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There is a moment in Season 4, Episode 8 of #TheCrown that explains the #VotingRights impasse. 1/ #MLKDay
In this e8, The Queen want to unite the Commonwealth to oppose Apartheid, but she must get the one holdout to sign on first—Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher won’t budge. 2/ #VotingRightsAct #thecrown
Round after round the Queen’s men bring her edited versions of the coalition’s statement. Each time she whips out her red pen sniping, “No. No. No.” 3/
#VotingRightsAct #thecrown
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We’d like to introduce you to a #ProudBoy in #Greensboro #NC.

He's got a history of criminal violence, fraud, and theft.

He’s a proud #WhiteNationalist, who uses his retail biz to enable a career-long hobby of being a cyber predator.


This is Joseph aka Joey aka “Psycho” Maness.

Joey is about to find out that his “White Privilege” Card has been declined.

2/ Guy in a goatee and a red shirt with the 2nd ammendment text
Joey Maness is a proud Proud Boy. His Telegram bio reads: “Proud Western Chauvinist who refuses to apologize”.

Here are a number of unapologetic selfies he shared, sporting Proud Boy attire and memorabilia.

3/ Telegram screenshot, message from "L3g3nd": "Guy with a goatee and a black shirt, with a black cap on bacScreenshot from a Telegram profile.  Profile pic is a white
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In the absence of Justice ⚖, the people suffer at the hands of those who are determined to rewrite history, escape accountability, and grab power & money wherever they can.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! @TheJusticeDept @FBI @DHSgov
You are failing.
They have every intention of destroying this country while constructively & strategically projecting that "the other side" is doing it.
Steve Bannon should be in prison.
Trump pardoned him to finish the job of dismantling democracy.
They are setting up the narrative. They are always steps ahead. And by the time anyone has enough courage to act, it's already too late.

It's Time!
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Tuck Tuck here jumps leaps & bounds to push his #WhiteNationalist buddy's "analysis" of Jan 6th indictments. He's BIG mad his extremist friends are rolling on each other.

Tucky is wondering about 20 or so unindicted co-conspirators.
Lucky for Tuckfuck I can help. #GetFuckedTuck
Here's 16 to begin Tuck. Follow along. Image
Co-conspirator 1: Donald Trump

Incitement Timeline: Year of Trump’s Actions Leading to the Attack on the Capitol by @just_security… Image
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Anyone remember when trump, just before leaving office, assigned Darren Beattie to oversee Holocaust Memorials?
Beattie, who was removed as a WH speech writer for being a known #WhiteNationalist? Who Matt Gaetz then hired & "accidentally" paid tens of thousands of taxpayer funds.
19 Nov 2020
Trump taps ex-aide who attended #whitenationalist meet to track Holocaust sites

@ADL blasts 'downright shocking' appointment of Darren Beattie, who is Jewish, to Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad…
He had appeared on a panel at the conference alongside Peter Brimelow, founder of #VDare

Beattie has since become a frequent booster & ally of Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist who rallied alongside neo-Nazis at Unite the Right in #Charlottesville…
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#AmericaFirstNazis cry "They keep calling us racist".

And then...

Matt Gaetz: you & your friends ARE in fact #WhiteNationalist #WhiteSupremacist wannabe Nazis.
All you're missing is the white hood.
Matt Gaetz retweets #propaganda laced bullshit.

Matt Gaetz is on the Armed Services Committee despite never having served and while being investigated for child sex-trafficking and corruption and election fraud pertaining a shill candidate.
None of those things scream Patriot.
Gaetz, Fucker Carlson and Hannity have done what to sacrifice for Americans? What service do they actually provide to this nation?

I argue NONE. In fact they service a disservice that endangers democracy and all of Americans, even the #WhiteSupremacistExtremists they pander to.
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Paul Gosar is performing what you would call a #WhiteNationalist Dog Whistle.

From the r/Kaiserreich reddit land. A nod to Huey Long, who founded the America First Party. (a Socialist Movement btw). But also a violent, white supremacist driven movement.
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1/ New Government Counter-Extremism Chief’sTies to Pro-Donald Trump Hate Groups

#WhiteNationalism is spreading.
Story by @BylineTimes #thread with brief from BylineTimes w/additional references of interest.
2/The new Lead Commissioner for the Government’s Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE), appointed by Home Secretary Priti Patel on 31 March for an interim period of six months, is Robin Simcox.…
3/Simcox is a former Margaret Thatcher Fellow at the Heritage Foundation – a right-wing think-tank in Washington D.C. which had close ties to the Trump administration.
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Matt has now gone with the 'Let's just piss people off' distraction.

It's a typical Stoney/Trumpian strategy. Gaetz just isn't very wise about the topics he selects for it. #CapitolInsurrection #MattGaetzDidSomethingWrong Image
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Let's not forget that #TheFormerGuy put a known #WhiteNationalist who was fired from the WH for his above acceptable level of #WhiteSupremacist ideology in charge of Holocaust Memorials. #MattGaetz hired him as speechwriter. #DarrenBeattie ➡️
#DarrenBeattie who thinks it's "beautiful" to thwart science mitigation measures with a #NEONAZI protest in Berlin.
This guy was put in charge of the f*cking Holocaust Memorials!
He is #MattGaetz's speechwriter. #MattGaetzDidSomethingWrong #WhiteNationalist Image
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#InvestigativeJournalists PLEASE PLEASE take note of my #thread on #MattGaetz! The connections between Gaetz, Luckey, and Thiel are IMPORTANT!
Gaetz is not interesting in women, yet he is engaged to Luckey's sister. He brought Chuck Johnson to the SOTU. He hired Darren Beattie/1
This "virtual border wall" was given a military contract under the Trump Administration! Gaetz is on the Armed Services Committee, Judiciary Committee, All Military Caucuses, SOCOM... PLEASE I'm begging a journalist to look at this! /2…
Gaetz is a #WannaBeRogerStone. An #AuthoritarianInTheMaking who is positioning himself for a run in the near future. His connections to these #Populist #WhiteNationalists #WhiteSupremacists is not by accident. His pushing of a House Bill based off of a #QAnon msg board, & more./3
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Here's a balanced approach to the #CPAC2021 stage.
1. Intentional? Probably, maybe, likely but not necessarily provable to insist ALL attendees/participants were aware.
2. It remains, despite the symbol being directly pointed out to organizers.

Biggest Takeaway: It Remains /1
One can argue that with the knowledge & understanding of #NeoNazi #NeoFascist groups entering more mainstream spaces that the failure to identify the shape is curious, but speculative. The #OdalRune #OthalaRune has been visible during during many #WhiteNationalist rallies. /2
Many outlets have covered the #NSM88's Nov2016 rebranding from the more widely recognized #Swastika to the #OthalaRune #OdalRune… /3
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#BrooksBrothersRiot 2.0
Stone also said federal authorities should seize all Nevada ballots, federal agents & GOP state officials should “physically” block voting, that Trump should nationalize police forces, and that Trump should order widespread arrests…
InfoWars chat #AlexJones? What were the #Insurrectionists thinking? What YOU told them to!
"Using the Insurrection Act, Stone suggested that Trump arrest the Clintons, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Mark Zuckerberg & Tim Cook, among others."…
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@ADL @JGreenblattADL @splcenter @gwupoe
@ExtremandDem @Hatewatch @RightWingWatch @C4ARR
Call a spade a spade, or pretend that hundreds of professionals from all different fields of study happened to miss the symbolic stage shape? #CPAQ #StageOfHate
Tell me the Chairman of the ACU (American Conservatives Union) who runs #CPAQ doesn't know what a #OthalaRune symbol is.
Guess you didn't check historical references to the #NSM88
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#Memes 🤔 That's funny #RickGaetz because who was it that waged a multimillion dollar Memetic Warfare operation in the 2016 election?
#CPAQ #CPAQ2021 #GaetzIsArranged
Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near-Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine
#GaetzIsArranged #CPAQ… /2
Fiancée of Matt Gaetz tells how she responded to the Republican congressman's Mar-a-Lago proposal after their whirlwind 10-month romance…
#GaetzIsArranged #CPAQ /3
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ProudBoys and White Nationalist, America first movement, is calling for a 2nd #MillionMAGAMarch tomorrow in #DC. Nazis are already showing to #BLM Plaza, yelling "white pride", calling them coons and other slurs, ready to fight. #MillionMAGAMarch
(Non-racist)Portland Proud Boys are promoting flyers for #DCProtests tomorrow with white nationalist Nick Fuentes and Vincent James on it. The #MillionMAGAMarch twitter account (40k followers) is mainly videos of Fascists at rallies. Its probably ran by nazis. #MillionMAGAMarch
The same guys that encircled and threatened indie journalists multiple times at the 1st #MillionMAGAMarch are back again.
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This is the #greenwashing sound @RepBrianFitz makes to #PA01 when he is trying to avoid controversy because

👎🏾he won't say he doesn't support #StandDownStandBy Trump, and

👎🏾he is working with Bill Barr to crack down on antifa instead of deadly #WhiteNationalist violence
Here is #PA01's @RepBrianFitz's antifa crackdown letter from July 2019, *long* before any of the coordinated messaging and crackdown from Barr's DoJ and the Trump admin started:
#PA01: In a total contradiction of @RepBrianFitz's claim that his action (above☝️🏾) would "protect journalists", it was #ProudBoys/#WhiteNationalists--and "local police"❗️- who were harassing and physically attacking #journalists just days ago in Portland.
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Last night, news broke after a whistleblower exposed that #ICE is forcibly sterilizing women in its camps, many of whom are Indigenous Central & South Americans. This is horrific, but it’s hardly surprising. Let’s examine why. THREAD 1/x
The US has a long history of forcibly sterilizing #BIWOC & indigent & mentally ill women, in addition to its long history of committing acts of #genocide against #BIPOC through the theft, forced displacement, & sale of children. See Laura Briggs, Taking Children. 2/x
But eugenics & #colonialism are not only part of #UShistory, the US was the template for a number of Nazi projects. Timothy Snyder argues successfully in Black Earth that Hitler’s concept of lebensraum, or living space, was a colonial model based upon US Western Expansion. 3/x
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In Defence of #WhiteNationalism

White Nationalism undermines the nation state, which is why #BigBrother demonises it as #WhiteSupremacy & deceitfully seeks to associate it with Nazism.

The Nazis were NOT White Nationalists! Those they hated & killed most were fellow Whites.
For me, #WhiteNationalism = #WhiteIdentity.

Just as Blacks tend to identify with fellow Blacks, I'm inclined to identify with fellow Whites.

I say "tend" & "inclined", because it is not absolute. But it is still a very important form of IDENTITY.
No one demonises Black identity, so why is White identity demonised?

Big Brother fears White identity, because it has the potential to become the majority identity & to challenge his own deceitful claim to nationhood.
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I was one of 6 resident fellows at @harvardiop in fall of 2016. Two of them were Republicans. Both #NeverTrumpers (at that time). I'm so proud of one of them today. @ddkochel helped get rid of #WhiteNationalist @SteveKingIA last night. /1 Image
The other joined our #RacistInChief @realDonaldTrump's @USDOJ shortly after kissing us all goodbye at Harvard. I'm trying to hold on to my sense of her humanity back then, but I will never forgive @whignewtons for proudly working for an obvious racist. /2
Oh, and she strongly defended DOJ while it launched a war against my trans brothers and sisters, and jailed children and babies after ripping them from their parents at the border.

It pains me to write all this, but holding it in hurts even worse. WHITE SILENCE=DEATH /end Image
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Y'all, this is a BFD.

The website in question is @vdare run by white supremacist @peterbrimelow.


Today, they goofed and it slipped out. But these are the groups informing our policy affecting MILLIONS of people of color.
The hate networks of John Tanton, who died in July, have infiltrated the Trump administration, where they've injected their sick and twisted ideologies which metastasize into things like caging brown kids for profit.

Tanton was good buddies with Vdare's Brimelow. (Shocker.)
Sound familiar? Family unification ? Chain migration? Attacking asylum?

Brimelow and Tanton were discussing this in 1995.

Check out what Tanton was thinking about 20 years before that: ending #BirthrightCitizenship
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10 years ago #DHS sent American law enforcement agencies an intelligence briefing warning of a rising threat of #domestic #RightWing #extremism, including #WhiteSupremacist #terrorism.
#economicrecession & election of America’s 1st #blackpresident fertile ground #radicalization
Military #veterans returning from #Iraq & #Afghanistan, would be attractive #targets for #recruitment, #Republican #politicians & #conservativepundits reacted with outrage & demanded a retraction. The small team of domestic terrorism analysts who had produced report was disbanded
and analysts were reassigned to study #Muslim #extremism, according to Daryl Johnson, the career federal intelligence analyst who had led the team, By the next year, Johnson had been forced out of the #DHS altogether..
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(THREAD) A homicidal mental state is not a mental illness. This is why our laws hold persons accountable who act with homicidal intent whenever a mental illness does not account for that intent. Stigmatizing mentally ill people, unjustly, isn't helpful. The problem is "#Bigotry."
A "#Bigot" is a person who has a baseless bias (or baseless biases) against a group (or groups) of humans. By itself, bigotry is not harmless. It influences the way one speaks, acts, thinks, votes, and advocates. #BigotRhetoric is pernicious, insidious, and infectious.
Repeated exposure to #BigotRhetoric can literally alter how others perceive stimuli. They will inevitably begin to experience confirmation bias that reinforces and augments growing bigotry, in their minds. In any large groups of humans, some will have homicidal mental states.
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