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@awaisaftab 4) (continued) Graduated interventions & minimizing drugs is a medicine best practice inimicable to #psychiatry. In fact, its expansion depends on the opposite. 5) Non-diagnostic formulations of what? Again, what is psychiatry's domain? All of human behavior? Rarified cases?
@awaisaftab When it comes to human emotions, yes, I think non-diagnostic formulations are more helpful than calling them diseases. Emotions are changeable. People can learn to manage them. #Psychiatric diagnosis pins individuals to a board like specimens.
@awaisaftab Most #psychiatry practices are filled with normal people with good jobs and health insurance, not rarefied cases or the wretched of the earth. Yes, it's a disgrace to medicine that #psychiatry gives those normal people diagnoses and takes their money for "treatment".
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Bringing Human Rights to Mental Health Care: An Interview with @UNHumanRights Envvoy Dainius Pūras

#UnitedNations Special Rapporteur Dainius Pūras discusses his own journey as a #psychiatrist and the future of #rightsbased approaches to #mentalhealth.…
The families and children I met were actually my real teachers. They were teaching me about ethical #psychiatry. They were teaching me that if you take #humanrights out of psychiatry, then it becomes dangerous and toxic.
It’s not black and white. It’s not about denouncing the medical model, but we’ve identified huge asymmetries and power imbalances in the field. #Mentalhealth care has gone wrong for several reasons but drugs were announced as if they were more effective than other interventions.
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Why I love being a #psychiatrist:

* Get to really know patients
* Lots of time to explore life and concerns in context
* Talk therapy, behavioural therapy, medication therapy, somatic therapy, and medical knowledge all available to benefit my patients

#choosepsychiatry #meded

* Make local systemic change recommendations for my patients school, family, supports, and actually be treated like an expert

* Available by email to all 11000 former patients of they ever need me, and happy to help if I can

* doing research in a very needed space

* Study the most common cause of death in the first 4 decades of life

* Work with patients as a whole in a system that wants to medicalize them

* Have awesome colleagues who understand the need to work together for support and reduce/discuss vicarious trauma
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THREAD: #meded #medtwitter

I'm a #Psychiatrist. These are my most common activities:

* discussing stress & ways to handle it
* helping families find common ground
* talking about people's lives, and learning about them
* hearing & helping kids who have been hurt

Of course I do prescribe medication, and when I do, I do a damned good job of it. Informed consent (Risks, benefits, alternatives, start/stop issues). Many times, I remove medications that were inappropriately started, or change to safer ones.
Other activities that I do far more commonly than prescribe medication:

* teach medical students, patients, and families
* email and call patients or familes
* administrate a hospital unit
* MEETINGS (patient-centered, YAY!)
* SO MANY MEETINGS (policy-centered, zzzzz)
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Remarkable @bmj_latest @BMJCaseReports report documenting the extreme lengths a bedbound patient went through to get a diagnosis of #POTS, #MCAS, #SIBO and #tachycardia

read her story here

#MedEd #MedTwitter @MayoClinic…
2. After suffering for 16 years, seeing 19 docs with repeated misdiagnosis:

Her cardiologist couldnt diagnose #POTS

Her gastroenterologist couldnt diagnose #SIBO

Her immunologist couldnt diagnose #MCAS

Her neurologist referred her to a #psychiatrist!…
3. Patient: the "neurologist was out of ideas and suggested I get a psych evaluation, which I declined"

the patient <referred herself> to @MayoClinic

#SickNotWeak #chronicillness #chronicpain #MedEd #medtwitter…
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.@DailyMail, don't use terms like #paedohpile. There are people with paedophilic disorder, & not all abuse children. Help is available, but stigmatizing people makes it less likely they will get help & can increase the risk to children.
Report responsibly.…
Yes it's #paedophile, thank you @SandraSilguero for noticing. There are several reasons why using "paedophile" as a synonym for child sexual abuse offenders, or people who sexually exploit children, is problematic & counterproductive when fighting the crime.
1. It is inaccurate. Although people who commit #ChildSexualAbuse are sometimes #paedophiles, those with a paedophilic disorder have a sustained primary or exclusive sexual interest in pre-pubescent children. i.e. those who abuse teenagers are not necessarily paedophiles.
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