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#NASA #NAC #HEO - Cathy Koerner is next Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO -Aking why we do this, and this is @Astro_Pam's chart as to why we do things Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO - Taken objectives and broken them down into 4 categories, form those objectives we're creating an architecture. with our workforce, international partners, industry and academic partners Image
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#NASA #NAC #HEO -Next- Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO - Going over the plan for the #Artemis1 mission. Was a successful mission design Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO - Amit Kshatriya - What I was really thinking about were all about the US businesses that put thier hands on that hardware, sometimes "Mom & Pop" shops. Just how many of them contributed to the success. Image
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At NASA HQ now: @VP Harris hosts Pres. @EmmanuelMacron for a meeting on 🇫🇷🇺🇸 space cooperation.

In the 🇫🇷 Delegation: Astronauts @Thom_astro & @Soph_astro; Ministers @MinColonna, @BrunoLeMaire & @sretailleau; @PhBaptiste of @CNES and Fatoumata Kébé.
@VP @EmmanuelMacron @Thom_astro @Soph_astro @MinColonna @BrunoLeMaire @sretailleau @PhBaptiste @CNES This meeting comes at a high time for 🇫🇷🇺🇸 spatial cooperation. This summer, we saw the signing of the Artemis Accords (to return to the moon), this month we saw the #Artemis1 launch. And we continue!
@VP @EmmanuelMacron @Thom_astro @Soph_astro @MinColonna @BrunoLeMaire @sretailleau @PhBaptiste @CNES This collaboration is very rich and long-running.
The first voyage made by @CNES leadership after its creation was to @NASA.
A number of 🇫🇷🇺🇸 projects would not happen if both parties did not contribute their expertise.
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Pro váš velký zájem o předchozí vlákno se ještě jednou podíváme na záběr odvrácené strany z kosmické lodi Orion. Tentokrát se ale podíváme na něco opravdu velkého! Do míst s tmavými flíčky, kam míří šipka. Foto: NASA/ESA #artemis1
Abychom si toho obra náležitě užili, trochu jsem fotomapu Měsíce pootočil. Nápadné Mare Orientale z předchozího záběru se teď posunulo výš na sever.

Že nic nevidíte? Není divu, už lištička malému princi říkala, že „Co je důležité, je očím neviditelné"...
Mapa: LROC/Quickmap
Teď se díváme na stejnou část Měsíce. Nejde však o tzv. albedovou mapu, ale o výškovou mapu. Červená barva označuje vysočiny, modrá naopak nížiny. Teď už se nám tady ve zmíněných místech vyloupla velká modrá skvrna (nížina). Mapa: NASA/DLR/ASU
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Estos días habéis visto fotos del lanzamiento del #artemis1 Los lanzamientos son una fuente de imágenes increíbles, pero mas increíble es como los fotógrafos especializados hacen estas fotos porque es muchísimo mas que apretar un botón. Espoiler: no hay un botón que apretar. ImageImage
Lo primero que tenéis que saber es que hay dos formas de hacer las fotos. De cerca y de lejos. Las fotos de lejos son 'fáciles' pero el problema, exacto, es que estas lejos. Si quieres sacar un detalle necesitas un tremendo teleobjetivo. Hablamos de distancias de varios km.
Lo bueno de irte lejos es que puedes buscar reflejos bonitos o probar con largas exposiciones. ImageImage
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Keep in mind, Orion isn't the only passenger on #Artemis1!

Along with it, we have a few cubesats:

- ArgoMoon, an Italian sat designed to image the Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage.
- BioSentinel contains yeast cards that will be rehydrated to measure the effects of radiation. ArgoMoonBioSentinel
- CubeSat for Solar Particles will orbit the Sun in interplanetary space and study its particles and magnetic fields.
- EQUULEUS, a Japanese sat designed to image the Earth's plasmasphere, study impacts on the Moon's far side, and test small trajectory maneuvers near the Moon. CubeSat for Solar ParticlesEQUULEUS
- Lunar IceCube is designed to use its infrared spectrometer to detect water and organic compounds in the lunar surface and exosphere.
- Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper, a lunar orbiter designed to use its neutron detector to study water ice on the lunar south pole. Lunar IceCubeLunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper
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Okay, both kids in bed and I'm just now tuning in to #Artemis1.

For an overview of what's happened the last ~6 hours - check out @skrishna's coverage.
Where are you all watching this?
Ahah, I was wondering where everyone was getting live updates. I was watching the wrong NASA live. Here's the one with just launch updates:
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Conferencia #Artemis1. Jim Free nos cuenta sobre el estado de las inspecciones post tormenta y las preparaciones de cara a un eventual lanzamiento
"No hay nada impidiendo el lanzamiento del 16 de noviembre" @JimFree
@JimFree Jim explicando por qué decidieron mantener el cohete en la plataforma. Fue en base a predicciones de una tormenta menor. Para cuando la tormenta se veía más severa tuvieron que decidir entre el riesgo de trasladar al VAB y el riesgo de dejarlo allí.
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1/x. NASA #Artemis1 briefing. THREAD:
2/x. Nothing preventing launch on the 16th at this time.
3/x. Forecast changes after rollout on Sunday, and based on timings for work to rollback, risk of rolling back in too strong winds was too great. So stayed at pad with predicitons then of max winds within limits.
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#Artemis1 perché si studiano di nuovo le radiazioni? Non è già stato fatto 50 anni fa? La risposta (anche per i lunacomplottisti)…
Mi stanno arrivando molte richieste di sapere perchéoggi vengono fatti studi sulle radiazioni che potrebbero subire gli astronauti delle future missioni lunari. In fin dei conti, se le radiazioni non furono un problema 50 anni fa non lo saranno sicuramente oggi, no? /
Che si debba collaudare la tenuta alle radiazioni della capsula Orion (la parte del veicolo che raggiungerà la Luna) non dovrebbe stupire: è un veicolo completamente nuovo, e come ogni veicolo nuovo va collaudato il più possibile prima di mettere a rischio vite umane. /
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Will be surprised if #Artemis1 launch happens today. If or when today's countdown reaches T-10 mins they'll pause for half an hour and, if everything looks OK and they can fit it within the 2-hour window (opening 13:33 UK time), set a specific launch time.
Apparently there's a problem with one of the four main RS-25 engines and a crack has developed between two of the tanks.… I'd suggest this makes today's #Artemis1 #SLS launch highly unlikely. #Artemis
Even if (as currently seems likely) today's #Artemis1 launch is scrubbed because of the issues, #NASA engineers will proceed as far as they can with the countdown as this is a test flight and they will want to test as many of the #SLS systems as possible. #Artemis
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The day is here

🚀🌔Nasa’s #Artemis 1 Moon mission ready for launch – here’s how to track it in real time…
#Artemis1: here's a look at five 🧪 experiments planned for Nasa's test flight to the Moon…
Why is #Artemis1 so important?

Here's everything you need to know about Nasa’s next-generation 🌖 Moon rocket ⬇️
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'Sight to behold': tourists flock to Florida for Moon rocket launch.

Between 100,000 and 200,000 visitors are expected to attend the launch of Artemis 1, which will propel an empty capsule to the Moon as part of a test for future crewed flights
Missions to the Moon.

#AFPGraphics looks at the history of missions to the Moon, by country and by mission outcome, before the launch of the American Artemis program
NASA shoots for the Moon, on its way to Mars.

The goal of the flight, baptized Artemis 1, is to test the SLS and the Orion crew capsule that sits atop the rocket. The capsule will orbit the Moon to see if the vessel is safe for people in the near future
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Many of my space friends will hate this 🧵, but I very much share @sciguyspace’s misgivings about #SLS & would go further. I understand his argument that we had to squander $50bn on SLS+ for people to realize it’s not the future of crewed spaceflight & we need to transition… 1/5
to sustainable, reusable, far less expensive and more capable rockets such as #Starship. But the issue is we could still be wasting billions on these launches for years to come, and slowing down Moonbase progress. I do think #Artemis as an idea is too far along not to happen. 2/5
Yes #WeAreGoing so I’d be fine if #SLS blows up en route to orbit so long as no one’s hurt. That way everyone would have to accept it’d be too costly and take too long to build another SLS just to test, and they should divert the money elsewhere for our return to the #Moon. 3/5
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A continuación te dejamos con los cuatro hilos más importantes sobre el programa #Artemis, el cohete SLS, la plataforma LC-39B y la misión #Artemis1 🧑‍🚀🌙

#NASA #SLS #WeAreGoing #ArtemisFacts
⬇️ HILO ⬇️
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¡DESPEGUE del #Falcon9! La misión Starlink 4-23 es lanzada desde Cabo Cañaveral con 54 satélites a bordo 🚀🔥
Separación de etapas, ignición de la segunda etapa y separación de la cofia. Todo bien de momento.
Apogeo del propulsor: 134 km.

📸: @NASASpaceflight

A la vez, la primera etapa del Falcon 9 aterriza en la barcaza "A Shortfall Of Gravitas", mientras la segunda se apaga tras llegar a órbita.
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#ARTEMIS1 observational planning 🧵

Overall visibility of the spacecraft from my ground station location. Elevation above the horizon will be a key factor. As you can see during the early and late stages of the mission Artemis will be low in my sky.

Next lets consider the range to #ARTEMIS1 so a model of the expected signal level can be obtained using Free Space Path Loss (FSPL) assumptions. Data is only plotted when Artemis is above my horizon.
The following are estimates of the SNR of #ARTEMIS1's signal in my 1.8m dish using an Equivalent Noise Bandwidth (ENBW) of ~2Hz for my usual SDR setup during the course of the mission. Assumed spacecraft High Gain Antenna (HGA) and the known sensitivity of my system used here.
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La misión de la NASA que permitirá probar todo antes de llevar astronautas a la luna.

🔍 Descubre todos los detalles de esta misión #Artemis1 🛰️

🌙 Artemis I es la primera prueba integrada de los sistemas de exploración del espacio profundo de la NASA: el SLS, la cápsula Orión, los sistemas terrestres en el Centro Espacial Kennedy y los sistemas de apoyo.

👨‍🚀 Es el paso previo a que puedan haber misiones tripuladas.

📆 29 DE AGOSTO 2022

Es la fecha programada para el despegue del SLS. La ventana de lanzamiento dura dos horas desde las 12:33 - 14:33 UTC.

⏰ 42 DÍAS, 3 HORAS Y 20 MINUTOS es la duración total prevista amerizando el 10 de octubre del 2022

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Y el lugar donde los seres humanos volverán a pisar la Luna después de 50 años es... el Polo Sur.

Hoy la NASA anunció dónde irá la misión #Artemis1… Image
"Más de 50 años después de Apolo, no solo estamos regresando a la Luna, sino que vamos a un lugar increíblemente único para comenzar una nueva era en la ciencia del espacio profundo." Image
"Más allá de los robots, la exploración humana de esta área previamente inexplorada de la Luna presenta una oportunidad única para el descubrimiento científico." Image
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Leuders - Saying the human advantage off-world is to be able to think things out on-site saying that @Dr_ThomasZ sometimes says when there are issues his young son could scoop up samples if he were there!
Having people in LEO gives us the opportunity to look at the advantages to be in LEO, As station is getting older, but at some point, we'll need to move into a commercial LEO destination. Want someplace to continue to work on protocols to work on going to the Moon & Mars
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525.- La lista de los mejores lugares para encontrar agua en #Marte. La sonda #Perseverance intentará producir oxígeno 'in situ', pero las colonias marcianas también necesitarán agua; en @techreview_es #ciencia #scigelv #JuntosPerseveramos #mars2021…
526.- El rover Perseverance envía su primer vídeo desde Marte; en @diariosevilla #ciencia #scigelv #Mars2021 #JuntosPerseveramos #Perseverance…
527.- Así suena Marte: primer audio del rover #Perseverance desde el planeta rojo; por @susanacgomez en @diariosevilla #ciencia #scigelv #Mars2021 #JuntosPerseveramos…
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