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As promised, we'll be briefly tweeting about mobile applications and their permissions.

Simply put, permissions determine what an app has access to on your device. For instance, Snapchat will need permission to use your camera so you can post directly.

App permissions are good and necessary when it comes to privacy.

Many apps are intrusive and do more than they claim to do. Some apps have been known to covertly steal user data; which is made possible by the permissions we grant the apps we install.
In order to stay on top of things...

+ We strongly advise that you only download apps that are known to be of good repute. Check their online reviews and what security professionals have to say about them.
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@cyberexpertsng @bictrwanda @CyberInAfrica @CyberSpaceKenya @CyberAwareTn @she_secures @kaagber @RemiAfon @safeonline_NG @nogofallmaga @bantu_tech Here goes...

We typically emphasize securing and protecting our data, especially those shared on the internet.

Today, we want to take a different approach. We will be focusing on learning to filter what we post on the internet, especially on social media.

@cyberexpertsng @bictrwanda @CyberInAfrica @CyberSpaceKenya @CyberAwareTn @she_secures @kaagber @RemiAfon @safeonline_NG @nogofallmaga @bantu_tech By doing so, we will reduce the amount of personal information we share with the public, thereby reducing what bad guys know about us.
@cyberexpertsng @bictrwanda @CyberInAfrica @CyberSpaceKenya @CyberAwareTn @she_secures @kaagber @RemiAfon @safeonline_NG @nogofallmaga @bantu_tech Social media has become a huge source of information about people and organizations, and one of the reasons is because people share too much. We let our guard down here and many assume that only our loved ones see what they share.
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A new research report from @seanodiggity and @expressvpn in honor #DataPrivacyDay reveals the incredible extent of commercial location tracking hidden in everyday apps.…

App vendors use free software development kits (SDKs) to build their products, not realizing (or not caring) that the SDKs come from commercial surveillance companies that harvest all their users' data and sell it in hidden, sprawling commercial markets.

That's how the US military was able to buy location data on users of a Muslim prayer app: the app was built with one of these surveillance SDKs, so the data was extracted, packaged and sold on the cheap to the Pentagon.…

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Fun personal fact: I got started working on privacy on #DataPrivacyDay eight long years ago, so January 28th always makes me sentimental and interested in taking stock of Privacyland. 1/8 Image
I lack the perspective of those who've been in the privacy weeds for decades now, but much has changed. In 2013, the big #DataPrivacyDay topic was new COPPA rules! Also, buzzwords like #bigdata and #IoT! I wrote a 5-year perspective for @PrivacyPros:… 2/8
One thing I've noticed over these 8 years is that privacy advocates are much less involved in the event. EFF and Consumer Reports may still do blog posts, but #DataPrivacyDay has really become more about corporate messaging on privacy. See, e.g.,… 3/8
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Today on #DataPrivacyDay, @SFLCin is bringing you some tips and quick fixes to help protect your privacy online.
#DataPrivacyDay2021 #PrivacyAware #privacy #cybersafety #dataprivacy
We as a generation use #SocialMedia almost obsessively. Most of us have accounts on social media websites like #Facebook, #Instagram & #Twitter.
#SocialSecurity #cybersecuritytips #PrivacyAware
We also keep hearing about various #Hacking, #Phishing attempts and in times like these it is important to understand the basics of social media privacy settings to secure yourself from such attempts.
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You have a right to consent -before- anyone collects information about you, you have a right to withdraw that consent.

Those who would have you believe that "privacy is dead" are really attempting to get you to believe that consent is dead.

If you believe that consent is dead they will be emboldened to first surveil you, then to censor you, and to finally deny you.

Never let them tell you that privacy is dead.

Never let them tell you that consent can be obtained after the fact, never let them tell you that consent doesn't apply, never let them tell you that the consent can be vague or nonspecific.

Consent must be free, informed, and obtained prior to any action.

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Our privacy analysis of data flows in Real-Time Bidding systems, including the assessment of how much user data is valued. #ePrivacy
Some publishers used clever mechanisms to bypass blockers and smuggle in cookies. #ePrivacy
Following analysis of the high-frequency trading of user data. #ePrivacy #DataProtectionDay #DataPrivacyDay
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After boring accounting stuff yesterday, let's do another exercise in "trivial self-observation" which is hopefully more entertaining. Let's talk about semi-privacy: the littoral between public and private spheres.
Sunday was #DataPrivacyDay and private vs public matters *a lot* in law, economics, sociology, cryptosecurity of course, but how much time have you spent recently choosing semi-privacy over real privacy?
There's an econ joke that defines economics as "finding separating hyperplanes in the n-dimensional vector space", but often investigating is more interesting than finding them. Turns out the public-private boundary is as fuzzy as most boundaries we like to simplify as in-out.
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