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Alcuni tifosi qatarioti, ieri sera durante #SpagnaGermania, hanno inscenato una protesta contro i tedeschi, mettendosi polemicamente la mano sulla bocca e mostrano immagini di Mesut Ozil, ce si è ritirato dalla Nazionale tedesca denunciando il razzismo subito.

Il gesto della mano sulla bocca rimanda chiaramente alla protesta dei calciatori tedeschi nel match d'esordio al Mondiali, contro il divieto della FIFA e del Qatar verso la fascia arcobaleno della campagna #OneLove.

Il riferimento a Ozil è per le accuse che il centrocampista tedesco d'origine turca rivolse alla Germania e alla sua Federcalcio nel 2018, quando decise di lasciare la Nazionale.

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Nella giornata di ieri, la #Danimarca ha annunciato, per voce del presidente della Federcalcio, la possibilità di uscire dalla FIFA per protesta contro le decisioni di Giani Infantino sulla fascia #OneLove ai Mondiali in Qatar.

“Ci sono le elezioni presidenziali della FIFA. Ci sono 211 paesi nella FIFA e l'attuale presidente ha dichiarazioni di sostegno da 207 paesi. La Danimarca non è tra quei paesi" ha aggiunto.

Il dibattito su una possibile (clamorosa) uscita dalla FIFA avrebbe coinvolto innanzitutto le federazioni scandinave, ma ora ieri notte tutte le sette federcalcio coinvolte nella campagna #OneLove hanno discusso possibili azioni contro la FIFA.

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die peinliche aktion des 🇩🇪 teams, geplant als signal während den vielen stunden ihrer spiele durch eine armbinde #OneLove, geendet als sekunden fürs pressefoto, wurden mit anderen protesten im sport verglichen.
doch wird dabei etwas vergessen.
zunächst die häufigsten vergleiche: deutsches wm team 22 hält sich hand vor sen mund
das wm team des iran schweigt während des abspielens ihrer nationalhymne vor dem spiel gegen england (wm 2022)
#JinJiyanAzadi #Iran drei spieler des iran während der nationalhymne
colin kaepernick kniete während der us-hymne vor footballspielen, statt zu stehen (2016 ff) #Kaepernick #TakeAKnee colin kaepernick in sportkleidung kniet
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"I diritti civili e la libertà di espressione e di pensiero di poter scegliere il proprio credo sia una cosa inviolabile". Ieri sera al #CircolodeiMondiali (Rai1), Federico Bernardeschi è divenuto il primo calciatore italiano a parlare dei diritti umani dietro #Qatar2022.

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"È una cosa abominevole, quando si calpestano i diritti civili così il mondo dovrebbe insorgere e invece vediamo che ancora stiamo molto attenti a capire come dobbiamo esprimerci, non è così che si combattono queste battaglie".

"Ci sono persone che hanno combattuto per i diritti civili e noi nel 2022 siamo ancora qui a dirci sì o perché." ha concluso Bernardeschi. Il riferimento è ovviamente alla questione della fascia #OneLove e alla reazione di ieri della Germania.

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Oh nein, Neuer trägt die "#onelove"-Binde in Katar nicht? Dass Neuer Lieder einer faschistischen Band sang, Özil nach Rassismus nicht beistand, danach Dinge sagte wie, es brauche "Spieler, die auch wirklich stolz sind, für die deutsche Nationalmannschaft zu spielen" war ok genug.
Nein, macht es euch nicht mit "beides ist falsch" zu leicht. Das ist nicht die Realität, in der wir leben. Die Realität ist, dass Rassismus meistens irgendwie durchgeht und die aktuelle Empörung gegenüber Katar eine völlig andere, gebündelte, seriöse Qualität hat.
Hört ihr die Kommentatoren im Fernsehen immer, wenn Neuer am Ball war, darauf hinweisen, was er sich für Unsinn leistete? Seht ihr wie überall thematisiert wurde, dass der DFB sich nicht von rassistischen Aussagen des ehemaligen Präsidenten distanziert?

Genau das ist der Punkt.
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1/ Un 🧶 sur cet #enfumage qu'est l'approche #OneHealth dans le contexte de la pandémie de #COVID19

Scientifiquement c'est léger et ça se résume à : "aimons nous tous entre êtres vivants"

Bref, faudrait rebaptiser ça #OneLove.

Qui serait contre ?

2/ En tant que #machin consensuel, cette niche a été repérée par des gens moins sympa que #BobMarley.

Un nid d'argent facile : pas besoin de justification scientifique poussée puisque l'intention est bonne.

Un des pontes du #OneHealth est @PeterDaszak.…
3/ Le cas de @PeterDaszak est très gratiné car tout en affichant son approche #OneLove/#OneHealth (surveillons la nature, tout ça), il semble être mêlé dans des expériences de gain de fonction en Chine... sur des coronavirus 🤐

(en anglais)…
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Hate doesn’t grow in darkness or in a vacuum. It’s given life when well meaning human beings give it space. When family members, friends and colleagues choose to look the other way. When the institutions within a community, state and country choose to dismiss, overlook or (1/4)
weaponize it, but it knows no boundaries nor does it respect any boundaries. It sole goal is to take over wherever it’s given comfort. We don’t have to be participants, but we do become accomplices in its neighborhoods. If it’s allowed to fester, it can infect everything (2/4)
including families, homes, neighborhoods, counties, states and countries. It cannot be controlled magically, but it must expose wherever it’s found. It must be confronted so that it retreats, because it’s a coward. Each of us can stop this scourge. We must all choose do it (3/4)
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On Friday June 4, 2021 I attended a meeting with Secretary of State Blinken. The purpose of the meeting was to talk all things #Palestine
#SheikJarrah #Silwan #Jerusalem #Gaza #EqualityforAll #OneLove
Full thread in 1 convenient viewing location here:…
I attended as an individual. I am not affiliated with any PAC or organization. I obviously do not speak for or represent the #Palestinian people. There’s like 7 million of us at least, and like 2 million of #Palestinians stuffed in #Gaza alone.
To the #Palestinian Americans who boycotted this meeting after the #Biden Administration handed Israel $735 million dollars in weaponry following the merciless attacks on Palestinians locked in Gaza.
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@krassenstein I am a real Christian, not one of the fake ones that thinks Trump is great!!!!! I accept everyone, regardless of their faith. I will never judge anyone for what they believe!!! I will love everyone the best I can, regardless of their faith. Having said that, I miss the days...
@krassenstein ...when religion was much more present in our society. The real loving, joyous, help one another, kind of religion!!!!! I want to see more of "In God We Trust" and reminders of "Jesus Loves You" and "The 10 Commandments" posted up, or beautiful scriptures that people from all...
@krassenstein ...walks of life to be able to relate to, and even for their to be prayer allowed back into schools as well as other public places too!!!!! The real truth (that is VERY evident in today's world) is that the world started to crumble, and morale started to go downhill fast, when...
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My father Dr. Wahaj D Ahmad writes:

"Fifty years ago today I landed on JFK for the first time and then have stayed on (which was not known to me at that time) I had to spend the night in JFK Holiday Inn and had to pay $18. plus tax (85 cents)..
Morning Coffee and donut cost me about 80 something cents and I saved some pictures etc how much it cost me for oneway travel...One pound British was $2.40."

Today is the "golden jubilee" of my family's American story. But the principles my parents taught me stretch back.
From my paternal grandfather's work uniting Hindus and Muslims in pre-partition India, to my maternal grandmother's belief in education for women, to my uncle's lifetime of medical treatment for the poor and destitute, to my great-grandfather's spiritual poetry.
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Thank you to the President for the #TrumpAddress tonight. I'm quite serious. Unlike him, I can see the writing on the wall.

I've been knee deep in the racist origins of our immigration policy for quite some time and seen how they clothe bigotry with easier to swallow terms.
Terms like "border security," "criminal alien," "illegal alien" and coopted terms like "migrant," "chain migration" and "national security."

So why would I thank him?
Because - simply - it's nothing new. It's the same old tired alarm, played on the world's most annoying siren. "We must stop the invasion!"
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