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The thing that frustrates me most about the #YangMediaBlackout is that a RUMOR about @DevalPatrick or @MikeBloomberg or @HillaryClinton gets more news cycles than @AndrewYang and @TulsiGabbard actually participating in the race put together.

Just when I think
#YangGang can no longer be ignored, another excuse to ignore us pops up out of the woodwork!!!

When these people fail and drop out, they will ALSO be stealing media time from us.

11 weeks to Iowa, and the following news cycles have yet to happen:

(1) Julian Castro dropping out
(2) Cory Booker dropping out

(3) Kamala Harris dropping out - and THIS media cycle will probably last 2-3 days, too, with lots of shocked "what happened?!?" click-bait

(4) Deval Patrick's kickoff event

(5) Deval Patrick dropping out

(6) Amy Klobuchar running short on money
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Hey #yanggang! See @scottsantens’s shocking thread below, and if you feel like #MSNBC is giving @AndrewYang unfair treatment with its blatant lies of omission, let’s let them know we’re not going to take this anymore! Example letter is in this thread! #YangMediaBlackout #yang2020
You’d be surprised how much impact a written complaint has on network news critters! Compose your own constructively written email or letter (FedEx it for extra impact!) or use this form letter that was so gracefully written by the great @travislambirth:
β€œDear Editor-in-Chief,
I believe that the news media plays a vital role in safeguarding our democracy. Right now, it seems clear that presidential candidate Andrew Yang is being unfairly represented in your content.
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This video is too good. @AnaKasparian

#YangMediaBlackout extends to progressives who refuse to compare ideas by the merits as well.

I've yet to have someone explain why a FJG + Guaranteed Housing + Inc Min Wage is better than straight cash w/ UBI.

@AnaKasparian While a housing guarantee sounds nice, I think the real problem is deeper. The problem with Bernie's policies is that they are based on the notion that a person making minimum wage should be able to afford a quality life equivalent to what they could have had in decades past #UBI
How many of the franchise retail stores you went into lately did *not* have automated checkouts? I'll bet the last pharmacy you went into did. In the 1970's a multinational telecommunications company would employ somewhere upward up 25,000 employees #UBI
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Why @AndrewYang’s campaign is brilliant: a thread, with predictions at the end. #YangGang #Yang2020 @scottsantens

After 2016, I felt disenfranchised. All the emotional energy I put into the Sanders campaign β€” and then Clinton β€” felt wasted.
So in β€˜17 and β€˜18, I started looking into what went wrong. I had become a boilerplate social justice progressive up until that point. My gut told me that we had been blindsided by Trump because we fundamentally misread the room.
So I started paying attention to political outsiders who challenged liberal and conservative orthodoxies.

Finally, in 2018, I read an interview with Yang. He had decided to run for President on UBI. At the time, his website was threadbare β€” he seemed like an intriguing blip.
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Let's see which retweet bots are super excited about the third Democratic presidential debate. #ThursdayThoughts

#Warren2020 #AmyForAmerica #YangGang #Booker2020 #FeelTheBern #KHive #MayorPete #Biden2020 #BetoForAmerica #Castro2020

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote A duo of extremely similar real estate bots (@RealtorFairfax and @FairfaxVAAgent) were the first two automated accounts to retweet the preceding tweet. Based on a brief jaunt through their timelines, they seem more focused on retweeting political hashtags than real estate.
@ZellaQuixote @RealtorFairfax @FairfaxVAAgent The third bot retweet comes to us courtesy of @BernieBot_2020, which retweets various Sanders-related hashtags (#Bernie2020, #FeelTheBern, #NotMeUS, and #NoMiddleGround.) We've run across it before.
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