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💊Possible TREATMENT for COVID-19 with Chloroquine Phosphate

📚I've put together all this information so we know a bit more about this drug. Like possible dosage, side-effects and why it might work.

#coronavirus #2019nCoV #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #chloroquine
Hospital Physicians work out treatment guidelines for coronavirus

> Chloroquine 500mg orally per day for 7 to 10 days if patients are old or have underlying conditions with serious symptoms

South Korea, 13th February 2020…

Patients treated with chloroquine demonstrated a better drop in fever, improvement of lung CT images, and required a shorter time to recover compared to parallel groups.

China, 18th February 2020…

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Hat einer der Kollegen in #Sachsen @PrinterPapst @twOBSERVE @Micha_DD @RPFDMOPO beim @sms_sachsen schon gefragt, warum in anderen Ländern die Gesundheitsämter (nach Anordnung durch jeweiliges Gesundheitsministerium) z.B. bei Bundesligaspielen auf #Corona reagieren, Sachsen nicht?
Man fragt man sich schon, warum die Behörden in #Sachsen aktuell in #Leipzig vor +40.000 Menschen kicken lassen und anderswo reagiert wurde/wird. cc @MDR_SN @dnn_online @Radioleipzig @saechsischeDE @dd_twintweet @LVZ @DieRotenBullen #Corona #coronavirus #2019nCoV #COVID19
Oder drückt man sich vor einer Entscheidung und spricht nur Empfehlungen aus? Mein Gott, sagt doch: wir können es verlangsamen, wenn wir uns alle für einige Monate ein bisschen einschränken. Und das gilt bitte schön für alles, was nicht unbedingt notwendig ist.
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Over 60 million Italian citizens under lockdown as #Coronavirus incidences surge. Over 9000 confirmed cases in Italy & rising.

The unfortunate consequence are the associated ethical concerns regarding resource allocation.

More Below

#COVID19 #nCoV2019 #2019nCoV

Incessant rising in cases warrants the question: are hospitals prepared for the associated influx of patients?

Further admissions require beds, PPE, ventilators, staff etc. What happens when resources run out, ventilators are all in use, or there aren’t enough staff?

Ultimately, scarcity of medical resources may pressure healthcare practitioners to decide who receives care. This is NOT a question anyone should ever have to answer.

Resources should never be the limiting factor of care

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For Public Attention: Do not hoard masks/sanitisers. These are to be used rationally and more so by the frontline health workers. DO NOT PANIC! We need to collectively step up our hygiene and microbiological barrier as a society. Do not fall for quacks. #COVID2019.
Drink as much as warm sterile fluids in order to keep yourself well hydrated. Follow cough etiquettes, especially in public places. Report to a Physician without delay in case of fever, sore throat, running, diarrhoea, dry/productive cough.
An infection with #2019nCoV does not mean a ‘death warrant’, however extremes of age and those with associated co-morbid conditions like Diabetes, Renal Diseases and HIV/AIDS constitute the ‘risk group’. We are to understand the challenge in order to brave it.
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There are several pharmaceutical and Biotech companies working round the clock to develop #covid19 vaccine ... I will shed some light on what’s in pipeline on this thread ... 👇
1- #Favilavir, the first approved coronavirus drug in #China- The National Medical Products Administration of China has approved the use of Favilavir, an anti-viral drug, as a treatment for #coronavirus.
The drug has reportedly shown efficacy in treating the disease with minimal side effects in a clinical trial involving 70 patients. The clinical trial is being conducted in #Shenzhen, Guangdong province. According to Clinicla Trials Arena.
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Boletim de atualização #APPT @PneumoPR sobre o novo #coronavirus #2019nCoV

📌 🇰🇷 Coréia do Sul elevou o alerta para o nível máximo após o número de casos atingir 602.
📌 Desde 22/ Fev o @CDCgov passou a *Não recomendar #viagens #🛫 para #idosos ou portadores de doenças crônicas como #DPOC para: a #CoréiadoSul #🇰🇷, #Japão #🇯🇵 além da #China 🇨🇳, incluindo #HongKong.
📌 Itália 🇮🇹 - Número de casos de #COVID19 ultrapassou 100, sendo 89 na região da Lombardia.

📌 China 🇨🇳 - Número de casos atingiu 76.936 com 2.442 óbitos.
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Coronavirus #COVID -19 appears to be jumping at a rate of 117 new cases per hour. Monitoring closely as this seems to indicate a faster rate of infection than was previously reported. Could be an anomaly. The deaths did not jump however... so that’s good.
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I've been pondering whether I should write the information in this tweet (and ones that might follow), because I've wanted my focus to be on evidence and rational approaches to what we're seeing with #coronavirus / #2019nCoV / #COVID19 ... and not to spread fear unnecessarily.
That being said, I've just finished reading a preprint of a paper from the Los Alamos National Laboratories, who really are top-notch disease modellers... they were spot-on in modeling out both the 2018-2019 flu season, as well as the 2003 SARS outbreak.

They know their stuff.
They are using some very advanced agent-based models, which call for insane amounts of computing power, but can allow for much more accurate models of how people actually interact with each other, and how that affects the paths of likely cross-infection.

This paper is bad news.
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Il y a eu des modifications (à la baisse) dans les chiffres, je vais republier une mise à jour...
#Chine Mise à jour #Coronavirus #COVID19 :
- 64 273 cas confirmés au monde (63 749 Chine + 524 l'étranger dont #Taiwan)
- 1 489 morts
- 10 608 sérieux/critiques
- 6 884 guéris
- 13 435 suspects
- 26 pays touchés
- 2,32 % décès
#Wuhan #2019_nCov #Pneumonia #WuhanOutbreak #China
Afin d'éviter toute confusion, j'ai supprimé un précédent tweet de statistiques qui prenait en compte des données qui ont été révisées à la baisse en raison de l'ajustement des méthodes de comptage des cas confirmés de #Coronavirus #COVID19
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Quick thread on the heels of my piece with @sciencecohen pointing out some of the challenges in diagnosing #COVID19 #2019nCov…
@sciencecohen @juliaoftoronto Yes, not like we don’t have enough misinformation to contend with already. Don’t really need journals like @NEJM getting in on that particular game. Unnecessarily stubborn. Seems clear to me that given this information they would never have accepted title etc.
@sciencecohen 1. The challenges are very different depending on where you look. Africa is ramping up testing of #2019nCoV #SARSCoV2 now. It’s really about lab capacity there. African CDC has organized a first training in Dakar, kits have been shipped from Germany.
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Daily media briefing on #2019nCoV with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "Although the world is now focused on #2019nCoV, we cannot and must not forget #Ebola in #DRC.

We are very encouraged by the current trend. There have only been 3 cases in the past week, and no cases in the past 3 days"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "But until we have no #Ebola cases for 42 days, it's not over. Any single case could re-ignite the epidemic, and the security situation in eastern #DRC remains extremely fragile"-@DrTedros
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"I would like to wish you all a very warm welcome to Geneva & to WHO for this very important meeting. I welcome everyone who is joining us virtually, especially our sisters & brothers in #China"-@DrTedros at the opening of the global research and innovation forum on #2019nCoV
"We want you to know that we stand with you in solidarity & we wish you courage, patience, success and good health in these extremely trying circumstances"-@DrTedros at the opening of the global research and innovation forum on #2019nCoV
@DrTedros "It’s hard to believe that just two months ago, the #2019nCoV – which has come to captivate the attention of media, financial markets, and political leaders – was completely unknown to us"-@DrTedros
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#最新擴疫邏輯題#林鄭月娥 見記者,逐句閱讀理解練習】

1. 「行政長官林鄭月娥指,要求 #封關 的說法已經無太大意思」

-> 林鄭月娥承認,要求封關的說法在香港疫情現在大爆發前,是很有意思的,只是被她拒絕,今天就沒有意思了
2. 「指自2月8日起,從內地入境檢疫措施,已經大大減低入境人士數目,將跨境的人數減至最低

-> 跨境人數不可以是零,所謂「減至最低」,其實每天依然有近千內地人入境(最新數字),但已經「最低」,暗示唔好再逼我
3. 「過去三日從陸路口岸入境的內地居民,每日只有數十人」

-> 但是非陸路口岸入境的內地居民從來是大戶,「強制檢疫」生效後,機場入境的內地人日期每天分別依然有943人、913人,卻不算進「強制檢疫」定義之內,唔好提
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In December, I had a chance to sit down with head of @WHO, @DrTedros, for 90 minutes. We talked about his goals and the challenges he was facing. We couldn’t know, that at that very moment his greatest challenge yet was already building in China: #2019nCoV…
@WHO @DrTedros I’ve followed up with him since, observed him at a dozen press conferences and talked to experts from around the world, how they think he has been doing in his job. Yesterday, after he saw off the first 3 members of the expert team at Geneva airport, he called me for a long chat.
@WHO @DrTedros What have I learnt from all this?
1. That the world mostly cares about the @WHO in the middle of a crisis. Before #2019nCoV this was going to be a story about pushing universal health care, fighting anti-vaccine sentiment, growing the budget and reforming the structure of WHO.
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Daily media briefing on #2019nCoV with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "As of 6am Geneva time today, there were 40,235 confirmed #2019nCoV cases in #China, and 909 deaths.

Outside China, there are 319 cases in 24 countries, with 1 death"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "The overall pattern has not changed. 99% of reported #2019nCoV cases are in #China, and most cases are mild. About 2% of cases are fatal – which of course is still too many"-@DrTedros
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1) 2 year Delta Coronavirus China blocks the internet they are offline. White hats prepared a contingency. Future proves past. See Pt 2 con'd
@cjtruth @intheMatrixxx @StormIsUponUs @Inevitable_ET @Jordan_Sather_ @martingeddes
@tracybeanz @LisaMei62 @JuliansRum @prayingmedic
2) Remember no white hat operation has collateral damage but if something is generated out of another country you can't penetrate that country to stop it if it is communist China however you can prepare a overwhelming contingency in advance and then offer it.
See pt 3 👇👇
3) Also detach the economics so that China goes down by itself not bringing down the United States. Patriots are in control. pre-planned event for the WHO to take over getting a free pass into every country. Un initiative. White hat contingency Block in the United States. See pt4
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I’ve just been at the airport seeing off members of an advance team for the @WHO-led #2019nCoV international expert mission to #China, led by Dr Bruce Aylward, veteran of past public health emergencies.
As I told media yesterday, #2019nCoV spread outside #China appears to be slow now, but could accelerate. Containment remains our objective, but all countries must use the window of opportunity created by the containment strategy to prepare for the virus’s possible arrival.
There’ve been some concerning instances of onward #2019nCoV spread from people with no travel history to 🇨🇳. The detection of a small number of cases may indicate more widespread transmission in other countries; in short, we may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg.
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Mediante comentário publicado online no @LancetChildAdol Wang et al. sugerem a adoção de um plano de contingência pelas #UTIs #neonatais afim de proteger e resguardar estes pacientes durante o surto 🌍 do novo #coronavírus #2019nCov : 📲… @SBPediatria
"1. Adotar precauções padrões para a higiene e desinfeção das mãos na entrada da #UTI #neonatal e o fornecimento de #EPI como luvas, máscaras #😷 #N95 ou #PFF2 e #óculos de proteção para #TODOS os #profissionaisdesaúde
2. Limitar & restringir imediatamente o n. de visitas nas UTIs #neonatais, assim como o uso de #EPI por parte de #visitas.
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WHO is offering two online trainings to support the response to the #2019nCoV outbreak.
They are available on the open learning platform,

WHO Situation Report 9 February 2020
#2019nCoV-related course available on

Emerging respiratory viruses, including 2019-nCoV: methods for detection, prevention, response and control
#2019nCoV-related course available on

WHO critical care severe acute respiratory infection course:
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Como ciudadano, el coronavirus me parece mucho más preocupante de lo que percibo en la gente de mi entorno aquí en España (2 casos a 9/2/20).

Abro hilo sobre lo que estoy leyendo estos días de epidemiólogos y científicos expertos en la materia:
Esta entrevista del 5/02 al profesor @neil_ferguson, director del J-IDEA (de @imperialcollege) alerta de que:

- los casos en China se están infraestimando por valor de x10
- resto del mundo x4
- hay 50.000 nuevos infectados diarios, cifra que se duplica cada 5 días
@neil_ferguson @imperialcollege . @HelenBranswell destaca las cifras de muertos e infectados totales del #2019nCoV frente al SARS (2002-2003) y MERS (2012-actualidad):

- en un mes ya hay más muertos por el nuevo coronavirus
- la tasa de infección es muy superior
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Starting a new thread on the unfolding research picture on #2019nCoV as the outbreak enters its 2nd month

This thread compiles scientific data (w links) on what we know so far on #nCoV2019

Note: Only scientifically sound research articles included
You can see the major research from the first month of #2019nCoV outbreak at this thread:

Or in this thread roll #nCoV2019 :…
1\ In a case-series of 138 hospitalized #2019nCoV patients in Wuhan, presenting symptoms included fever (99%), fatigue (67%), dry cough (60%). 10% initially developed diarrhoea & nausea. 41% were presumed nosocomial infection inc 40 (29%) medical staff.…
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1st, I am not a medical professional (just a nerd with too much time). I have been developing models to try and predict the outcomes for confirmed cases of #2019nCoV in mainland China. The following set of tweets will lay out my current results. 1/5
Because this is an infectious disease, we know that it will have an eventual plateau. So, we should be able to model the cases with a Logistical curve. When doing so my results from 02062020 for 02072020 were: a predicted total of 34326 and the total was 34546 2/5
My current prediction based on data from 02072020 is 37395 and we will see later tonight when the data comes in as to whether or not this was a good prediction. 3/5
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Shanghai scientists announced that the #2019nCoV #coronavirus can travel distances in the air when contained inside droplets of 10-50 microns in size. On one level this is surprising, because control efforts have focused on closer contact issues. BUT
This is a #coronavirus -- a class of germs that cause about half of all common colds. I have said that measures taken to avoid catching a cold going around your school, home or office would be the same precautions for #2019nCoV -- and colds are spread from cough-propelled
droplets, from hands, from sneeze-propelled drops, and from touching surfaces handled by a person who has a cold. So in that sense the Shanghai warnings for #2019nCoV are consistent with what we've known or suspected with all #coronaviruses .…
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@DrTedros "I am going to break with tradition & start with a brief update on the #Ebola outbreak in 🇨🇩.
Along with #2019nCoV, it is one of the many disease outbreaks that WHO is combatting around the 🌍. At this moment, our Emergencies division is dealing with 216 ongoing events"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Since the start of February, there have been three cases of #Ebola in #DRC. It is clearly too soon to celebrate; while there are cases anywhere in 🇨🇩, the risk of spread within the country and to neighboring countries remains very high"-@DrTedros
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