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Thread on the #BootlegFire #wildfire in Oregon
Katy O’Hara says the fire is large it’s creating logistical issues.

This incident base at Chiloquin is at the western edge of the fire, where most of the containment is.

Many of the firefighters are camping closer to the Fire.

“We can’t risk the drive time” says O’Hara
At Chiloquin high school, about an hour from the fire, a vendor sells “Bootleg fire” shirts and other souvenirs
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It is fire season in Canada, Russia, Spain, Cyprus, various parts of the US, various parts of Brazil... From Siberia to the Amazon, this is the fire thread:

See where fires are raging in July 2021 🧵#ClimateCrisis #extremeweather ⬇️…

This is the fire thread: See where fires are raging in July 2021 🧵#ClimateCrisis #extremeweather #Siberia +…

This is the fire thread: See where fires are raging in July 2021 🧵#ClimateCrisis #extremeweather #californiawildfires +
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We swung by Riverfront Park where there’s a bake sale to raise funds to help people affected by the wildfires. The event was organized by “patriots against racism,” mainly Epilogue Kitchen which has been involved in #BLM organizing. #Oregonfires #santiamfires #oregon #wildfire
The bake sale sold out after 1.5 hours. They are still handing out free masks & anti-racism info, plus registering people to vote. 100% of the proceeds will go to help with wildfire relief. #oregon #salemoregon #santiamfire #oregonfires #wildfire #oregonwildfires #wildfirerelief Image
Approximately 15 people participated in a “[bike] ride for change.” They flew BLM flags and biked around the park. The event was organized in conjunction with the bake sale, by Rian Gayle, a Black, Deaf community leader. #Salem #salemoregon #oregon #BLMprotests #salemor
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High values of aerosol optical depth corresponding to #CaliforniaFires #OregonFires smoke crossing the North Atlantic to the Norwegian Sea & Scandinavia in the #CopernicusAtmosphere Monitoring Service forecast initialized at 00 UTC on 19/09… Image
Looking ahead to 18 UTC on 20/09 shows smoke aerosol from western US #wildfires crossing northern Scotland & could lead to a spectacular sunset. S UK/N France may also see hazy skies with #SaharanDust @liamdutton @Schafernaker @LucyWeather @Lauratobin1… Image
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Here is your AM report about the #NorthComplex currently burning in #ButteCounty, #PlumasCounty & #YubaCounty. This fire comprises two merged fires: #BearFire & #ClaremontFire. #NorthComplexWestZone #NorthComplexFire

📸AM SW from Meadow Valley camera

1/21 Image
Here is the latest #NorthComplex #BearFire #NorthComplexWestZone data as of 9/14 PM. The Bear & Claremont Fires merged on 9/7 to form the North Complex. It’s managed by Plumas NF & CAL FIRE.
✅273,335 acres
✅36% contained
✅15 fatalities
✅23,356 structures threatened
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Thick smoke from #CaliforniaFires #OregonFires crossing North America & North Atlantic reaching Iceland & Scandinavia over weekend in latest @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF aerosol forecast visualized by @windyforecast… #wildfires
Dark area of smoke aerosol from western US #wildfires over cloud in #TerraMODIS visible imagery for 17/09 corresponding to area of high AOD in #CopernicusAtmosphere forecast for 09UTC… ImageImage
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2/George Atiyeh's grandson was out helping douse spot fires last week - I met him in Mill City my second day in Oregon.…
3/ In Mill City, Ore., I also spoke with Stephan Weaver and other volunteers fighting fires who remembered Atiyeh as part of their Santiam Canyon community:…
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Thick smoke from continuing #CaliforniaFires #OregonFires crossing N America & eventually N Atlantic towards Iceland🇮🇸 & Norwegian Sea in latest @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF forecast visualized by @windyforecast…
Note also sea salt aerosol from #HurricanePaulette, #SaharanDust and smoke from #wildfires in Portugal & Spain #IIFF
Latest monitoring data of daily total intensity & estimated annual total carbon emissions for western US #wildfires with #CopernicusAtmosphere GFAS #opendata…. #CaliforniaFires #OregonFires & #WashingtonFires continue >> 2003-2019 mean #wildfires2020 #IIFF ImageImage
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#OregonFires #ForestFires
Homes that are not burned will be coated with smoke and it will be greasy and hard to remove. However, as someone whose family had not one, but two, housefires, (the first was limited to the kitchen where the fridge caugh on fire) I am a bit of an expert
#OregonFires #ForestFires
You will want a lot of Stanley Degreaser. Just fill a garbage barrel with water and degreaser. Put your stuff in it and let it soak. After 20 minutes or so, you can wipe away the smoke and your glasses, plates, etc will be fine
You can't soak paintings but you can wipe them clean with degreaser, just lay a wet cloth on the pictures and then gently dab away the greasy smoke.
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Going around the state, I heard many powerful stories of painful losses as the #OregonFires have destroyed countless homes filled with special memories. One of those homes was the house of Aaron Hooker’s mom in southern Oregon.
Lost in the fire that consumed that home was an American flag presented years ago to the family of Vietnam vet Howard Tommy Hooker at his burial. Honored to present a replacement flag to his son Aaron yesterday in Medford. Image
I know every Oregonian who’s lost homes and memories cannot replace either so easily. But I also know I will work 24-7 to get every available dollar of federal aid to help all Oregonians rebuild their lives as quickly as possible.
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Yesterday we drove down Oregon HWY 97—the edge of the Two Four Two Fire. The fire has burned over 14,000 acres in Southern Oregon & is 7% contained. Several hot spots burned along the hwy as we passed. #fires #fire #twofourtwofire #OregonFires #OregonWildfires #oregon #wildfire ImageImageImage
Along the highway, in the Two Four Two Fire zone, a sign reads “No Trespassing, Looters Will Be Shot.” The fire had burned several structures on the property behind the sign. #fires #fire #twofourtwofire #OregonFires #OregonWildfires #oregon #wildfire #wildfires Image
Along the highway, a team worked to secure power lines. Although the cause of the Two Four Two Fire is still unknown, downed power lines are a common cause of wildfires. #fires #fire #twofourtwofire #OregonFires #OregonWildfires #oregon #wildfire #wildfires #clypiancoverage Image
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Next to Holladay Park, where the mutual aid group EWOKS, which started up during the Portland Protests, is giving out supplies to the people impacted by the Oregon forest fires. #fires #OregonFires #portland ImageImageImage
More details from EWOKS about what’s happening today.
Supplies being distributed include food, clothing, household items, and health supplies. #OregonFires #fires #portland #mutualaid ImageImageImageImage
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In an 'Oregonians for Trump' Facebook group, on #OregonFires ImageImageImage
Posted by some sort of weird attention-seeking dude who apparently has quite a large following.

His Facebook post above has 680 reactions and ~860 shares. ImageImageImageImage
@MrOlmos Thought you'd enjoy seeing what that guy you interviewed was up to.
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Oregon wildfires in Clackamas County are now confirmed to have been set by individuals with long rifles. Police are seen taking them into custody having averred these arsonists set the state ablaze. #PortlandProtests Original video by Brittni DeVault…
Too many reports to catalog are coming in. This is from Ham radio 155.430 155.190 — Never forget what they do today. Never forget what they've done.
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Escalation of devastating #wildfires, smoke & surface #airpollution across entire western US with very high levels of surface PM2.5 for the coming days. @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF forecast initialized 9 Sept at 00 UTC visualized by @windyforecast
1 Aug - 8 Sept 2020 daily total #wildfire radiative power (cf 2003-2019 mean) for US, #CaliforniaFires, #OregonFires & #WashingtonFires from #CopernicusAtmosphere Monitoring Service GFAS data… based on NASA MODIS 🛰️ active fire observations #wildfireseason Image
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I don’t think people are aware of how much of the west coast is burning right now: #WaWILDFIRE #OregonFires #CAfire…
While I have you, please take the time to confirm you’re registered to vote:
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Most people failed to understand we have a usurpation government (De Facto) occupying our state houses since 1868. The riots, the #OregonFires, the fake virius, 5G weaponry are all orchestrated. The false left vs right is design to keep your eye off the ball. You blame the... Image
.... Elites & I agree. The Elites are pulling the strings from the oval office all the way down to local level, but they need ignorant voters to keep this illegitimate system to stay in power. Keep worshipping Trump, Biden or whoever in office or running for the first time.
As long as you continue to participate in THEIR system... I 110% guarantee more chaos will come. You look for a savior way up in the sky. Our creator gives us the power to choose. We choose to empower this system & now it is imperative we use our power to....
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3:00pm and it feels like dusk.... Ash has been falling from the sky for 24 hours now. #OregonFires
update: taken at 4:15pm. Extremely creepy. Ash still falling. My parents are under level 1 evacuation preparation warning. If they get upgraded to Level 2 I'll go and help evacuate them. Just absolutely wild. Have never seen anything like this before.
5:30pm. Corvallis, Oregon. A comparison of what normal light should look like compared to what we're experiencing.
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