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The original thread on what you are not being told about #EU sanctions on #oil has led many people to address many useful questions. The main questions are : tehnical (why is it so hard to make the transition ) , geopolitical (what we can expect) & operational (what other /1
solutions are possible). Assuming the #EU sanctions against #Russia will be maintained here is what we will happen technically, geopolitically, operationally. 1) technically speaking it is very complicated to change The original thread is here. /2
the #EU reffineries to accept non #Russian oil.There are many different types of refinery and no two refineries are exactly the same.This reflects the type of crude oil which the refinery is designed to process and the demand for specific products in particular markets.Refining/3
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This is a thread about #TexasAbortionLaw or #TexasAbortionBan so sit back and hold on. ALSO if you do not read all the way to the end, you have no right to comment. I have long maintained that while I do not believe in abortion myself, I have no right to cast a vote...
...since in the end I will never directly have to deal with the issue or the repercussions thereof. In other words: "I am not a woman, ergo, I should not be telling a woman what she should or should not do with her body. This is my own PERSONAL FEELINGS. That being said...
...I woke up this morning and began reading things like a tweet that decries the last Doctor standing who performed something like a dozen or more abortions in the last hours before the ban went into effect...
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2019: "a person's average micro-plastic consumption is between 70,000-121,000 particles per yr & rising for those who drank bottled water closer to 100,000."

Imagine plastic inhalation/consumption for those wearing #masks for past yr. #VirtueSignalling…
"Disposable face masks (single use masks) are produced from polymers such as #polypropylene, #polyurethane, #polyacrylonitrile, #polystyrene, #polycarbonate, #polyethylene, or #polyester (Potluri and Needham, 2005)."

They shed. Plastic is inhaled/ingested. By adults & #children.
"This new emergence of #facemasks as environmental litter both in the terrestrial & aquatic environment is a piece of evidence that the global pandemic has not in any way reduced the challenge of increasing #plastic #pollution in the environment."

#Biodiversity #Ecology
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@mamjahid @piperverlag 1/ Ich kann vieles von dem nachvollziehen, was sie über die Erinnerungskultur schreiben. Vieles davon ist sicher klassisches #virtuesignalling, das sie überall finden, aktuell vor allem entlang anderer *ismen.
@mamjahid @piperverlag 2/Aber es ist auch Identitätskonstruktion. Navid Kermani (…) hat, offenbar anders als Sie, verstanden, dass es, von links- bis rechtsextrem keine *deutsche* Identität ohne Auschwitz geben kann. Und damit auch keine migrantisch-*deutsche*:
@mamjahid @piperverlag 3/ "Wenn [die migrantisch-Deutschen] Auschwitz besuchen, werden sie ebenfalls das Wort „deutsch“ auf der Brust tragen. Spätestens unterm Tor werden sie Auschwitz als eigene Geschichte sehen."
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🧵 my theory is that everybody knows they're being lied to, but few have the time to find out just how. i'm here to help.

here's how @mattjcan🤥 is lying to you:

#1. he says "gas _now_ sets australian electricity prices". the truth is it has for years…
…gas generation in the NEM hit a 15 year low last year, yet it still plays a major role in setting the price.

why? because coal and hydro plants "shadow price" gas.

ie. they set their bids just below the cost of gas to maximise their profits.

#2. @mattjcan🤥 tries to make a connection between rising gas prices and blackouts in sydney.

that's just soooo wrong!

these blackouts were due to problems in the distribution network ("poles and wires").

there have been no incidents of load shedding in NSW recently.
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Classical #Liberalism gets mocked a lot but it's a very powerful and valuable idea and generalizes beyond human beings.

A bunch of agents with come together and create an agreement to follow rules which move them out of bad Nash Equilibria, but with some remaining freedom.
A "Bad Nash Equilibrium" is a solution to a game where everyone does what is personally best for them, but the overall result is extremely bad for everyone. Rules/Laws are typically designed to get us out of these traps.

In the past, societies often took extreme measures to keep people out of bad Nash Equilibria, such as cutting people's hands off for stealing, or stoning adulterers to death.

It is good that we don't brutalize people to fix collective games. Classical #Liberalism is good!
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@AdamWagner1 @OmarSalem Indeed one would have hoped a dramatic #medicalExperimentation basically castrating unhinged children using #OffLabel drugs

based on blatant lies about suicide risks& #detransitioners

would have been prohibited by medical ethics.1/ #PubertyBlockers

@AdamWagner1 @OmarSalem Not conducting proper scientific evaluation of powerful drugs used #offLabel on children is against HR .
Lying to politicians & parents by pretending an old, small, very poor scientifically study from the Netherland were definitive is an old crooky trick👇
@AdamWagner1 @OmarSalem Of note, in Sweden politicians put a stop to the blind implementation in the Law of the #transExtremismPropaganda after investigative journalism exposed the lies in particular re : #suicideThreat

In UK @deb_cohen 's work exists but judges were needed...
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De #BBC heeft nieuwe regels opgesteld voor #socialmedia gebruik van hun personeel. Medewerkers dienen voortaan onpartijdig te blijven in hun uitingen op zowel hun privé- als professionele accounts op bijvoorbeeld #Twitter en #Facebook /1…
#BBC-medewerkers wordt gevraagd geen persoonlijke mening te geven over kwesties als openbaar beleid, politiek of controversiële onderwerpen. Ook dient het personeel inkomsten die buiten de @BBCNews verdiend worden te vermelden in een openbare database /2
Medewerkers bij #BBC krijgen ook richtlijnen om vooringenomenheid of #bias te vermijden via wie ze volgen, wat ze liken, retweeten of delen. Ook moeten disclaimers als 'My views, not the BBC's' in biografieën en op bijvoorbeeld #Twitter profielen vermeden worden /3
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With so much frustration over Australia's involvement with the UN, I've decided to do a thread on their influence and cost to our nation. It's going to be a long one and a work in progress.I'll be starting out with foreign aid with associated contributions and progress from there
2/ So in taking a look at foreign aid I'll begin with what Australia contributes at first glance. These are our 'official development assistance' figures.…
3/ I'd like to make a note that the largest allocation of this financial assistance goes to 'effective governance'.
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