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Can 𝐀𝐝𝐚𝐧𝐢 𝐆𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩 collapse trigger a 𝐑𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧❓

Examining the Impact of India's Gigantic Conglomerate.

What is #FPO ?

🔶FPO, "Follow-on Public Offer," is a process in which a company that is already publicly traded issues shares to existing shareholders or new investors.
Why do companies do FPO ?

The reason behind the company's FPO is:

🔶To reduce the debt that already exists in a company.

🔶To raise additional capital for a company.
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I thought that while you and @zerohedge are onto something, I didn't think it is this bad.

The bank's losses were 7 TIMES WORSE than what "analysts" expected: Half a billion dollars expected to losing billions. This explains the $6 billion loan by the Fed.

For those who didn't folllow, @zerohedge reported a few weeks ago that the Fed lent the Swiss Central Bank $6 billion; the largest one time loan ever to them.

Today we learn #CreditSuisse had a $4 billion loss last quarter.

The loan was to bail out CS?

It appears that a major investment bank in Europe needed a multi-billion dollar bailout in recent weeks (funded by the Fed) and not only is it not a "Lehman Moment." It's no moment at all.

Nobody knows. Nobody cares.

That, my friend, is the beauty of having a Dem in the WH.
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(2/13) Blue Owl was brought up by @SylviaRey Recently

The Mcafee KillSwitch/Blockchain
Data Dropped This Image 👇 I will go Through The Locations In these next tweets ImageImage
(3/13) 🔮What I found Near the Location is More Important than the Location itself

#Blackrock/Blackrock Financial/#Blackstone Group
#Citi & Citi Private

Shadow/Real? Synthetic Everything? 1:1 Seen/Unseen Image
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🧵What happened Sept. 30th? The US Corporation ended, end of US Gov fiscal year, Vatican returned funds, commercial traders went from short to long silver, CEOs resigned, rumors of 2 banks failing. #XRP #CreditSuisse #DeutscheBank #Dalio 1/4
It sure seems like the Fed/banks are out of money. Cash is running low and funding is drying up. If the internet goes down soon, the financial system will be rebooting to a new one, imo. 2/4
As David Schwartz said, “We are in the middle of rebuilding the financial system.”

It’s being fixed under the radar and under our noses. Our financial system changed Sept. 30th and is still transitioning. If the internet goes down, that’s the switchover. 3/4
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1/n 北溪事件无疑加剧了全球大宗商品能源和货币的动荡,高通胀背景下货币体系的崩坏和重建似乎变得合理了...瑞信的网红分析师Zoltan(之前在纽约联储和美国财政部任职)在国内比较出圈的应该就是他俄乌战争后关于布雷顿森林体系3.0的论述:🧵
#CreditSuisse #macroeconomics
2/n Zoltan对宏观经济局势的分析有点像明朝那些事儿的风格,当然也有阳春白雪的许多专业著作。简而言之,布雷顿森林体系之前的发展,从黄金-美元到石油-美元,美元的地位一直强势,在crypto领域也是如此。甚至我在向圈外的朋友解释crypto和美元的关系时,也很难去说服别人crypto是美元革命而非推手。
3/n 对于Zoltan的分析框架,简单说就是全球化大背景下的中美欧俄四方经济的高度嵌合逐步瓦解,贸易战/制裁等措施所带来的力的作用不可能是单方面的,美元作为全球储备、计价、交易货币的地位动摇,大宗商品会成为另一种储备货币,而计价和交易也不非得使用美元。
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🚩 A lo largo de los ÚLTIMOS DÍAS seguramente habrás escuchado el acrónimo CDS por todos lados


¿Pero qué son realmente? ¿Para qué sirven? ¿Cómo se calculan? ¿Qué pasa con #CreditSuisse?

Este es el HILO explicativo definitivo…
🇨🇭 La semana pasada, el banco suizo CREDIT SUISSE hacía saltar las alarmas con una subida muy vertical de sus CDS y se hablaba de un posible DEFAULT

🏛 Sin embargo, ¿qué hay de cierto en todo ello? ¿Por qué son tan importantes los CDS?
1️⃣ Definición:

Un CDS es un instrumento financiero que permite transferir (de ahí lo de SWAP) el riesgo de crédito o de impago de un bono (de ahí lo de CREDIT DEFAULT) a un tercero.

Como veis, es básicamente un seguro, pero aplicado al mercado de deuda.
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1/14 Kurzer Thread 🧵zur #creditsuisse

CSD = Credit Default Swaps
Bei CSD handelt es sich also um eine Art “Kreditausfallversicherungen”, damit kann ich den Ausfall eines Kredites absichern - oder aber ich kann darauf wetten und die ausbezahlte Prämie einstreichen.
CSDs funktionieren wie eine Versicherung. Wird der Ausfall des Kredites wahrscheinlicher (z.B. durch die Insolvenz der Credit Suisse), dann steigt “der Kurs” - also die zu zahlende Gebühr für den Abschluss der Versicherung.
Aktuell sind unterschiedliche Charts auf Twitter im Umlauf. Bei allen ist der Anstieg der CDS Spreads der Credit Suisse aber heftig. Diese sollen mittlerweile die Höchststände der Finanzkrise überschritten haben - hier war die Credit Suisse allerdings nicht ins Wanken geraten.
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We could be facing one of the biggest economic crisis in recent decades, and the catalyst is Credit Suisse.

A thread👇🧵
SHARES PRICE #CreditSuisse 📉

Its shares $CSGN & $CS have dropped 57% this year, setting a new low. Its shares on the New York Stock Exchange fell 4% in early trading.

$CSGN Market Cap: 10.44B
$CS Market Cap: 10.3B


A credit default swap (CDS) is a financial swap agreement in which the seller agrees to compensate the buyer in the event of a debt default or other credit event.


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Is #CreditSuisse going bankrupt?

Credit Suisse’ CDS (Credit Default Swaps) have soared.

„CDS“ are used as insurance against bankruptcy of an entity.

The price of #CS CDS jumped because there is a rumor in the market that #CS may be go belly up.
First of all, it must be stated that $CS is a systematically important bank, which DOESN’Tmean that the Swiss government will bail it out, but more, that the Bank must comply with high and strict liquidity requirements.…
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What's happening to Credit Suisse and it’s impact on Crypto, An ELI5 Thread.

#CreditSuisse is one of the 9 global "Bulge Bracket" banks, the 9 largest multi-national banks in the world.
And it is at a 'Critical Moment' now, says the CEO.
Credit Suisse is considered to be a global systemically important bank, meaning that in the case of their failure, there will be a financial crisis on a global scale.
They are referred to as "too big to fail", like the #LehmanBrothers. Now their situation reminds us of 2008.
Talking history, Credit Suisse was founded in 1856 to fund the development of Switzerland's rail system. In the 1900s, it began shifting to retail banking. It is known for strict bank–client confidentiality and banking secrecy.
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#CreditSuisse e #DeutscheBank sono sull'orlo del collasso.
La base patrimoniale combinata delle due banche è di più di 2 trilioni $, che è 3 volte la base patrimoniale di Lehman Brothers al momento del suo crollo.
Il 15 settembre 2008, Lehman Brothers, una banca considerata "too big to fail", ha dichiarato l'insolvenza.
È stata la più grande dichiarazione di fallimento nella storia degli Stati Uniti.
A quel tempo, la banca aveva $ 639 miliardi di asset e $ 619 miliardi di debiti
Sia #CreditSuisse che #DeutscheBank sono etichettate come istituzioni finanziarie di importanza sistemica ovvero "troppo grandi per fallire".
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People need to understand that "Macro top/bottoms are not formed in a day". They take time.

Everyone is like "SPX will rally soon, Nifty will rally, don't FUD".

Isn't it a piece of common knowledge that after a massive fall, markets do pull back the majority of the time?

Have you never seen the market trap everyone > dump > then rally back?

Or have you not seen a rally to ATH before heavily dumping to lows?

Once there is a meltdown, everything falls apart in a matter of a few weeks. Observe how the price moves in the 2008 crash and the Covid crash.

Sure, the context was different both times but the markets were trading at ATH before things went down South pretty quickly.

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Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank are on the verge of collapse.

A thread on the ongoing crisis at DB and CS as per my limited understanding. 🧵


#deutsche #CreditSuisse
The combined asset base of the two banks is nearly $2 Trillion which is 3x the asset base of Lehman Brothers at the time of its collapse.


#deutsche #CreditSuisse #LehmanBrothers
On 15 September 2008, Lehman Brothers, a bank considered 'too big to fail' filed for insolvency. It was the single largest bankruptcy filing in the history of the US.

At the time, the bank had $639 billion in assets and $619 billion in debt.

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Le scandale #McKinsey s'amplifie en France 🇫🇷 tant et si bien qu'il s'est transformé en #McKinseyGate puis en #McKinseyMacronGate

Les sénateurs français évoquent un phénomène "tentaculaire"

Tentaculaire ?
Autopsie ⤵️
30.3.22 Le journal LeTemps titre
« #McKinsey autopsie d'un mal étatique "français »

Pour la France 🇫🇷 c'est assez clair Mais pour la Suisse🇨🇭on aimerait bien aussi une autopsie profonde et le prix #McKinsey son coût détaillé et cumulé…
McKinsey 🇺🇸 NewYork Headquarters
McKinsey Italie 🇮🇹 Milan, proche de là où tout a commencé
Quelle stratégie ?
Le manque de compétence de l'Etat ne doit pas laisser à un cabinet privé toutes les questions du gouvernement de tous les gouvernements
Ceci exige aussi la transparence.
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Mercati in attesa dell'esito dei colloqui #Kuleba-#Lavrov e della decisione della #BCE

#CreditSuisse rivela esposizione alla #Russia di 848 mln franchi
#UPDATE - Le borse europee virano bruscamente al ribasso:

#UPDATE - Piazza Affari allarga le perdite: -3%

Giù il comparto bancario:
-Intesa Sanpaolo: -7%
-Unicredit: -6,6%

Greggio in ripresa
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/22/2022…
Physicists harness electrons to make 'synthetic dimensions'…
#RydbergAtoms, #QuantumSimulations, #SyntheticDimensions, #SpatialBoundaries
The formation of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet was very different than previously believed…
#WestAntarctica, #IceSheet, #FormationPattern
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Has India become a corruption-free country already? Or, are the crooks getting smarter? Just one dot from Madhya Bharat in the @guardian expose of “criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians” holding £80 billion worth accounts in the notorious Swiss bank @CreditSuisse.
“We can reveal today how #CreditSuisse repeatedly either opened or maintained bank accounts for a panoramic array of high-risk clients across the world”: How the @guardian showcases its expose of “criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians” over 7 pages.
On 9 Jan 2014, four months before he became PM, @narendramodi promised to bring back money “stolen” from India and deposited in foreign banks: “If we bring that back, each poor Indian will get Rs 15-20 lakh just like that.” @PMOIndia #CreditSuisse

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#Schweiz will "#Lockerungsturbo" zünden. Hat die tiefste #Impfquote Westeuropas, behauptet aber, dass wegen kompletter #Durchseuchung mit #Omicron nun 95% immun seien.

Verschwiegen wird: Schutz hält nur wenige Wochen, keine #Impfpflicht geplant.

Ein erklärender Thread: 1/13
#Mehrfachinfektionen mit #Omicron sind nicht selten. Es gibt Kinder, die bereits das vierte Mal an versch. Varianten von #Corona erkrankt sind - viele davon mit #LongCovid. Selbst wenn #OmicronImpfstoffe diesen Sommer kommen, wird das Land nicht für den Winter gerüstet sein. 2/13
Mitten in #Europa kann man beobachten, was eine #ultraliberale Ideologie für unglaublich katastrophale Folgen hat: Das Land war in den ersten Wellen lange an der Weltspitze(!) bei Infektions- und #Todesfällen. Auch in den letzten Monaten blieben diese 3x mal höher als in D. 3/13
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#CreditSuisse International published its annual report which contains this useful information on #Archegos:
3 lessons:
1) Addt'l 600m loss in Q2
2) Still 3% exposure!
3) Thanks to the banking surcharge, UK taxpayer providing a "tax shield" of 1.3bn$ (maybe more with new budget)
Also interesting to notice that CSI didn't book the full DTA (54% by my quick calc), suggesting they won't pay any tax in the UK for more than a decade.
Final important point: 0 loss in the US, 0 loss in Switzerland, so the PRA might be the one who takes a close look at the operations and risk management.
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El plan de liderazgo de #Singapur🇸🇬 se ha invertido
El drama de las vacunas en curso de #AstraZeneca corre el riesgo de prolongar la pandemia
#CreditSuisse endurece los límites de los fondos de cobertura después de las consecuencias de Archegos
¿De qué se trata “las consecuencias de #Archelago?
Vía @bbcmundo 👇…
“Archegos manejaba unos US$10.000 millones de la fortuna personal de Hwang y su familia "pero sus posiciones totales de las que se deshizo el jueves y el viernes [de la semana pasada] se acercan a los US$30.000 millones", publicó el diario Wall Street Journal.
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