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The cause of Toronto's traffic congestion is too many people driving cars, rather than taking transit, cycling, or walking to their destinations. (1/3) #topoli #toronto #cdnpoli #biketo #walkto #stopsprawl
(2/3) One source of this problem is people who'd prefer to use active transportation being outbid by affluent committed motorists for scarce homes in neighborhoods like mine, where car-free living is already practical & convenient, even for families with kids. #topoli #biketo
(3/3) The main source of this problem is Toronto's unwillingness, for decades, to plan transit & housing on the basis that car-free living should practical & convenient in every corner of the City, even for families with kids. #topoli #biketo
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Vote D!ONNE Renée @OnElectionDay #Toronto!

Our platform remains the same as in previous Elections.

We march, advocate, peacefully protest; yet, we continue to be harmed trying to ensure that we all have the ability to live & thrive.

Together we succeed!
Save your dollars. This campaign doesn’t ask for donations.
Elections shouldn’t be about who can afford to buy Elections or how much wealth a Candidate has— that’s white supremacy tactic 101.2b.

Your efforts to share the message Vote D!ONNE Renée @OnElectionDay is what is needed
We won’t get what we need without you. Together we succeed!✅

#TORONTO #TOpoli #voteTO
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At least 3 TPS SUVs in High Park at 9am today. Out of sight is the mounted unit truck and trailer.
Make that 4.
Guys - I've done it. This sums it up. Truck parked in bike lane, in front of (now) 5 TPS cruisers, and they do nothing.
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Listening to @cbcthehouse in AM. This Monday celebrates 100 years since the first woman was elected to Parliament. A fitting acknowledgement to Agnes Macphail via @HannahThibedeau HT @lucediversa @StrongBoag @JeanAugustine07…

Morning time on Broadview Av overlooking Riverdale Park East

Route One heading to @masseyhall this afternoon.

Hello @TheDanforthMH & @OPERAHOUSETO
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This #CyclingScienceSunday, let's look at the attitudes of people who go car-free in a big city. 🧵

TL;DR: There are three main reasons - going green, health/wellbeing, and minimalism/convenience.…

#LdnOnt #BikeTO #CycleWR
The authors interviewed 24 people living in Brisbane, Australia, which is a large, low-density city with relatively little cycling infrastructure. Most participants drove before going car free, and all were legally able to drive.
Three key attitudes of car-free people emerged from the interviews: they were concerned with the environment, they wanted to be healthier and/or they wanted to live a minimalist lifestyle.
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This #CyclingScienceSunday let's look at whether drivers look for cyclists while making turns.

TL;DR: Approximately half of drivers don't look for cyclists, even while turning across a bike lane.…

#LdnOnt #CycleWR #BikeTO
The authors used an eye-tracking headset with 19 participants who drove a set route in a retail/residential area of Toronto. The route included two turns off a major road with a bike lane (Bloor St.) onto other roads. Image
Turn 1 had a painted bike lane, while Turn 2 had a lane separated by parked cars that had a median with a bollard at the intersection. The parking ended 10m before the intersection. Image
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This #CyclingScienceSunday let's look at some things that prevent marginalized communities from biking, even where there is good infrastructure. 🧵

TL;DR: Racism, financial barriers, knowledge barriers, and spatial inequality.…

#LdnOnt #BikeTO #CycleWR
This study comes from Grenoble, France, which is a cycling-friendly city. The authors did 19 interviews with policymakers, residents with different identities, and bike service providers to identify barriers to cycling for people from marginalized communities.
From these interviews, the authors identified four main barriers to cycling: racism, financial barriers, information or knowledge barriers, and spatial inequalities.
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Today for #CyclingScienceSunday we're taking a look at the effect low-traffic neighbourhoods ("LTNs") have on car ownership.

TL;DR: Over 2 years, LTNs decrease car ownership by 6%, and cycle tracks decrease car ownership by 2%.…

#LdnOnt #BikeTO #CycleWR
The authors (@RachelAldred, @Urban_Turbo and Anna Goodman who I can't find on twitter), looked at car registration data from 2015-2019 to determine whether LTNs and other cycling infrastructure built in London, England impacted car ownership compared to other areas in the city.
Two years after a low-traffic neighbourhood was built, car ownership in that area had decreased by 6% (23 cars/vans per 1000) relative to other areas of the city. Likewise, where cycle tracks were built, car ownership decreased by 2% (7 cars/vans per 1000).
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@tommybj1950 @marcusbgee So many things to unpack in that tweet. Let's begin.

1) Toronto's population will grow 50% in the next quarter-century. You think streets are congested now? Try adding 50% more cars.

There just isn't enough room on the surface to fluidly move all those people & even more later. Image
@tommybj1950 @marcusbgee The only way to move today's population (+50% in a generation) is through space-efficient modes of transportation.

Walking, transit, cycling require up to 20× less pavement per person = therefore, must be prioritized.

This is not some #WarOnTheCar. It's basic geometry. Image
@tommybj1950 @marcusbgee A typical 4-car lane street has the capacity to move about 9,600 people/hour.

🚗🚗🚗🚗 = 9,600

Upgrade one car lane to a dual #bikeTO lane—its people-moving capacity explodes to 14,700!

🚗🚗🚗🚴‍♀️🚴🏾‍♂️ = 14,700

For the price of some concrete barriers, you get… 50% ⬆️ capacity.
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Want to keep the winter blues at bay when daylight savings ends? Come for a group ride with me and friends from @Ward32Spokes!
Nov 3 at 2pm
Meet at Ted Reeve Arena
Social ride at a conversation pace
Friends and family encouraged!
Bring a snack and a camera
So rarely do we get to ride in a way that allows us to connect and engage with those riding around us. This ride is almost all on multi-use trails and is designed to allow for connection. Tell your friends, bring your family. Ride ahead or break off early! Completely casual.
Stops to take photos and regroup will be encouraged. We'll take a longer break at the Tommy Thompson lighthouse for food and rest before turning around.

If the weather is nasty, we'll push to the next weekend.

I'll send a tweet confirming by 1pm on the day of

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Action alert!📢Remember the Leslieville crash where a driver struck a young woman in the #Dundas bike lane, critically injuring her with horrific head injuries? Her name is Julia and SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW. Please go to:…
#BikeTO #TOpoli #TODeadlyStreets
Here's the story if you don't remember:… Julia was riding in the bike lane, doing nothing wrong, when a speeding driver struck her, nearly killing her. Maddeningly, no followup re driver's name or whether charges laid. #BikeTO #TODeadlyStreets #RoadViolence
Enabled by #TODeadlyStreets and lack of any physical protection, this driver inflicted: "two skull fractures, brain hemorrhaging, two arterial dissections resulting in multiple strokes, broken ribs, a broken collar bone, fractured bone fragments in her cheeks, a punctured lung...
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Ah yes, @RDiManno and @TorontoStar. Quite insightful. #RoadSafety advocates are fighting for *convenience* for vulnerable road users. After all, if planning an unexpected funeral isn't a bit inconvenient, we don't know WHAT is!

#RoadViolence #BikeTO #WalkTO #VisionZeroTO
Our member Kasia sometimes still thinks of how inconvenient it was to be handed her husband Tom's possessions in a paper bag, and then not only have to struggle against crushing grief herself, but also help her two children grieve their father.…
Our member David Stark also occasionally remembers the inconvenience of being handed his deeply beloved wife Erica's clothing, stained with blood. Their three boys, now that they think about it, do find it inconvenient that their loving mother is dead.…
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Hey @NACTO #NACTO19. Before you fawn over Toronto's leadership, we have seen MANY pedestrians preventably killed in recent weeks. This woman, killed yesterday, might have been someone's mom.…
This one, Friday, someone's grandpa?…
Imagine sitting for days by the side of a dangerous arterial, holding a sign hoping for the hit-and-run driver who killed your vibrant, beloved daughter to come forward? Knowing there is still no crosswalk planned to address the TTC desire line? #NACTO19…
#RoadViolence is so rampant and destructive that many have called for a state of emergency.…
#RoadViolence is unquestionably a clear, urgent #PublicHealthCrisis in this city. #NACTO19…
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It's been 4 years today nearly to the minute since the driver of a 300HP 4,600lb SUV made a negligent left turn and slammed her oversized, overpowered vehicle into my body while I was riding my bike to work. I have been living with the fallout ever since. #BikeTO Image
She inflicted a broken spine, brain injury, severe soft tissue damage to my left side. I developed a deep vein thrombosis in my left leg, and later a big piece of that clot broke off, chewed through my heart, and landed across both lobes of my lungs. That's often fatal.
This driver's actions nearly killed me TWICE. She was fined $300 and received ZERO demerit points. Compare: if you cut down a tree without authorization in Toronto, you can be fined $100,000. She got to keep driving like she didn't nearly just kill someone. No justice for me.
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