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When @wef opens in #Davos , @Oxfam puts out their alternative State of the World rpt. This year's shows that:
• The richest 1% hold 45.6% of global wealth, while the poorest half of the world have just 0.75%.
• 81 Billionaires hold more wealth than 50% of the world.
• 10 billionaires own more than 200 million African women combined.

The richest got WAY richer during the #pandemic -- the top 1% richest got 63% wealthier in 2020-21. We mere mortals got only 10% richer in 2 years, on average.
Food & energy costs are the main drivers of #inflation; companies in those sectors in 2022:
• made $306bn in windfall profits;
• increased profits 256% in 2022 compared w/the 2018–2021 average;
• paid $257bn to stock shareholders in 2022

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¿Recuerdas lo cara que era la telefonía celular antes de que llegara @MovistarMX a México?

Es que antes había un duopolio, bueno, más bien un monopolio de #CarlosSlim, y por eso era tan caro, eso lo hizo millonario, pero entró la competencia y mejoró la oferta.

Breve Hilo: 👇
A cualquiera al que se le hubiera concesionado #Telmex la telefónica estatal, concentrando el monopolio de la telefonía en el país por tantos años, sin control de tarifas se habría hecho magnate.

No hay nada admirable en quien hizo su fortuna cobijado por la enorme corrupción.
#CarlosSlim es prestanombres del expresidente Carlos Salinas, por eso no es coincidencia que sin haber tenido una carrera destacada como empresario, llegó a ser considerado el hombre más rico del mundo después del salinato. ¡Antes vendía seguros, joyas y hasta boletos de lotería!
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Como todos los días y cada vez que respira en el reflector sale con otra gran mentira queriendo manipular a la gente.

QPM de persona, en serio.

Esta es la realidad de #Telmex

-Abro hilo-

¿Qué compró @carlosslim en los 90's?
En diciembre de 1990 #CarlosSlim tomó las riendas de una telefónica obsoleta solo ubicada arriba de la tecnología con la que contaba Haití.

La empresa que #GrupoCarso y sus socios adquirieron el 19 de diciembre de 1990 era muy obsoleta.
Tenía 30 años de atraso tecnológico en ese momento.
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@MarinaAbramovlc with #JacobRothschild in front of a very special picture called "Satan summoning his Legions". #QanonArmy says, that the #DeepState is in #PanicInDC.
#JacobRothschild is father of @NatRothschild1. Do you remember the connections? Nat knows #RachelChandler aswell as #GhislaineMaxwell.
#JacobRothschild together with #EvelyneRothschild and #LynnForesterRothschild.
Lynn is the spouse of #Epstein listee Evelyn. Together with Archpaedophile #JimmySavile, #FfionHague and @TheDukeOfYork, Lynn was on the board of Outward Bound where indescribable abuse took place.
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1/Sunday July 14-
In my research since the #NXIVMtrial ended almost 4 weeks ago, I discovered that #NXIVM #Mexico was/is MASSIVE, with ties to
#Hollywood (JamesBond?!)
and #Media
They HAD (still HAVE?) big plans…
2/ During the trial, Mark Vicente testified that Keith Raniere bragged that #NXIVM was so massive, with so many interconnected companies under the NXIVM umbrella, that it couldn’t be taken down.
Well, even the US Gov’t said it was big…
Much discovery evidence>sealed.
3/ So how big was (is) it?
Remember the Sony Hacks(?!)
In 2015, it was revealed via those leaked emails that the Mexican government paid $20 million (in form of tax breaks etc) to Sony/MGM for a script rewrite on the upcoming James Bond film, Spectre:…
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Many of my followers know Dec. 14th, 2018, I filed a lawsuit against my old colleague, frmr. #FastNFurious U.S. Atty Dennis Burke, in Fed. Court for the District of MA. ▶️Today, a First Amended Complaint was filed. New info starts on page 51, para. 222.◀️…
Remember, frmr. U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, my old colleague, was the United States Attorney who resigned in shame during one of the best known scandals of the Obama presidency, known as Fast and Furious, in which guns were trafficked to Mexican drug cartels. #TRUTH #MAGA #TRUMP
In the Fast and Furious scandal, Burke was called a "leaker and a liar" by frmr. Dep. A.G., James Cole. My lawsuit connects Burke to corrupt interests, including the #NXIVM cult. Burke has recently been named by prosecutors in the #NXIVM investigation.…
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In an astonishing development related to the #NXIVM cult case, a video has surfaced where the mysterious & powerful frmr Pres. of #Mexico, #CarlosSalinas, can be seen DANCING like a happy, nice man, near his son #EmilianoSalinas who has been under investigation. Why do you think?
In the current #NXIVM #RICO case, Emiliano Salinas, son of frmr. #Mexico President #CarlosSalinas, has been under investigation. The father, #CarlosSalinas, is considered by many to be the ultimate power broker in #Mexican politics. He is rarely seen. This video has now surfaced.
The video of #EmilianoSalinas dancing near his father, frmr. #Mexico President #CarlosSalinas, is all over the #Mexican press & media all of a sudden. The feeling is that frmr. #Mexico President #CarlosSalinas ALLOWED this video to be taken of him dancing with his son. But why?
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As the #NXIVM case gains momentum in #Mexican media, a political blog in #Mexico, "indice politico," published this article a few days ago. In case you don't know Spanish, the headline says, "[frmr. Pres.] Carlos Salinas can have you assassinated." #NXIVM…
...[continued] 4 those of you who know how 2 use Google Translate, U can cut and paste this quote: "Sea o no merecido, Carlos Salinas es probablemente el hombre más temido en México, el hombre asumido como el verdadero jefe de la mafia mexicana..." #ArizonaMafia #NXIVM
...[continued] "...con sus negocios multimillonarios de lavado de dinero, venta de drogas, tráfico de personas, manejo de armas y asesinato." Plug that quote 2 Google Translate 2 learn abt #CarlosSalinas, the man my frmr. friend Marco Lopez & his #ArizonaMafia have been wkg with.
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