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#SupremeCourt to shortly hear plea by 82-yr-old Telegu poet Varavara Rao, accused in the Bhima Koregaon case, seeking permanent medical bail.

The Bombay High Court had earlier granted temporary bail, which ends today.

#bhimakoregaon #varavararao #bail
Read more about his plea challenging the Bombay High Court order denying permanent medical bail, here:…
Bench notes that no formal notice was issued.

Senior Advocate Anand Grover: Bombay HC order had said that conditions in jail ought to be improved.

Bench: Let's not get into that.
Bench discusses.
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#SupremeCourt to shortly hear plea by 82-yr-old Telugu poet Varavara Rao seeking permanent medical bail.

Bench of Justices UU Lalit, S Ravindra Bhat and Sudhanshu Dhulia will hear the matter.

#bhimakoregaon #bhimakoregaoncase #varavararao #bail Image
Rao's earlier temporary medical bail granted by the Bombay High Court ends today.

Read more about the plea here:…
Senior Advocate Anand Grover appears for Rao. Solicitor-General Tushar Mehta for the NIA.

#bhimakoregaon #bhimakoregaoncase
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भीमा कोरेगांव प्रकरणी अजून एक संतापजनक प्रकार समोर आला आहे. त्या संदर्भातील वायर्डसाठी लिहिणारे अँडी ग्रीनबर्ग यांच्या अत्यंत धक्कादायक अशा ट्विटर थ्रेडवरून लक्षात येणारे काही ठळक मुद्दे या थ्रेडमध्ये शक्य तितक्या सुलभ प्रकारे मांडत आहे -
१. या प्रकरणात हॅकिंगद्वारे पुरावे आरोपींच्या ईमेल/लॅपटॉपमध्ये पेरण्यात आले असा अहवाल साधारण वर्षभरापूर्वी सेंटिनलवन, सिटीझन लॅब या सायबर क्षेत्रात कार्यरत असलेल्या फर्म्सनी उघड केला होता. मात्र आता
सेंटिनलवन या सायबर सेक्युरिटी/फॉरेन्सिक फर्मच्या नव्या अहवालानुसार, ज्या पुणे शहर
पोलिसांनी या संदर्भात कारवाई केली, त्यांचाच या हॅकिंग आणि पुरावे पेरण्यात हात असल्याचे दर्शवणारे धागेदोरे समोर आले आहेत.

२. यामध्ये या खटल्यातील काही प्रमुख आरोपींच्या ईमेलचा रिकव्हरी ईमेल म्हणजे अकाउंटचा ऍक्सेस परत मिळवण्यासाठी उपयोगी पडणारा ईमेल हा एका सदर प्रकरणाशी संबंधित
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Member of Rajya Sabha and #NCP chief #SharadPawar appears before the #BhimaKoregaon judicial commission today for examination.

Adv Ashish Satpute appearing for the commission is examining him.

Pawar deposing: In recent times it has been observed that section 124A of IPC is often misused against people. I have explained in my affidavit… it is invoked to suppress their liberty and tend to stifle any voice of dissent raised in a peaceful and democratic way. #SharadPawar
Pawar: I propose to raise this issue at appropriate forum like Parliament being Member of Rajyasabha.
If any political leader address the people and his speech is likely to cause disturbance to the law and order then that leader should be responsible for the consequences.
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#BombayHighCourt to shortly pronounce verdict in plea filed by three #BhimaKoregaon accused seeking review of a judgment which refused them default bail.

Bench of Justices SS Shinde and NJ Jamadar preside.

#BombayHighCourt #BhimaKoregaon
Order: The applications of bail were not placed before the court. Hence we cannot agree that there was factual error.
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BREAKING: Bombay High Court dismisses Bhima Koregaon Violence accused Gautam Navlakha’s plea seeking “house arrest” instead of being lodged in prison. NIA had opposed this plea stating that the accused was “indirectly seeking bail under the garb of house arrest”.
On prima facie analysis of the facts stated in the petition as well as in the reply of NIA, we are convinced that the accused (Gautam Navlakha) has been prosecuted for commission of a serious crime: Bombay High Court
Perusal of the record would show that the crime alleged to have been committed by the Gautam Navlakha and others is not against a particular individual but it is against society at large: Bombay High Court #bhimakoregaon
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I'm old enough to remember and honest enough to admit my default antagonism towards JNU & its students.

I grew up Marathi brahmin in Pune, that's what I was taught. 🤷🏽‍♂️

That JNU is this evil outpost of traitorous communists & terrorists. That was my default teaching growing up.
Even in my early blogs, you will see how much shade I threw at JNU for random stuff.

I'm not saying I was justified. I'm saying that's all I knew then.

But back then the JNU hate was just like a fringe meme online, not national legal policy!
It's like.. How US conservatives love hating Berkeley & Harvard & Columbia for being liberal bastions.

But US conservatives haven't gone and arrested student leaders there as a way to define US conservatism at least!

Indian conservatives made these unsuspecting kids villains 😞
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Today's pre dawn walk 🧵 is about this phenomenon I've experienced in recent years that maybe you've experienced too. I call it Ideological Catfishing! Fell for it a couple of times and I know a few others have too.
Not actual catfishing tho that happens too, without success.
Catfishing is when someone pretends to be romantically interested in you or sexually attracted to you online using a fake persona. It's been happening for ages.
I've gotten those attempts for years. But those are useless against me cos I'm just not catfishable! Happily married!
Since Rupal & I got together, I've really truly genuinely not been interested in another woman (or man) at all! So when I get random flirty messages, genuine or not, I just do well left. Most are obviously catfishing attempts to metoo me or something. I'm not that attractive 🤭.
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The hours and hours and hours I've spent telling fellow bommin boys the full story of Savarkar. In his own words! His bigotry and fascism were in his own words as was his hatred for ritualistic Hinduism of the kind BJP pushes today.

And they still won't see it!!
Literally, they minimize the one good thing about the man, his scientific temperament re things like beef and temples and rituals, and embrace his bigotry and shallow exclusivit ideas of nationhood full scale!
It makes an impact on some. Those who genuinely didn't know the full story. And they change their minds.

You can identify the sleeper bhakts by whether they still try to argue that it's okay to deify him and he was a great man and what not. Nothing will change their mind.
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Those of you who use "woke" as an insult have great company
As #KetanjiBrownJackson hearings continue, please educate yourself on how using "woke" as an insult is you being complicit in the US right wing racist gaslighting.

I get especially pissed off at fellow Indians who throw it around as an insult, buying into that.

Read a bit!
Using "woke" as an insult is just one step removed from vilifying "Critical Race Theory".

Both are tactics from the Rump Confederacy trying to shut up black America as it talks about how their problems go beyond economic inequality, and are about racial inequality.
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#BombayHighCourt to shortly begin hearing plea filed by #BhimaKoregaon accused Varavara Rao seeking permanent bail.

Hearing before Bench of Justices Sunil Shukre and GA Sanap.

Court: There are four applications.

ASG: There is an interim application for extension.
Permanent bail.
Modification application to stay in Hyderabad.

ASG: The permanent bail application and application to stay in Hyderabad had been rejected by the earlier Bench.
In the extension application he had asked for further 6 months from the date the bail was granted. But that has expired as those 6 months have lapsed.
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Until Indian booksellers keep displaying and selling more Mein Kampf than Annihilation of Caste, my birth country is going to keep flirting with fascism more than social justice.

Read Ambedkar. It's all free online. He still is THE most brilliant Indian scholar of all time.
Growing up in brahminical Pune, I was taught about Savarkar in excessively effusive ways and about Ambedkar in excessively condescending ways.

So we were told how Bhimrao studied hard. Beat odds. Wrote the constitution.

Everything Ambedkar I read was about him not by him.
I read mein Kampf (hated it), Gandhi's autobiography (liked it), Nehru's books (loved them), Savarkar (mixed feelings) in my teens.

I didn't even see an actual physical copy of an Ambedkar book in India until the 2010s!

I only really read Ambedkar in my 30s.
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#BombayHighCourt to shortly hear the appeals challenging rejection of regular bail and temporary bail by Special #Nia Court filed by #BhimaKoregaon accused Anand Teltumbde.

@NIA_India Image
Bench of Justices SB Shukre and GA Sanap also have Teltumbde’s writ petition listed on board which challenges provisions of UAPA and misuse of frontal organisations.

Hearing begins.

Sr Adv Mihir Desai gives brief backgound on Teltumbde.
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#BombayHighCourt will shortly commence hearing plea filed by #BhimaKoregaon accused #VaravaraRao seeking extension of interim bail and permission to stay in Hyderabad while on bail.

Hearing begins.

Sr Adv Anand Grover points out the facts of the case.

Takes the Court through a list of dates - which includes arrest, the charges against him.

Grover: There was a writ petition for his medical treatment.
A temporary bail was granted with observations that there is no proper treatment in prisons, including lack of allopathy doctors.
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#JUSTIN: Special NIA Court rejects bail plea of Bhima Koregaon Violence accused Sagar Gorkhe, Ramesh Gaichor, Jyoti Jagtap, Hany Babu. Court says contents of letter speaks that CPI(Maoist) was “hell bent to end Modi-Raj” by “another Rajiv Gandhi like incident” @narendramodi
The Special NIA Court states there is prima facie case against the accused while rejecting their bail. It has laid out serious allegations in the Order wrt a letter, the contents of which speaks of ending the “Modi led Hindu Fascist regime” & targeting his roadshows.
Special NIA Court says the aforesaid material concludes that Hany Babu, a Professor at Delhi University to as having knowledge of the conspiracy which was being hatched to “end Modi Raj” with a “Rajiv Gandhi Like Incident” & “targeting his roadshows” #bhimakoregaon
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Thread on our latest #BhimaKoregaon investigation: @SentinelOne dug into phishing emails received by Rona Wilson to piece together how he was targeted. What they found was startling: Two distinct groups attacked him in the same time period. 1/n…
Wilson received dozens of emails — often from other activists he knew and sometimes disguised as news articles — that contained malware designed to infiltrate his computer. 2/n…
The primary group, that report calls ModifiedElephant, planted evidence on his laptop including the letter about plot to kill the PM. This group shared infrastructure with a known hacker, Hangover, that researchers have long suspected of state-sanctioned political espionage. 3/n
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Two days before the Prime Minister's announcement imposing the sudden nationwide Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, Bilal Chero* stepped out of prison for the first time in eleven years. He had been arrested in 2009 on what is commonly called in Jharkhand as 'Maobadi charges'.
Before his arrest he was just another villager subsisting by farming on his patch of land in a forested region in West Singhbhum, an area where the "party waale" [CPI (Maoist)] would come and go. "They were armed. If we didn't give them food and water, they'd kill us, you know?"
Suddenly he was informed that there was a "Naxali" case against him, and he was arrested on 22 charges including the #UAPA and Section 17 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act (association w a banned party). Meanwhile his wife & brother were killed in a security sweep of the region.
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#WatchtheState: Our weekly update on patterns of state violence in #India.

Here's a quick review of reported instances of #stateviolence. @project_polis

Follow the thread for more: 👇
Human rights activist Khurram Parvez sent to 3-week judicial custody, shifted to Tihar jail. #Kashmir…
"In #Kashmir, the draconian #UAPA terror law has become a lethal weapon to silence and intimidate: anyone can be arrested and disappeared indefinitely without any formal records." @suchitrav & @kiccovich:… via @project_polis
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Just a reminder. These students are in jail for allegedly celebrating a win by Pakistan against India in a cricket match.
A week later, prominent Twitter accounts aligned with the Modi govt celebrated India losing to NZ cos the captain said, don't troll Muslim players.
Whatever hypocrisy and double standard you see here is by explicit design. That's how fascism thrives. By establishing double standards that favor its supporters and punishes those who don't support it. Cos fascism has nothing else to offer other than threats and bribes.
Habeas Corpus is non existent in the current Indian system to the level that people are being jailed for allegedly celebrating a cricket match result. And the courts, instead of finding this a most bizarre violation of habeas corpus, just extend police custody.

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Habeas corpus.

Sounds like esoteric latin crap. But is the foundation of a republic. Your gormint can't just imprison you on a whim.

Never existed in Kashmir, NE. Now gone in the rest of India too.

With habeas corpus practically dead, Republic Day is just a military parade.
Yup. Habeas corpus has been systematically hacked away at for years. Shah Faesal, #bhimakoregaon activists, Umar Khalid, many others.

This Aryan case is to tell people, you don't even have to be an activist to lose your right to habeas corpus.

What's the over/under on when we will have a case when Modi imprisons a high profile American citizen for saying mean things about sanghis, being charged with espionage, like they do in North Korea or Iran?

I think that's when @nytimes @washingtonpost etc will pay attention.
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#BombayHighCourt is hearing the application filed by #BhimaKoregaon accused #VaravaraRao seeking extension of the interim bail granted to him.

Rao was granted interim bail in February 22, 2021 by the Bench led by Justice SS Shinde for 6 months.…
Matter kept back as ASG is not present. To be heard post lunch break at 2.30 pm.

#BombayHighCourt #VaravaraRao
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#BombayHighCourt is hearing the plea filed by 8 accused in #BhimaKoregaon case challenging the cognizance taken by Pune Sessions judge of the chargesheet in the case.
Advcoate General Ashutosh Kumbhakoni is making submissions on behalf of #Maharashtragovernment.
Kumbhakoni reads out prayers of the petition. Points out that the present plea is for quashing of the order.

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Only a few minutes to go for #PrivacySupreme 2021!

Four years since the landmark #Puttaswamy judgement, join us for a discussion on the future of your right to privacy in the wake of the #PegasusLeaks 👇🏽…
Today, we're talking about the #PegasusProject reports. @MitaliLive will be speaking with @ShashiTharoor on what could be India's response to such an exposé — where are investigations headed, and how can we move ahead in India? #PrivacySupreme
The #Pegasus story in India is not recent. @ShashiTharoor takes us through the trajectory of parliamentary responses to it. #PrivacySupreme
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NIA's draft before the Special Judge at Mumbai lays down allegations against 22 Accused in the Bhima Koregaon Violence cases.
List of accused:
Sudhir Pralhad Dhawale, Rona Jacob Wilson, Surendra Pundlikrao Gadling, Shoma Kanti Sen, Mahesh Sitaram Raut, P. Varavara Rao, Vernon Stanislaus Gonsalves, Arun Thomas Ferreira, Sudha Bharadwaj, Anand Bapurao Teltumbde, Gautam Navlakha, Hanu Babu..
..Tatyaram Gorkhe, Murlidhar Gaichor, Raghobha Shankar Jagtap, Stan Swamy (Late) &
absconding - Milind Teltumbde, Com Prakash Alias Navin Alias Ritupan Goswami, Com Manglu, Com Deepu, Kishan Alias Prashanto Bose and Mupalla Laxmana Rao.
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