find season 1 here
In season 2 of @IntheFieldIndia, show producers and hosts @radhikavisw and @samyuvarma chased politicians, bureaucrats, NGO people and academics to find out how we’re solving our oldest and newest problems, andwhere the citizen’s role lies in all of this:
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Sabia usted...

Que, ¿Cuando el sabio Caldas, bajaba las escalinatas de la Universidad del Rosario, en camino hacia el patíbulo, dibujó en una pared la letra griega θ Theta o teta? es la octava letra del alfabeto griego

Acá te contaré en un hilo está fascinante historia...
Es equivocado e injusto criticar sus peticiones de clemencia a los españoles que habían reconquistado el país. ¿Quién se atreve a cuestionar lo que diga alguien en la antesala de su muerte?
En su última petición de clemencia insiste en que le falta mucho por hacer y que puede completar trabajos pendientes de Mutis, se arrepiente de haber participado en ese turbión de la guerra de independencia y señala que todavía puede prestar sus servicios al rey.
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Hacer patria es nuestra mejor obra ... en el aniversario de los 206 años del Arma de los Ingenieros Militares quiero hacer extensivo un saludo especial a todos los Oficiales, Suboficiles, y personal civil que conforman la Divisa Púrpura ImageImageImageImage
Día a día han puesto su importante aporte en la construcción de paz de nuestro país, y en todas las regiónes en donde con obras han abierto caminos, preparado el terreno y las bases para que nuestro @COL_EJERCITO en conjunto permanezca en el corazón de los colombianos por siempre
Que Dios bendiga sus esfuerzos y otorgue las recompensas merecidas por tan destacada labor.

Más que instalar puentes, es comunicar veredas.
Más que desminar, es arriesgarnos para que nadie quede amputado.
Más que atender una emergencia, es ayudar a quienes más lo necesitan.
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[THREAD] Les anonymes aussi font l’histoire. La vie du paysan Perrot Amiot est bouleversée par la guerre de #CentAns. A la fois victime et acteur du conflit, il adopte une attitude qui illustre les difficultés & choix auxquels les populations sont confrontées en temps de guerre.
Nous sommes à Aubevoye, dans la Normandie anglaise, au sud-est de Rouen, en 1429. Perrot Amiot est un « povre homme laboureur » d’environ 20 ans, « chargié de femme et de pluseurs petiz enfans ». Il est aussi l’un des dix hommes chargés de défendre sa paroisse.

Avec les Anglais, il participe à la défense de Louviers contre le redoutable capitaine français La Hire. En vain : ce dernier s’en empare le 29 décembre 1429 puis s’en sert de base pour mener des raids dans la région, histoire de faire du butin et d’embêter les Anglais.
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Derivado de la discusión en la @SCJN sobre la #ConsultaPopular propuesta por @lopezobrador_ es importante señalar esto:
No podemos caer en absolutos sobre si la @SCJN "está vendida".
Abro hilo.
1. @ArturoZaldivarL, Rios Farjat y Yazmín Esquivel; sacaron a relucir sus cuotas políticas, esto es malo, SÍ como carambas no.
Se evidenció que 3 Ministros de @SCJN están en favor del "País de uno" que refiere @macariomx lo cual, es un peso en las decisiones de la Corte.
2. Los Ministros Pérez Dayan y González Alcántara, en una muestra de tibieza, una gran contundencia argumental y jurídica, sí, pero que se tiró por la borda al dejar sus votos en la mayoría; es preocupante, pero resultan ser 3 comodines judiciales, hay que darles seguimiento.
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Happy October! Every week i hear "i laughed! I cried! I enjoyed" the episode. Behold the power of the pod. Now, please, return my labor of love by subscribing on your app to this edifying pod. It will really help.
Oh! And tell me which app you subscribe on.
Your current choices are: castbox, spotify, apple and google podcasts. If your fave isn't here tell me what it is.
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Hoy es el #InternationalPodcastDay🎧

Os dejamos algunas recomendaciones de los contenidos exclusivos de @rne #SoloEnPodcast. Mini-hilo va:

🎙️… Image
#InternationalPodcastDay | Sexualidad femenina y divulgación como nunca antes la habías escuchado. Es #CoñoUnPodcast, una serie de cinco capítulos creada por @REMediavilla y @RaquelM_Alonso

Todos los episodios disponibles en:

🌸… Image
#InternationalPodcastDay | Cada carta desde la cárcel es una historia y todas tienen su altavoz en 'Cartas para la libertad', con guion de @sandracamps.

Puedes escuchar el último episodio aquí:

Todos los episodios:
✉️… Image
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🔴 Ahora que ha estallado la guerra entre #Armenia y #Azerbaiyan por la región del Nagorno-Karabaj vamos a explicaros todo lo que necesitáis saber.

Dentro hilo👇 Image
Como muchos sabréis, una de las guerras posteriores a la disolución de la #URSS fue la del Nagorno-Karabaj entre Armenia y Azerbaiyán, en la que se luchaba por la región homónima.

Armenia venció y se quedó con la parte del león de Nagorno. Image
En aquella guerra #Rusia (cristiana) apoyó a #Armenia, al igual que #Irán, mientras que #Turquía apoyó a #Azerbaiyan.

Hoy día, el escenario es similar. Image
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La personalización de contenidos mediante #IA se afianza como estrategia para atraer y reforzar consumo de #audio en plataformas de #radio, #música y #podcast. Recopilo aquí recientes iniciativas que incidirán sobre producción y distribución de industria a corto y medio plazo ↘️
1/9. En su decidida apuesta por el #podcast, @Spotify exprime la experiencia en identificar hábitos y gustos de cada usuario: las #playlists de #podcasts y #música personalizada configuran un menú cuya eficiencia garantiza un mayor tiempo de escucha

2/9. También @Google trabaja para generar flujos sonoros adaptados a cada usuario con listas de 90' que combinan #radio, #podcasts y lectura de #noticias personalizadas con especial foco en contenido #local, el que cada vez ocupa menos tiempo en #radio

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🎧NEW EPISODE OUT NOW: Change is permanent. Wag kang matakot sa change.
🎧Listen on Spotify: Image
🎧NEW EPISODE OUT NOW: Everyone deserves respect and kindness. Try mo magshare until it feels good.

🎧Listen on Spotify:
#Podcast Image
🎧NEW EPISODE OUT NOW: Words are powerful. Your words reflect your manners.

🎧Listen on Spotify:
#Podcast Image
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Nicht nur für @FranzHoegl diese Geschichte aus der Wikipedia, zur Verdeutlichung was 'hintenrum' so abgehen kann, wenn man Frauengeschichte dort einbringen will:
Mir ist eines Tages in diesem Artikel (…) aufgefallen, dass in der Auflistung der Gründungs
mitglieder zwei ganz bestimmte davon fehlten, nämlich die Malerinnen Angelika Kauffmann und Mary Moser. Letztere hatte zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch keinen Wiki-Artikel. Beide Frauen wurden damals als Gründungsmitglieder vom engl. König persönlich in dieses Gremium berufen – sie
waren/sind die bedeutendsten Malerinnen der Welt. Der Wiki-Artikel zur RA suggerierte auch durch ein gen. Maskulinum und das Fehlen dieser Frauen, das Ganze sei durch und durch eine Männerangelegenheit. War es aber nicht. Der Artikel war somit grob geschichtsverfälschend. 3/13
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1/09 > Premier vol d’essai réussi pour la voiture volante de #Toyota et #SkyDrive via @Siecledigital #LaMethSci Image
[#Vidéo] 28/08 > En images, le 1er vol d'essai de l'engin monoplace (futur biplace) de #Toyota et #SkyDrive #LaMethSci
.@FrancoisSillion > on estime entre 150 et 200 projets d'appareils électriques à décollage et atterrissage vertical aujourd'hui #LaMethSci
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29/08 > Le #positronium défie les prédictions de la physique via @futurasciences #LaMethSci
P Debu > le moyen le + fort pour étudier les atomes est la spectroscopie, et c'est ça qui va faire naître la mécanique quantique #LaMethSci
[#Podcast] 3/09 > #Atome : bienvenue à #Bohr un #LaMethSci à (ré)écouter via @franceculture !
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