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Dienstmededeling! Vanaf vandaag gaan alle zelfbenoemde gedachtenlezers rücksichtslos in de #block. Denk twee keer na voordat je claimt dingen tussen de regels van mijn tweets door te kunnen lezen.
("Rudy vindt/hoopt/denkt natuurlijk dat <vul vooroordeel in>").
Je kent me niet.
Dit is een aanvulling op deze spelregels:
Ook tweeps die boude claims bij herhaling niet onderbouwen met een link, screenshot of andere bronverwijzing lopen grote kans op #block. Image
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ABC (Art Blocks Curated) Floor Update. I used to do these daily, and then got too busy - my new plan is to do one section of AB each day. Tomorrow I'll do Playground, and Sunday i'll do a Factory update, and then back to ABC, etc. More manageable. Okay so the last time I tracked Image
the floor prices for ABC was 10 days ago and we have a pretty mixed bag since then. The overall cost for a curated set is up 10% but that's *almost* all from the Elevated Deconstruction surge/bottleneck, not to mention there have been 3 new projects added. Overall it seems like
the market is still in a bit of a bearish stage but not nearly as much as it was at the start of the month. Some projects are slowly going down, some are slowly going up. With an illiquid market I don't think you can read too much into these (relatively) small price changes. What
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1/ On the 6529 Squiggles Collection

As most of you know, the 6529 Museum collects "horizontally" in @artblocks_io, meaning across collections, to show the spectrum of output across AB Curated projects.

The historical/curation value of the horizontal view in time will be 🔥
2/ It has been, however, a long-standing 6529 Museum goal to have a vertical collection of Chromie Squiggles.

Squiggles are the first, iconic and largest ABC collection, the most memetic and, initially, quite controversial, "you paid what for those squiggly lines?"
3/ I don't think you can introduce Art Blocks without introducing the Squiggles

And how can you really give a visitor about to enter the 6529 Museum AB wing an understanding of Squiggles without seeing all the various types?

So off I went on a mission
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At Near ecosystem , it's a good day.🌚🌝
@etherscan will be launched soon on @auroraisnear !🤩
#NEARProtocol #NEARster #cryptocurrecy #digitalcurrency #bitcoinnews #money #bitcoins #RonaldoReturns #NEAR
We are pleased to learn that the first #major #infrastructure project with whom @auroraisnear collaborated on integration was: @etherscan .🤝🚀
What does that #entail?🧐
🚀Aurora, an #Ethereum scaling solution that lets #programmes built on Ethereum to employ #NEAR's cutting-edge #technology, has partnered with @etherscan, the premier Ethereum #block explorer, to allow #developers can use the same tool they're used to.
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📱मोबाईल नंबर Block-unblock
का करता ..??थोडासा विचार करा व
त्याच्याशी संवाद ठेवा बर वाटेल मन
हलक झाल्याचे वाटेल नक्कीच 🤔
📱सध्या माणसांना एकमेकांचा राग
आला कि ,एकमेकांचे फोन नंबर ते
ब्लॉक करतात..., नंबर ब्लॉक होतो
पण प्रेम ब्लॉक होत का ? आठवणी
ब्लॉक होतात का ..?? तर नाही ज्या
आठवणी कायमच्या हृदयात ब्लॉक
असतात अशा नंबर ब्लॉक केल्याने
त्या ख़रच मिटतात का हो ?
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1/ A Gov forced power outage in 1 province in China took out 40% of $BTC hash power & led to the highest (16 min) #bitcoin #block time intervals since 2009 & highest ever tx fees ($40+). There is a BTC difficulty adjustment bug. It's not a feature. BTC chain at 60% capacity now.
2/ We know this for a fact because the same diff adjust code was originally in #DigiByte & #Dogecoin. Sudden hash drops caused $DGB chain to completely freeze for 7 hours & $DOGE to freeze for 2 days in 2014. Numerous chains have all fixed this. $DGB pioneered the fix.
3/ Just calculated last 20 #bitcoin blocks still averaging 16 minutes. Meaning those Chinese miners are still offline for almost 4 days. We would see 7-9 min average if they were back online. This story runs deeper. Something up in China.
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“Stop doing things that are divisive in the party” say people doing all the things divisive to the party.

A Thread:
1. HQ staff pressurising the Police to bring charges against the former party Leader.
2. Trying to block Joanna Cherry from standing in the 2019 General Election hot off of her defeating the U.K. Government in court.
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Today on #DataPrivacyDay, @SFLCin is bringing you some tips and quick fixes to help protect your privacy online.
#DataPrivacyDay2021 #PrivacyAware #privacy #cybersafety #dataprivacy
We as a generation use #SocialMedia almost obsessively. Most of us have accounts on social media websites like #Facebook, #Instagram & #Twitter.
#SocialSecurity #cybersecuritytips #PrivacyAware
We also keep hearing about various #Hacking, #Phishing attempts and in times like these it is important to understand the basics of social media privacy settings to secure yourself from such attempts.
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Based on 👇

Land,Labour,Liquidity&Laws that are not isolationist but inclusive

Ease of Doing Business

DBT,JanDhan,Aadhar, Micro Insurance,Ujjwala Yojana, Ayushman Bharat, PM Awaas Yojana,PM FasalBima Yojana,Krishi Sinchai,Swachh Bharat--Key Landmarks
GST,IBC&PSU Bank Recapitalisation in last 6 yrs,have been big reforms

52606Cr given via #DBT to 41Cr #JanDhan holders

Free wheat&rice to 69Cr ration card holders

18000Cr tax refunds given

Free cylinders to 8Cr #Ujjwala holders

#20lakhcrores #COVIDー19
Project DevelopmentCells,working for Promotion of Champion Sectors,in States

#MakeInIndia&Upgradation of Industrial Infra,a success&more will be done to #Decongest economy

3376 SEZs&IndustrialParks with 5 lakhhectares,to be ranked& mapped,in terms of readiness for competition
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Hygiëne-regels in m’n tijdlijn (draadje):

Anonimo’s > ignore
Whatabouters* > ignore / block
Koppensnellers* > ignore / block
Spammers* > block
Schelders > block
Dreigers > block
Eisers* > block

*Whatabouter = tweep die niet on-topic reageert maar in thread steeds over ándere onderwerpen begint.

*Koppensneller = tweep die gelinkte artikel niet heeft gelezen maar toch reageert.

*Spammer = tweep die lijst van meerdere handles in tweet kopieert.
*Eisers = tweeps die eisen dat ik op foto/filmpje reageer. Ik ben niet jouw personal factchecker.
Mijn activiteit op Twitter is bedoeld om tweeps te bewegen dit zélf te doen, bijvoorbeeld op en of met InVid of Reverse Image Search.
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19. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
Wrong US policies in the Middle East. Sanctions against Iran. Sanctions used by the USA as a war weapon🤨👇🏼
1. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?🤨👇🏼…
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There are many forms of computing hardware systems, ever more so these days with TPU (Tensor Processing Units), GPUs, Multi-Core CPUs, Parallela Epiphany cores, FPGAs, Risc-V ISA, Analog Computing, Quantum Bits, Memristors, AI, ML, Deep Neural Nets, ...…
The linked paper above is one older perspective. It was written just as the age of networking was beginning and published two years before the advent of Smalltalk-80 that brought in a new paradigm of Object Oriented Programming were objects communicate via passing of messages.
Functional Programming makes rather massive claims that it is somehow fundamentally different than the procedural programming that came before it. Both are based upon functions calling other functions with the passing of arguments as in Lambda Calculus mathematics. 🤔 Not new.
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#Blockchain yapı taşları #block'lar hakkındaki açıklamalar yeterince anlaşılabilir değil sanki 🤔Nelerden oluştuğu, nasıl ilerlediği ve çok konuşulan değiştirilemez yapısını nasıl koruduğu konusunda bir #flood iyi olmaz mıydı? Olurdu olurdu ⛓🙋✌️#crypto #block #technology
1) #Magic #Number: Her blok üzerine kurulduğu teknolojiyi(örn. #bitcoin, #ethereum vs.) belirten geçici bir numara ile başlar. Bu deklarasyon, başka yazılımların bir Blockchain bloğuna denk geldiklerini anlamalarına yardımcı olur ◽◼◻ #btc #eth
2) Blok Büyüklüğü: #Forklanma ile değişen ve geliştirilmeye çalışılan blok veri kapasitesi ikinci sırada ifade edilir. Blokların #mining hızına önemli derecede etki eden depolama alanı, piyasadaki #coin enflasyon oranını da etkileyebilir ki bunun detaylarına ayrıca değineceğim 📊
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É preocupante que haja necessidade de lembrar num debate presidencial que o estado é laico. #SinalDosTempos
Laicicidade é a separação formal de Estado e religião. É assegurar a todos os cidadãos a liberdade de credo ou ausência de credo. É desvincular decisões políticas de dogmas religiosos. Traduzindo em miúdos: o Brasil é(ou deveria ser) uma democracia. Não somos um Estado teocrático
Em tempo: o debate nesta página é bem-vindo. Baixarias ou propagandas eleitorais não! #block
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