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@DrTedros "As you know, just under three weeks ago I declared an end to #COVID19 as a public health emergency of international concern.

It was a moment of relief and reflection.

It’s encouraging to see life return to normal – to be able to hug a friend, to travel freely, and to meet…… Image
@DrTedros "But at the same time, many of us continue to carry grief in our hearts – grief over those we have lost, grief at the terrible toll the pandemic has taken on families, communities, societies and economies, and grief that it didn’t need to be this way"-@DrTedros #WHA76
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Dr Soumya Swaminathan, the chief scientist at WHO, told The Indian Express that Cervavac is good news.

#WorldCancerDay #cancerawareness #HPV #Vaccine #CervicalCancer #HealthAwareness Image
“It will be great to see this vaccine being rolled out in the national HPV vaccination strategies in India and globally. We have a real opportunity to eliminate cervical cancer, which causes a lot of death and suffering worldwide among women.” Image
Disclaimer: The resources and content on this site may not be complete, accurate to current research and pertain to your personal health needs. Please consult a doctor before any taking any decision. Image
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Today is #WorldCancerDay

Few diseases reflect global inequities as starkly as #BreastCancer and #CervicalCancer.

Nearly 8⃣0⃣% of deaths from breast and cervical cancer occur in low- and middle-income countries.

#CloseTheCareGap in #cancer ⬇️
On #WorldCancerDay, here are some ways to reduce ↘️ your #cancer risk:

🚭 Don't use tobacco
🏊‍♂️ Exercise regularly
🍅 Eat healthy foods
☀️ Avoid strong sunlight for prolonged periods
🥃 Drink less alcohol

📌 Icons illustrating the text below.   Reduce your risk of can
Today is #WorldCancerDay

These are the 5⃣ most common types of #cancer:
🔸 breast
🔸 lung
🔸 colorectal
🔸 stomach
🔸 prostate

📌 Icons depicting the most common cancers types: - Breast - Lu
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LIVE: Opening of 152nd WHO Executive Board meeting…
"Three years ago today, I declared a public health emergency of international concern over the global spread of #COVID19 – the highest level of alarm under the International Health Regulations, and for the moment, the only level of alarm"-@DrTedros #EB152
@DrTedros "As you know, on Friday the Emergency Committee met to consider whether that remains the case. The committee has advised me that in its view, #COVID19 remains a global health emergency, and I agree"-@DrTedros #EB152
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A small thread.
No 1 of 3
The 25 Nov 2022 marks 2 years since my lovely wife Trish passed away having battled with cervical cancer. Her cancer was missed in a smear test, like many others, and by the time we got a diagnosis, it was too far gone.
#cervicalcheck #cervicalcancer
No 2 of 3
There are no words of comfort that will help me and my children, Trish’s dad and siblings and our families and wider circle of friends with the reality that is the devastating loss of Trish. Her life cannot be in vain. In the name of Trish Carrick today & in her memory,
No 3 of 3.
I will ask one thing of you all; please go and get a smear test and phone your sisters and tell them to get one too. Don’t wait until next week or next month or after Christmas. GO AND GET A SMEAR NOW! It may save your life.
Please Retweet as I have a small following
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Today is the #CervicalCancer Elimination Day of Action!

We can end cervical cancer if:
✅ 90% of girls are vaccinated
✅ 70% of women are screened
✅ 90% of women with cervical disease receive treatment


📌 Two woman are hugging each other and smiling. The text reads
This Day of Action, help spread the word:

Get informed.
Get screened.
Get vaccinated.

Everyone can contribute.
Every community matters.
Every country can eliminate #CervicalCancer.


📌 A woman wearing a teal coloured sari is smiling.
1 woman dies every 2 minutes from #CervicalCancer yet it is preventable, detectable, and treatable.


📌 Illustration of a girl standing next to a woman.
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Vaccines are public health powerhouses that markets alone cannot deliver for all.

Featuring the first data of their kind since #COVID19, WHO's Global Vaccine Market Report calls for action to provide equitable access to these life-saving public goods Image
Inequitable distribution is not unique to #COVID19 vaccines.
Poorer countries consistently struggle to access products that are in-demand by wealthier countries, such as pneumococcal conjugate vaccines Image
Life-saving vaccines should be available everywhere.
Yet limited supply & unequal distribution means the HPV vaccine, which protects against #CervicalCancer, has only been introduced in 41% of low-income countries, compared to 83% of high-income countries Image
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
"In recent weeks, we have spoken about a surge in #cholera outbreaks around the world. The latest country to be affected is #Lebanon, which is now suffering a severe outbreak after nearly 30 years without cholera"-@DrTedros
"Since the first [#cholera] case [in #Lebanon] was confirmed just over one month ago, the outbreak has spread across the country. There are now more than 2,700 cases, with 18 deaths"-@DrTedros
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In order to achieve the WHO mission to eliminate #cervicalcancer by 2030, the following strategies are key:
1. Vaccination
2. Screening
3. Surveillance Programs, says Dr. Devasena Anantharaman, during a panel discussion on eliminating cervical cancer in India.
In terms of Atmanirbhar India, we've a success story proven during #COVID19 vaccines. Implementation of #qHPVvaccines will also be an impact-making story, says Dr. Umesh Shaligram, Executive Director @SerumInstIndia during a panel discussion.

@DrJitendraSingh @DBTIndia
The @WHO goal is to reduce incident of #qHPV and eventually as #qHPVvaccine is administered to girls as well as boys, we may build better herd immunity, says Dr. Umesh Shaligram, Exec Director @SerumInstIndia during a panel discussion
@DrJitendraSingh @DBTIndia
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1) A common misconception in Asian Twitter & Reddit spaces is that AMs & WFs have lower rates of STDs than AFs, implying AMs are more incel than AFs. However stats from @CDCgov indicate otherwise. A long thread. #STDawareness #asian #asianmalewhitefemale #whitemaleasianfemale
2) The claim that AMs and WFs have lower rates of STDs than AFs come from this study by Hahm et al:…, which found that AAPI females report STDs four times more than AAPI males & about 50% more than WFs. #AAPI #STDawareness #STDfacts #Asiansgonewild
3) However, if you look at Hahm et al's method of measuring STD rates, it's just a question asking if a doctor or nurse told the participant they had certain STDs, including HPV, bacterial vaginosis and nongonococcal vaginitis.… #STDawareness #AAPI
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LIVE: Second Plenary meeting at #WHA75…
"Yesterday, I made my remarks on the theme of health for peace and peace for health, which Member States will discuss in the general debate. I want to start today by looking back, to where we have been over the past five years"-@DrTedros #WHA75
@DrTedros "You elected me 5 short years ago, with an ambitious agenda for universal health coverage; health emergencies; women's, children's and adolescents' health; the health impacts of climate and environmental change; and a transformed WHO"-@DrTedros #WHA75
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#WorldImmunizationWeek starts today. Play this quiz and test your knowledge about vaccines 👇

Q1: For which virus was the first vaccine successfully created?

Q2: When was the first vaccine successfully administered?

Q3: Vaccines currently protect against how many life-threatening diseases?

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During each visit, I always try to talk about the #HPV vaccine if they need it. One mom said, "we don't need that yet, her PCP said she had until age 26 to get it." 🤦‍♀️
Please start as early as possible (age 11-12). I'll tell you why 🧵
#tweetorial #MedTwitter #MedEd #obgyntwitter
#HPV (human papillomavirus) is the most common #STI in the US; 80% of sexually active people will get it. There are 100s of different strains; many asymptomatic, others cause genital warts, abnormal pap smears, and cancer (cervical, vaginal, anal, penile, vulvar, oropharyngeal).
The HPV vaccine (gardasil in the US) protects against the 9 highest risk strains, significantly reducing the risk of cervical dysplasia and the cancers mentioned above. More than 90% of #cervicalcancer is caused by HPV.
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@DrTedros "The volcanic eruption near #Tonga & tsunami require an urgent response. With telecommunications down, WHO is on the ground helping coordinate the response by channelling information between @UN agencies, humanitarian partners & the government"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros @UN "Information on the degree of destruction is still being gathered but WHO will do all it can to support the people and government of #Tonga"-@DrTedros

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It's #CervicalCancer Awareness Month!

Cervical cancer could be the first cancer EVER in the world to be eliminated, if

9⃣0⃣% of girls are vaccinated
7⃣0⃣% of women are screened
9⃣0⃣% of women with cervical disease receive treatment

This #CervicalCancer awareness month,
✅Get informed
✅Get screened
✅Get vaccinated

Cervical cancer can be prevented & treated, if caught early.

Every year more than 300,000 women die from #CervicalCancer, with 9⃣ in 🔟 of these deaths in the poorest countries.

We can end this with better access to vaccination, screening and treatment. Image
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Live with @DrTedros on #CervicalCancer Elimination Day of Action 2021. #GlowTeal…
"Last month, I had the honour of meeting the @LacksFamily. For those who don’t know her story, Henrietta Lacks was a black woman who attended a hospital in Baltimore in 1951 complaining of vaginal bleeding – a common symptom of #cervicalcancer"-@DrTedros
@LacksFamily @DrTedros "Without her knowledge or consent, doctors took a biopsy of the tumour and sent it off for analysis"-@DrTedros #CervicalCancer
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Today WHO joins advocates around the 🌐 to commemorate a landmark Day of Action for #CervicalCancer Elimination & welcome groundbreaking new initiatives to end this devastating disease, which claims the lives of over 300,000 women each year.


As with #COVID19, access to lifesaving tools is constrained, with women & adolescent girls in the poorest countries deprived of clinical screening facilities, human papillomavirus vaccines & treatments which those in affluent places take for granted.

👉 Image
The disparity between deaths from #CervicalCancer in high-income compared with low-income countries tells a stark story, similar to that we have seen during #COVID19, with 9⃣ in 🔟 deaths from cervical cancer happening in low & middle-income countries.

👉 Image
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Full #HPVvaccine media blitz last week claiming 90% success preventing #cervicalcancer.
But despite what @DonnellyStephen & @SimonHarrisTD would have you believe - the figures don't always speak for themselves.
#IrishTimes report refers to anonymous "UK study" - no who, where or how.
Note Twitter article headline at odds with that of actual linked article.
If vaccine is indeed 90% effective then why use this news to urge vaxxed women to get screening asap?
BBC ran a similar report that a few years ago claiming "cervical cancer halved in 10 years".
No stats or study to back it up. In fact the claim was invented out of thin air via the word "reportedly".
"new cases of cervical cancer has reportedly halved".
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Thank you, Henrietta Lacks!
Today @DrTedros honoured Henrietta Lacks posthumously with a WHO Director-General’s award, acknowledging her story - one of inequity - and recognizing her world-changing legacy to science and health…
Henrietta Lacks died of cervical cancer, 70 years ago, on 4 October 1951.
Taken without her consent, her cells have allowed incalculable scientific breakthroughs such as HPV & polio vaccines and #COVID19 research…
Henrietta Lacks' cells, also known as #HeLaCells, became the first “immortal” cell line, allowing numerous scientific breakthroughs.
Shockingly, the global scientific community once hid her race & true story from the world, a historic wrong that today’s recognition seeks to heal.
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LIVE: @DrTedros honours Henrietta Lacks' legacy across the world…
@DrTedros "The story of Henrietta Lacks and her @LacksFamily has been told in different ways by different people. Many sought to hide or alter things about her: her race; her name; her identity"-@DrTedros
"What happened to Henrietta was wrong, for at least three reasons.
1️⃣ she lived in a time when racial discrimination was legal in her society. Racial discrimination may no longer be legal most countries, but it is still widespread in many countries"-@DrTedros
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1/10 #TumorBoardTuesday

🔬A discussion focused on precision med in cervical cancer led by @GauravGangwan15
➡️Here's the Thursday Case🎀

👉 Don’t forget to pick up your 🆓 #CME credit- answer 2 quick❓here:

2/10 #TumorBoardTuesday
Take🏠msgs re: stage IV #CervicalCancer & 🎯med.
✅Cervical ca =4th leading cause of ca☠️ in♀️around the🌍
✅Screen &💉key; some spirited debate re: 💉roll out
✅AJCC revised- consider HPV, incorp addtl imaging in staging

3/10 #TumorBoardTuesday
Take🏠messages cont’d:
✅NGS can yield 🗝️tx, even when🎯🧬are rare in a dz
✅CRAF🎯 💊 paired with MEK 💊. Why?
✅RAF inhib➡️ ⬆️MEK activation

📚We captured as much of @GauravGangwan15’s discussion as we could:…
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Not my most flattering photo but an important one!

This is me September 3rd 2012 after spending over 5 hours in surgery and 4 hours in recovery after a radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer. I was only 26 years old. 26…
Imagine yourself going through something like that at that age, imagine your child going through it? And it doesnt stop once the surgery is done - it only begins. I know first hand unfortunately. The Kim you see in that photo has absolutely no idea whats going to happen next..
Life saving blood transfusions, intense recovery, infections,setback after setback after setback.. and that was only the first few months. What has followed is honestly depressing to even write ..
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At the international @IAS_conference on HIV Science, WHO launched 🆕 guidelines on #HIV for prevention, treatment, monitoring & service delivery, including important updates & recommendations since 2016.

More in detail 👉 #IAS2021
WHO released its first guidelines on hepatitis C virus (#HCV) self-testing, highlighting key recommendations for countries to eliminate HCV as a public health problem by 2030.

More in detail 👉 #IAS2021
During the international @IAS_conference on HIV Science, WHO highlighted its 🆕 guideline on screening & treatment of #CervicalCancer to help countries make progress faster & more equitably.

More in detail 👉 #IAS2021
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🆕 recommendations for screening and treatment to prevent #CervicalCancer will help countries take the next step towards elimination. Cervical #cancer is the 4th most common cancer among women worldwide 🌎🌍🌏

#CervicalCancer is almost entirely preventable and treatable with the HPV vaccine, screening and treatment - but in 2020, more than half a million women 👩‍🦰👵🧕 contracted the disease, and over 340 000 women died as a result.
This must change.

The 🆕 recommendations have 🔑 updates for countries working to meet the life-saving targets set out in the WHO Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of #CervicalCancer by 2030:
🎯70% of women are regularly screened
🎯90% of women with the disease receive treatment
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