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1/10 🧵💡 Why is the US cracking down on #cryptocurrencies, causing significant market volatility. Is the global leader overlooking a trend, or is there a deeper reasoning? 🤔🌐💱 Let's take a look: Image
2/10 The reasons behind this crackdown are multifaceted 🧩 Critics suggest the U.S.'s primary concern isn't protecting the average investor, contrary to the claims of the @SECGov. #CryptoMarkets #InvestorProtection
3/10 The blooming crypto market, exceeding $2tn in 2021, is pulling capital away from traditional financial systems 🏦 The U.S., among other regulators worldwide, is amplifying its scrutiny of the industry. #Finance #MoneyTalks Image
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This is a must-read thread for every Defi trader in the crypto ecosystem.

It is a complete guide and manual that will help make your journey in the DeFi space smooth and stress-free.

Let's take a walk into the extraordinary world of DeFi @CroswapOfficial provides.

A thread 🧵 Image
1/ Introduction

Croswap is a multi-chain community-driven DEX built for crypto users who value low cost trading fees, security and transparency. It can run on any EVM-compatible blockchain network.
Croswap has a dynamic platform that enjoins builders and consumers to enjoy its benefits under an umbrella without causing harm or discomfort to each other.

It also focuses on the main needs of traders in the space which ranges from security to low fees & speed
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🧵1/14 Facing and uncomfortable Reality: What @defichain truly needs! And intellectually honest analysis.🚀
🧵2/14 Quick background: The past year has been tumultuous for the #DeFi space, largely due to the failure of Terra's stablecoin, UST. That uncertainty paired with the massive crypto price drop, caused fear to $DFI investors.
🧵3/14 Price follows Value. Always. 🔑
Value is determined by three factors: Utility (the most important!), number of people (marketing), and rarity. These factors are critical for any investment. I've written a blog post about this:…
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Zeus Swap Incentivized Testnet

On the last airdrop onboarding series I spoke about the @_zeus_swap swap

What does it entails? and how do we participate on the ongoing testnet which will be ending on the 31st of December
Lets go 🧵
@bloomstarbms @Abrahamchase09 @NDIDI_GRAM
Succintly, @Zeuswap is a concentrated liquidity protocol built on @MetisDAO , With the mission to enable capital-efficient trading via concentrated liquidity, while offering a better trading experience for traders and liquidity providers.
With zeus swap liquidity providers will
..have the liberty to select price range of choice as regards the swap fees they did be earning and also receive rewards in form of Nfts for the liquidity provided
Hmmm, Amazing!

Note: qualified participants will be rewarded in the form of an NFT and an Olympian role in discord.
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(1) DEFI
(3) NFTS


#Binance10M #BUSD #Airdrop $BTC
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Why has @defichain's dUSD been DEPEGGED for more than 5 months?

1/19 🧵 on the Top10 TVL chain that CT doesn't talk about
Defichain was created by Julian Hosp and partnered with his company, CakeDeFi.

With Hosp's history in TenX and Lyoness, many have wondered if this is the next Cefi rugpull.

Interestingly, CakeDefi is compared to other defunct lenders on their own website. Up to 23.9% APY!
For a chain that's called "Defi"chain, its TVL seems overly reliant on just two Dapps. Even His Excellency's Tron has 10.
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Token Design: A Simplified Analysis
As a measure of simplicity, I writing a Thread 🧵 to back up my article about token Design.
Read full article:…
1/ In Real life,the word "Token" is used in several cases. The most common one I can think of is "A token of Appreciation"
From the sentence, you can depict that Token as a word is backed by Incentives. Meaning you are expressing your intentions. It is used in every sector
2/ In Traditional Economics, "Token" represents a systematic management of human behavior. Thus, regarded as a store of value. However, it is different from money because it can be assigned a price. As said in the article, it appreciates value.
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1/ On PRICE vs. VALUE - a🧵:
You know you invest in price, when you plan on selling something again.
You know you invest in value, when you plan on never selling something again, but instead you either plan on using the thing itself and/or whatever it produces.
2/ That's why people struggle to buy oil when price is going down, as they don't know at what price they can sell it again.
But it is the reason, why they fill up their car full on, when the fuel price is going down, as it has utility.
The former is price, the latter is value.
3/ That is why investing in fiat is easy. You know exactly what you get for it in lifestyle credits - the only variable is inflation. When you buy "lifestyle credits", you don't sell fiat, you "use" it at a known utility factor.
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1/ Join @harmonyprotocol on #DayONE where we'll be speaking to the #Web3 community & introducing #Harmony project highlights, showcase our ecosystem, talk about #crosschain with great food & MORE 💙

Speakers announcement DAY - 1
[THREAD] 👇 #HarmonyONE Image
2/ Aaron Li (@polymorpher) will be showcasing 1Wallet with Smart One-Time-Password Authentication! 🤯

Check out the project here 👉…

#1wallet #DayONE Image
3/ Dave Cassidy the founder of 'Next Hollywood' will speak about decentralizing Netflix 😍

Read more about the proposal here 👉…

#NFT #Hollywood #Web3 Image
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@harmonyprotocol approves 12 more proposals for its $300M Ecosystem Fund 💙

💱DeFi: @CryptoFamily3 @AegisCustody @MutualKnowledge @0xMagicland

💳Payments: @grindery_io @HarmonyPayOne @HundredFinance @QiDaoProtocol

🎭NFT: @thecosmicguild @ShowMeNFT @Marketplace_1 Story Line Image
1/ Cosmic Universe @thecosmicguild is a play-to-earn fantasy #CryptoGaming #Metaverse MMORPG on the Harmony blockchain where players explore realms, build advanced settlements, and engage in PVP competitions 🎯


#NFT #Gaming #CryptoGaming Image
2/ Crypto Family Bridge @CryptoFamily3 is a decentralized and permissionless inter-blockchain bridge that allows instant and cheap transfer of assets such as tokens and #NFTs across multiple #blockchains 💯


#DeFi #DeFiChain #Blockchain
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1/ If you are wondering, how much higher the $DFI price can go, let me tell you: much, much, much higer, and this is why: #Bitcoin was the first #DeFi project and its function is that of creating value (it is better than anything else) and is starting to transfer value.
2/ This function is still at the very beginning though. @DeFiChain is covering functions of DeFi that Bitcoin does not have, but is building on the same fundamentals: it is a code fork, it is very interoperable, it needs Bitcoin for its security, and much much more - AND:
3/ it has the additional DeFi function sets of #lending, #exchanging, #staking and #tokenization. Bitcoin derives its value from people seeing it as digital gold. $DFI derives its value from people exchanging, staking, tokenizing and lending on the blockchain - natively!!
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