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#Biden in #Kyiv: Why didn't Russia strike a decapitating blow? | Yesterday, 19:59
- Contrary to previous statements, the main overlord of the Kyiv regime, Joe Biden, came to Kyiv on a visit.…
#Biden Speech LIVE: US President Lands In War-Zone Ukraine | Zelenskyy, Biden Walk Together In #Kyiv
Thread | 20 tweets
#US planned the #war and the #EnergyCrisis in #Europe | Sep 13
#Pressure Mysteriously Plunges in #NordStream1&2 | Sep 27, 2023
#Poroshenko #Minsk was merely a distraction intended to buy #time for #Kiev to #rebuild its #military | Jun 17
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The speech that Nobel peace prize laureate @avalaina gave today is amazing. It daringly describes the atrocities #Russia is conducting in #Ukraine, calls on the broken international structures and appeals to our humanity. It’s heartbreaking, candid and true.
#NobelPrize #Nobel
I will share a few of Oleksandra’s powerful speech that made me pause:

This war has been going on for eight years, 9 months and 21 days. For millions of people, such words as shelling, torture, deportation, filtration camps have become commonplace.
Russia, […] has been consistently destroying its own civil society […] But the countries of the democratic world have long turned a blind eye to this. They continued to shake hands with the Russian leadership, build gas pipelines and conduct business as usual.
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FYI. I’m not at all bitter even if I may sound it. In my youth I studied the history of money and the federal reserve system. After ‘the light bulb went on’, I felt I had no choice but to teach myself to invest/trade (play) the inflation/deflation cycle ‘game’ that the fed plays
Money will always be created in ever growing quantities. The game is to invest now where you’re sure it will flow to next #uranium as a sector is that place. The entire sector has such a tiny market cap (sub $100b) even if you include government owned entities.
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This year's econ #Nobel Prize was awarded to three professors for their research on banks and financial crises.

What struck me is this: "The laureates’ insights have improved our ability to avoid both serious crises and expensive bailouts,"

Did it though? 🧵 👇
First of all, let me be clear that I do not express any doubts towards the academic contributions of profs. Bernanke, Diamond, or Dybvig.

I read Bernanke's pre-Fed work on the Great Depression & am familiar with their work.

In a purely academic sense - kudos to the winners! Image
It's the policy implications that I find problematic.

Three points to be made here:

1 - QE arguably made the system more vulnerable, not less.
2 - systemic risk was amplified, not reduced
3 - the bailouts *were* expensive (and politically driven)
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Well, this is interesting - a #Nobel to the man who brought us QE :)
One of the reasons why Bernanke was chosen to run the Fed back in the day was his contribution to studying the Great Depression and the failures of central banks.

An error he did not repeat during his tenure..
Very interesting timing on this one:
as the BoE is intervening heavily in the UK gilt market,

as US banks are facing $4bn of losses on bad loans,

as Credit Suisse is fighting its own liquidity crisis,
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Orwellian: #NobelPeacePrize is awarded to #Ukrainian NGO, which is funded by Western governments & foundations & advocates trumped-up charges for Maidan massacre in #Ukraine in spite of overwhelming evidence. 1/

#NobelPeacePrize2022 #NobelPrize #Nobel…
Ukrainian #NobelPeacePrize2022 winner advocates trumped-up charges for Maidan massacre in #Ukraine despite testimonies of absolute majority of wounded Maidan protesters, over 500 witnesses & 14 Maidan snipers, videos, forensic expert examinations & coverup…
"Euromaidan SOS project was first established to provide legal assistance to protesters who took part in the 2013 and 2014 demonstrations in Kyiv’s Maidan Square, and to monitor abuses carried out by the security forces of... president, Viktor Yanukovych."…
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THREAD 1/10 The #Nobel Peace Prize Committee has made a very good decision by awarding this year’s Peace Prize to Belarusian human rights advocate Ales’ Bialiatski, the Russian human rights organization Memorial, and the Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties.
2/10 This is a very accurate decision that stands in opposition to attempts to divide nations into good and bad ones.
3/10 It runs counter to dehumanizing but, unfortunately, quite popular discourse that “bad nations” are devoid of good and deserving people who are important for the world, let alone among public activists and organizations.
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#BREAKING Sweden's Svante Paabo wins Nobel Medicine Prize
#UPDATE Swedish paleogeneticist Svante Paaabo, who sequenced the genome of the Neanderthal and discovered the previously unknown hominin Denisova, on Monday won the #Nobel Medicine Prize
Nobel Prize in Medicine winners 2018-2022
#AFPgraphics @AFP
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🇷🇺🚩 Il traditore della patria #Russia, Mikhail #Gorbaciov, è morto all'età di 92 anni. Premio #Nobel per la #Pace, consegnò l'#Urss all'#Occidente delle #GuerreUmanitarie, del #caos internazionale, della disgregazione del #Diritto Internazionale, della demolizione del mondo.
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Jimmy Carter embodies American ideals to me more than any other American. He's inspired me my entire life. As a kid, I wrote him a fan letter w/ a full page flag of Georgia I drew. He wrote back. Two years later, he became the President. :) Image
2/ Jimmy Carter and lovely Rosalynn Carter: happily married 76 years!!! They married July 7, 1946, at a little Methodist church in Plains, Georgia. I've always felt like his biggest fan, but at times, it was a small club. #JimmyCarter #RosalynnCarter ImageImageImage
3/ Did Jimmy Carter "tank the economy"? The stock market lost value, but we had good growth in GDP and jobs and peace between Israel and Egypt. I wish Carter had been harder on Iran (but NO war). He correctly advocated solar energy, fuel efficiency, etc. ImageImageImageImage
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This morning's session at the #Nobel Symposium starts with Michael Farzan explaining ACE2 binding in #SARSCoV2 & #SARSCoV1, including a great timeline comparison between how long steps took between the two (much faster in SC2) & asking if we can improve vaccines.
@MichaelWorobey follows, speaking to the importance of digging into the evidence of #SARSCoV2 outbreak sources & Hunan market.
He opens with a remark about how this beautiful location with so many great people to talk to is pretty close to heaven - he's not wrong!
Hyeryun Choe closes the first session with a great talk on how #SARSCoV2 adapted to humans, and the importance of the D615G mutation, to stabilizing the protein. With a great graphic reminder of how quickly G614 dominated.
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Feels very timely today to be on the way to the #Nobel Symposium in Stockholm: The First Great Pandemic of the 21st Century.
Though I do not believe the #monkeypox outbreak will be a pandemic, it's a reminder there are many pathogens that can rear their heads in different ways.
Tomorrow, I'll talk about how phylogenetics played a critical role in #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 - but also outline what challenges we face when we look to tomorrow's pandemics. In particular we have to ensure: sequencing, sharing, software & sufficient background.
A lot of pandemic preparedness focuses on detecting a new pathogen, or what to do once we know it's bad news. But a lot of the critical work is a little more boring: encouraging #openscience, ensuring credit, maintaining & advancing software & building up our virus knowledge.
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Formación y evolución de las #opiniones en las #sociedades #conectadas
«Abro #HiloTesis 👇👇».
@RedDivulga, @CrueUniversidad, @UniBarcelona, @UBDivulga
"Sugerir que los humanos pueden comportarse como átomos ha sido visto como blasfemia tanto por la #ciencia como por la naturaleza humana. (…) Y en efecto esta idea ha sido condenada durante los últimos 15 años" (Galem, 2004)
#Consenso, #bipartidismo, coexistencia, conflicto... El escenario que viviremos en cada momento depende de las variables que determinan nuestra relación con el tema de discusión, y tendrán un impacto en cuestiones clave: #climetechange, #inmigración, paliación de la #pobreza
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--süreci anlama simülasyonu--

1- 2008 Türkiyesini hatırlıyor musunuz?
27 nisan Büyükanıt muhtırasına cesurca karşı gelinmiş, ard-arda "darbe planları" yargılanıyor, AKP kapatılmaktan son anda kurtarılacak, ilk kez eşi başörtülü biri CB olabilmiş..
2- AB uyum müzakereleri fasıl fasıl devam ediyor. Her sene onlarca demokratikleşme paketi açıklanıyor. Her ay 5-6 kez bakanlar AB toplantılarına gidiyor, bazı toplantılar Türkiyede yapılıyor.
2008 Ekonomik krizine rağmen dış yatırım, ucuz kredi, AB hibeleri tam gaz devam ediyor.
3- Dünya sıralamasında ilk 500'e giren üniversite ve zengin sayımız artıyor.. işsizlik azalırken her kesimi kapsayan sosyal politikalar uygulamaya konuyor.
Her yıl birçok vakıf-dernek-kurum köklü sorunların çözümü için çalıştaylar yapıyor, cesur raporlar sunuluyor..
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1/ Excited abt our latest @REACHCtrEd report on the effects of charter schools nationally:…. I did this with my PhD student Feng Chen. A thread on results…
2/ One contrib is studying system-wide outcomes, ie, a weighted avg of trad public schls (TPS) & charter results. This means: a) little worry abt self-selection of students into charters; & b) we capture net effects of various ways charters affect student outcomes, incl thru TPS
3/ In everything below, we compare districts w >10% enrollment share (ie “charter-heavy”) w zero-charter districts, in a “matched diff-in-diff” res design. Results are similar when we use diff methods (“fixed effects”). Lots of tests suggesting estimates reflect causal effects.
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#Nobel's laureates have supported the Iranian resistance call for democracy, freedom, & #HumanRights in #Iran.
One of them was Prof. #JohnMather, Senior Astrophysicist for @NASAWebb & Director of the #JamesWebbSpaceTelescope.
@NASAWebb @StateDept 🔸2020
21 #Nobel Laureates, Condemn #Iran Regime’s Cover-Up Over #Coronavirus Outbreak, Calling It a #CrimesAgainsHumanity.
#JamesWebbTelescope Manager, Prof. #JohnMather, was one of the sponsors of this open letter to @antonioguterres.
#Nobel Laureates urged the Office of Ms. @mbachelet to dispatch representatives to visit #Iran'ian prisons to meet with prisoners, especially political prisoners.
Dr. #JohnMather was also among them.
#NASAWebb #UnfoldTheUniverse #JamesWebbTelescope…
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Have you heard about Economic Complexity?

Check out our new paper for a brief introduction to this powerful new paradigm:…

Thanks for the great collaboration @TBroekel, @dario_diodato, @elisagiulianitw, @ricardo_hausman, @NeaveOClery & D. Rigby!
Economic complexity offers a new paradigm to understand key societal issues and challenges of our time.

The key idea: growth, development, technological change, income inequality, spatial disparities, resilience are all visible outcomes of hidden systemic interactions.
Earlier this year, the Physics #Nobel honored the use of complex systems thinking to understand climate change.

Economic complexity is about applying complex systems thinking & network science to economic and social issues.
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Siamo un paese ridicolo: ricchi scemi che rifiutano il #vaccino, quando ci sono posti nel mondo che si scannerebbero per averlo.
Pieni di giudici o generali ridicoli, in preda a delirio pre pensione (#norimberga), vice questori che parlano di #Costituzione senza capirla, 1/2
...dentisti che curano il #COVID19 , terapie domiciliari inesistenti con conti in #Svizzera gestiti da filosofi, presunti candidati al #Nobel che ci credono solo loro.
Siamo penosi e abbiamo perso il senso della realtà che stiamo vivendo! 2/2
Ps. parliamo di #DittaturaSanitaria, e poi ci reputiamo liberi, per una sorta di egoismo, di fregarcene degli altri facendo SEMPRE quello che vogliamo.
Siamo un mondo ricco, ma non di valori, ma di millantatori e di ignoranza becera.
Il vero cancro di questa società declinante
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¡Tenemos #Nobel de Física 2021! Un 50% para Manabe y Hasselmann por su contribución a los modelos que permitieron predecir el calentamiento global. Pero aquí queremos hablar del 50% que se lleva un gran héroe de la Física Teórica moderna: Giorgio #Parisi.
📷 G.Parisi
¿Por qué un héroe? Porque hay pocas figuras que hayan tocado tantos campos como ha hecho él, aportando siempre contribuciones fundamentales, o directamente creándolos; y además, divirtiéndose en el proceso, siempre guiado por la curiosidad más pura. Pero vayamos por partes...
Parisi empezó su carrera trabajando en física de partículas. Con 29 años, participó en el primer gran resultado que lleva su nombre: las ecuaciones de Dokshitzer-Gribov-Lipatov-Altarelli-Parisi (DGLAP para los amigos), …
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Ora tocca rispiegare a questi quattro disagiati del Twitter cosa accomuni Pierre Curie, Linus Pauling, Kary Mullis, Nikolaas Tinbergen, Richard Smalley e #Montagnier?
Spoiler: non è soltanto l'aver vinto il Nobel.
Intanto, godetevi la stupidità dei novax e buon divertimento!
Intanto, non è così vero che #Montagnier sia semplicemente rincoglionito per via dell'età avanzata. Nel 2009, appena un anno dopo aver ricevuto il premio, pubblica un articolo non peer-reviewed, in una rivista da lui fondata (strano, no?)
Cosa affermava?⬇️
Che le soluzioni contenenti il ​​DNA di batteri e virus patogeni emettono onde radio a bassa frequenza, le quali inducono le molecole d'acqua circostanti a organizzarsi in "nanostrutture"⬇️
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Non leggerò la biografia di #PhilipRoth scritta da #Bailey. Non sono appassionato di biografie autorizzate, né della personalità di Roth (doveva essere insopportabile), sono solo appassionato dei suoi libri. Ma che la biografia sia andata al macero per accuse all'autore è un caso
L'editore WW Norton distrugge le copie del libro di #Bailey (appena uscito, in classifica del NyTimes) perché emergono accuse all'autore di molestie e aggressione sessuale riferite agli anni '90. Peraltro WW Norton aveva ricevuto una denuncia anonima su Bailey anni fa. Ha senso?
Ora, non dovrebbe servire chiarire ma chiariamo. Le molestie e tutti i reati a sfondo sessuali non sono solo orrendi. Sono qualcosa che non nasce nel vuoto. Come scrive benissimo qui Chiara Valerio, nascono sempre in una cultura e una pseudo cultura che li genera
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525.- La lista de los mejores lugares para encontrar agua en #Marte. La sonda #Perseverance intentará producir oxígeno 'in situ', pero las colonias marcianas también necesitarán agua; en @techreview_es #ciencia #scigelv #JuntosPerseveramos #mars2021…
526.- El rover Perseverance envía su primer vídeo desde Marte; en @diariosevilla #ciencia #scigelv #Mars2021 #JuntosPerseveramos #Perseverance…
527.- Así suena Marte: primer audio del rover #Perseverance desde el planeta rojo; por @susanacgomez en @diariosevilla #ciencia #scigelv #Mars2021 #JuntosPerseveramos…
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O prêmio #Nobel de #Medicina e Fisiologia deste ano mostra muito claramente o aspecto colaborativo da ciência:

- Harvey J. Alter levantou uma hipótese que que existiria outra causa de hepatite além dos vírus A e B ao observar casos de pacientes que receberam transfusão de sangue
- Michael Houghton isolou e identificou o vírus, e mostrou que pacientes com hepatite tinham anticorpos contra ele

- Charles M. Rice provou que o vírus sozinho era capaz de causar a hepatite, estabelecendo decisivamente a relação entre o novo vírus e a doença.
Hepatite viral:
Informações do Nobel:
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#BREAKING Roger Penrose of Britain, Reinhard Genzel of Germany and Andrea Ghez of the US win the Nobel Physics Prize for their research into black holes Image
#UPDATE Roger Penrose of Britain, Reinhard Genzel of Germany and Andrea Ghez of the US won the Nobel Physics Prize on Tuesday for their research into black holes, the Nobel jury said
VIDEO: 🇸🇪 Roger Penrose of Britain, Reinhard Genzel of Germany and Andrea Ghez of the US have won the #NobelPhysics Prize for their research into #blackholes, the Nobel jury announced in Stockholm on Tuesday #Nobel
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