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Cross-Chain Monday's Ep 02

Summarizing the latest updates and announcements of different projects that are building out #multichain and #crosschain solutions

We started off the week with the @nomadxyz_ incident and if you did not manage to catch up on it, I compiled the different early posts about it

@nomadxyz_ announces a 10% bounty for whitehats…

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📰 Summary of the Harmony Horizon Bridge Incident

Forum -…

1/ Describes the timeline of events, criminal investigations, forensics and actions taken

@harmonyprotocol #HarmonyONE #HorizonBridge
2/ For Medium post readers, posted the Harmony Horizon Bridge incident here…

#blockchain #bridge #Ethereum #BinanceSmartChain
3/ Many thanks to external partners for the continued assistance and the Harmony team in taking the steps in the right direction.

I am disappointed that this had happened and determined to make this right.

A multi prong recovery plan is in the works community members' help 💙
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Hackers exploited a vulnerability to steal 85,837 ETH (appr. $100 million) from Harmony's Horizon Bridge.

All the tokens drained to this address…

Bridge address:
First exploited since block 15012646, transfered 13,100 Ether.
TransactionID: 21106…
Confrimed by two wallets. 2 of 5 approval will trigger transaction.
0x812d8622C6F3c45959439e7ede3C580dA06f8f25 Image
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Tu stakes tes $ETH sur @LidoFinance pour des bETH, tu les collatéralises sur @anchor_protocol et empruntes des stablecoins ( LTV de 70%) pour farmer avec du $LUNA en LP tokens grâce à la #DeFi, tu as un APY de 16%

Rien compris ? Le guide👇

L'airdrop est une stratégie marketing des startups #crypto pour promouvoir le projet. Il s'agit de distribuer gratuitement leurs #cryptomonnaies aux utilisateurs actuels ou potentiels.

Altcoin est un mot-valise composé de "alternative" et "coin" pour former "altcoin". Il désigne en réalité un groupe de #cryptomonnaies , l'ensemble des monnaies virtuelles autres que le #Bitcoin
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1/ The Harmony ONEWeekly newsletter, an easy-to-digest summary of all things at @harmonyprotocol.

Know more about what's happening in the ONE ecosystem, new projects and some behind-the-scenes action.

Here's what the first newsletter talks about👇…
2/ [Quarter 1 Recap]

In January, #HarmonyONE and @FinanceOin updated their announcement regarding the release of an upcoming stablecoin on the Harmony One network, taking us one step closer to having a stablecoin backed by ONE.

Official Announcement👇…
3/ We also established partnerships with @aag_ventures, got listed on the @okx exchange, sponsored the NFTHack hackathon and much more.

Here are Harmony's January updates in detail👇…
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1/ In March 2022, @harmonyprotocol continued its approach of creating an ecosystem that builds products for billions of users in the future.💙

The month was filled with launches, partnerships, grants and events.

Here's what happened in March 2022👇…
2/ [Launches & Milestones]

The first cohort of the @harmonyprotocol Zero-Knowledge University came to an end with participants building diverse Web3 products using ZK technology.

Final Projects by ZKU Genesis Graduates👇…
3/ In March, the @harmonyprotocol blockchain surpassed the milestone of 1 million wallets.

The number grew from 800,000 in February 2022.

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Why Omnichain #NFTs would be next big thing?

First omnichain nfts launched approximately 36 hours ago and got lots of attention. Achived great volume on opensea and floor rised up to 0’9 $ETH even it was a free to mint; @gh0stlygh0sts .

Let’s deep dive into it. 🧵
U may heard Omnichain/Omniverse from @cobie at first but i’m sure u heard lots of staffs about NFT bridge for a while. It was possible to bridge nfts before but the method is not smooth. So this brings to another question; what is changed?
The old methods basically mirroring ur nft metadata to destination chain. It was more like a synthetic asset like $ETH to $WETH.

Something came up recently to change this. @LayerZero_Labs an Omnichain Interoprability Protocol.…
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#HarmonyOne in 7 tweets

Here are the most importing things you need to know about Harmony One, the original sharded blockchain.
1. #HarmonyOne was the first to implement sharding on a mainnet. Harmony is able to achieve finality in about 2 seconds. A normal transfer is extremely cheap and costs roughly 0.000021 $ONE. This is achieved through Harmony’s FBFT consensus protocol and random state sharding.
2. Sharding allows Harmony to confirm transactions in parallel which accelerates transaction validation speed. To motivate the delevation of stakes across a larger number of people, Harmony uses a novel mechanism called Effective Proof of Stake (EPoS).
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1/ @Harmonyprotocol’s new trustless BTC bridge offers users an opportunity to put their BTC to work and participate in DeFi protocols without liquidating.

Here's a synopsis of a report by @MessariCrypto on Bridging BTC to #HarmonyONE's EVM👇…
@MessariCrypto 2/ Since Bitcoin does not have smart contracts, it is challenging to create conditioned & complex transactions.

This makes programmatic custody of bitcoin & bridging it trustlessly to other chains quite difficult and most BTC used on other chains is via centralized custodians.
@MessariCrypto 3/ The report examines the new @harmonyprotocol BTC bridge designed to be secure and completely trustless.

The bridge operation, economics and risks are evaluated as well as the implications of BTC functioning on an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible network.
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⏪ Presenting $veRVRS

Reverse is proposing the implementation of a modified Vote Escrow (ve) staking designed specifically to reward long-term $RVRS stakers.


#DeFi #HarmonyONE $ONE

Protocol participants would be able to stake $RVRS in order to earn $veRVRS over time, until reaching a cap set at 4x the amount of RVRS that a participant has staked.

Removing any $RVRS from the pool will slash ALL of a user’s veRVRS. veRVRS is not tradeable, it cannot be sent, bought or sold.

Your $veRVRS balance is proof that you are a diamond hand Reversor, and your veRVRS empowers and rewards you for your commitment.
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#CRONOS 101: @cryptocom's very own chain

Here's your intro guide to #CRONOS, the fast, low cost, EVM compatible chain that bridging #ETH and #COSMOS

A thread🧵👇
2. Cronos is’s chain that interoperates with both ETH and Cosmos.

It aims to act as the bridge these two worlds and enable better allocation of resources. It’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible and is connected to the #Cosmos ecosystem.
3. #CRONOS aims to massively scale the Web3 user community by providing builders with the ability to instantly port apps and crypto assets from other chains with low cost, high throughput, and fast finality.
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EVMOS 101: The bridge between #Cosmos and #ETH

Here's your everything guide to #Evmos, the scalable, fast, Ethereum-compatible PoS blockchain built in the Cosmos ecosystem

A thread 🧵👇
2. Let’s review a few things. We love #ETH. It’s decentralized, secure and has a massive community. But it sucks at scaling

We love #Cosmos. It’s scale. Its decentralized. But secure can be a prob sometimes.

Read my comos thread here:
3. The future is multi chain. It’s the the most optimized, resource efficient way forward.

Enter #Evmos, the bridge between ETH and Cosmos. $EVMOS is a scalable, fast, Ethereum-compatible proof of stake blockchain built in the Cosmos ecosystem
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DeFi Kingdoms 101: the #GameFi blockchain game that's on its way to being the king of #Blockchain games👑

Here's your everything guide to #DFK 🐂

A thread 🧵👇👑

2. DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) is a cross chain #GAMEFI MMORPG .

It’s a game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, and a market of rare utility driven #NFTs.

GameFi is the intersection of DeFi, NFTs and the metaverse.
3. #DFK has complex mechanics and brings pixelated retro art to DeFI. It was originally built on the #HarmonyONE $ONE network, but has recently expanded to their own DFK chain powered by #AVAX.

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Harmony 101: the $ONE for all blockchain

Here's a thread all about #HarmonyONE, the fast, low cost #ETH VM compatible blockchain that's home to #DeFiKingdoms 🧵👇
2. We’ve talked about this many times before. #ETH sucks at scaling and gas is super expensive.

ETH has been losing market share, especially to fast, low cost chains like #Solana, #Terra and #BSC.
3. ETH’s #DeFi dominance is down 100% from 1 year ago. Alternative chains are well position to grow and eat more of ETH’s market share. The crypto world is going to become multi chain
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1/ @harmonyprotocol is building a multi-chain future that helps users transfer seamlessly between chains with instant transactions and extremely low fees💙

This feature by @WhiteboardCryp1 talks about how #HarmonyONE works.

👇Here are some excerpts
2/ What motivated the creation of @harmonyprotocol?

While the #Ethereum chain was growing, there were some limitations.

#HarmonyONE was built to create a fast, decentralized and secure solution for a billion users, focusing on Speed and Performance.
3/ Building on the promise, @harmonyprotocol achieved a 2️⃣-second finality on all transactions. This is way faster than other top blockchains.

But what about security risks?

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Selamlar.. Bugün sizlerle Harmony (ONE) üzerinde bir testnete katılacağız.

1 cüzdan ile 2 testnete katılacağız

Wallet ve faucet çoğu zaman yaptığımızdan birazcık farklı olacak, dikkatli okumalısınız, çok basit bir testnet.

Keyifli okumalar

#Testnet #Airdrop #HarmonyONE #NFT
1- Öncelikle cüzdanımıza harmony test ağını ekleyeceğiz. harmony test shard 0'ı ekleyebilirsiniz.

Olmazsa eğer

Harmony Testnet

Bu bilgileri mtmask adresinize girebilirsiniz.
2- Şimdi musluk kullanıp test tokenleri alacağız.

1. Cüzdan adresimizi kopyalıyoruz

2. sitesine girip cüzdanımızı yapıştırıyoruz arama kısmına.

3. one... diya başlayan cüzdan adresini kopyalıyoruz.
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1/ Harmony community, @harmonyprotocol is now officially migrating its governance requirements to (@SnapshotLabs)

All #HarmonyONE DAOs rely on Snapshot to run important elections such as protocol proposals & electing DAO governors…
2/ @Harmonyprotocol is now fully supported on Snapshot, and the forked version hosted on the Harmony website will be discontinued.

This decision comes to ensure complete decentralization and to provide a reliable and secure product to the community.
3/ With an ever-growing number of DAOs on Harmony and a plan to create many more, it is critical they have access to reliable services to run and manage their organizations.

Therefore, from March 1st, 2022, users will need to create a brand new space on
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1/ @harmonyprotocol approves 21 more proposals for its $300M Ecosystem Fund 💙

💱DeFi: @epnsproject @AnChainAI @perpprotocol @freyalacrypto

💳Payments: @Allbridge_io @MIM_Spell @klever_io @Trustee_Wallet

🎭NFT: @TheDeFimons @KangaFinance @StoreyTheApp @NiftyRow

And more ⬇️
2/ @finance_unite is the first algorithmic #stablecoin on the @harmonyprotocol ecosystem. Users can #stake their UNITE tokens and earn daily rewards💰


#DeFi #HarmonyONE #Blockchain
3/ The Ethereum Push Notification Service (@epnsproject) is a decentralized communication & notification protocol for Web3. With it, any smart contract, dApp or backend can send on-chain or off-chain #notifications tied to wallet addresses 🤩

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1/ JOIN US at #DayONE to discuss #Bridges, #DAOs, #crosschain #NFTs and all things #Web3 for 2022 with great food & more with Harmony 💙

👉Register here (DM for code)

Speakers announcement DAY - 2
[THREAD] 👇#HarmonyONE
2/ Zi Wang (@justziit) will talk about Curator #DAO for NFT moments 😍

Check out 👉 - A curator #DAO for moment #NFT. True fans, tastemakers, patrons can bond over animated 3d models as momentos of real-life events

3/ 0xkrillin from Tranquil Finance (@tranquil_fi) will speak about Permissionless Money Market 👌

Check out Tranquil Finance 👉 - An algorithmic market market #protocol, allowing users to lend and borrow assets permissionlessly.

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1/ Join @harmonyprotocol on #DayONE where we'll be speaking to the #Web3 community & introducing #Harmony project highlights, showcase our ecosystem, talk about #crosschain with great food & MORE 💙

Speakers announcement DAY - 1
[THREAD] 👇 #HarmonyONE Image
2/ Aaron Li (@polymorpher) will be showcasing 1Wallet with Smart One-Time-Password Authentication! 🤯

Check out the project here 👉…

#1wallet #DayONE Image
3/ Dave Cassidy the founder of 'Next Hollywood' will speak about decentralizing Netflix 😍

Read more about the proposal here 👉…

#NFT #Hollywood #Web3 Image
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1/ @harmonyprotocol at the Messari (@MessariCrypto) Mainnet in NYC 2021 where @stse chats about the future of #Web3, #DeFi and more, with #builders & #leaders and how #Harmony can aid in fast tracking growth for these distinctive projects 💙

Here's what happened 👇
2/ Yaz Khoury (@Yazanator) of @cLabs who is building @CeloOrg, talks to @stse about their mobile-first approach for the emerging markets! 📈

👉Discover cLabs:

#DeFi #celowallet #StableCoin
3/ Next he speaks to Dhawal Shah (@Dhawal0921) of @FrontierDotXYZ. #Frontier is a multi-chain DeFi wallet supporting 11 chains now.

They discuss about simplifying #DeFi by bringing it on ONE simple layer

👉Discover Frontier:
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@harmonyprotocol approves 12 more proposals for its $300M Ecosystem Fund 💙

💱DeFi: @CryptoFamily3 @AegisCustody @MutualKnowledge @0xMagicland

💳Payments: @grindery_io @HarmonyPayOne @HundredFinance @QiDaoProtocol

🎭NFT: @thecosmicguild @ShowMeNFT @Marketplace_1 Story Line Image
1/ Cosmic Universe @thecosmicguild is a play-to-earn fantasy #CryptoGaming #Metaverse MMORPG on the Harmony blockchain where players explore realms, build advanced settlements, and engage in PVP competitions 🎯


#NFT #Gaming #CryptoGaming Image
2/ Crypto Family Bridge @CryptoFamily3 is a decentralized and permissionless inter-blockchain bridge that allows instant and cheap transfer of assets such as tokens and #NFTs across multiple #blockchains 💯


#DeFi #DeFiChain #Blockchain
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Estamos a 22/10/21 y hablaremos de lo prometido:

#HiloInstintoFinanciero 62 - $ONE | #Harmony

🔵 - ¿Qué es?
🔵 - ¿Qué utilidad tiene?
🔵 - Características

¡Y mucho mas!
A darle amor que lo estoy empezando a redactar Image
🔵 #Harmony | $ONE

🔹 Es una blockchain rápida y segura con innovaciones clave en fragmentación de estado y redes peer-to-peer
🔹 One es el token nativo. Se utiliza de manera operativa y como gobernanzas
🔹 Focalizada en el rendimiento y la seguridad Image
🔵 - ¿Cómo funciona?

🔹 El protocolo de consenso utiliza principios de diseño como fragmentación y canalización

🔹 El resultado es el manejo efectivo de la latencia de conexión. Esto permite que se adapte al tamaño de la red Image
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