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Delivering another workshop tomorrow on Working withIN Diversity. So pleased that many counselling services, counsellors and organisations are open to learning about intersectionality, identity & power dynamics in therapeutic spaces, process and relationships #counselling #CPD
I love delivering training. Today is all about #workingwithindiversity and exploring the identity of counsellors & clients in the counselling room and relationship, especially when working with clients from ethnic minority & marginalised communities #counselling #CPD Image
Exploring privilege and oppression of ethnicity and race #counselling #workingwithindiversity #CPD Image
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17 year old has been charged in the murder of a Cleveland police officer and an informant last week—charges expected today against an adult too—I TEAM reported yesterday suspects arrested... @edgallekfox8 #fox8 #Cleveland #officerdown #CPD
and now the adult arrested over the weekend has also been charged in the murder last week of Cleveland detective and informant
Multiple sources: third suspect in deadly police shooting case has now been arrested—another juvenile @edgallekfox8
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My next Setting Up in Private Practice workshop is next Saturday 22nd August. Email to book your place! #SupportingPrivatePractice #counselling #SupportingYou
Setting Up in Private Practice
Saturday 22nd Aug.
Covers all the key areas to help you successfully and confidently set-up your #privatepractice 👍🏼 Image
Excited to be delivering my next Setting Up in Private Practice workshop tomorrow! Always great to support practitioners in their PP journey! #SupportingPrivatePractice #Counselling #Therapy #CPD #successstory 🥳🥳🥳
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Spending today putting together all the slides, handouts and worksheets, to help those attending the 'Setting up and Running a Successful Private Practice' Workshop. There's so much to cover! I'm so excited for this event! #TherapistsConnect #CPD #SupportingPrivatePractice
I've intentionally made this workshop very interactive and engaging. I love it when I leave workshops with the tools, techniques and frameworks for how to implement the learning. So I now do this for all of my own workshops! #CPD #SupportingPrivatePractice #GrowthHacks #lifehacks Image
All of my & @GrowToGlow_flow workshops are for the growth of delegates attending. There to help you achieve and reach your potential. To feel supported in moving beyond your comfort zone and not feeling alone in doing so.
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...the meme is racist. Not the murder. Not the coerced confessions. Not the unjust decades long prison sentences. Not the abuse. Not the brutality. Not the murder. The meme. Got it.
The meme. Not human life. My bad. Apologies.
“Chicago agrees to pay up to $19.8 million to settle the cases of pardoned #deathrow inmates Leroy Orange, Stanley Howard, Madison Hobley and Aaron Patterson, who allegedly were tortured into confessions while in the custody of Burge & his detectives.”…
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Washington and Dearborn


Let’s think about getting three more wagons and more incident teams.

Michigan and Tribune Tower

More units

They’re trying to break down the barricades
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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كتير من الناس ميعرفوش ان الصلاة ليها مراحل.. بمعنى ان أي حد بيصلّي مر أو بيمر أو لسه هيمُر بالمراحل دي..
"الإمام الغزالي" اتكلم عن الموضوع ده بشكل جميل جدا..وقال ان الصلاة من العبادات الخاصة جدا للمُسلم وعشان كده ليها شكل يختلف عن أي عبادة تانية..والجميل انه مربطش المراحل دي..
لا بعُمر معين ولابحالة معينة ولا خصّها للذكور ولاللإناث..ولابدرجة من درجات الايمان حتى..
-المرحلة الأولى..مرحلة العِبء ودي أصعب مرحلة.. وفيها مش بس بتحس انها تقيلة عليك..لاانت بتلاقي كُل الاسباب مُيسّرة انك متعملهاش..هو انا لسه هتوضّى؟طيب بعد الأكل..طيب بعد مااخلص اللي في ايديا.
طيب صليت الظهر وفات وقت العصر عليك فقولت خلاص اليوم راح عليا هبدأ من بُكرة تاني بقى.. التزمت بالصلاة أسبوع..وضيّعت اللي بعده وصليت يومين بعدها وضيّعت عشرة وحرفيا بتجاهد عشان بس تواظب على الصلاة..ومرة تنجح وكتير لأ
-المرحلة التانية..المُرائاه ودي مرحلة انتقالية..
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👩‍💻🧑‍💻Some conclusions from #EYAWKANDA Lockdown Edition

PART 1 - Simultaneous interpretation on Zoom

👥[This is a collaborative thread, please do contribute if you participated!]

#1nt #SimInterpretationZoom #ColleaguesNotCompetition #CPD #WISE1nt

Pro account + Video Webinar add-on = min. requirements to enable Interpretation feature.


100 participants, 2 of them host/co-host, 14 of them interpreting, EN-ES-FR-DE-IT > EN-ES-FR-IT configuration (based on lang. combination of volunteering interpreters, it works with up to 7 languages). 3-4 terps per booth (up to 6 tested on same booth).
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مشروع "القاهرة التاريخية" ..
المشروع ده هو الأضخم على الإطلاق سواء من حيث تكاليفه أو عوائده المالية والحضارية اللى تهم كل العالم ..

المشروع هو إزالة كل غبار السنين من عشوائيات حول الآثار الباقية من تاريخ مصر الإسلامى والكنائس والمعابد الموجودة فى محيطها ..
ثم إقامة منشآت ضخمة متصممة بنفس شكل مبانى الحقبة التاريخية اللى إتبنى فيها الأثر ..
يعنى مثلاً الناس تمشى جوه مدينة العسكر تشوف مبانى وآثار ورائحة الخلافة العباسية .. وبالمثل كل جزئية من المشروع ..
المشروع ده هيخلى القاهرة من أول الكنيسة المعلقة بمجمع الأديان لحد باب الفتوح بشارع المعز عبارة عن مزار واحد ضخم بيحكى لينا ويعيشنا تاريخ مصر اللى خربه العثمانيين ..
المشروع كمان مزود بتليفريك
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Habt ihr schon gute Weiterbildungsvorsätze fürs neue Jahr? Ich biete im Frühjahr gemeinsam mit dem @BDUe_Fachverlag vier Webinare zu Technikthemen für Dolmetscher:innen an! Jeweils 90 praxisnahe und interessante Minuten. #1nt #xl8 #CPD
9. Januar 2020: Gut organisiert durch den Dolmetschalltag - Email, Kalender, Aufgabenverwaltung, Reiseplanung…

16. Januar 2020: Elektronische Vorbereitung für Konferenzdolmetscher:innen - Vorbereitungsstrategien, Wissens- und Informationsmanagement, Terminologie…

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1. If you are reporting on @KimFoxxforSA & the resistance that she is getting from police, you MUST realize that DA'S exercising discretion INDEPENDENTLY is a "reform" in #Chicago. Before Foxx, generations of SAs were intimidated by #police.
2. They were taught to NEVER question an officer even if a suspect was dead. They gave"deference" and "respect" of officers, and relinquished their discretion to officers. To question an officer, was a sign of "disrespect." They called it prosecuting with "blinders" on.
3. If a SA did not "step in line" to these rules, police would stop coming for trials & blacklist them in the office. Whistle blowers had cases taken from them and upper management would participate in this. One manager threw an ashtray at a DA when he tried to whistle-blow
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Spending the morning with our dear colleagues @translatores to learn about “Linguistic linked #opendata for #terminology” - with Elena Montiel-Ponsoda (Polit. Madrid, a trained #1nt, btw) & @jor_gracia (Uni Zaragoza) #xl8 /cc @Goldsmith_Josh @WordLo @RodolfoMaslias @Jeromobot First slide of the presentation with title and authors
This should be a great preparation for #18TEF in a few weeks which is also all about language/translation data.
We’re starting with the limitations of “traditional data”: lots of stuff out there, connected by hyperlinks, but still accessed 1-by-1, unstructured, difficult to interpret, hard to integrate different formats. Oh my!
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**Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation for Paramedics**

You asked for it so here it is!
Started off last week with a request from my #Paramedic mates wanting to know more..

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Many things might spring to mind when someone says the word assessment, so this thread aims to clarify that our Assessment Lead Programme is nothing to do with data drops or tracking systems but everything to do with using the craft of assessment to support teaching & learning
When we talk about assessment, we’re referring to a planned, purposeful process that produces valuable information that leads to better decisions about #teaching & #learning
By supporting you to make your assessment practice & approach more effective & efficient, you can do more with less for a more manageable & meaningful use of #assessment
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Interinstitutionelle Weiterbildung „Das österreichische Deutsch“ - der AT-Vorsitz wirft seine positiven Schatten voraus! #CPD #xl8 #1nt /cc @Deutsch_Profi Bild aus dem Presseraum im Europa-Gebäude des Europäischen Rates
🇦🇹 🇩🇪 „Der Österreicher unterscheidet sich vom Deutschen durch die gemeinsame Sprache.“ - Karl Farkas
Hermann Lewis (inzwischen überholte) Lehrmeinung: “Das österreichische Hochdeutsch - Versuch einer Darstellung seiner hervorstechendsten Fehler und fehlerhaften Eigenthümlichkeiten” Schmutztitel “Das österreichische Hochdeutsch - Versuch einer Darstellung seiner hervorstechendsten Fehler und fehlerhaften Eigenthümlichkeiten” von Hermann Lewi
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