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Comparative study United States of America - Federal Republic of Germany.

#Epidemiology #Influenza #Covid19 #Mortality

🧵Validated data sources 2015 - 2021:
➡️ Image
The Influenza Epidemic was truly severe in 2018.

USA: >42.000 †
FRG: >25.000 †


Comparative mortality rates:
➡️ Image
The prevalence of Influenza B in 2018 was high,

but Influenza B (Yamagata) was recently eradicated:
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#Contact_tracing can be a practical and effective way of containing disease spread. But did you know it's even more effective when social groups are involved?
Check out our* new paper:

* @leahakeating @gleesonj @DavidJPOS @bolozna
Contact tracing not only cuts direct infection paths but can also prevent indirect spreading routes in groups. We illustrate how it can be more efficient than what would be predicted by models that assume a fully mixed population or a locally tree-like network structure.

2/6 Image
Our results show that the outbreak size shrinks as clique size, c, grows, and this is amplified by higher contact tracing success probability α, despite fixed transmission probability p.

#epidemiology #networks #Covid
3/6 Phase transitions from a di...
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1/ Epidemiology is a critical field in public health, and R is a popular programming language for epidemiologists to analyze and visualize data. In this thread, I'll highlight some essential epidemiology packages in R that you should know. #rstats #datascience #epidemiology Image
2/ The first package that comes to mind is "epitools." This package provides a suite of functions for descriptive epidemiology, including measures of disease frequency, tests for independence, and outbreak detection. #rstats…
3/ "EpiModel" is another package that is useful for epidemiologists. This package allows you to build mathematical models of infectious diseases and simulate the spread of diseases through populations. #rstats…
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A 24-YO ♂️ 2 years prior bitten by an insect on his left mid-arm in Nicaraguan: within a week, developed a lesion at the site of the bite; over time increased in number and spread in multiple hyperkeratotic, wart-like papules.
#IDtwitter #dermatology
Wet mount slide from cultures of biopsy using rabbit blood agar slant: aggregates of Leishmania promastigotes (arrow), which can be identified based on their elongated shape and flagella.

#parasitology #MedTwitter
Biopsy cultures in “triple N” media, PCR and DNA sequencing: Leishmania panamensis.

He received a 10-day course of intravenous liposomal amphotericin B. His lesions slowly regressed over 3 months.
#Doctor #microbiology
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Before Twitter dies RT this 🧵


Remember the Emily Oster "LET’S DECLARE A PANDEMIC AMNESTY" in @TheAtlantic

I said there was going to be a bad study.

Well, BABIES under 6 mo old were hospitalized more than 65 to 74-year-olds!!!

This is what was hidden by the CDC Image
This was released on Nov 11th but if you look at the report they ended it in August.

Omicron was not mild for babies, and this was held til after the election. The @CDCDirector knew

This is why the #GBD wanted forgiveness and Oster's group…
All this talk about RSV and they left off many of these babies also had COVID.

I am so freaking mad.

This age group can't get vaccinated. Every reinfection they get will damage them more according to other studies.

They really just gave #LC to Gen Alpha
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Let's review quickly all of the science I've come across in the past week that applies to high-fat ketogenic carnivore type diets.

I'll post the link, an image of the abstract, the title, and some hashtags on each one.

1/n - My public Zotero Database:…
Red and processed meat intakes and cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus: An umbrella systematic review and assessment of causal relations using Bradford Hill’s criteria

"do not support causality"

#T2D #CVD #SystematicReview #RedMeat…
Do #Vegetarian Diets Provide Adequate Nutrient Intake during Complementary Feeding? A Systematic Review

Complementary Feeding is the period when you're weaning a child onto non-breastmilk foods.

TLDR: "Not safe, critical micronutrient deficiency risk"…
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I'm @RRHDr, a #healthequity researcher & the Founding Director of @CARHEumn. My work seeks to manifest racial justice & liberation by making the invisible visible. This means that I start from the premise that racism is a fundamental cause of health inequity. #HardemanTakeover
Today I'm taking over @ia4phs to talk about #structuralracism and health from methodological innovation for measuring racism to its manifestations in our society from abortion access to policing. Structural racism as a #populationhealth crisis. #HardemanTakeover
Structural racism is a public health crisis, but it's also a FIXABLE problem!

Earlier this year @CARHEumn & @minnpop hosted an event on the measurement of structural racism. A product of that event was this 🔥 reading list. #HardemanTakeover
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Monkeypox is an Orthopoxvirus like Small Pox or Vaccinia virus. They are brick shaped linear dsDNA viruses that replicate in cytoplasm. They bind to glycosaminoglycans to enter cells or are taken up by apoptotic mimicry #monkeypox #orthopoxvirus 1/n…
Small Pox is the archetypal orthopoxvirus infection of humans which infected humans from prehistory until its eradication in the 20th century through Vaccination. First true success of Vaccines 2/n #Variola #SmallPox #orthopoxvirus…
History of Small Pox Vaccination is the history of Vaccination itself. Life long immunity produced against Small Pox, which could be mimicked by attenuated cowpox (Vaccinia) was the key to Small Pox eradication 3/n #Vaccinia #SmallPox #orthopoxvirus…
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2 yrs ago, to raise awareness for the #MillionsMissing due to #MECFS, I started a 🧵 on how tragic chronic illness has consumed my life

But I was too sick to finish, & shortly after uninstalled Twitter. Trapped by illness, unable to advocate.

2 surgeries later... 🧵, 🎬 2

2017: I was Prof of #Epidemiology @PublicHealthUGA, researching #HIVprevention and #vaccine prep for emerging epidemics. I directed an epi training program @ICI3D. I loved my work & my amazing colleagues!

I was healthy & active 🚴🏄‍♂️ 🥁

Then, I bought a 🏡 and had it renovated. Jan 2018 I moved to the newly built master bedroom addition, I became sick.

⏩ 2 years to 2020. Water burst thru walls on 2 sides of my bed. Revealing walls, subfloor, crawl space filled with mold due to construction defects

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"If your goal is simply to mitigate the harmful impact loneliness can have on your health, what matters most is having at least one important person in your life — whether that’s a partner, a parent, a friend or someone else." -- Jeffrey Hall…
Missing in action: five issues the major parties are avoiding in the 2022 federal election…
#AustralianFederalElections, #ElectorateIssues, #CandidateDebate
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#epidemiology time

Be wary of biases in how our brains interpret rates.

For example, a 100% increase (100 to 200) is undone by a 50% decrease (200 to 100).

I see this a lot in suicide reporting, where increases are breathlessly reported, but decreases are downplayed.

Curious why that is?

The number set for decreases is 1 to 0. The number set for increases is 1 to ∞. So the increase "stretch" while decrease "compress"

100% up = 50% down
200% up = 66% down
300% up = 75% down
400% up = 80% down
500% up = 83% down
600% up = 85.7% down

So the next time you see "suicides up 8%!!!" remember that:
a) there is a moral panic such that increases be headlines
b) there is a numbers bias to increases over decreases
c) year-to-year comparisons are relatively useless without trend analysis and error measurement

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🧵. #Russia colonised #Ukraine in 18th century. Since then, they've been trying to exterminate ukrainian indentity and culture, to assimilate us into being russian. They appropriated a lot of our #culture, #history, achievements and personalities doing this. 1/ #twitterstorians
Foreword. Many of these examples might seem to you as insignificant or unconnected, but they all are evidence to the trend of generations of russians trying to unexist us as a nation, make Ukraine into what they think we are – "Little Russia" 2/
Let's get the obvious one out of the door. #Borsch is and always was Ukrainian. It got into russia with soviet diner menus. Now russians claim it's as intrinsic to russia as it is to us. Bullshit. 3/ A beautiful and tasty combo of Borsch, salo (lard in pieces)
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(1/10) ❗️Disclaimer❗️: Not an #intersectionality expert but care about #intersectionality & #healthequity. I want my research to reflect personal values. Below are just some of my musings on this ⬇️
(2/10) In my #epidemiology research, often constrained by what data is available to me...

e.g. forced to conflate #sex & #gender, treat gender as binary construct, collapse #ethnicity into meaningless categories etc. This is not good research! ☠️
(3/10) Most importantly, not doing justice to the people my research is aimed to serve. Want to change that.
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📊Our #wastewater dashboard is updated! 👉 Check out for the latest #COVID19 WW trends.

Data Analysis from our #epidemiology and #datascience teams: 👇 🧵1/4
As of Feb 16, 2022, our national #wastewater #data has fallen 📉 by 95% of the nationwide #omicron peak seen at New Years.🧵 2/4
National levels are back down to what we saw in summer 2021, which is 70% lower than the Delta peak (Sep 2021). BUT ‼️ wastewater concentrations are still 6.5X higher than levels seen during the trough of the pandemic (May 2021). 🧵 3/4
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I recognize a lot of names in the list of authors




They are wise, and know far more about #InfectiousDiseases and #epidemiology than I do

It is important to look at what this report does and does not say…

I don’t think there is anyone who would disagree with the message in these slides

Closing schools is a bad thing

Remote learning is disruptive and can lead to worse educational outcomes

As with everything in this #pandemic, poor and marginalized families far worst

In this slide the #ScienceTable argues that vaccination reduces the risks to children

Currently less than 50% of the 5-11 cohort is double vaccinated

Once again the risk is greatest for our #children with comorbidities or low socioeconomic status

They admit they don’t know…
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New research shows that only 10% #Omicron cases are in ppl who have gotten #COVID19 #Booster.

This may be MISINTERPRETED as:

"Only 10% of people w/ #BoosterDose get #OmicronVariant"


#BoosterShots are 90% effective"

Not that simple! READ ON!…

First, this is NOT a critique of the study (currently a pre-print).

Researchers at @MethodistHosp who did this provided a VERY valuable piece of info and are not making any inappropriate claims. Great work!

It's just that it's easy for public/media to misinterpret results!

Paper reports on a total of 1313 #OmicronVariant cases in the Houston, TX area.

See table below:
~49% of cases in those not vaccinated (0 or 1 does)

Of those #Breakthrough cases,

535 cases w/ 2 #vaccine doses
140 cases w/ 3 doses (i.e., booster) Image
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However mild #Omicron is, it is not a vaccine. There are deaths and hospitalizations due to this variant.

Stay away from misinformation.
Compared to Vaccination, natural infection could not protect population (against death or hospitalization) against any variant (Alpha, Beta, Gamma or Delta).

Proponents of Herd immunity are saying it again; #Omicron would provide herd immunity.

Evidence matters, not opinions
During delta wave, this is what we knew based on #Epidemiology of infectious diseases.
-This is not the last variant.
-There will be another wave.

Same would hold true for Omicron.………
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1/10 I write to share some updates re the current H5N1 outbreak in Israel from our #movement_ecology perspective, with aspects highly relevant to #epidemiology as well.

But let me start with some background first.

#BirdFlu #AvianFlu #influenza #cranes #H5N1 #Zoonotic #Israel
2/10 Around 12-13 December, the first observations of avian flu in cranes at the Hula Valley arrived, following three H5N1-positive cases elsewhere and in other bird species since mid-October.
3/10 With @SashaPekarsky and Idan Talmon, we then checked the situation with our GPS-tracked cranes, 11 of them were in Israel in the relevant period. We noticed clear movement/behavioral changes in few individuals.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/27/2021…
A stream in Waipio smelled like beer. An investigation into a strange spill ensued.…

#runoff #contamination #alcohol #brewery #hawaii
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1/2 #COVID19 key concerns 🇨🇦: today, I presented results of #PHAC’s updated #epidemiology & modelling analysis, which suggests that nationally the fourth wave could continue to decline over the coming weeks if transmission doesn’t increase➡️…
2/2 This latest #PHAC-@McMasterU forecast reaffirms the importance & beneficial impact of public health measures & individual precautions even at current levels of #COVID19Vaccines coverage, given predominance of the #DeltaVariant. #VaccinesPlus…
3/3 Let’s keep going steady with #PublicHealth advice and do our best to look after ourselves and others by keeping up with individual precautions/layers of protection: #VaxToTheMax #WashMaskSpace #GoodVentilation➡️…
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New research from @JohnsHopkins about maternal health!

Vaught AJ, Minhas A, Boyer T et al. Incidence of essential hypertension but not echocardiographic abnormalities at four years with a history of preeclampsia with severe features.

#ph260720 #Moms
In this new study, we followed up with women four years after they were diagnosed with preeclampsia during pregnancy. What type of research study is that?
#ph260720 #Epidemiology
Preeclampsia is a pregnancy-specific disorder that causes high blood pressure and evidence of damage to the kidneys and/or liver. Preeclampsia and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy impact between 5-8% of births in the US.
#ph260720 #preeclampsia
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Our pandemic isn’t over. A thread about families who have been double-vaxxed but see no end light at the end of the tunnel. Families like mine. (1/28)
Yesterday I sat on my front porch and watched kids across the street running a lemonade stand. They were laughing and having so much fun. Despite their masks, it was one of the most “normal” things I’ve seen in months. (2/28)
Life in Canada is getting back to normal. At of midnight tonight in Ontario, restaurants, bars and movie theatres can open their doors. Large-ish social gatherings are allowed outside again, as well as smaller indoor gatherings. (3/28)
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The Webinar on "Monoclonal gammopathy and its significance for kidneys" is about to begin!
There is still time to test your knowledge by solving the @ISNeducation quiz ➡️
Starting now!
Webinar: "Monoclonal Gammopathy of Renal Significance - Clinical Perspective" with
@arzuvelix and Serhan Tuglular
Welcome Dr @arzuvelix and Dr Serhan Tuglular
Webinar: "Monoclonal Gammopathy of Renal Significance -Clinical Perspective" with

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