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1) Quebec’s public health doctor, @ArrudaHoracio, promised May 6 he'd start collecting data about race, ethnicity and socio-economic status of those infected with #COVID19. In this thread, I will explain how Arruda’s broken promise has blinded our understanding of the #pandemic.
2) For months, Montreal was the epicenter of the #pandemic not only in Quebec but Canada. The city is densely populated, multi-ethnic and has many racialized minorities. Initially, the #coronavirus was concentrated in some middle-class neighborhoods.
3) But it soon moved to poorer and more racialized neighborhoods like Montreal North, a topic I described in some Twitter threads. La Presse journalists @agruda and @YvesBoisvert then did amazing work exposing what was going in Montreal North.
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This #covid19 graphic is gutting

Lockdown *instantly* flattened the curve for #Toronto's richest/whitest areas. For poorest/most racialized (top 2 lines), it kept rising

Today in @torontostar, we dug into @TOPublicHealth data to unearth this & more 1/3…
Other highlights:
* Toronto's first 'hotspot' for travel cases & who was most affected (this surprised us, tbh)
* the early days of community spread
* Toronto's curve for outbreaks in #LTCs etc
* a closer look at the NW corner
* the case curve for kids & teens — so far 2/3
Graphics by newsroom heroes @CTulk, @NathanPilla & @AndresPlana. Data crunching by hero-at-large @primarydata. Reporting by me + all-around heroes @katecallen & @rachelmendleson 3/3
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A key difference between #Toronto and #Ottawa here is that the latter is in stage 3. There is absolutely no need in this excellent weather to open the insides of bars and restaurants that have led to documented outbreaks in every other major Canadian city already in phase 3.
Nobody *needs* to go and have a meal cooped up inside a restaurant putting themselves, other patrons and staff at a much higher risk when there is outdoor dining available. These low numbers are a reason *NOT* to move into stage III when there is ample evidence that...
...this absolutely will lead to superspreader events and outbreaks. The choice IMO is likely this - some meals inside a restaurant right now and a long winter lockdown, economic collapse, no schools and a larger second wave with deaths, morbidities etc. Or...
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THREAD: #ndrangheta #mobilità questa settimana ha fatto notizia. Prima di essere catturati dall'isteria per questa #mafia che è ovunque, diamo un'occhiata all'analisi dei fatti. Innanzitutto, la 'ndrangheta NON è una, può AGIRE COME UNA in Calabria e solo quando necessario.
2 / L'unità è nei 1) comportamenti mafiosi, 2) unità familiare, 3) coordinamento orizzontale in territori "densi" di mafia. La particolarità della 'ndrangheta è che #etnia - calabresi - conta enormemente per la resilienza dell'organizzazione, ma NON per le attività criminali.
3 / in #Argentina arresti per traffico di droga hanno coinvolto un italiano a Buenos Aires, non calabrese, un argentino di origine italiana, un uomo di Rosarno legato al clan #Bellocco - si tratta di affari, non di etnia.…
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THREAD: #ndrangheta #mobility this week has been all around the news. Before getting caught up by hysteria over this #mafia being everywhere, let's look at the analysis of the facts. First, the 'ndrangheta is NOT one, it can ACT LIKE ONE in Calabria and only when needed.
2/ Unity is in 1) mafia behaviours, 2) family unity, 3) horizontal coordination in "dense" mafia territories. The peculiarity of the 'ndrangheta is that #ethnicity - Calabrianness - matters eormously for the resilience of the organisation, but NOT for criminal activities.
3/ in #Argentina arrests for drug trafficking involved an Italian in Buenos Aires, not Calabrian, an Argentinian of Italian descent, a man from Rosarno linked to the #Bellocco clan - this is business, not ethnicity.…
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#COVID19 in #Ontario [July 16]:
37163 known cases* (111 new cases)
2737 total deaths (5 new deaths)

See THREAD for more graphs📈⤵️
#covid19Canada #COVIDー19 #onhealth #COVID_19 #covidontario #COVID19ontario #onpoli
A closer look at #COVIDー19 daily changes in #Ontario

New cases: 111
New deaths: 5
New resolved: 141

Thicker lines = 7 day moving averages.
#COVID19 #COVID19ON #covid19Canada
#COVIDー19 daily new/resolved cases in #Ontario:

New cases: 111
New resolved: 141

Thicker lines = 7 day moving averages.
#COVID19 #COVID19ON #covid19Canada #stage3
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I can guarantee you I won't be going to a fitness studio, movie theater or gym likely for the rest of the year, #Toronto. These things are recognised as high risk for super spreader events and will get us shoved right back into lockdown over winter. Not worth it.
Indoor dining and bars? Not until our cases are a heck of a lot lower. Peak super-spreading events. You're going to get increased evidence from the U.S. on this one and also the U.K. in a week or two now their indoor dining is open and case numbers still quite high there.
Just to add, I recognise entirely the economic impact on these businesses. If my gym re-opens, I'll still pay my membership as long as they are offering virtual classes or outside activities that I can do from home.
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As of today, @TOPublicHealth will report new #COVID19 data only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This comes shortly after Quebec’s quickly-reversed decision to transition to weekly rather than daily updates. In this thread, I will argue TPH should restore daily updates.🧵
The #GTA is the epicentre of the #COVID19 epidemic in Ontario. As the country reopens, we must remain vigilant regarding the trajectory of the disease. The decision for #Toronto to provide less regular updates will make this picture needlessly murkier.
The official reasoning from TPH is that as daily case counts decline, daily numbers are less meaningful. There is some truth to this—we do have a tendency to seize upon individual numbers (the noise) rather than longer-term trends (the signal).…
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I bet the government never thought about these when debating about Basic Income... what if until June 2021 #UBI had happened:

#BasicIncome #Canada #WhatIf #WhyDidntWeThinkofThis #OnlyInCanada
Most families would be able to stay afloat without the cost of borrowing, and by immediate stability it relieved the stress. Domestic Violence can be directly related to Financial Insecurity which increases the risk of increased Health Care costs and Justice system implications
Most families that have jobs if they did qualify for #BasicIncome probably wouldn't qualify in year 2. Especially if it was taxable income. However, the investment in the individual in one year can be enough to secure employment or higher education.
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Tense moments at Nathan Phillips Square as someone dresses in blackface, thankfully police intervened. #TorontoProtest #toronto
Warning: language . The man was sprayed with water before being taken away by police.
#Toronto #Torontoprorest
More of him being taken away. #June6th #Toronto
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Global anger: the world is watching and protesting US police brutality

#BlackLivesMatter protests demanding #JusticeForGeorge spread to #Berlin on Saturday

#BLM protest through downtown #Toronto over the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet, 29, who fell from a 24th floor balcony this week. Her family say that the police may have played a role in her death. #JusticeForRegisKorchinski…

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LIVE: Day 4 of the demonstrations in #Minneapolis in response to the police murder of #GeorgeFloyd #Minneapolisprotests #UPrising #icantbreathe

There are so many demonstrations going on in the USA, it is hard to keep up with them all #GeorgeFloyd #riots #icantbreathe #BlackLivesmatter

Atlanta is now being burnt down

I will gather a list of Livestreams for Atlanta and report back…
Demonstrations in ATLANTA, Georgia #GeorgeFloydprotest #GeorgeFloyd #icantbreathe

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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Anyone else find it odd how this couple was MURDERED a little over 2 years prior to the plandemic?
The #DeepState seems to like “hangings” as their “suicide” of choice! #WWG1WGA #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @IngrahamAngle @TuckerCarlson @Thomas1774Paine @GOP
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Welcome to the @WIISToronto Twitter Conference, Future Security Challenges Facing Canada: Vital Insights from Women in International Security. We’ll get started with the first presentation in a few minutes, but first we have some thank yous and logistics to cover. #WIISTOTC
Don’t forget to follow the participants & the hashtag for today, #WIISTOTC. Here is the agenda & some handy tips:
@WIISToronto is a community-based chapter of @WIISCanada which is an affiliate of @WIIS_Global - a network dedicated to promoting women’s leadership in international security. You can find out more at #WIISTOTC
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Tamil healthcare workers on the COVID-19 frontline

With healthcare workers across the globe working to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, we look at some of the Tamils on the frontlines of the battle to save lives.…

#tamil #coronavirus #COVID19 Image
“From a personal experience, the last couple of weeks have been challenging and tiring... Seeing our colleagues having to self isolate one by one only adds to the pressure.”

Ashmi Ganeshamoorthy, Doctor, London #NHS
"We will get through this together and be back to our daily routines soon. But until then we all have a duty to be nice and help each other. Support yourself, your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues."

Arun Kirupakaran, Doctor, London #NHS Image
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Critical Care #Ontario Apr 1📈:

2012 crit care beds w/ 1602 crit care pts (79.6% capacity)
162 confirmed #COVID19 (10.1%)
345 suspected #Covid_19 (21.5%)

276 confirmed+suspected #Covid_19 w/ invasive ventilation

Take #SocialDistancing seriously: #StayHome & #FlattenTheCurve!
Researchers/clinicians: for useful resources/initiatives @MoriartyLab

A centralized data analytics & visualization hub for #COVID19ON: @obenfine

Spare #PPE to donate? Pls consider donating to hospitals⤵️
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Netflix binges.
Late-night Skype sessions with a bottle of wine.
Stress baking.
With gyms, playgrounds, + pools closed, #covid19 is set to cause another public health crisis: an epidemic of inactivity.
Fortunately, there's one outlet available.
In many, if not most, cities in North America (unlike some European cities, which can be much denser) public parks provide ample room for outdoor exercise, strolling, giving the kids fresh air.
Great North American urban parks were planned after epidemics of TB, cholera, and typhoid—often explicitly to provide city people with salubrious public space to escape crowded neighborhoods.
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‼️📢➡️ #Important #Reminder

The Embassy continues to work around the clock to find solutions for British Travellers to go home. With huge thanks to Canadian 🇨🇦 Ambassador @Sylvie_Bedard please find in the thread below the details of a new flight opportunity to 🇬🇧 via Canada.
Air Canada 🇨🇦 will operate a flight from #Quito to #Toronto on Tuesday, March 31 at 10:00. This flight arrives in Toronto at 17:35 in Terminal 1 of the Lester B.
🇬🇧 British citizens who are able to book onwards flights from Toronto to the UK can access this flight.
To book:
➡️ Please access
▶️If a ‘SiteEdition’ appears simply click besides it in order to continue
➡️Reservation code is GAQGK221
▶️Any subsequent travel from Toronto to 🇬🇧 will have to be booked separately.
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We are proud to support the efforts of the Canadian & Ontario governments and communities across the country in fighting the spread of #COVID19. #COVIDOnt #YQG #YYZ
We have reached out to the Mayor of Windsor, @drewdilkens, to identify local communities in need to receive donations of hand sanitizer from our #WalkervilleDistillery. #COVID19 #COVIDont
We have also contacted our partners at the #TTC, and will be donating sanitizer from our Windsor distillery for use in TTC garages and collector booths to help keep employees and passengers safe. #Toronto #COVID19 #COVIDont @TTChelps @TTCStuart
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🇨🇦👨‍💻 Analizando ofertas de trabajo en Canadá como Senior #Software Engineer y similares.

Un compañero de @DevzCommunity está cerca de que se le extienda una oferta para venir a #Canada. "Echamos montón" entre algunos expats para sugerencias y tips. 🧵👇🏼 (1/13)
💳 Creds:

∙ Llevo casi 8 años aquí. Entre #Vancouver, #Toronto y KW.
∙ He contratado, o ayudado a contratar, a algunos muchachos de 🇲🇽
∙ He mentoreado a varios muchachos de varias nacionalidades a establecerse, o mejorar sus condiciones de trabajo

🙅‍♂️ Disclaimers:

∙ No soy abogado
∙ No soy contador
∙ Puede que esté equivocado en algunas cosas, en cuyo caso pls házmelo saber. Pero lo digo con toda la buena vibra del mundo

Dicho lo anterior...

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Det är svårt att föreställa sig om det som sker i Kina. Uppenbarligen samlar de in dissidenter. All internet trafik är spärrad utom de källor som kommer via den kinesiska staten. Det som pågår i Kina angående #Coronavirus är en krigshandling av främmande makt.
Det här viruset är
gjord av människan. Ryssland, Indien, Taiwan vet att viruset innehåller HIV.

Därmed är skiten tillverkad av människan. Det sägs att den slår hårdare mot kinesiska män än mot andra raser, vilket betyder att denna "attack" kommer ej från deras egna led.

Fortsättning följer.
Russian scientists believe America created the Wuhan coronavirus to sabotage China… via @Dimsum Daily
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Part of @OSCA_est2008's mission is to educate- here goes. In response to yesterday's incredible misunderstanding of an arrest by Special Constables on a #TTC streetcar (disclaimer- These comments are my own and do not reflect @TTC_CEU or anyone else at @TTC): #Toronto #topoli
Lots to unpack here. Stay with me:
1) SPCs and Fare Inspectors are NOT the same. SPCs are Peace Officers. Fare Inspectors are civilians.
2) The subject was not beat up/assaulted. He was arrested. Lawfully. By Peace Officers (SPCs). After responding to riders requesting help.
3) SPCs are authorized to carry prohibited weapons, such as pepper spray/foam and to use reasonable force BASED ON THE SUBJECT'S BEHAVIOUR.
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#FakeTory #BlockedByOToole' that's ok I believe in a real Blue Tory @jimkarahalios not a damn establishment candidate at the CPC. Who believes real supporters of the party and won't slap the soldiers that died for us and our country. We are Canadian's, we follow by example #PPC
I can see His tweets anytime!
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