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#Ebola thread: Sorry this is so late; another disease demanded my attention. And the news here is so routinely awful I barely know where to start. This outbreak is really, really not going well.
Here's what I see:
2. @MinSanteRDC reports +14 cases today. This reporting week is 2 days old & there have already been 22 #Ebola cases. They also report 10 deaths, 7 of them community deaths. The people who looked after those dying patients will be cases themselves in the next week or 2. Fact.
3. So the outbreak totals are now 1168 cases & 741 deaths. After the West African outbreak (admitted still far, far bigger) I naively thought the world would never let an #Ebola outbreak get big again.
I was wrong.
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#Ebola 01APR2019...
💊 1092 prob+conf total cases (+3 compared to y'days report)
🔬 291 suspected (+111)
🔬 66 probable (+0)
🔬 1026 confirmed (+3; +1 Katwa, +1 Butembo, +1 Mandima)

💊 683 fatal #Ebola virus disease cases (+4)
🔬+1 Katwa health zone (HZ; deaths in community)
🔬+3 Butembo HZ (deaths in a treatment centre)
🔬 92 cases in past 10 days; 48 in past 5
🔬 2 days with only single digit cases
🔬When suspected cases jump, confirmed sometimes follow
💊 93,996 vaccinated (+307 since y'day's report)
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Global Events and #earthquakes thread:
April 1, 2019

HOLY HECK...there are so many 4+ and 5+ earthquakes already this morning (6:30am PDT), I had to break the screen cap in two!…
Critical Infrastructure Disruption in Norway on April 01 2019 11:37 AM (UTC).

Norsk Hydro's aluminum plant at Karmoey in Norway has been hit by a power outage, and electricity has so far only been partly restored, the company said in a statement.…
Vehicle Incident in Netherlands on April 01 2019 09:13 AM (UTC).

Chemical tanker CHEMICAL MARKETER collided with inland passenger vessel VIKING IDUN at around 0010 UTC Apr 1 on Western Scheldt in front of Terneuzen, Netherlands.…
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There were 72 #Ebola cases reported this week (Monday through Sunday) which makes it the worst week of the North Kivu outbreak. Hopefully the community engagement efforts start to pay off soon because this outbreak is growing at an unsettling rate right now. Thread.
2. March was the worst month of this outbreak so far; there were 196 cases, 20% more than Dec & Jan, the previous worst months. Hopefully the community engagement work will help. But the community wants a lot of stuff #Ebola response teams don't generally deliver.
3. @MinSanteRDC reported +13 cases today & 11 deaths — including 8 community deaths. Community deaths virtually guarantee more cases, which doesn't bode well. The outbreak totals are now 1082 cases & 676 deaths. So far from over.
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“If we do a really great job on new vaccines-health care, reproductive health services, we could lower population perhaps 10-15 percent.”


Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, known as the father of holistic cancer research, was silenced by medical-mafia.

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This summary translated from the #DRC MOH puts the #Ebola fight in perspective:
"The next day [9 Mar] the delegation was in Butembo to meet
the teams who faced a new attack at the Butembo Ebola Treatment Center
(ITAV). Early in the morning, heavily armed men attempted..."
" attack the ETC. Having been informed of a possible attack, the security
forces had pre-positioned themselves around the ETC, & this helped
to repel the attackers & save several lives. A policeman protecting
the ETC died in the shootout, & several assailants..."
"...were captured. The Minister of Health then exchanged with the medical staff who managed to calm the patients who all remained in their isolation rooms
until the end of the shooting. They praised the quick intervention of
the security forces who saved their lives."
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Wondering why it's so hard to stop the North Kivu #Ebola outbreak? Today's update from @MinSanteRDC shares a story that neatly illustrates what the Ebola response teams face. Pull up a chair. It's a doozy. 1/
2. A woman from Katwa started to develop #Ebola symptoms. Her husband died of Ebola in Jan., so she must have known what was going on. She had refused to be vaccinated or to be monitored by the response. When she got sick, she fled to Bunia, a 6.5 hour drive away.
3. Don't know why Bunia, but she died from #Ebola there. Her family decided to take her corpse to Vuhovi, which I think is a little west of Butembo, to be buried with her husband. FYI: the corpse of a person who died from Ebola teams with viruses. Very dangerous to handle.
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Personal reflections on visit to Beni, Butembo, Komanda in North Kivu #DRC #Ebola with @DrTedros & team @WHO 28 December 2018 - 4th January 2019 - huge thank you to everyone who made the trip possible - inspiring, humbling and insightful
Incredible dedication & commitment all teams-hugely impressive & humbling very difficult & at times frightening environment – dedicated, committed teams from #DRC, @MinSanteRDC, across Africa, Ukraine, Bangladesh from @WHO, @WFP, @MSF @AlimaOng @MONUSCO, @UN, @SamaritansPurse
Commitment of all teams to patients,families,communities & to do whatever it takes to bring epidemic to an end with approach that is trusted & locally led is remarkable teams that are often away from their families in really tough conditions-the world owes them all a huge amount
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Translating from Swedish, probable false alarm #Ebola case. Still awaiting lab results. (thread)
"During the late Friday afternoon it was found that the patient was feeling better and that the suspicion of Ebola had slowed somewhat."
2.) "The patient who came in during the day showed symptoms such as blood counts which made us suspect ebola. He has also been in countries where the virus exists, says senior physician Mikael Köhler at the Academic Hospital."
3.) "The patient feels better and has no blood in the vomiting anymore. The suspicion of Ebola has slowed somewhat. But we still treat it as if it were Ebola, because it would have major consequences if it is Ebola."…
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Some other thoughts on the new work finding #Marburg in bats in Sierra Leone (…). There has long been evidence that filoviruses are present in areas that haven't seen outbreaks. /1
Even before big outbreak 2013-2016 in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea, there was evidence #Ebola was present in W. Africa. One, a single case of a different filovirus (Tai Forest) in Côte d’Ivoire, and two, seroprevalence studies, eg this diagram from… /2
You can see lots of areas where #Ebola antibodies were found in the population, but big outbreaks have not been detected. The countries affected weren't on there, but others nearby were (Senegal, Togo, Benin). Problem is, seroprevalence studies are really tough. /3
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On Dec 12 there were 505 #Ebola cases reported in #DRCongo -- 2 dys later it's 521, w/>30 cases in the large city of Butembo. "Control" seems elusive.
Here are some reasons for rising concern (see my thread):
National elections are days away (Dec 23) & violence is rising. 2 dys ago someone set fire to the election warehouse, destroying 1000s of voting machines in Kinshasa.
One of the est'ed 60 militias operating in the #Ebola area of No Kivu is the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR). Shots were fired X-border in #Rwanda, killing 2 Rwandan soldiers on Dec 9. Escalated border tension, Hutu v Tutsi. MORE…
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Seems #Ebola sitn in #DRCongo is in the danger zone:
- A total of 207 cases
- 172 lab conf'ed -- 95 of them dead
Focus now = Beni, where DRC MOH says control impeded by "community resistance, insecurity, dead city days & the lack of involvement of traditional healers."
There has been an "increase in the number of alerts received & investigated per day" most of which seem unconnected to known cases, so the epidemiology is ^ingly mysterious. And contact tracing is dangerous due to military & resistance climate.
A UN Peacekeeping employee (not a HCWer) has come down w/#Ebola & hunt is on for contacts w/in UN ops.
And @theIRC says 33 new cases emerged last week. "This is a sign not only that the outbreak is not under control, but that...things could get a lot worse."
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The @WHO DG @DrTedros addressed @UN Security Council today abt #Ebola in #DRCongo. Highlights:
"First, the security situation. Even when I was in Beni at the beginning of the outbreak, there was an attack just 15 kms frm the town. Since then there has been an increase.."
" the frequency & intensity of attacks by armed groups in very close vicinity to Beni. These include a full-scale attack on the #DRC armed forces base on 24Aug, ambushes on MONUSCO on Sept 3 & 9, a rocket explosion in the centre of Beni on Sept11 & an..."
"...indiscriminate attack on Beni town just 10 dys ago, Sept22.
As a result of the most recent attacks, which killed 21 people, our operations were in lockdown for several dys. But when we’re in lockdown, you know
#Ebola is not. Ebola gets an advantage."
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Meanwhile...the Trump administration’s White America program proceeds. From @itscaitlinhd
Meanwhile (part 2)... Yemen bleeds, and starves, and it’s getting worse.
Meanwhile (part 3)...Baltimore is suffering a period of intense gun violence, with more people shot than some larger cities. Why? Per @AlecMacGillis
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This #Ebola outbreak is like no other. Why? Because it's in an active war zone:
"@UNHCR is particularly worried about the deteriorating situation in the
Ebola-hit northern territory of Beni. The area is home to some 1.3
million people. Spiralling conflict [MORE]
[cont2] "...has left the population living there virtually in a state of siege since October 2017. Reports of increased human rights violations & restrictions of humanitarian access are frequent. Estimates are that more than 100 armed groups are active in the province..." [more]
[cont3] "...continually terrorizing the population. Despite a large-scale military offensive of the Congolese Army against one of the main rebel groups, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) since January [2018], there has been no let-up in the violence."…
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The moment an unverified news report emerges on #NipahVirus , well-manicured @WhatsApp messages begin circulating. Is all of this linked to @BillGates so-called warning, which actually is his push for his next #Vaccine product…
Look at these well-made images circulated immediately after the news report on the #NipahVirus
@MoHFW_INDIA must watch out for this new game that @BillGates is playing.
@ashwani_mahajan I hope you are watching!
Same story played out with #Ebola and #Zika
Stage 1 - Few cases reported
Stage 2 - Scare amplified by @BillGates PR machine
Stage 3 - Amplify fear with "There Is No Vaccine" PR

The next few stages will be:
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1. #Ebola: Big thing to watch in the DRC outbreak is whether #Merck's experimental vaccine gets used. It's the one that was shown effective in a ring trial in West Africa. (And yes, made at Canada's national lab. 🇨🇦)
2. #Ebola: @WHO contact tells me discussions have already begun with DRC about laying the groundwork to use the #Merck vaccine, if it's needed/wanted.
3. #Ebola: DRC had an Ebola outbreak last year around this time and there was a lot of "will they? won't they?" about the #Merck vaccine, which still hasn't been licensed. In the end, the outbreak was contained after only 8 cases & the vaccine wasn't needed.
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Sergei #Skripal & his daughter remain in CRITICAL condition, but the police officer now is "stable & conscious."

My read: the Russians likely had respiratory compromise due to the NERVE AGENT and suffered anoxic brain injury.😳 1/…
BBC reports the nerve agent was not VX and likely is "rarer" than Sarin. Making & delivering nerve agents requires CONSIDERABLE infrastructure, so the more rare the agent, the easier to confirm which country (#Russia), even which laboratory, made it.🤔

If the NERVE AGENT blocks signals to muscles, the victim stops breathing (respiratory arrest), which won’t allow enough oxygen to get to vital organs (“anoxic” brain injury).

Unless resuscitated quickly, the victim can suffer CATASTROPHIC brain injury.😳

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