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1/ An important thread on Long Covid and #viralpersistence

“Almost all infectious outbreaks leave behind a proportion of pts who remain chronically unwell with symptom patterns similar to #LongCovid. This is known as the ‘long tail’ of epidemics.”

2/ Clues can be gained from studying survivors of the SARS (SARS CoV-1) outbreaks of the early 2000’s, and the West Africa Ebola crisis of the past decade.
3/ After SARS CoV-1 in 2002 - 2004, some survivors were reported to feel “weak, extremely fatigued, had aches and pains all over their body, and they were completely unable to work”

Some also reported ‘sleeping extremely poorly’.
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LIVE: Opening of the 75th World Health Assembly with @DrTedros. #WHA75…
"It’s good to see you. It’s been a while. For more than two years, technology has allowed us to continue meeting, and to continue our work together. But there is no substitute for meeting face-to-face"-@DrTedros #WHA75
"The #COVID19 pandemic has turned our world upside down. Our world has endured great suffering – and endures it still. I know how difficult the last two years have been for you and the people we serve together"-@DrTedros #WHA75
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Was wir tun müssen, um uns in Zukunft vor #Affenpocken & Co zu schützen.
Ein Thread.

Die #Affenpocken sind nach #Ebola, #Zika und #Covid19 bereits die vierte Infektionskrankheit in den letzten 10 Jahren, die uns kräftig in den Arsch beißt.
Und da kommen noch mehr.
Das ist alles nicht so richtig überraschend, Fachleute warnen seit Jahren vor der Entwicklung. Die Gründe sind vielfältig, das wäre nen eigenen Thread wert.

Aber vor allem müssen wir uns darauf einrichten, dass uns das Problem auf absehbare Zeit begleitet. Was also tun?
Aus meiner Sicht gibt es diverse Baustellen, an die wir in Deutschland ran müssen.
Die erste ist das #Gesundheitssystem. Da müssen erstens mal die strukturellen Probleme gelöst werden. Über Personalmangel & Co ist viel geschrieben worden, das können andere besser.
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LIVE: Media briefing on #COVID19 and other global health issues with @DrTedros…
"Over the last week, #COVID19 cases have risen in four out of the six WHO regions. Due to testing and sequencing reducing in many countries, it is increasingly difficult to know where the virus is and how it’s mutating"-@DrTedros
"The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has announced, through their state media, their first outbreak of #COVID19, with more than 1.4 million suspected cases since late April"-@DrTedros
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The UK #monkeypox outbreak is very interesting. A 🧵of some key points
- typically very limited human-to-human transmission, needs very close contact
- therefore, transmission is nothing like #COVID19
- to add to other #publichealth voices, very very low risks to wider general public
- if close contact, then public health teams will follow up
- monkeypox can be very nasty (case fatality rates upwards of 1%, albeit most outbreaks in areas where healthcare is v limited)
- UK has several specialist facilities for handling unusual tropical medicine cases. NHS is very good at this.
- Name is a bit misleading. First identified in monkeys, but small animals like rats/other rodents a more common host (typically in parts of West/Central Africa)
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1. @WHO held a press briefing today. Some interesting but disparate points made at it.
Pediatric #hepatitis: To date 348 probable cases from 5 regions of the world have met the case definition; 70 more are being studied. Only 6 countries have reported more than five cases.
2. Of the pediatric #hepatitis cases, 70% have tested positive for adenovirus, mostly type 41. ~18% of the cases tested positive for #Covid19. @WHO's Philippa Easterbrook says while adenovirus is still the chief suspect, prior or current Covid as a cofactor is still in the mix.
3. @WHO's Easterbrook says "within the week" there should be data from a UK case control study comparing adenovirus rates between kids with hepatitis of unknown etiology and other hospitalized children. Will help to see if #adenovirus is an incidental finding, she said.
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LIVE: Media briefing on #COVID19 and other global health issues with @DrTedros…
"Globally, reported cases and deaths from #COVID19 are continuing to decline, with reported weekly deaths at their lowest since March 2020.
But these trends, while welcome, don’t tell the full story."-@DrTedros
"Driven by Omicron sub-variants, we are seeing an increase in reported cases in the Americas & Africa."
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1. It's rare to have a single #Ebola case. How big will the current outbreak in #DRC get? Anyone's guess at this point. But authorities have confirmed a 2nd person has died at Mbandaka, the sister-in-law of the first identified case.
2. The woman died yesterday; she started experiencing symptoms 12 days earlier, ie about a week after her now dead brother-in-law. No word yet if she was treated in hospital & if so, if the hospital realized she had #Ebola & staff took appropriate precautions.
3. @WHOAFRO says that 145 contacts of these two people have been identified and are being monitored to see if they develop symptoms of #Ebola and need to be isolated.
No word yet if the 2nd case had been previously vaccinated; the 1st case was.
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1. This was fast! Genetic sequencing of #Ebola viruses collected from a man in NW #DRC who died on April 21 reveals that this is a new spillover event, not resurgence of activity from earlier outbreaks in this part of DRC.
The sequencing was done at @inrb_kinshasa.
Short 🧵
2. In the past getting an answer to this would have taken a lot more time. Impressive to see how quickly this question was answered.
The sequencing information was contained in a report that discloses important details about this new #Ebola case.…
3. The man who died of #Ebola on April 21 in Mbandaka was vaccinated against Ebola in 2020 during an earlier outbreak there.
The main purpose of the Merck Ebola vaccine is to extinguish outbreaks. Questions remain about how long it protects. This is n=1, but 😟.
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1. #Ebola thread.
#DRC has declared a new #Ebola outbreak after diagnosing the disease in a 31 yo man who died in Mbandaka in NW DRC. This is across the country from the terrible North Kivu-Ituri outbreak that raged from 2018-2020.…
2. The man began experiencing symptoms on April 5 but only ended up in an #Ebola treatment unit on April 21. That means there were probably unsafe exposures during that time. Or as @MoetiTshidi put it: "The disease has had a two-week head start and we are now playing catch-up."
3. On the positive side: at the #Ebola treatment unit, staff recognized what they were dealing with & were protected. The man was given a safe burial.
And there are a lot of people in Mbandaka & surrounding region who have been vaccinated with the Merck Ebola vaccine. #DRC
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LIVE: Media briefing on #Ukraine, #COVID19 and other global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "The global increase in #COVID19 cases continues, driven by large outbreaks in Asia and a fresh wave in Europe. Several countries are now seeing their highest death rates since the beginning of the pandemic"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "This reflects the speed with which Omicron spreads, and the heightened risk of death for those who are not vaccinated, especially older people"-@DrTedros #COVID19

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READ THIS. Lots of pharma, biotech & academia now use AI to search for novel drugs to treat diseases. A small biotech company wondered if the same AI programs could find the reverse -- new chemicals to kill people. They set the program to look for VX-like chemicals.
2/ "In less than 6 hours after starting on our in-house server, our model generated 40,000 molecules that scored within our desired threshold." -- Compounds not only likely to kill people, but far deadlier than VX gas.
This is Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) -- MORE
3/ -- good tech that can be put to evil purpose.
The stunned researchers: "We have spent decades using computers & AI to improve human health—not to degrade it. We were naive in thinking abt the potential misuse of our trade, as our aim had always been to avoid molecular..."
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New #Ebolavirus research shows how 2 powerful antibodies can neutralize #Ebola—and Sudan virus

“Finding antibodies with this breadth is important because we don’t know which virus in the genus of ebolaviruses is going to break out next."

To save lives, doctors need broad-spectrum therapies that neutralize as many Ebolavirus species as possible.

This @CellPressNews study shows 2 potent antibodies that can neutralize the well-known Ebola virus and Sudan virus (also responsible for large, deadly outbreaks. Graphical abstract showing ...
The team used #CryoEM to get a clear view of these two antibodies in complex with the #Ebolavirus glycoprotein.

1 antibody, called 1C11, neutralizes the virus by binding with a site on the fusion machinery the virus would normally use to enter and infect host cells. Image
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Great news: The 13th #Ebola outbreak that started on 8 October in #DRC’s 🇨🇩 North Kivu Province has been declared over. No new cases were reported at the end of a 42-day countdown.

11 cases (8 confirmed, 3 probable), including 9 deaths and 2 survivors were reported in the #Ebola outbreak that occurred in the same province as the 2018 outbreak that lasted 2 years and the 2021 outbreak that ended in May.

More than 1800 people were vaccinated in a campaign that started 5 days after the first case was detected. For the first time, licensed vaccines against #Ebola were used from the ICG-managed global stockpile of Ebola vaccines, with support from @gavi

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Zu #Ebola aus:


#Soziale Ansteckung

und anderes Material zum mikrobiologischen Klassenkampf in China

Übersetzung aus dem amerikanischen Englisch von WRKSHP, 2021
Ein Auszug:
Der evolutionäre Dampfkochtopf kapitalistischer Agrikultur und Urbanisierung. Er bietet das ideale Medium, in dem zunehmend verheerendere Seuchen enstehen, transformiert, in zoonotische Übersprünge induziert und dann aggressiv durch die Bevölkerung verlaufend.
Dazu kommen ähnlich intensive, an den Rändern der Ökonomie auftretende Prozesse, wo "wilde" Züchtungen von Menschen* angetroffen werden, die immerfort in das extensive agroökonomische Eindringen in lokale
* Anm.: Züchtungen durch Menschen.
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Wenn der Vorsitzende einer Ärztevereinigung Aussagen tätigt wie „Meine große Sorge ist, dass es zu einer Variante kommen könnte, die so infektiös ist wie #Delta und so gefährlich wie #Ebola“ und die Schließung von #Weihnachtsmärkten fordert, dann ist nicht nur jegliches Mass an
Anstand in der Kommunikation von Pandemierisiken verloren gegangen.
Es lässt mich auch fassungslos zurück, wie wenig Kompetenz manche Personen, deren Wort in der #Pandemie politisches Gewicht hat, so stellenweise mitbringen.

Ein Corona-Virus, das so tödlich wäre wie Ebola, ist
extrem unwahrscheinlich, da eine Virusevolution hin zu einer tödlicheren Variante dem Virus keinen Selektionsvorteil bietet. Ein Träger, der früh stirbt, gibt ein Virus an weniger Menschen weiter, als einer der das nicht tut, damit hat eine solche Variante immer das Nachsehen vor
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Liebe @maithi_nk,
ich schon wieder, der Dr. Viehler. Mit erneut großem Interesse habe ich dein neuestes #mailab Video „Corona-Endlosschleife. Kommen wir da jemals wieder raus?“ gesehen und möchte gerne darauf antworten. 🧵
Dein Video veröffentlichst du über FUNK, dem Netzwerk der öffentlich-rechtlichen Medien. Warum das wichtig ist, dazu später mehr.

Du beginnst mit einem kurzen Rückblick auf April 2020. Damals hieß die Devise: #flattenthecurve. Heißt: Eine Überlastung der Intensivstationen
abwenden durch AHA+L, Kontaktbeschränkungen, Lockdown. Letztere Maßnahme hat rückblickend so gut funktioniert, dass die Wellen bereits bei ihrer Einführung im Rückgang und gebrochen waren – sogar in Ländern wie der Schweiz, welche zeitgleich keinerlei Lockdown eingeführt hatte.
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When talking about jeopodising 'National Security', are they referring to jeopodising their hidden arrangements with 'other' National Security Agencies?
#Chinese Major-General worked with fired scientist at #Canada’s top #infectious disease lab.…
☝️2 Peas in a pod!! #WeiChen #PLA #China #Qui #NML #Canada #Ebola #NiV
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WHO published its Management Response Plan to address the findings of the Independent Commission on allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation during the 10th #Ebola outbreak response in #DRC ⬇️
The plan outlines short-term actions focusing on the most urgent Commission's recommendations, but also describes the actions that WHO will undertake over the next 15 months to improve its policies and procedures.
WHO is committed to supporting the survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation in #DRC including with livelihood support.
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1. #Ebola news: The new outbreak near Beni in the northeastern part of DRC is a flare up of the 2018-2020 North Kivu outbreak, genetic sequencing by Congo's @inrb_kinshasa has confirmed, @SoceFallBirima told me. This outbreak is not a new spillover from nature.
2. The first confirmed case in this new outbreak was a 3 yo boy who died on Oct. 6. Comparison of the genetic sequence of virus from this boy showed it most closely compared to viruses sequenced in July 2019.
This is the 2nd flare up in North Kivu from the 2018-20 outbreak.
3. The 1st flare up in North Kivu happened earlier this year. This new flare up is not linked to the Feb. cluster of cases, comparison of the sequences shows.
@SoceFallBirima says an investigation is underway to figure out how this flare up ignited & if there are more cases.
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Media briefing on Independent Commission's review of the allegations of sexual abuse & exploitation during the #Ebola 2018-2020 outbreak in #DRC…
"In October last year, I appointed an Independent Commission to investigate allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse during the response to the 10th #Ebola Virus Disease epidemic in North Kivu and Ituri, in the #DRC"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "The commission was co-chaired by Aïchatou Mindaoudou, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs & Social Development of 🇳🇪, & Julienne Lusenge, an internationally recognized human rights activist and advocate for survivors of sexual violence in conflict, from #DRC"-@DrTedros
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Mal was Neues von #Ebola. Das Virus kann nach Jahren im Körper wieder aufwachen und Ausbrüche auslösen.

Außerdem evtl relevant für #Covid19. Es ist dabei nämlich völlig rätselhaft, wie und wo ein RNA-Virus so lange im Körper aktiv bleibt.
Die Sache ist halt: Ins Genom wird der Kram nicht eingebaut, und die Virus-RNA kann nicht einfach jahrelang in Zellen rumliegen. Das heißt, um so lange im Körper zu bleiben, muss Ebola sich eigentlich weiterhin vermehren.
Eine plausible Hypothese ist, dass das in so genannten immunprivilegierten Geweben passiert. Das sind so Sachen wie Augen oder Gehirn, bei denen Entzündungen unterdrückt sind, weil sie irreparable Schäden verursachen können. Dadurch sind Viren da sicher.
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Wow! The kids are going to be alright!! 🤩🤩🤩 I had an amazing time with @GranbyGators 5th graders this am.

We discussed #COVID, #vaccines, #Ebola, #Influenza, #WestNileVirus, #LungTransplantation, and becoming a physician-scientist.

I'll share some of their awesome ?s below
- When will vaccines for kids be available?
- Do kids get any say in participating in clinical trials?
- How long do you think this pandemic will last?
- If kids get vaccinated, will we still have to wear masks in school?
- Where did COVID come from?
Lung/Solid Organ Transplantation
- How do you replace the heart or lungs? Our bodies will die if you take out the heart or lungs.
- Can you transplant a brain?
- How do you know if the donor lungs are good (and not crusty)?
- The lungs have to be the right size, don't they?
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