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1/ #MedTwitter, it’s time for #ClinicalReasoning practice with Bayes’ Theorem!

Follow along and let us know what you’re thinking!

72-yo-woman with HTN, DM, & knee replacement (10 days ago) p/w pleuritic chest pain, dyspnea and cough.
2/ As you walk down to the ER, you have diagnoses in your mind that are somewhere between unlikely and very likely.

This likelihood is known as:
3/ ANS: Pretest probability

On exam, her temperature is 100.1F, HR 108 and SaO2 88% RA. Her lower extremities are without swelling, tenderness, or erythema.

Basic labs are in process. What else would you order?

We’d love to see your reasoning in the replies!
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a #twitternist #clinicalreasoning and #implicitbias reflection

Wanted to share 2vignettes with you #medtwitter, w permission (identities, some details changed)

Both involve rapid thinking, stretched foci of attention, unanticipated clinical events->
2/ first vignette :

Seeing last pt in morning session, 45 mins back

Finishing up, see another pt’s e mail & message on desk phone

Need 2finish up w pt in front of me, but odd message left in both places

Call back - 72 yo man, remote preDM but got that BMI to 23 long ago, ->
3/ mild lipids on lo dose statin, chronic bronciectasis, reflux. Know him 15 yrs as pt.

Pt: Dr. C, I feel better now, but ..(uh oh) when I woke had a discomfort in my L neck, felt sweaty. That’s all gone for a few hours now, I think I’m fine. But I don’t have my appetite ->
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I had a bit of an “ah ha moment” while attending in our #dermatology resident clinic a month ago.

The way I run this clinic means that when the timing is right, I try to have our senior resident precept the junior resident. I try to stay silent and literally say nothing.

When this happened, we had a brand new senior and a brand new first year. Essentially both residents were settling into their respective roles.

In typical fashion, the junior resident presented the key points to the senior resident as I listened on.

Jr: the patient doesn’t have a rash today, but the pictures look like wheals. He says that pressure causes it. Diphenhydramine doesn’t work that well. He doesn’t have dermatographism.

Sr: what do you think it is?

::both look at me to see what I’m thinking/about to say::

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1/ A quick glance at the foot of the bed unravels a rare answer to a common complaint... another #tweetorial to sharpen our #clinicalreasoning skills, #medtwitter! Try to solve this mystery case and see if you can... nail it!
2/ A 58 year-old man presented with gradual, progressive dyspnea. Two months ago he had no trouble ambulating, now he is limited to several blocks.
3/ Take a mental pause here to practice how you might approach “dyspnea”, and then listen to @BBroderickMD take us through it:
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It's time for #TwitterReport! Get out your illness scripts and problem representations.

Case: A 65yoM with metastatic melanoma goes to the ER with RLE edema: doppler shows a femoral DVT. He also says he's been getting more tired over the last 4wk.

What else do you want to know?
PMH: HTN, HL, T2DM (now diet controlled), metastatic melanoma
PSH: none
Meds: HCTZ, metoprolol, atorvastatin, pembrolizumab/ipilimumab (last cycle 2 weeks ago)
Social: lives with wife and dog at home. From a local rural area. Never smoker/alcohol. Former construction worker.
ER Triage Vitals:
-Temp 37*C
-HR 60
-BP 90/54
-RR 12
-SpO2 98% on room air

What else do you want to know?
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1) aim to “understand deeply.” Admitting that you don’t understand puts you in a mind-set to learn
2)”fail effectively.” Try & falter-learn a little each time you don’t succeed
3) create questions.” Think slowly through specifics that challenge you…
4) “go w/ the flow of ideas.” Connect your thinking. Think through a topic to connect it with other disciplines, ideas and subjects

5) be open to change.” Keep an open mind; be willing to see things differently

Take charge of your learning; don’t wait for others to educate you!
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1/Hey, #medtwitter, bust out your schemas - it's time for another CPSers tweetorial! #FOAMed #clinicalreasoning #medthread
2/A 46F presented with 2 weeks of diffuse abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Pause and reflect on how you’d approach her abdominal pain, and then check out this schema:…
3/On exam, her VS were T 36.2C BP 178/100 HR 82 and RR 16. She had sclerodactyly as well as shiny/thickened skin over her face, arms, and chest with telangiectasias. There was 2+ pitting BLE edema.
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