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I remember when all of this started. My brother and I, like many, were feeling isolated, uncertain about the future, and left out of an economy that didn't reflect what we were seeing on the streets
It's a hard truth but we don't live in a world where everyday people have the chance to learn about finances, let alone plan for retirement. Not one city in America can you afford a place to live on minimum wage. Not one.
While we worried, worked, and suffered, the ultra wealthy added trillions to their bank accounts and all we could do was watch. What good is a record breaking economy when we're too overworked and underpaid to enjoy it?
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@Annihil4tionGod deserves credit for finding this first. I received through an alternative source, but credit is due where it's due.
We plan to cause some havoc for the adversarial hedge funds and conglomerates... Make sure you follow me or at least follow the subreddit…

Thanks all! Wildly insane Likes on this post. We hope not to disappoint.
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I have transcribed interesting bits from this interview with department of mathematics at Simon Fraser University and a member of the #COVID19 modelling group.

Markham Hislop asks "And do we know that the government the alberta government had access to your?"
"um well, we, we, um, we released the report and met with alberta government and that's um and shortly thereafter you know sort of simultaneously with that they cancelled the reopening that they had so uh so i think i, i feel that we were heard by them" Dr. Paul Tupper
Markham Hislop asks "okay what about the timing though? When? When did this happen? Like when did you release the report and meet with [the government?]"
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Payment for order flow is essentially the practice of a PFOF broker routing orders through a series of market-making firms, instead of directly to a stock exchange.
The broker gets paid by these firms for redirecting trades to a particular market maker for completion. These companies pay a small amount to participating brokers and complete the order.
The market makers gain from this flow of trades in two ways. First, as market makers, they are typically able to sell at the (higher) ask and buy at the (lower) bid.
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1 of ? OK, AMC, will do a covered call for educational purposes only. Step by step. 1st, look for Aug 27 50% yield premium. OK, strike 43. Now at .43 on the bid. But, I want to sell for a call away so I will take the 36 at 1.49, filled! Note, the 43 is Delta 14 and the 36 ....
The 36 is Delta 42 which means 42% probability that it will be called next week. Theta .15, Gamma. 07 and IV 111%. I would normally take the 43 but, I want to sell more puts. I am currently working my way out of all other stocks and options to concentrate on AMC.
Explaining this covered call trade - 1st step, looking for the strike price that will give a 50% yield minimum which is simply 1% of the strike price on a weekly or 4% of strike price on a monthly. In reality it would % of $ invested in the trade but I am keeping it simple. 1st
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Hey Chucky,

The outrage is geared toward your juvenile, antagonistic, short-sided, unprofessional, dull, machismo, over-compensating rhetoric.

PFOF, while cleverly advertised to offer appearance of free trading, harms the every day people (@FoxBusiness viewers)
—who are wanting fairness and transparency in our markets in many ways

Not least of all by introducing a conflict of interest between their Brokers like @RobinhoodApp and their fiduciary duty to provide best execution.
This is a clearly documented phenomena, have a look here:…

Furthermore, by funneling about 38 percent of orders to internalizers like Citadel, and by bypassing lit exchanges like the NYSE or NASDAQ, price discovery is harmed;
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I had the most amazing conversation with my grandmother today! Born in 1930, I knew she would be amazing source about historical economic information. She told me of how they had their own animals that they raised and the gardens they grew. How they had 7 people/3 generations…
Under one roof! They biggest thing she said when I asked what my great-grand parents said about the time of the Great Depression was “Nothing, they didn’t tell us anything…” THIS is where we make a difference TODAY! We need to be talking about what is going on!
She agreed to basically an AMA where I can relay her information! Mind you, she’s 91 but sharper than most 30 years olds! I will try to do this within the week! If you have people raised during the Great Depression, ask them what they know!
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Let's start a weekend follow train 🚆 help new $AMC / $GME apes find fellow apes to follow! 🦍🍻🌮🎉

💎 Comment
💎 Follow & follow back
💎 Retweet this, I'll follow you!

#AMC #GME #AMCFireworks #Happy4thofJuly
Just followed so many apes♥️🦍
Followed 69 so far ♥️🎸
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(part 1) WE ARE DOING AMAZING‼️ WE came so damn far already. I understand that we have a TON of new apes that jumped in recently so the experience is different(and I feel for you). However you have to zoom out and see how far the rest of us came. Understand that no ape is leaving
(part 2) WE are looking incredible if you truly understand the charts. No one said a squeeze (especially the MOASS) will happen in a week.. Understand that all that money gained is coming from somewhere, theyre losing BILLIONS ofcourse they're going to give a fight you would too!
(part 3) I believe too⁰ many people are watching the 1 Minute chart which looks more intense. Take a break and change the time stamp to 30Minutes or even 1 hour. It's time to zoom out. And for people using things like RH you can download webull or anything just to use the charts
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1) Listen... The fact that news media networks rely on sponsors is enough to tell you that they aren't being fair and balanced. They can't be. All it takes is for a big sponsor to be the center of a news piece to receive that call to tone it down.
2) As companies consolidate and become worldwide conglomerates, it becomes increasingly hard for the news to criticize a company or even political subjects with ties to the conglomerate.

"Oh you hurt X company? Well X company is owned by Y company, which will cut your funding."
3) As a result, we see the news basically avoiding certain topics. However, when the public becomes increasingly aware of criminal activity or corruption, and the story begins to break, it crosses that threshold where it becomes the news' best interest to report the truth.
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1.) I know I said I’d be back tomorrow, but I couldn’t get this out of my head. If you’re one of my close friends, or you know me very well you’ll know that I am one that rarely shows vulnerable emotion. All my life I’ve been the kind of person to bottle things up, I hold it all
2.) in. And I eventually get overwhelmed & I breakdown. My previous posts from this afternoon I debated heavily for the past several hours on wether or not I should just delete them. Erase it from memory, and act like it never happened, but I’ve come to the realization that
3.) Vulnerability does not equate weakness. Even the strongest of you have your darker moments. I think a lot of what was happening to me emotionally earlier today was the actualization of months of what what this movement has been moving towards. It’s easy, really easy to sit
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(1) I’m going to do my best to expand on this in this thread. I’ll preface this by saying. I am not a financial advisor. I am a cat. If anyone else follows this information and sees something different please DM me and speak up. We are a family of unorganized apes.
(2) This is the data I tossed together from an ETF called SFYF which hold AMC shares. Many ETFs hold AMC this one specifically shows a massive amount of Failure to delivers. At various different points.
(3) @CringleKitten and myself dmd about this and here’s my questioning / train of thought.
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OFFICIAL #AMA - Dr. Susanne Trimbath, PhD


#SuperstonkLive on Thursday, April 29 @ 3:00 p.m. EDT

u/atobitt will host @SusanneTrimbath for questions and discussion #Superstonk #GME #apestogetherstrong
Please note... This channel is not monetized, nor will it ever be (screenshot this and hold us accountable), and is strictly for education and discussion as it relates to #Superstonk topics and the interests of the community.
The idea was approved by the mod team, and the channel was created and is administered by @RedChessQueen99. The stream itself will be handled through a third party service with many live-editing features (omitted for security's sake) that allows a stream through @YouTube .
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🚨WE HAVE NEWS 🚨 It’s safe to say that the #investor community on @reddit is not traditionally who we think of as our supporter base. But they definitely surprised and overwhelmed us over the weekend. A THREAD. @CNN @CNBC @business @WSJ
Our adoption program is one of our main grassroots fundraisers. In a typical weekend, we might get 20 new adoptions. This weekend, the numbers astonished us.…
On Saturday, a friend alerted us that a member of @Official_WSB subreddit had posted a symbolic adoption of our infant gorilla #Urungano , a reference to the #WSB motto: #apestogetherstrong . It caught on.
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