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"هل تبحث عن تعزيز معرفتك هذا الصيف، ؟ تعرف على هذه الدورات والتخصصات من #Coursera. 🎓🔬💻

فهم #السرطان:
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Ever planned RCT w/ PFS and OS as formal endpoints?

Ever simulated PFS and OS for same set of patients?

In both cases: How did you model the fact that PFS and OS are highly dependent? E.g. we know that PFS <= OS and P(PFS = OS) > 0.

A (long) thread - but it' s worth it!

We are very used to model dependency of an endpoint over time (= group-sequential designs) or over nested populations (= enrichment designs), b/c then it's not difficult to write down correlation between test statistics.

However, typically in trial planning PFS and OS...

are treated as if they were independent and proportional hazards (PH) is assumed for both.

We propose to model dependency between PFS and OS using an illness-death multistate model (IDM), building on the work of Meller et al (2019)…

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1/ What are 3 Qs you can ask yourself when looking at non-inferiority trials?

Q1) Was the trial planned i.e. pre-specified as comparing an intervention which is non-inferior to control?


Bc changing the analysis *afterwards* introduces bias #StatswithCoreIM
2/ Q2) was the control treatment administered to the full std of care?

The trial relies on strict adherence to full standard of care for the control arm, otherwise the whole confidence interval shifts with a relative⬆️in benefit of the intervention compared to control
3/ Q3) Did investigators perform both a per protocol and intention to treat analysis?

Per protocol:
Exaggerates group difference when intervention is inferior
Less likely to result in false positive

Intention to treat:
Makes groups prognostically 🟰
Benefit of randomization
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What's wrong with Biostatistics is analogously related to the question that was put by the Queen to the Economists at the LSE after the GFC.
The Queen wondered why didn't the economists see it coming?
of course, health pandemics are different, but, the statistical models are not
Scholars working in the biomedical sciences, epidemiology, and #biostatistics spheres, rely on mathematical and applied statistical computing based on modelling assumptions that rely on historical data set observations.
The past cannot and will predict the future with certitude.
Even with Quantum Computing, Data Sciences, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, or any other form of computer-aided Predictive Analytics, scholars across the domains of natural and social sciences will never be able to capture the emergence of rare #Black #Swan #Risks!
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We are thrilled to launch our new initiative! Researchers around the globe are working to develop safe and effective #COVID19 #vaccines as soon as possible. How long will it really take? We've developed a simple resource to track progress-check it out 1/n
We collate & curate COVID19 #vaccine clinical trial data from @WHO & multiple other publicly available sources. Our tracker features vaccine candidates designed specifically to prevent #COVID19. We begin tracking vaccines once they are part of a registered clinical trial. 2/n
Using an innovative card-based system designed by our team, each vaccine candidate is given a summary card which displays the name, primary developer/sponsor, highest phase clinical trial underway, and shows the technology used to develop the vaccine. 3/n
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As #bioinformatician #biostatistician #DataScientist, have you ever felt you've done lots of work, yet achieved nothing? here is how to change that! A thread 👇 1/n
1 - #document rigorously your computing work - same as bench scientists do on experiments. Document your initial thoughts on data, your decisions, tests, issues, how you solved them, how you tried various tools, how you picked one over others. These are all *achievements*. n/1
2 - #track your tasks and efforts - make it quantitative. Write a weekly checklist on GitHub wiki; update and check it off at the end of a day. Version control your codes; push meaningful commits. Be aware of your time spent on each task. Numbers may be boring, but effective. 2/n
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1/34 Okay #medtwitter #epitwitter , read on for an #EBM #Tweetorial on p-values, with specific attention to the implications of the recent remdesivir trial with p=0.059 for mortality (full report still not published, which is not ideal …).
2/ This is a follow-up to my prior #EBM #Tweetorial on diagnostic test performance study design
3/ Again, who am I to do this? My PhD is in #biostatistics, I direct the @MayoClinicSOM #EBM curriculum, and I teach Bayesian Diagnostic Testing Strategies @MayoGradSchool @MayoClinic @MayoMedEd @MayoFacDev.
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1/32 Okay #medtwitter #epitwitter , as promised here’s a #Tweetorial on diagnostic test performance study design. Who am I to do this? My PhD is in #biostatistics, I direct the @MayoClinicSOM #EBM curriculum, and I teach Bayesian Diagnostic Testing Strategies @MayoGradSchool.
2/ Yep, this is a little wonkish but really not so complicated. And anyway, when I hear “wonkish” I hear:
3/ BLUF: To date, how many studies of #COVID19 diagnostic tests have been conducted ideally, with fully appropriate measures to minimize risk of bias?
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"Statistics at a Crossroads: Challenges and Opportunities in the Data Science Era" talks 2:00pm Monday #JSM2019 in CC-207… hear from Bin Yu, David Banks, Dylan Small, Marianthi Markatou, David Madigan, Xuming He, and Michael Jordan @InstMathStat @CMU_Stats Image
@InstMathStat @CMU_Stats Irrespective of whether you can attend or not, grand challenge ideas and reflections on the draft report are solicited at…
@InstMathStat @CMU_Stats Here's a direct link to the report:…
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