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According to a source from the Czech government, during the current visit of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala to 🇻🇳#Vietnam, major cooperation in security-defence is planned.

1/5 PM Petr Fiala with his Viet...
Vietnam is particularly interested in additional L-39NG aircraft, of which it has ordered 12 in 2021 and deliveries of the first units are due to start this year. The delivery of L-410NG transport aircraft was also discussed. Both products are under @Omnipol1934 group.

2/5 L-39NGL-410NG
Omnipol officials also held talks about possible sale of dual-use radars to be installed in civilian and military airports.
@stv_group and @CSG_HOLDING discussed possible contracts to upgrade Vietnam’s Soviet-made tanks and armoured vehicles with advanced technologies, including…… T-72EA - modernized soviet ...Image
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OK, so people saw the dice pools in Scope, the main stat + skills in Scope SRD, and know there's a vampire game template. And so people have some questions about similarities and differences to the obvious comparison. Let's explore in a thread! 🧵
#TTRPG #IndieGameDev #Vampire
Starting off at the top, there is a functional character concept as you would expect in a Cypher or Fate. This is part of the basic Scope SRD.

Also player-facing with a PC-relative scale. No "objective" stats. NPCs instead have modifiers for PC rolls.

Two big differences! CHARACTER CONCEPT Concept i...
Some other concepts & design perspective covered in the Scope SRD, along with the core mechanic and basic character structure. Give it a read if you're into #TTRPG #GameDesign and want a "modernized retro" framework inspired by 80s/90s RPGs. [🧵 continues]…
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A hunger for blood

A bit different to the other things I've posted.

#nsfwtwt #vampire

I never realised what true hunger is in life. It takes someone of true will to resist the alluring scent of food after days of starving. Now, imagine if that hunger was never sated.
A deep need in the pit of your stomach, given only a brief respite as you take the mortal essence of another. Knowing you would bring death and mayhem to the world if you fall entirely to the ever present hunger.
That is the existence of a vampire. My life, or un-life I suppose.

When I wake from a year long dreamless slumber, my lungs do not fill with breath. My heart does not pump blood through my body. My skin remains pale and lifeless, cold to the touch.
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I guess now a thread about worldbuilding and how it's part of the production of RPGs? Not "how to build a world," but "how RPGs generate worldbuilding in ways that other media often don't and why this matters."

(Relevant to Certain Other Things)

In a broad-scope RPG like #DnD or Green Ronin's #Threefold or #Shadowrun or the #WoD you have a big world with a lot going on, specifically so that game groups can grab hooks that resonate with them and then build their own game sessions in ways that interest them.

Some indie RPGs are very narrow in scope—you're climbing a mountain to kill a witch, or writing a journal of a thousand-year-old vampire, and that's all the game does. Big world games instead say "You figure out what your group likes in this world, here are a million hooks."

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'BLOOD products and Related' 🧐 💊
What are they making from Human Blood?..
HAMPTON COURT was famous for its early Red Bricks..
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When I run #Vampire I like to inject a little chaos now and then. Random events that crop up that cause problems for characters. It's not just the conspiratorial, secret world that messes with you; some nights you can't catch a break in the mundane world, either.

1/ Screenshot from "Near ...
Often I'll pick a character at random and then throw some kind of mortal complication at them: You get summoned for jury duty. A group of urbex teens stumble into your haven and post a TikTok inside of it. Your credit card number is stolen and someone runs up charges.

2/ Screenshot from "Once ...
These tiny bits of drama remind players that vampires are not of the mortal world, but must still work within it. Often these complications mean having to deal with mortals in ways beyond just killing them. Exsanguinating the bank teller won't get your credit card unfrozen!

3/ Screencap from TV series &q...
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1Hoy les voy a hablar de un aparato de alas muy cortas, pero la narración empieza con uno de alas muuuuuy largas…
La pequeña historia F-104 #Starfighters de #Pakistan durante el conflicto con #India en 1965
2Nos remontamos al 27 de abril de 1960. Dos transportes de la #USAF, un #Douglas C-124 y un #Lockheed C-130 despegan desde Incirlik en Turquía, volando hasta la Base Aérea de Badaber-Peshawar, en Pakistán. A bordo llevan combustible, repuestos y personal de mantenimiento para una
3misión especial, además viajan 2 pilotos de la #CIA, Francis Gary Powers y como reserva Bob Ericson. Al día siguiente, un Lockheed U-2C realiza el mismo trayecto, pilotado por Glen Dunaway
El 29 de abril se informa que la misión se ha retrasado un día, por tanto, Ericson vuela
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On the heels of this semi-comedic exchange with @jachilli, a thought for #Vampire Storytellers out there:

Fiction frequently presents vampires as highly competent and often highly intelligent and organized. Even the less-intelligent ones are dangerous due to their strength.

You can get some interesting mileage out of tweaking that expectation. Introduce vampires who aren't hyper-competent, whose successes are the result of structural advantages or assistance from other parties.

The incompetent Prince who's convinced of their own superiority, propped up by a small group of elders simply because they're easy to manipulate. The Primogen who received a political appointment, but has terrible plans. The bumbling, lazy sheriff.

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1A día de hoy ¿cuál dirían que es el caza ligero por excelencia? ¿El F-16? ¿El Gripen? ¿Y si hablamos de un aparato que era la mitad de la mitad?

Para mí, este es el caza ligero por excelencia, una pequeña historia del Folland #Gnat (y su hermanastro indio HAL #Ajeet)
2El padre de la criatura era el ingeniero William Edward Willoughby "Teddy" Petter, quien había trabajado previamente en numerosas aeronaves de la firma Westland, como el #Lysander, el #Whirlwind o el #Welkin Image
3incluso trabajó en el proyecto para mejorar el #Spitfire corrigiendo cierta inestabilidad del diseño original

Tras ciertas desavenencias con la dirección de @westland, en septiembre de 1944, Peter se despidió y se llevó consigo los trabajos para la propuesta B1/44 Image
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Been down the rabbit-hole of #Croatian #folklore - here's a #thread of what I found:


This one is especially close as its my family island.
'From #Folklore to Fiction: Early Literary Manifestations of the #Vampire Motif'

Fun fact: the term 'vampyr' first appeared in an 11th century Slavic manuscript vilifying #Bogomils, a #Gnostic dualist heresy that was endemic to the #Balkans
'#Witches' Zoopsychonavigations and the Astral Broom in the Worlds of #Croatian Legends as (Possible) Aspects of #Shamanistic Techniques of Ecstasy (and Trance)'…
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Bapna also Bafana or Bapna or Bafna (Hindi: बाफना / बाफणा )is Indian Jain or Brahmin community. The name was used 4 for Brahmin in #Andhra. Derived from Bahufana & Bafanha. Phaṇa ( Sk. phaṇa) the hood of a snake. How did #Jains end up with #Sudra??This is major spiritual #fraud
#Brahmins are apparently meant to be one group with Jains-this is covenant system. They were imposed on Sudra in British era when Tirupati temple was set up. #Nemi (Jain/Jinn) statue removed and the Tirupati Jinn installed. This is not good news 4 Brahmins as #Nemi is #wrathful
"To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning". "So the guard took away their choice food and the wine they were to drink and gave them vegetables instead" (vegan) #Daniel 1:16 #JainBrahminAramic
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For 2020 I'm going to try the one photo a day challenge. I'll reply tip this each day with a photo.
Marble Kaleidoscope.

Sony a7iii
FE 2.8/90 Macro G OSS
ISO 400
1/30 Image
Carew Sconce

Samsung Note 10+
6 mm
1/17 Image
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Und weil es die liebe @chra war die mich wegen @KhazAndCrit drauf gebracht hatte, gibt's den #Duetgame Thread jetzt auch noch in deutsch für die #pnpde #ttrpg Twitter Blase 😘

Duospiele - 1on1 oder Duetgames - was ist das?

#Duetgame = 1 #ttrpg, 1 #GM / #DM + 1 Spieler

Du kannst ein Duetgame mit den Regeln von so ziemlich jedem #ttrpg spielen

#ttrpg #dnd #dnd5e #pnpde
Ich habe die meiste Erfahrung damit #DSA und #DnD / #dnd5e Duetgames zu leiten, aber ich habe auch schon #Duetgames in #Shadowrun und #Vampire the Masquerade gespielt und es hat super funktioniert und hat so viel Spaß gemacht!
#ttrpg #pnpde
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Nocturnal Animals 2016 #Thriller #MustWatch
The Ninth Gate 1999 #Thriller #Mystery
The Silence of the Lambs 1991 #Crime #Thriller #SerialKiller #MustWatch
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