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CW food: tried napping for four hours but just started feeling shitty and depressed because I work up every ten minutes feeling hungry. I have no idea how to adult but this definitely sucks because I have more “must finish by 4 EST” tasks than I did when I started napping. Fuck.
I’m supposed to feel better being this active and back on mostly pescatarian but instead I’m sore as shit after actually doing sword martial arts again just not feeling anything but ache.

Down to below 95kg again but just… fuck. I miss being able to boulder on a budget

At least my September 105XX NOC safety gear is cuter now. #picRelated #altText #disabilityTwitter #needNewCane >:| Two battered and bruised feet in rubber soled no upper “wh
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1/ Here's a quick #COVID update - I prepare a weekly report for my college so I thought I should share a broad overview (with #AltText)

VARIANTS: BA.5 continues to have increasing dominance over other variants, representing ~ 9 in 10 new cases This is a CDC image that should variant distributions over t
2/ REPORTED CASES: Though a significant underestimate of actual circulating infections, it is clear that reported cases are down in most areas in the US.

Florida is down 31% relative to two weeks ago (now to ~7,000 cases per day). This is a series of trend lines in the shape of a US map, cl
3/ WASTEWATER DATA: The decrease in reported cases in Florida is supported by Biobot Analytics data in 6 large counties over the past 6 weeks. This is a series of trend lines for 6 large Florida counties
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1. I'm still waiting for an update of the Community Transmission levels needed to run my typical risk levels analysis, but here's where we'll be with the hospital-based measures.
2. Here's how things have changed from last week.

Blue is improvement

Red is worsening

Gray is no change
3. Another way of looking at the change in levels from last week
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1. Here's where we stand as of June 2 on the two @CDCgov measures of county-level risk.

LEFT: hospitalization-based measure

RIGHT: transmission-based measure

A recap 🧵 on how things are changing nationally and then in my home state, FL.

I finally remembered to use #alttext! Two county-level maps are shown of the US. On the left shows
2. Transmission is still pronounced with only 2% of Americans living in a county that is not classified as "substantial" or "high" level of transmission. This is a series of vertical bars showing the distribution o
3. Here are those same weekly trends, but instead of national totals, this is by state (% of population living in various level transmission areas) This is a series of vertical bars showing the distribution o
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ALT text tip/accessibility heads up: while it’s genuinely incredible to see so many more people adding image id since twitter made ALT text viewable for all, please remember its original purpose!🧵 (thread) a tweet by @darth with inco...
a disclaimer: i’m not a screen reader user, but i have sporadic (though not constant) vision impairment due to brain injury. so i’ll be sharing education slides from other blind and disabled folks instead!
screen reading technology can read ALT text out-loud to blind and visually impaired people. people (like me) w/sensory disabilities also sometimes disable images.

alt text 101: “think of alt text as minimal descriptions, like a tweet that only allows so many characters” yellow background on a and white slide expla...
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This video shows transmission levels changing March 15-May 5, 2022. While there was a brief lull in March, the Northeast begins turning red in early April and by the end of April, high levels have spread across the country.…
#alttext: Video shows counties with high transmission (red) sparse & mostly in coastal states starting in March 15, with most counties in the low (blue) or moderate (yellow) ranges. In late April, many more counties become substantial (orange) and high (red).
Overall, this means that over half of Americans - 57% - are living in a county with high transmission, up from 49% last week. Another 22% are living in an area of substantial transmission.
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Posting so I don't hijack thread over @WeAreDisabled .

Here's my thing about Etsy's new accessibility feature. You can now add alt text to each image. You're thinking, "Great!" right? Okay wait just one second.
I am a disabled designer selling on Etsy. I am also in #ChronicPain pretty much all the time. So the message from Etsy to me is: "Great news. Those 70 listings on your shop? Each one has 7 images? You get to alt text 490 pictures now!" No the fuck I do not.
We are witnessing, in this one instance, how @Etsy did not think -- it -- through. FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY IMAGES, YA'LL.

Honestly, @alexhaagaard and @elizejackson talk about this all the time.

So what. So I'm not alt texting 490 images. This is a tryborg imposition.
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Was one of your resolutions to learn more about web accessibility for people with disabilities? You're in luck: I'm making a 2022 thread for people who would like to learn more about accessibility. I plan to add tips and resources throughout 2022.

#a11y #a11y2022

Thread 🧵 1/x
2/x The word a11y is a numeronym using numbers to shorten words. This shortens "accessibility" to "a11y," with the 11 representing the 11 letters between a and y.

On Twitter and LinkedIn, #a11y can be used to find several helpful accessibility resources.

3/x If you feel like you don't know what you don't know about accessibility, then it can help to follow people who tweet a lot about it. I've put together a list of people who tweet about it a fair amount of the time, if not most of the time.…
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@polizeiberlin @ADFC_Berlin @ADFC_CityWest @Adfc_Tempelhof @ADFC_Pankow @ADFC_xhain @ADFC_SZ @Strassen_f_alle @bikeberlin13 Herr Schattling bezieht sich mit seiner Aussage dass zum grossen Teil Eigenverschulden Unfallursächlich ist EINDEUTIG auf die 17 im letzten Jahr getöteten Radfahrenden!
Jetzt zu behaupten die Aussage wurde gewählt um die Gesamtlage darzustellen 1/x
@polizeiberlin @ADFC_Berlin @ADFC_CityWest @Adfc_Tempelhof @ADFC_Pankow @ADFC_xhain @ADFC_SZ @Strassen_f_alle @bikeberlin13 ist ein Schlag ins Gesicht der Angehörigen.
Von den 17 Toten gehen 11 aufs Konto von Leuten am Steuer von Kraftfahrzeugen.
Wenn der Leiter des Fachstabs Verkehr solche Aussagen macht wundert es mich nicht das alle die in Berlin Fahrrad fahren täglich in hohem Masse 2/x
@polizeiberlin @ADFC_Berlin @ADFC_CityWest @Adfc_Tempelhof @ADFC_Pankow @ADFC_xhain @ADFC_SZ @Strassen_f_alle @bikeberlin13 von Leuten am Steuer gefährdet werden.
Die Polizei Berlin Schaut nicht nur weg, nein, sie behauptet auch noch dass Leute auf dem Rad eh selber Schuld sind. Zum nachhören ab Minute 4:23
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1/7 🧵 Using #PowerPoint in your virtual meetings? Here’s a short thread on making your presentations accessible.

1) Use sans serif fonts, no smaller than 16 points, and make sure there’s a high contrast between your text and your background colour.… A graphic showing a monitor screen on an orange background.
2/7 🧵 2) Title each slide to help anyone navigating through your presentation quickly. If you can’t fit a particular topic on a single slide, use ‘[Slide title] part 1’, ‘[Slide title] part 2’ etc. rather than repeating or skipping a title.

👍 #accessibility #a11y #PowerPoint
3/7 🧵 3) Add #AltText to your images, charts and graphs, so they can be read by screen readers. Right click on your image, and choose ‘Format Picture’ then ‘Alt Text’. You can add a brief title, followed by a more detailed description.

👍 #DisabilityTwitter #accessibility
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👇Vaccine Updates, a thread🧵

Yesterday we received a regional vaccine report from Kate Schroder, who is acting as Special Advisor to Vaccine Coordination for the @HCollaborative. Our Office wanted to share this information with the public so that you know as much as we do!
1/ Progress to date:

59,000 people have initiated the vaccination process (7.2% of the pop.) in Hamilton County. 824,000 people have initiated the vaccination process (7.05% of the pop.) in Ohio [you can find more on Ohio at the link below].…
2/ What is the greatest constraint?

Supply. Each week, main vaccine providers in Hamilton County receive ~10K doses allocated across public health departments (City of Cincinnati, Hamilton Co), hospitals (Children’s, Christ, Mercy, TriHealth, UC) & pharmacies (Kroger, CVS, etc)
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"Here today with a good heart..."

Incredible work by @DAWNRAFHCanada to interpret Indigenous languages in English French #ASL + #LSQ 🙌🏻

[#AltText: Slide is titled "Decolonizing DisAbilty Feminist Activism." @ta7taliya @MelanieMarsden6 ASL + LSQ intepreters speak on screen] Image
"Colonialism isn't something that happened along time ago..."

@ta7taliya on developing a decolonial #Skwxwú7mesh snakes + ladders game 🐉

In dialogue with @MelanieMarsden6 + @DAWNRAFHCanada for #IDAM2020
"It's about holding each other up, calling each other in..."

@MelanieMarsden6 on naming ableist exclusion + valuing the knowledge of lived experience #IDAM2020
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How to write alternative text #AltText for #images and visual objects
Describing an image in just a couple of sentences to someone may sound challenging, but it is really important in terms of making your document or webpage #accessible.

We’ll be sharing some tips to help you!
Tip #1: Keep it concise and unambiguous. #AltText should be no longer than 1 or 2 sentences. For more detailed visuals this may need to be longer!
Tip #2: #AltText should be descriptive and specific. Consider what is important about an image. For example, important context may be the setting, the emotions on people's faces, the colours, or the relative sizes.
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This #DisabilityPrideMonth, I'll be sharing actionable tips for how you (yes, you!) can make STEM learning & workspaces more inclusive to those of us who are #DisabledInSTEM.

#AltText will be available for every graphic. New tips will be added to this thread. Creating an inclusive envir...
For more information on why using a microphone is an #accessibility issue, please read this post over at
@chronicle: In the foreground in the ph...
The #GRE is expensive, biased & a poor indicator of success in research. Getting approved for #accommodations takes 6 weeks & you need a dr. note (& therefore, insurance). If you're absent from your scheduled test (hello, unpredictable symptoms!), you forfeit your fee. #GREexit Creating an inclusive envir...
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