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I wish the #Ebola fighters @WHO would take this into consideration today in their #PHEIC mtg - THREAD from…
Part 1/
"According to an official & confidential document & info obtained by Jambonews, this mtg will be held in Goma on 24 & 25 Oct 2019 &..."
CONT/2/#DRCongo #Ebola
"...will discuss military ops to be carried out in No & So Kivu provinces, under the coordn of a Integrated staff composed of commanders from 'partner' countries. The arrival of foreign troops on Congolese soil is scheduled between 15 Nov & 15 Dec.."
CONT/3/#DRCongo #Ebola
"... 2019, the duration of the military op being est'ed by the #FARDC Chief of General Staff at 3 mos from from mid-Dec 2019.
"In their appeal for help, Rwandan refugees say they have been informed of their next persecution: ..."
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Continuous quality improvement is key towards maintaining the relevance of any field epidemiology programme- Dr. Simon Antarra Acting Executive Director, @AFENETAfrica at #NFELTPX19
@AFENETAfrica @NCDCgov @Chikwe_I @AfenetNigeria @NigeriaFELTP @WHONigeria @WHO @AfricaCDC @Ecowas_cdc @OoasWaho The increasing relevance of field epidemiology capacity, the increasing demand of field epidemiology is universally acknowledged. Unfortunately, funding is waning- Dr. Simon Antarra Acting Executive Director, @AFENETAfrica at #NFELTPX19
@AFENETAfrica @NCDCgov @Chikwe_I @AfenetNigeria @NigeriaFELTP @WHONigeria @WHO @AfricaCDC @Ecowas_cdc @OoasWaho @MedLabNigeria @tephinet I must commend @Chikwe_I and his @NCDCgov team for the work they have done in absorbing the @NigeriaFELTP programme. I urge the FG to institutionalise @NigeriaFELTP- Olu Omotayo of @USCDCNIGERIA at #NFELTPX19
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#NFELTPX19 is finally here!!!

Theme: Applied epidemiology: providing evidence for public health action
Stay with us for updates as we highlight the great strides in Health Security in Nigeria.
Watch live:
@NCDCgov @Chikwe_I @AFENETAfrica @AfenetNigeria @PHE_uk @Fmohnigeria @Ecowas_cdc @OoasWaho @ResolveTSL @CEPIvaccines Looking through the #NFELTPX19 agenda, I can see a stellar list of speakers who will impart new knowledge and skills and advance public health science- @solaruna at the 4th Annual NCDC/NFELTP Conference
@NCDCgov @Chikwe_I @AFENETAfrica @AfenetNigeria @PHE_uk @Fmohnigeria @Ecowas_cdc @OoasWaho @ResolveTSL @CEPIvaccines @solaruna @NigeriaFELTP @drasatrust @USCDCNIGERIA @InfectiousDz .@NAIISNG is a national representative HIV population-based survey conducted in Nigeria's 36 states and FCT. We targetted over 100,000 households and about 170,000 participants- Stacie Greby at #NFELTPX19
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Today @DrTedros & Secretary-General @antonioguterres met Kavira Mwanamamba & a few other #Ebola patients who have conquered the disease and were leaving the Ebola Treatment Centre today. They will join the other 1,000 who have also conquered this disease.
UNSG @antonioguterres’s commitment to building a strong #PrimaryHealthCare system is so important to stopping diseases like #Ebola and managing others. A better health system means better #HealthForAll.
”Without the strong commitment and leadership of #DRC government and engagement of the community - we cannot end this #Ebola outbreak.
It’s important that we all work together to beat Ebola in DRC”-@DrTedros
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1. There is another #Ebola case in South Kivu, at Mwenga. That makes the 5th case there. A woman with 2 children traveled to Beni from Mwenga, got infected & traveled home. She, at least 1 child, her husband & 1 other child, plus a relative of the 2nd child, have been infected.
2. To date 2 of the 5 #Ebola cases have died — the woman & the 2nd child.
Mwenga is important because if the virus takes off there it's a whole new region, far from the main outbreak. Adds considerably to the complexity. Fingers crossed this can be contained.
3. DRC reports +6 #Ebola cases on Monday & +4 deaths (2 community deaths. The outbreak totals are very close to 3000 cases, 2000 deaths & 1000 survivors.
The actual numbers are 2983 cases, 1994 deaths & 891 survivors.
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Over 200k people have been vaccinated as part of tireless efforts to stop the current #Ebola outbreak in #DRC.

Saving lives with an experimental vaccine is one thing done differently, compared to the 2014 West Africa response.

Here the lessons learnt 👉
@WHOAFRO @OMSRDCONGO @DrTedros @MoetiTshidi The implementation of the #Ebola vaccination strategy in the #DRC has been possible thanks to the training of over 4000 Congolese staff supported by 45 researchers from #Guinea and other African nations 👉
@WHOAFRO @OMSRDCONGO @DrTedros @MoetiTshidi @MinSanteRDC The devastating 2014–2016 #Ebola epidemic in West Africa resulted in over 11000 deaths. It prompted changes in the way the 🌏🌎🌍 responds to outbreaks: putting research at the heart of the response 👉
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It’s been a year since the latest #Ebola outbreak in #DRC was announced and a month since it was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. @DrTedros briefed today #RC69AFRO on the current situation of the response.
@DrTedros @WHOAFRO @OMSRDCONGO "The government of #DRC has done an outstanding job so far. Its leadership must be respected and supported, not undermined"-@DrTedros at #RC69AFRO
@DrTedros @WHOAFRO @OMSRDCONGO @MinSanteRDC "#Ebola is more than just an outbreak; it’s a complex humanitarian emergency. Ending it cannot be a job solely for @MinSanteRDC or @WHO. We need everyone to do their job, and to be accountable for what they have signed up to do"-@DrTedros #RC69AFRO
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1. #Ebola thread: DRC's daily update is out. It has details about the South Kivu cases. Here's the timeline as described now. I imagine this could change.
The woman & her two children (5yo, 7mo) were staying with friends in Beni. Someone in that household was diagnosed July 25.
2. The woman from South Kivu was listed as a high risk contact. I believe she was vaccinated, though probably after her exposure. In cases like this, the#Ebola response asks people to stay put so they can be monitored & so the virus doesn't spread geographically.
3. On. Aug. 4 this woman started to experience #Ebola symptoms.
On Aug. 6 she & her kids set off to go home to Mwenga, in South Kivu. The response started looking for her. She was found & was being returned to Beni, but she escaped. Her long journey home involved a boat+bus.
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1. The weekly #Ebola update from @WHO & the latest situation report from @UNICEF are out, so time for an Ebola thread.
There were 10 cases reported yesterday. That makes 139 cases already in Aug. Compared to April-July, that's not bad & might signal a decline in cases. Pray.
2. Of yesterday's 10 #Ebola cases, 5 were children aged 5 & younger. The youngest was 11 days old. I can't fathom that. These cases aren't calculated in the 815 pediatric cases @UNICEF reports here.
3. Speaking of kids, @UNICEF has built a nursery at Mangina where children of #Ebola patients can be looked after while their parents are in care.
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🚨 🚨 🚨 Two of the four #Ebola drugs being tested in #DRC, have been shown to be more effective. They are the ones that will be used with future patients 👉
The #Ebola drugs trial started in November 2018 and is aimed at evaluating the effectiveness and safety of four drugs used in the treatment of patients in #DRC. It is the first-ever multi-drug trial for an Ebola treatment.
The multi-outbreak, multi-country study was run by #DRC’s National Institute for Biomedical Research, @MinSanteRDC, the 🇺🇸 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, @ALIMA_ORG, @MSF, @IMC_Worldwide & other organizations
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How far do investments in health Research & Development align with global public health demands and needs?

Check out the WHO Global Observatory
@WHOAFRO @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @pahowho @WHOWPRO @DrTedros @doctorsoumya 1% of all funding for health R&D is allocated to diseases such as #malaria and #tuberculosis which account for more than 12.5% of the global burden of disease.
The recent outbreaks of #Ebola virus disease dramatically exposed the lack of investment in products and approaches to prevent and minimize the impact of pathogens with epidemic potential. 👉
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Thread: Some interesting tech stories I read today. #TechDB /2

💰 India's #fintech investments fell by 50% to 300 million in H1 2019, according to KPMG…
♎️ #Libra has to prove itself by winning in India says, @huwsteenis. India is Facebook's largest market, it has cracked identity via #Aadhaar, has a large remittances market, hugely competitive & against cryptocurrencies…
💉One year on, Congo hasn't found an answer to #Ebola outbreak. It's not about science but people. There is a vaccine. But half the people in the zone don't believe Ebola exists and they don't trust aid workers #podcast 🎙️
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Esclusivo: Jeffrey #Epstein una volta ha parlato con scienziati e altri di un piano per seminare la razza umana con il suo DNA fecondando decine di donne nel suo ranch del New Mexico

#DrainTheSwamp #DarkToLight #31luglio #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening
#Epstein, ped0filo e trafficante sessuale,voleva "seminare" la razza umana col suo DNA, ingravidando le sue schiave sessuali nel suo ranch in New Mexico


#EpsteinIsland #Epstein #EpsteinRanch #1Agosto #Giustizia #Ebola #WWG1WGA #QAnon #DeepState #Italia #TheGreatAwakening
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Tomorrow, 1 August, marks one year since the Government of #DRC declared an #Ebola outbreak in North Kivu province. @DrTedros, @UNReliefChief, @unicefchief & @WFPChief salute the heroic efforts of the #healthworkers on the front line 👉
In the last year, there have been 2,687 #Ebola cases in #DRC, including 1,803 deaths in parts of Ituri & North Kivu provinces; 771 survivors and patients under care.
#Ebola is a disease of close contact. It passes from mother to child, husband to wife, patient to caregiver, from the dead body of a victim to the mourning relative.
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"It gives me great satisfaction when I succeed in convincing someone who is suspected of having #Ebola to go to the Ebola Treatment Centre for care. This has no price, just joy"

- Dr Bah, WHO epidemiologist in #DRC🇨🇩


#HerosDeLaSante #HealthHeroes
"We are working seven days a week to stop #Ebola in #DRC. We cannot leave a single case without follow-up. That could start a cluster of cases that can spread the disease even further.”
-Dr Yao, WHO Incident Manager


#HerosDeLaSante #HealthHeroes
"As someone who survived #Ebola, I want everyone to have the chance to survive like I did"

-Dr Mutsunga, Ebola survivor in #DRC


#HerosDeLaSante #HealthHeroes
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🚨BREAKING: @WHO *finally* declares the #Ebola outbreak in #Congo as an international health emergency.

LONG OVERDUE, as >1,600 people have died since Aug'18 in the 2nd-deadliest #EbolaOutbreak ever, and the virus just spread to a city of 2 million.😱…
@WHO WHO was horribly slow in responding to the West Africa #Ebola outbreak that killed >11,000. WHO repeatedly declined to declare an emergency until #Ebola was spreading explosively in 3 countries & 1,000 people died. WHO feared it would "anger the countries & hurt their economies."
@WHO I spent nearly a decade working to develop an effective treatment for #Ebola & other hemorrhagic fever viruses. Deadly outbreaks are becoming MORE frequent and are killing MORE people. #Congo + other affected countries need help NOW‼️

cc @MelissaJPeltier
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Today the @WHO Emergency Committee recommended that I declare the #Ebola outbreak in #DRC a public health emergency of international concern. I have accepted that advice. Now it's time for the international community to show solidarity with the people of DRC, not to isolate them.
I emphasize that @WHO does not recommend any restrictions on travel or trade, which rather than stopping #Ebola, can actually hamper the fight. We call on all countries, companies and individuals to support #DRC by respecting those recommendations.
A public health emergency of international concern is not for fundraising, it’s for preventing the spread of disease. @WHO is not aware of any donor that has withheld funding because the emergency had not been declared. But if that was the excuse, it can no longer be used.
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LIVE from WHO HQ: Press Conference on the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on #Ebola in #DRC…
BREAKING NEWS: The IHR Emergency Committee recommended @DrTedros to declare the #Ebola outbreak in #DRC as a public health emergency of international concern: Chairperson Robert Steffen
The declaration of the Public Health Emergency of Intl Concern is not a reflection on the performance of the #Ebola response team in #DRC. It is a measure that recognizes the possible increased natl & regional risks & the need for intensified & coordinated action to manage them.
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The International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on #Ebola convened by @DrTedros is currently ongoing.

Read more about the Emergency Committee 👉
Professor Robert Steffen is the chairperson of the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on #Ebola today.

List of members and advisers of the Emergency Committee 👉
Q: What is WHO International Health Regulations Emergency Committee? #Ebola
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WHO/@UNOCHA high-level meeting on the #Ebola Response in #DRC affirms support for Government-led response and @UN system-wide approach 👉
With the #Ebola outbreak still confined to the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, #DRC, the response is at a critical juncture. WHO’s assessment of the risk of spread to neighbouring provinces and countries remains very high.
“We need political support from all parties, and community ownership, for the responders to do their work safely and without interruptions. This is the only way to stop #Ebola in #DRC from continuing to spread.”-@DrTedros
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Key point from @DrTedros in emergency sessn @WHO:
"Two #Ebola responders were murdered in their home in Beni...Since Jan., WHO has recorded 198 attacks on health facilities & hlth workers, killing 7 people including the 2 murdered yesterday" MORE…
"Every attack sets us back....makes it more difficult to trace contacts, vaccinate & perform safe #Ebola an opportunity to spread. Ebola gets a free ride in each & every attack."
"On top of that, community mistrust, political instability & the spread of myths & misinformation have been significant barriers."
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Live from @UNGeneva - WHO/@UNOCHA High Level event on #Ebola in #DRC with @DrTedros…
"Yesterday, WHO was notified of two very sad developments in the #Ebola outbreak in #DRC. The first was a case of Ebola in the city of Goma, in a pastor who had traveled from Butembo. The second was that two responders were murdered in their home in Beni"-@DrTedros at @UNGeneva
"Although a case of #Ebola in Goma, 🇨🇩 is a very concerning development, it’s one we have expected and prepared for. Around 3000 people have been vaccinated and the pastor is receiving care at an Ebola treatment centre run by the @MinSanteRDC and @MSF"-@DrTedros at @UNGeneva
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WHO-@UNOCHA high-level event on #Ebola in 🇨🇩 is about to start.


The event provides an opportunity for the #DRC Government, @UN, donors & partners to take stock of the status of the outbreak, response & actions needed to end Ebola.
The #Ebola outbreak in #DRC is occurring in a densely populated region with internal displacement, ongoing conflict, and a weak health system. The affected communities are also facing malaria, measles, cholera and high levels of food insecurity.
Disease outbreaks in #DRC:
- #Ebola: 2489 cases, 1665 deaths since August 2018
-Cholera: 13100 cases, 279 deaths reported in from January-June 2019
-Measles: 115 000 suspected cases, 1 981 deaths since January
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@AnneV @BeePrinsloo Hey @adamlevine @bprinsloo happy shared anniversary birthday a little early. Epstein scandal who knew?? So are Victoria secret models products of Epstein types and agencies? #naomicampbell…
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo The Epstein Victoria secret Pipeline… so when Anne v became a liability due to my civil lawsuit they replaced her with behati in 2012. Killer models eh?
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo Anne v literally coded a pizza picture in her hand when Adam was served with the lawsuit. Hindsight is 20/20.
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