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There are many forms of computing hardware systems, ever more so these days with TPU (Tensor Processing Units), GPUs, Multi-Core CPUs, Parallela Epiphany cores, FPGAs, Risc-V ISA, Analog Computing, Quantum Bits, Memristors, AI, ML, Deep Neural Nets, ...…
The linked paper above is one older perspective. It was written just as the age of networking was beginning and published two years before the advent of Smalltalk-80 that brought in a new paradigm of Object Oriented Programming were objects communicate via passing of messages.
Functional Programming makes rather massive claims that it is somehow fundamentally different than the procedural programming that came before it. Both are based upon functions calling other functions with the passing of arguments as in Lambda Calculus mathematics. 🤔 Not new.
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While I see many ways the Democratic Socialist movement in America has been used to deceive, control, and STEAL from US, that doesn't mean the heart of the values underlying the principles of Democratic Socialism aren't worth exploring/supporting. Liberty first, but then CARE.
It seems ignorance and abuse of definitions through shifty language used by dark minds is the main problem with the entire debate around community care policies in general. We need to start changing the tone and terms of the debate or we'll be stuck in this loop forever.
P.S. I am NOT a "Democratic Socialist." I as Bernie or Bust until Trump won. After waking up to the reality of mind control, I see how the DS movement (coincidence?) is being used for domination, control, and eventually GENOCIDE. WE DENY CONSENT to ALL THEFT of OUR RESOURCES.
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I will auto-#BLOCK anyone being antisemitic & blaming "The Jews"

If you're too willfully ignorant to see that #Hivites hide in EVERYTHING, all identities, including Islam, Christianity, etc, then you aren't welcome in conversations on this timeline. Do better #ByePhoenicia
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