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🗣️‼️Americans think well before voting, the world is tired of US wars‼️

Special edition- US 2020 Presidential Candidates

#2020PresidentialElection #USA
Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020 vox.com/2019/1/10/1817…
From Crime Bill to Iraq War Vote, Biden’s Legislative History Under Scrutiny as He Enters Race
Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden Jr. (D) received $31,425 from Israel lobby group(s)
By @telesurenglish
“I don’t think 500 billionaires are the reason we’re in trouble. The folks at the top aren’t bad guys.” #JoeBiden
By @telesurenglish
April 25
The Democratic primary will see the old-guard neoliberals, against the rising progressives. bit.ly/2UUeJ4S
By @telesurenglish
April 26
Joe Biden, Wall Street's man, has entered the race.
By @GilbertGreg647o
Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM Governor) received $22.1K from Israel lobby group(s).
Julian Castro, Pete Buttigieg & John Hickenlooper
Neither Julian Castro, Pete Buttigieg nor John Hickenlooper mention foreign or military policy on their campaign websites at all.
Marianne Williamson:“Our country’s way of dealing with security issues is obsolete. We cannot simply rely on brute force to rid ourselves of international enemies.”
Marianne Williamson recognizes that, on the contrary, the🇺🇸militarized foreign policy creates enemies & our huge military budget “simply increase(s) the coffers of the military-industrial complex." “The only way to make peace w your neighbors is to make peace w your neighbors.”
Marianne Williamson proposes a 10 or 20 year plan to transform our wartime economy into a“peace-time economy".“From massive investment in the development of clean energy,to the retrofitting of our buildings..."
“..& bridges,to the building of new schools & the creation of a green manufacturing base“. "it's time to release this powerful sector of American genius to the work of promoting life instead of death.”
Andrew Yang promises to “bring our military spending under control,” to “make it harder for the🇺🇸to get involved in foreign engagements with no clear goal,” & to “reinvest in diplomacy.”
Andrew Yang believes that much of the military budget “is focused on defending against threats from decades ago as opposed to the threats of 2020.”
But Andrew Yang defines all these problems in terms of foreign “threats”& 🇺🇸military responses to them, failing to recognize that 🇺🇸 militarism is itself a serious threat to many of our neighbors.
Jay Inslee, the Governor of Washington State, served in Congress from 1993-1995 & from 1999-2012. Inslee was a strong opponent of the US war in Iraq, & introduced a bill to impeach Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez for approving torture by US forces.
Jay Inslee was a member of the New Democrat Coalition of corporate Democrats, but also a strong voice for action on climate change. In his 2010 reelection campaign, he took in $27,250 in “defense” industry contributions.
Jay Inslee’s campaign is very focused on climate change, and his campaign website so far does not mention foreign or military policy at all.
Jay Inslee (D-WA) received $94,600 from Israel lobby group(s)
Former Congressmember John Delaney provides an alternative to Senator Klobuchar at the hawkish end of the spectrum, after voting for 25 out of 28 military spending bills since 2013, and earning a 53% Peace Action voting record.
John Delaney took in $23,500 from “Defense” interests for his last Congressional campaign, &, like O’Rourke & Inslee, he was a member of the corporate New Democrat Coalition.
John K Delaney(D-MD) received $52,600 from Israel lobby group(s)
Former Congressmember Beto O’Rourke voted for 20 out of 29 military spending bills (69%) since 2013, and had an 84% Peace Action voting record. Most of the votes Peace Action counted against him were votes opposing specific cuts in the military budget.
Beto O’Rourke voted for an 11th aircraft-carrier in 2015, & against an overall 1% cut in the military budget in 2016. He voted against reducing the number of US troops in Europe in 2013 and he twice voted against placing limits on a Navy slush fund.
Beto O’Rourke was a member of the House Armed Services Committee, and he took in $111,210 from the “defense” industry for his Senate campaign, more than any other Democratic presidential candidate.
Despite an obvious affinity with military-industrial interests, of which there are many throughout Texas, Beto O’Rourke has not highlighted foreign or military policy in his Senate or presidential campaigns, suggesting that this is something he would like to downplay.
In Congress, Beto O’Rourke was a member of the corporate New Democrat Coalition that progressives see as a tool of plutocratic and corporate interests.
Beto O'Rourke (D-TX) received $141,844 from Israel lobby group(s)
Senator Amy Klobuchar is the most unapologetic hawk of the senators in the race. She has voted for all but one, or 95%, of the military spending bills since 2013. She has only voted as requested by Peace Action 69% of the time, the lowest among senators running for president.
Amy Klobuchar supported the U.S-NATO-led regime change war in Libya in 2011, & her public statements suggest that her main condition for the US use of military force anywhere is that US allies also take part, as in Libya.
In January 2019, Amy Klobuchar was the only presidential candidate who voted for S.1, a bill to reauthorize US military aid to Israel that also included an anti-BDS provision to allow US state and local governments to divest from companies that boycott Israel.
Amy Klobuchar is the only Democratic presidential candidate in the Senate who did not cosponsor Sanders’ Yemen War Powers bill in 2018, but she did cosponsor and vote for it in 2019. Klobuchar received $17,704 in “defense” industry contributions for her 2018 reelection campaign.
Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) received $36,252 from Israel lobby group(s)
Cory Booker has voted for 16 out of 19 military spending bills in the Senate. He also describes himself as a“staunch advocate for a strengthened relationship w Israel” & he cosponsored the Senate bill condemning the UN SecurityCouncil resolution against 🇮🇱settlements in 2016.
Cory Booker was an original cosponsor of a bill to impose new sanctions on Iran in December 2013, before eventually voting for the nuclear agreement in 2015.
Cory Booker was one of the first five cosponsors of Sanders’ Yemen War Powers bill, & he has an 86% Peace Action voting record.But despite serving on the Foreign Affairs Committee,he has not taken a public positionfor ending America’s wars or cutting its record military spending.
Cory Booker record of voting for 84% of military spending bills suggests he would not make major cuts. Booker was not up for reelection in 2018, but received $50,078 in “defense” industry contributions for the 2018 election cycle.
Cory Booker (D-NJ) received $36,762 from Israel lobby group(s)
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has the second best record on opposing runaway military spending, voting against 47% of military spending bills since 2013. Her Peace Action voting record is 80%, reduced mainly by the same hawkish votes on Iran as Sanders from 2011 to 2013.
There is nothing on Kirsten Gillibrand’s campaign website about wars or military spending, despite serving on the Armed Services Committee. She took in $104,685 in“defense”industry contributions for her 2018 reelection campaign, more than any other senator running for president.
Kirsten Gillibrand was an early cosponsor of Sanders’ Yemen War Powers bill.
She has also supported a full withdrawal from Afghanistan since at least 2011, when she worked on a withdrawal bill with then Senator Barbara Boxer & wrote a letter to Secretaries Gates & Clinton, asking for a firm commitment that US troops would be out “no later than 2014.”
Kirsten Gillibrand cosponsored the Anti-Israel Boycott Act in 2017 but later withdrew her cosponsorship when pushed by grassroots opponents and the ACLU, and she voted against S.1, which included similar provisions, in January 2019.
Kirsten Gillibrand has spoken favorably of Trump’s diplomacy with North Korea. Originally a Blue Dog Democrat from rural upstate New York in the House, she has become more liberal as a Senator for New York state and now, as a presidential candidate.
Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) received $395,53 from Israel lobby group(s)
Senator Kamala Harris announced her candidacy for president in a lengthy speech in her native Oakland, CA, where she addressed a wide range of issues, but failed to mention US wars or military spending at all.
Kamala Harris only reference to foreign policy was a vague statement about “democratic values,” “authoritarianism” & “nuclear proliferation,” with no hint that the US has contributed to any of those problems.
Either she’s not interested in foreign or military policy, or she’s afraid to talk about her positions, especially in her hometown in the heart of Barbara Lee’s progressive congressional district.
One issue Kamala Harris has been vocal about in other settings is her unconditional support for Israel🇮🇱. She told an AIPAC conference in 2017, “I will do everything in my power to ensure broad and bipartisan support for Israel’s security and right to self-defense.”
She demonstrated how far she would take that support for🇮🇱when President Obama finally allowed the🇺🇸to join a🇺🇳Security Council resolution condemning illegal🇮🇱settlements in occupied🇵🇸as a“flagrant violation”of international law. Harris,Booker & Klobuchar were among...
...30 Democratic (and 47 Republican) Senators who cosponsored a bill to withhold US dues to the UN over the resolution.
Faced with grassroots pressure to #SkipAIPAC in 2019, Kamala Harris did join most of the other presidential candidates who chose not to speak at AIPAC’s 2019 gathering.

But then Kamala Harris let AIPAC bring a meeting right to her office
Kamala Harris also supports rejoining the Iran nuclear agreement.

In her short time in the Senate, Kamala Harris has voted for six out of eight military spending bills, but she did cosponsor & vote for Sanders’ Yemen War Powers bill.
Kamala Harris was not up for reelection in 2018, but took in $26,424 in “Defense” industry contributions in the 2018 election cycle.
Kamala Harris (D-CA) receivved $23,381 from Israel lobby (group(s)
By @RaniaKhalek

Still can’t get over this
By @GilbertGreg647o
Of course. She was a prosecutor. She was Attorney Genersl for CA. Now she's U.S. senator for CA. Now she's presidential candidate. She receives money from the Israel lobby group(s)
By @MaryKapadia
Washington Has Destroyed Western Liberty: The Era of Tyranny Has Begun | Zero Hedge zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-2…
By @2Small2Fail
Per their corporate masters RepubliCrats have been working toward this since the end of the Nuremberg Tribunals.

By @telesurenglish
The Democrat establishment is already looking to stitch up the race. bit.ly/2GOz82I
Joe Biden Launches Campaign with Charlottesville Condemnation after Supporting Neo-Nazis in Ukraine mintpressnews.com/joe-biden-laun…
From Crime Bill to Iraq War Vote, Biden’s Legislative History Under Scru...
By @telesurenglish
#BarackObama discouraged #Biden from running four years ago, this time he thinks there are other good candidates for 2020 presidential election.
By @IbrahimAS97
Joe Biden in 1974: I was ready to “prostitute” myself for wealthy donors
By @SpittingBack
Hey @MSNBC @SRuhle @AliVelshi @VelshiRuhle - what's going on with this graphic? Did you just decide to give @JoeBiden an extra 3 points in the poll?

#ManufacturingConsent #Bernie2020 #BernieBlackout
By @SpittingBack
April 30
New polls out today show stronger numbers for Biden so they definitely won't go back and make a correction to this now. They'll blow it off as Berners overreacting - if they haven't already or even got the message to begin with. 😡
By @SomeBlueDevilFL
April 30

Fixed it. 😁
#FakeNews #FactsMatter
“I’m a Zionist,” Joe Biden has said on many occasions. He has bragged about raising money from AIPAC & of knowing every🇮🇱prime minister since Golda Meir & dismissed the idea that🇮🇱hurts🇺🇸foreign policy."
By @GilbertGreg647o
Kamala Harris,
Cory Booker
have received blood money from the rogue Israel lobby group(s).
Elizabeth Warren made her reputation with her bold challenges of our nation’s economic inequality and corporate greed, and has slowly started to stake out her foreign policy positions.
E. Warren campaign website says that she supports“cutting our bloated defense budget &ending the stranglehold of defense contractors on our military policy.”But,she has voted to approve over two-thirds of the“bloated”military spending bills that have come before her in the Senate
Her website says, “It’s time to bring the troops home,”& that she supports“reinvesting in diplomacy.”She has come out in favor of the🇺🇸rejoining the IranNuclear agreement & has also proposed legislation that would prevent the🇺🇸from using NuclearWeapons as a first-strike option...
Elizabeth Warren was 1 of the first 5 Senators to cosponsor his Yemen War Powers bill in March 2018. Warren took in $34,729 in“Defense”industry contributions for her 2018 Senate Reelection Campaign
With regards to🇮🇱the Senator angered many of her liberal constituents when, in 2014, Elizabeth Warren supported🇮🇱’s invasion of Gaza that left over 2,000 dead & blamed the civilian casualties on Hamas.
Elizabeth Warren has since taken a more critical position. She opposed a bill to criminalize boycotting Israel & condemned Israel’s use of deadly force against peaceful Gaza protesters in 2018.
Warren is following where Sanders has led on issues from universal healthcare to challenging inequality and corporate, plutocratic interests, and she is also following him on Yemen and other war and peace issues.
But as with Gabbard, Warren’s votes to approve 68% of military spending bills reveal a lack of conviction on tackling the very obstacle she acknowledges: “the stranglehold of defense contractors on our military policy.”
Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) received $82,44 from Israel lobby group(s)
While most candidates shy away from foreign policy, Congressmember Tulsi Gabbard has made foreign policy – particularly ending war – the centerpiece of her campaign.
Tulsi Gabbard was truly impressive in her March 10 CNN Town Hall, talking more honestly about🇺🇸wars than any other presidential candidate in recent history. She promises to end senseless wars like the one she witnessed as a National Guard officer in Iraq.
Tulsi Gabbard unequivocally states her opposition to US”regime change” interventions, as well as the New Cold War and arms race with Russia, and supports rejoining the Iran nuclear deal. She was also an original cosponsor of Congressman Ro Khanna’s Yemen War Powers bill.
But Gabbard’s actual voting record on war and peace issues, especially on military spending, is not nearly as dovish as Sanders’. She voted for 19 of 29 military spending bills in the past 6 years, and she has only a 51% Peace Action voting record.
Many of the votes that Peace Action counted against her were votes to fully fund controversial new weapons systems, including nuclear-tipped cruise missiles (in 2014, 2015 & 2016);
an 11th US aircraft-carrier (in 2013 & 2015); and various parts of Obama’s anti-ballistic missile program, which fueled the New Cold War and arms race she now decries.
Tulsi Gabbard voted at least twice (in 2015 & 2016) not to repeal the much-abused 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force, & she voted three times not to limit the use of Pentagon slush funds.
In 2016, Tulsi Gabbard voted against an amendment to cut the military budget by just 1%. Gabbard received $8,192 in “defense” industry contributions for her 2018 reelection campaign.
Tulsi Gabbard still believes in a militarized approach to counterterrorism, despitestudies showing that this feeds a self-perpetuating cycle of violence on both sides.
Tulsi Gabbard is still in the military herself & embraces what she calls a“military mindset.”She ended her CNN Town Hall by saying that being Commander-in-Chief is the most important part of being president. We have to ask, “Which Tulsi would we see in the White House?”
1. Would it be the Major with the military mindset, who cannot bring herself to deprive her military colleagues of new weapons systems or even a 1% cut from the trillions of dollars in military spending she has voted for?
2. Or would it be the veteran who has seen the horrors of war and is determined to bring the troops home and never again send them off to kill and be killed in endless regime change wars?
Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) received $146,874 from Israel lobby group(s)
Senator Bernie Sanders has the best voting record of any candidate on war & peace issues, especially on military spending. Opposing the oversized Pentagon budget, he has only voted for 3 out of 19 military spending bills since 2013.
By this measure, no other candidate comes close, including Tulsi Gabbard. In other votes on war and peace, Bernie Sanders voted as requested by Peace Action 84% of the time from 2011 to 2016, despite some hawkish votes on Iran from 2011-2013.
One major contradiction in Sanders’ opposition to out-of-control military spending has been his support for the🌍’s+expensive & wasteful weapon system: the trillion-dollar F-35 fighter jet.
"Not only did Bernie Sanders support the F-35, he pushed,despite local opposition,to get these fighter jets stationed at the Burlington airport for the Vermont National Guard."

Burlington, Vermont, Says “No” to F-35s, Setting Off a Chain Reaction truthout.org/articles/burli…
In terms of stopping the war in Yemen, Bernie Sanders has been a hero. Over the past year, he, Murphy & Lee have led a sustained effort to shepherd his historic War Powers bill on🇾🇪through the Senate.

Senate passes resolution to end US role in Yemen war vox.com/2019/3/13/1826…?
Sanders’ 2016 Campaign highlighted his popular domestic proposals for universal healthcare, social & economic justice, but was criticized as light on foreign policy. Beyond chiding Clinton for being“too much into regime change",he seemed reluctant to debate her o foreign Policy..
...her hawkish record. By contrast, during his current presidential run, Bernie Sanders regularly includes the Military-Industrial Complex among the entrenched interests his political revolution is confronting & his voting record backs up his rhetoric.
Bernie Sanders supports 🇺🇸withdrawals from Afghanistan & Syria & opposes 🇺🇸threats of war against Venezuela. But his rhetoric on foreign policy sometimes demonizes foreign leaders in ways that unwittingly lend support to the“regime change”policies he opposes...
... – as when Bernie Sanders joined a chorus of 🇺🇸politicians labeling Colonel Gaddafi of Libya a “thug and a murderer,” shortly before U.S.-backed thugs actually murdered Gaddafi.
Open Secrets shows Sanders taking in over $366,000 from the “defense industry” during his 2016 presidential campaign, but only $17,134 for his 2018 Senate reelection campaign.
So our question on Bernie Sanders is, “Which Bernie would we see in the White House?”
1. Would it be the one who has the clarity and courage to vote “No” on 84% of military spending bills in the Senate,
2. or the one who supports military boondoggles like the F-35 & can’t resist repeating inflammatory smears of foreign leaders?
Bernie Sanders is the most important 2020 candidate @CNNPolitics cnn.it/2H0dkOz
Bernie Sanders (I-VT) received $392,063 from Israel lobby group(s)
Multiple Democratic presidential candidates said that they won’t attend the AIPAC’s 2019 conference. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Beto O’Rourke(TX), Kirsten Gillibrand(D-NY), are among the 2020 contenders who have decided not to attend.
CODEPINK Ranks the 2020 Presidential Candidates on War, Peace and Military Spending mintpressnews.com/codepink-ranks…
Tulsi Gabbard's Voting Records on Issue:
see here
😉👇🏼 and more information about this candidate
Bernie Sanders' Voting Records on Issue:
see here
😉👇🏼 and more information about this candidate
🗣️‼️Americans 🇺🇸‼️
Please, you already have a lot of information about the candidates that is available online so that you can decide properly.

Do not just be guided by the last rallies of your candidates.

They will tell you what you want to hear.
🗣️‼️Americans 🇺🇸‼️
You study a little about the past of each of the candidates.
This will help you get a clearer reading before you go to vote.
🗣️‼️Americans 🇺🇸‼️
You have two very important links to help you, in addition to the information that I have collected and put here to inform you.
First Link 😉👇🏼
Second Link 😉👇🏼
Many of the information I put on this thread is from the article "CODEPINK Ranks the 2020 Presidential Candidates on War, Peace and Military Spending," which I gathered more information to help you decide.
These links, which I have put here, will help you to vote in conscience & to avoid displeasures for you & for the rest of the🌍,that without any guilt ends up paying with your choices. Please, Americans, each of you must vote in conscience. Thank you. The world thanks you from💖
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