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1. Superbowl Thread - Super Bowl LVII: February 12, 2023, State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona
Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles, featuring Rihanna #Rihanna #RihannaSuperBowl #CardiB #SuperBowl #SuperBowlLVII #chiefs #eagles #Illuminati
2. State Farm Stadium looks less like an eye than many, but apparently the roof does not retract. Stadiums are often sited on important leyline sites, as they are energy extraction sites used in rituals like the half time performances #SuperBowlLVII
3. Other stadia look more like the all seeing eye... #SuperBowl #SuperBowl2023
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I have an interesting 🧵for you!

I am testing out a new AI for a major big tech company. Although it's still in the works, it's quite intuitive. It can tell you all about Abraham Lincoln, the Ford Model T, water engines, cruise ships, what was reported about AstroWorld...

...and it can even tell you the difference between germ and terrain theories. It's able to use social media, search engines and books to compile information in real time. Not bad.

HOWEVER, one topic that blew its AI brain was...


Buckle up.

I started out with a simple question and the AI told me about a 26-year-old black man that was shot and killed by police in Detroit. To my knowledge, there is no Damar Hamlin with this story. I thought that was strikingly OFF after having spent time with this AI already...

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Nailed it!...

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People have been debating whether #DamarHamlin should get an implantable defibrillator. For the medical history buffs out there, here’s a thread on how this incredible device was invented. (1/n)
Though several groups were involved in the invention of external defibrillation, only one, led by Michel Mirowski at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, was responsible for the creation of the implantable defibrillator. (2/n)
Mirowski, a Jew, was born and raised in Warsaw. In 1939, as an adolescent, he left his family and fled his country after the German invasion and occupation of Poland. (He was the only member of his family to survive the war.) He ultimately returned to Poland. (3/n)
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So we all know that this particular collapse was staged, right? Good, glad we are starting to learn how they play us to create controversy, fill up the search hits with garbage, and cause distraction away from something else. The truth. #DamarHamlim
Hundreds of athletes have dropped dead FROM THE VACCINES so these demonic nutcases had to do their thing, again. I am sure these numbers are conservative:…

How do we know this is a psy-op? Its SO easy when you have eyes to see, almost no effort required...
...plain as the nose on your face. They tell us with their signs, of course. The only standing player when they were dramatically praying was 33? The sketchy, unmarked ambulance? This smiling face after having your heart stop twice, intubated and on loads of heavy drugs?
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130.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty, January 7-13, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 129 below.
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A message from a hospital pastor:

May I humbly request not to call #DamarHamlin’s recovery a "miracle”?
It wasn't a miracle. He had a sudden cardiac arrest with a shockable rhythm, received enough oxygen to his brain to preserve it through CPR, and was shocked back into rhythm.
With recovery time and ventilator support, he is where he is today.

A miracle would be if he had gone 20 minutes without intervention, long enough for his brain to die, and then spontaneously revive fully intact. Why is this language so important?
Because when we use miracle language to describe predictable outcomes as a result of tested and reliable interventions, we give the person in completely different medical circumstances hope that they'll get the same miracle, because medical miracles are “happening all the time”
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Disney's first animated film with an openly LGBT character "Strange World," tanked at the box office last month. The film had a whopping $180 million budget but only took in $24 million when it opened during the #movie #MUFC #DamarHamlin… Thanksgiving holiday week, according to Variety. Pixar's latest installment in the popular Toy Story franchise, "Lightyear," failed to meet expectations, earning $51 million at the box office. The family-friendly series owned by Disney attracted… headlines forAnother film focused on LGBT characters, "Bros," didn't move the needle at the box office, either. Star Billy Eichner furiously warned "homophobes" on Twitter to not come see the movie. It grossed $14.8 million worldwide, according to Box
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Hamlin asked his doctors “who won the game?” this morning. #BillsMafia
Doctors make point Hamlin communicates through writing due to breathing tube. Doctors told Damar—“Yes you won—you won the game of life!”
Re next steps—doctors want #DamarHamlin to be comfortably breathing on his own before any talk of discharge.
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With all the talk about external defibrillation stemming from the #DamarHamlin case, I thought I’d offer a short thread about how it was invented. (1/n)
In 1947, the American surgeon Claude Beck successfully used electrical defibrillation for the first time in an operating room, on a 14yo boy in Cleveland who went into cardiac arrest following a chest operation. (2/n)
The boy survived. Beck later wrote that defibrillation was a tool for saving “hearts too good to die.” (3/n)
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Before #COVID19 vaccines the average number of cardiac arrests in the European soccer & football leagues was 29 per year. Since the vaccines there have been 1,598 cardiac arrests

Vaccine-induced myocarditis is at the top of the list of the differential diagnosis for #DamarHamlin
Full interview here:

NFL Star Drops Suddenly With Peter McCullough, MD, MPH…

Rational harm-benefit assessments by age group are required for continued COVID-19 vaccination…
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ER doc & CPR professor here with some thoughts on cardiac arrest survivorship.

As we all wait nervously to see if Damar Hamlin recovers, I thought it was worth compiling some inspiring stories of survival.

A thread of hope below 🧵

#Hamlin #CPR #BuffaloBills #DamarHamlin

now, before I begin: we cannot yet say if Mr. Hamlin will recover. He has a long and difficult road ahead.

But what is medicine without hope?

As an ER doc, I couldn't do my job without it.... so let's learn from these survivors:


A soccer player in the UK, Mr. Muamba collapsed at age 23, during a game. It was observed that he "fell like a tree trunk. He didn't put his arms out to break his fall, or anything, he just dropped."

Cardiac arrest. People sprung into action....
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Prayers for #DamarHamlin, and disgust for grifters trying to spin this awful event into anti-vaccine propaganda with 0 evidence. #CommotioCordis is rare, but it’s a better explanation than some conspiracy theory. My heart goes out to Hamlin, his family, and the team. #BillsMafia
Hello, people in my replies:
1. No, both possibilities are not equally valid. The actual events leading up to the cardiac arrest are important in determining cause, and given what we actually know about vaccines, that is less likely to be the cause. (1/3)
2. We are not dismissing the possibility of vaccine-related events “prematurely” nor are we opposed to questions. But knowledge and evidence matter in determining likelihood.
3. VAERS is not an indicator of actual vaccine adverse events, so it cannot be used to prove (2/3)
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Aaron Rogers: "When Trump in 2020 was championing these vaccines, what did the left say? Don't trust the vaccine. Don't get the vaccine. What happened? Biden wins and everything flips. Isn't this about health not politics?"

1 of 2
2 of 2

"This idea that it's the pandemic of the unvaccinated, it's a just a total lie. If the vaccine is so great, then how come people are still getting COVID and spreading COVID? Personal health decision should be private." #FauciFiles #DamarHamlin
... continued, 3 of 6

... and then you wonder why?

"I'm frustrated with not just my football players that won't get vaccinated, I'm frustrated with everybody." -Mike Zimmer, Former Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings, July 2021
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I'm a cardiologist who deals with cardiac arrhythmias. I'll weigh on #DamarHamlin and the cause of his cardiac arrest. The truth is no one knows. Into the vacuum of unknown "experts" like to plant their agenda. 1/5
Could it be Commotio Cordis? It's possible. Commotio Cordis is normally found in children with a more flexible chest wall. I've never heard of it in adults. The chance of such an event is rare, even in children. 2/5
Could it be COVID-vaccine related myocarditis? I suppose. However, no professional would list that at the top of the differential. More likely, it may have been related to COVID, or several other viruses, itself. 3/5
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After the #DamarHamlin incident, the conversation around CPR training and AED access is important.

But we can't sidestep some hard truths.

America is addicted to this violent and brutal game. And the @NFL has repeatedly shown that does not care about Black players' health.
"Why do you have to bring race into it?"

70% of the NFL's players are Black. There are only five Black coaches, and no Black team owners. We watch these men destroy their bodies every week for our entertainment.….
So... will this moment be one in which we push for football to be safer? To pressure the @NFL to make the game less brutal for its players?

We will see.
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Since there’s been so much talk about commotio cordis with regard to #DamarHamlin, I figured I’d give a short explainer.
Commotio cordis was discovered by a guy named George Mines who worked in Montreal in the early 1900s. By a cruel twist, it was also the reason he died. (1/n)
Mines determined that there is a narrow period in the cardiac cycle— a “vulnerable period,” he called it, about 10 milliseconds in duration— during which a stimulus—an electrical shock or even a punch to the chest—can cause a perfectly normal heart to fibrillate and stop. (2/n)
To show this, Mines developed an apparatus to deliver single electrical shocks via taps of a Morse key to electrodes placed on a rabbit’s heart. In a number of instances, he found that “a single tap of the Morse key if properly timed would start fibrillation.” (3/n)
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The universal urge and call to prayer in response to the #DamarHamlin collapse reveals our true spiritual nature.

Every human being knows there is a Maker that:

• is over all things
• is personal and accessible
• is our only true hope & help

>> People’s spiritual inclinations were no longer suppressed or disguised

▸ Players prayed on the field.

▸ The game and studio broadcasters appealed for prayers.

▸ Social media exploded with people urging prayer.
>> Nobody debated the existence of God in response to these calls for prayer


▸ The injury, and gravity of it, stripped away all pretensions and smokescreens.

▸ Raw humanity, in need of God, was on full display.
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🧵 on #DamarHamlin #BillsMafia Based on what we saw it is likely that Hamlin went into Ventricular Tachycardia/Fibrillation. This is a fast, irregular & highly unorganized electrical rhythm of the heart that precedes a cardiac arrest. The question is what triggered the VT/VF 1/
Fortunately ACLS protocols were initiated on field. CPR was started and reports have confirmed that an AED was used, the latter of which was used to “shock” his heart back into a normal rhythm. He was then moved to UC where he’s intubated and sedated per protocol #BillsMafia 2/
The cause of his arrhythmia now needs to be determined. He will undergo a battery of tests to rule out structural heart disease, electrical abnormalities, electrolyte abnormalities, ischemia etc which will be performed by cardiologists over the next day or so #DamarHamlin 3/
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I just heard about the Damar Hamlin collapse during MNF. I understand a defibrillator was needed and used with CPR on the field.

Blunt chest trauma during early (30mSecond) part of ventricular repolarization (T-wave upstroke) can illicit an "R-on-T" equivelant and cause V-Fib.
This is what we call 'Commotio Cordis' which refers to the sudden arrhythmic death caused by a blunt specifically-timed chest wall impact. Commotio Cordis is seen mostly in athletes in their teens and early 20's

I don't have all the facts, but I just found out and need more info
If this is true, then it was not a head or neck injury which is what most people automatically assume!

Tell me what you know so I may give a more informative assessment....
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ER doc & CPR professor here - with a second thread tonight to explain what comes next, AFTER CPR....

it seems that Damar Hamlin is alive, in critical condition... so what does this mean, & what happens now?

a new thread, below 🧵

#Bills #DamarHamlin #CPR @NFL @nflnetwork

in my first thread earlier tonight, I briefly explained CPR.

When CPR is successful, and heart function is restored, patients require specialized ICU care to support organ and brain recovery - this is known as POST-ARREST CARE.

It is slow and careful work.

One of the keys to post-arrest care is TARGETED TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT (TTM) - the use of technologies to avoid fever and precisely control body (and hopefully brain) temperature.

It can look like this - cooling pads hooked up to a coolant machine:
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A little bit about Damar Hamlin - past newspaper articles will tell you he’s overcome adversity his whole life. He lost 3 friends to gun violence as a kid, battled through hernia surgeries in college, after being drafted in the 6th round this was the biggest game of his life.
Clearly young man with no shortage of resilience… Praying hard that he overcomes this too. #damarhamlin
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#BREAKING Bills-Bengals NFL game postponed after player collapses: ESPN Image
#BREAKING NFL says player Damar Hamlin in 'critical condition' after collapse during game between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals Image
#UPDATE Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during his Monday night game against the Bengals and was taken to a Cincinnati hospital where he is in "critical condition," the NFL says, adding that the match has been postponed
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