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@FuzzyDanSo @DianeB528 @Rasmussen_Poll YOU "dgaf" about what #ScottAdams ACTUALLY said or meant

Preferring to #VirtueSignal your #Woke credentials by joining racist "liberal" #CancelCulture #TwitterMob #DogPile on him

He ACTUALLY said "Choose Love instead of Hate"


Bravery over fear

Thoughtfulness over anger
@FuzzyDanSo @DianeB528 @Rasmussen_Poll #ScottAdams said he lived in a mixed neighbourhood

Next door to a Black man

And he said if you live in a neighbourhood (of any demographic) where up to 50% of the residents don't like you

And too large a proportion are criminals

Move out

And to judge people as individuals!🤦‍♂️
@FuzzyDanSo @DianeB528 @Rasmussen_Poll As I said to another #Woke #VirtueSignalling #ScottAdams #CancelCulture #TwitterMob #DogPile on #Troll

He's often said every local party goes to is very mixed race (& marriage)

Hasn't & didn't mean "Run Away"

He's a comic

It's a joke

Here's the demographics of where he lives
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die peinliche aktion des 🇩🇪 teams, geplant als signal während den vielen stunden ihrer spiele durch eine armbinde #OneLove, geendet als sekunden fürs pressefoto, wurden mit anderen protesten im sport verglichen.
doch wird dabei etwas vergessen.
zunächst die häufigsten vergleiche: deutsches wm team 22 hält sich hand vor sen mund
das wm team des iran schweigt während des abspielens ihrer nationalhymne vor dem spiel gegen england (wm 2022)
#JinJiyanAzadi #Iran drei spieler des iran während der nationalhymne
colin kaepernick kniete während der us-hymne vor footballspielen, statt zu stehen (2016 ff) #Kaepernick #TakeAKnee colin kaepernick in sportkleidung kniet
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Do you remember the time Prince performed at Gallaudet? It's true! While in town for his Purple Rain tour, the legendary artist gave a special concert just for the Gallaudet community. Check out the story thread and photographs! #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackPride #gallaudet Slide 1 ID: Purple colored background of Prince singing. Tex
Read "On the Green" newsletter (Dec. 10, 1984 Vol. 15, No. 10):… Slide 2 ID: B/W photo (with a purple border) of Prince signi
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1/ We need to have #BlackPride & and breakaway from the psychology of self hatred. Everything begins with confidence, then creativity & then innovativeness. Unity is achieved when we stop Black person & Black person hate. Let's not be used by white supremacy to hate each other.
2/ The enemy is not ZANUPF, the enemy is not MDCA 1 or MDCA 2 or LEAD. The enemy is white supremacy which created poverty & violence. When we are united white supremacy has no power. The power white folk have is the power we allow them to have. #TeamZimbabwe
3/ A united people are a fortress the enemy can't get through.
Lest we forget, we wasted 40 years focusing on antagonism more than developmental issues. We are Zimbabweans & noone is coming to save us except US. Our economy is our responsibility. Let's save it! #TeamZimbabwe
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I learned about #WilmaRudolph yesterday. For those who don't know her, she was an #Olympic gold medalist & first #American woman to win three gold medals in track and field at a single Olympics. However, her road to success was a rocky one... (1) #blackpride #MondayMotivaton
Born in 1940 as a premature baby, she was diagnosed with pneumonia, scarlet fever & infantile paralysis due to which she had braces on the left foot and could not walk. Doctors had no hope on her walking again. Even after she overcame polio.... (2) #blackpride #MondayMotivation
she had lost her leg strength & muscle, she could still barely move. With the help of her family, constant leg massages & physiotherapy, she eventually gained strength and movement. Coz she could not walk as a kid, she determined to... (3) #MondayMotivation #blackpride
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Thread: Nick Bosa follows “deplorable” MAGA themed IG accounts with racial, homophobic, Islamaphobic, & white nationalist posts.

Let’s take a look at the account...

“Too_Savage_For_Democrats” by Dylan Perentis

...& see what Nick Bosa has ❤️ “liked” and put into his feed.
Nick Bosa ❤️ likes the idea of cutting welfare to migrant families to pay for Trump’s border wall. ”#BuildTheWall#NFLDraft2019
Nick Bosa ❤️ liked Trump’s tweet attack on LeBron James and Don Lemon’s intelligence. “Trump is straight savage.” #NFLDraft2019
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