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💡Zététique ou Autodéfense intellectuelle ? (thread)

Lors de mon enseignement des bases de la #PenséeCritique, la « #zététique » et l'#AutodéfenseIntellectuelle m'ont été présentées de façon confondue : il m'a été longtemps difficile de faire la part des choses entre les deux.👇
De plus, sans même parler d'#AutodéfenseIntellectuelle, la définition du terme #Zététique elle-même semble être différente d'une personne à l'autre.
Je vais ici vous en exposer ma compréhension depuis les cours de @RichMonvoisin à son utilisation dans la communauté des #SceptiquesRationnel·les française et parler brièvement des idéologies associées comme l'#AutodéfenseIntellectuelle afin d'éviter les épouvantails.
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Which is the greater military power: #PRC with 60,000 troops massed on India’s border(for ~2 years) or #RF with 100,000 troops massed on Ukraine border(for ~ 2 months)?
2/rus #Russian massing of troops around Ukraine is not just a message to #USA and #Europe, but also to #China and #India, not to write off its Military power & ability to use it; even though Russia’s economic power is now much less than that of USA, EU, China, India.🧐🤔
3/rus The #Russian’s have learned from the #PRC aggression against India in 2020, which rapidly lost credibility after Galwan. They have done everything to ensure that the threat of invasion is credible enough to achieve their coercive objectives without fighting.
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Without fanfare, the reasons for which will soon become obvious, @NHSEngland finally published its #DataStore "#DisseminationRegister":…

18 months after we first pointed out it had to, and over a year since we began requesting it!

Let's take a look...
For starters, it's staggering how little information the register actually contains. Just 18 lines, on 18 data flows or extracts over the past 18 months!

This for what has repeatedly been claimed as a "vital #COVID19 resource"?!

Here's a snapshot of ALL of them 👇
Of those 18 data flows, nine of them are to do with the #vaccination programme - and only started from February of this year. A tenth seems to be mis-dated, unless we had a vaccine no-one ever heard of in April 2020? 🤔

Several of the other named purposes we already knew...
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1/4 #COVID19 #science continues to evolve at a rapid pace and we must continue to be guided by the best available evidence. #BePartofTheSolution
2/4 With ↑ use of social media, we are consuming more information than ever, but some of this information can be false or misleading. There is a lot of #misinformation and #disinformation out there! #GetTheFacts #CheckThenShare
3/4 We all have a part in stopping the spread of #COVID19 #misinformation. As you come across new information, think critically about it, check it against #credible sources, like:…

#CheckThenShare or don’t share if in doubt! #infodemic
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"4 boys" (typed letter to Feinstein)
"4 boys in the room" (therapist)
"3 boys & a girl" (WaPo)
"4 boys & a couple of girls" (letter)

Still no day/week/month
Still no location
Left friend with attempted rapist
No clue how got there or back
Told no-one for decades

"I don't like to fly"

"Did I mention I took that Polygraph at the airport?"

"I swam to Hawaii"
And of course it's now "five boys and a girl" in her statement to Judiciary with a rogue boy she can't name or even describe

FIVE different stories simply about who was there
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I am going to explain in summary how one surrenders themself at the U.S. Border to request Asylum. The “border” can be at an airport or any other U.S. port of entry. Upon arrival at the port of entry the Asylum seeker surrenders themself to a Customs & Border Protection Officer..
...At that point CBP books the person, takes their fingerprints, & performs a short question and answer with the Asylum seeker. A report is populated on the Asylum seeker. That report is called an I-213....
The Asylum seeker will be booked in immigration jail/detention for several weeks until an Asylum Officer schedules them for a Credible Fear Interview. This interview is conducted by an Asylum officer and an interpreter since most Asylum seekers don’t speak English...
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