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As ⁦@trussliz⁩ and ⁦@MarosSefcovic⁩ meet to try and fix #brexit NI Protocol new ⁦@ManufacturingNI⁩ survey shows #NorthernIreland manufacturers making ‘significant’ post-Brexit strides in adjusting to Protocol @FT /1
@trussliz @MarosSefcovic @ManufacturingNI @FT Since July the number of @ManufacturingNI members "struggling" with the protocol has dropped below 25pc...compared to more than 40pc in July. It's moving in the right direction, it seems./2
@trussliz @MarosSefcovic @ManufacturingNI @FT The survey, to be published Friday, also shows EU suppliers are getting easier (last year it seemed that many hadn't got full message that Northern Ireland is part of EU single market for goods) and trade with GB has also picked up/3
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In todays @FT there’s an op-ed from @DavidGHFrost outlining the state of play in the talks around the #NorthernIreland Protocol & contrary to a lot of reports (that mostly treat 🇪🇺 pronouncements as gospel while ignoring 🇬🇧 ones) there’s been little change…
In essence the #NorthernIreland Protocol is unfinished (it was always a dynamic document) & 🇬🇧 is seeking to bring it to where it was envisioned to be, as outlined here by @LeoVaradkar in January 2020, as well as excise the bits obviated in the TCA
Alas 🇪🇺 still seems to have very little interest in living up to their responsibilities & honouring what they signed

Unfortunately for them 🇬🇧 sovereignty is absolute & Brussels’ authority runs out at The Border

They may have to learn that the hard way
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I see 🇪🇺 decision making is as unhinged from reality a usual

They can’t possibly make a decision until on something like this until they have full access to 🇬🇧 databases rather than use something else like say basic maths

The total value of 🇪🇺 imports is ~$2tn/yr according to @WorldBank

Total exports from #NorthernIreland to 🇪🇺 are ~$10bn/yr or 0.5% of total 🇪🇺 imports

Even the GDP of NI (~$60bn) is only the equivalent of 3% of 🇪🇺 total imports
As you can see #NorthernIreland being any sort of risk to 🇪🇺 Single Market is mathematically impossible but 🇪🇺’s infantile zero risk obsession prevents them from seeing this
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Exactly 🇬🇧 & 🇪🇺 knew exactly what they were signing & were signing from the same hymn sheet on how the #NorthernIreland Protocol.

Well until 1st February 2020 when 🇪🇺 took a very different view & took a much harsher, impractical interpretation.

Here’s @LeoVaradkar talking to @bbclaurak on 27th January 2020 saying the exact same thing that @BorisJohnson was saying about how the #NorthernIreland Protocol should operate.

Sounds eerily similar to the 🇬🇧’s Command Paper from July 2021
As the text #NorthernIreland Protocol was a broad legal blunt instrument to work this out required a lot of finessing in the Joint Committee.

Alas 🇪🇺 dragged their feet on appointing a representative & subsequently boycotted discussions to all intents & purposes.
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Meanwhile in #NorthernIreland, the @SDLPlive's @BrianTierney09 championed the new rainbow crossing in #Derry that apparently cost ratepayers £22k. Yet another example of ill-thought out gesture politics that actual causes harm. In this case, visually impaired people, inc LGB+T.
@SDLPlive @BrianTierney09 £22k, @BrianTierney09 @columeastwood? Did you consult with @RNIBNI @guidedogsni before installing crossings that are confusing to guide dogs, putting visually impaired pedestrians in danger? Where was the due diligence?
"Rainbow-coloured pedestrian crossings are not safe for disabled people, older people or children and could exacerbate hallucinatory conditions, including for those with psychosis, campaigners warn." Not so 'welcoming' after all. #gesturepolitics…
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Conservatives own the Brexit Deal
Conservatives own Vote Leave
Conservatives own the £350M /week NHS Lie
Conservatives own Let The Bodies Pile High
Conservatives own £37 Billion Failed Track & Trace
Conservatives own an Underfunded NHS

Conservatives own #ToryBrexitDisaster
Conservatives own Boris Johnson
Conservatives own #ToryCorruption
Conservatives own #BrexitFoodShortages
Conservatives own Matt Hancock
Conservatives own Economic Failure
Conservatives own denying #FreeSchoolMeals
Conservatives own Eton

Conservatives own the #ToryShambles
Conservatives own 150,000 Deaths
Conservatives own UK Delta Variant
Conservatives own PPE Shortages
Conservatives own #BrexitChaos
Conservatives own #NorthernIreland Sea Border
Conservatives own EU Customs
Conservatives own Driver Shortages

Conservatives own #ToryCriminals
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🎥 Precious Life are live from Warrenpoint for Day 3 of our Annual Pro-life Roadshow.

Abortion is not healthcare
Abortion is Not in Our Name

🎥… #RepealSection9 #NorthernIreland #Prolife #RestorePersonhood
Did you know there are politicians here in Northern Ireland who support the murder of babies in the womb?

Leaflet Request⬇️
Email with your name, address & the number of leaflets required to distribute among your church or neighbourhood
💥Warrenpoint & Newry💥 Day 3 of the Precious Life Annual Pro-Life Roadshow.

Thankyou to all our dedicated pro-life volunteers who stood for Life today!
Join the Roadshow at College Street abortion centre in BELFAST tomorrow 1.00-3.00pm.
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Watch 🎥 Day 2 of the Precious Life Annual Pro-Life Roadshow coming from BANGOR today⛱💥…
💥BANGOR 💥 Day 2 of the summer Roadshow.
Many petitions were signed by the public to Repeal Section 9 and Restore Personhood to EVERY unborn baby in Northern Ireland.

#RepealSection9 #RestorePersonhood
💥BANGOR 💥on Day of the Precious Life Annual Pro-Life Roadshow.

Tomorrow we will continue the Roadshow in WARRENPOINT from 1.00-3.00pm.
Join us and stand for women and babies against abortion in Northern Ireland.
#RepealSection9 #RestorePersonhood
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Business Secretary @KwasiKwarteng admitted that the UK signed the #NorthernIrelandprotocol of the #Brexit deal without having any idea how it would work out. Watch and share this 1½-minute video. Discussion on Facebook: LinkedIn:
On Sky News, Business Secretary @KwasiKwarteng said

“With the #NorthernIrelandprotocol, obviously nobody had any idea the actual effects of it until we left the #EU"

He added that the government now realises that the deal is not satisfactory “as it is” and wants to renegotiate
Even though the #Brexit deal has only been in operation since 1 January, Business Secretary @KwasiKwarteng said:

“The #NorthernIrelandprotocol isn’t written in stone. It’s not something that was going to last forever more. Everybody realised at the time.”
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Lord @DavidGHFrost isn’t happy with the #NorthernIrelandProtocol that HE negotiated. He wants to “return to normal”. Isn’t #EU membership “normal”? That avoided ALL the problems Frosty is griping about and it's what he supported BEFORE the #EUReferendum. Watch ½-minute video.
Before the #EUreferendum, the then Mr @DavidGHFrost strongly supported the case for Britain to REMAIN in the #EU. He said then AGAINST #Brexit: “Even the best-case outcome can’t be as good as what we have now.”
As for the UK going it alone, @DavidGHFrost said BEFORE the #EUreferendum:

“The more independent your national trade policy is, the more difficult it is to negotiate completely barrier-free access to any other country.”
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New - US State Department urges UK/EU to stay within “existing mechanisms” of #Brexit #NorthernIreland protocol ahead of key announcement by Boris Johnson tomorrow @StateDeptSpox
“It's something that we are watching" says US State Department on UK announcement on #NorthernIreland protocol. "We encourage them to negotiate within the existing mechanisms when differences do arise.”
“We’ve consistently said that we welcome the provisions in both the trade and cooperation agreement and the Northern Ireland protocol between the UK and the European Union which importantly protect the gains of the Belfast/ Good Friday Agreement" - @StateDeptSpox @StateDept
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#India: "Delhi reported a surge in coronavirus (Covid-19) cases on Tuesday"… Image
#Indonesia: '"on the edge of a COVID-19 catastrophe" as the country navigates an uptick in the number of infections'… Image
#Australia: "The Greater Darwin region has confirmed it is dealing with an outbreak of the Delta variant, a strain which experts warn is more infectious but "manageable" with the right restrictions."… Image
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I’m late to this, but here is a🧵about just how non-trivial the #sausagewars / wider #NIProtocol food supply issues are. At its core is an illustration just how far down a rabbit hole we are and how poor our understanding of what 'freedom to trade' actually means in practice 1/
Reminder @ColdChainFed represents logistics businesses. our members’ job is to get product from A to B, the more freely they can do that, the more responsive the market is to demand, the more open the market is to competition and the lower the cost of goods is to consumers. 2/
So far we have not seen the full effects of the NI Protocol because (a) gov secured and extended massive temporary concessions for ‘supermarkets’ from the rules and (b) the hospitality trade in NI has been coincidentally shut for 6 months since the protocol came in to being. 3/
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Joe Biden and Boris Johnson will hold their first face-to-face meeting on Thursday, with the visiting US president expected to deliver a stark warning to the British prime minister not to imperil the fragile peace in #NorthernIreland #G7Cornwall
#BREAKING US President Biden, British PM Johnson meet for talks on eve of G7 summit in Cornwall
#UPDATE US President Joe Biden was set to warn British Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to imperil peace in #NorthernIreland as they held their first face-to-face meeting on Thursday on the eve of the G7 leaders' summit in Cornwall #G7Cornwall
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Quei “bambini della pace” che incendiano le notti di Belfast e che si sono rimessi a fare la guerra in Irlanda del Nord.

Il mio reportage da Belfast tra i "ceasefire babies", i ragazzi nati dopo la pace del 1998.

Spoiler: c’è poco da stare tranquilli.…
1. Forse molti l'hanno dimenticato

Ma Belfast ha ancora gli ultimi muri di Europa

Vergogna e dramma di queste enclave misere e maledette

Questo è il “muro della pace” che divide il quartiere unionista Shankill dal cattolico Falls (foto mie)

Ora cancelli chiusi anche di giorno ImageImageImageImage
2. Lui si chiama Joel Keys @JoelKeysNI, ha 19 anni, è un unionista e brexiter di Belfast e ci spiega perché suoi coetanei e amici sono scesi in strada a combattere in Irlanda del Nord

“C’entra la Brexit, ma non solo. C’è un piano dei paramilitari dietro”…
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NEW - White House Press Secretary on violence in #NorthernIreland

“We are concerned by the violence in Northern Ireland and we join the British,Irish and Northern Irish leaders in their call for calm.”
“We remain steadfast supporters of a secure + prosperous Northern Ireland in which all communities have a voice and enjoy the gains of the hard won peace.”
"We welcome the provisions in both the EU-UK trade and cooperation agreement and the #NorthernIreland protocol which help protect the gains of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement" says @PressSec Jen Psaki
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"I expect you will hear from him before May 1st," says @PressSec of @POTUS and the deadline imposed by the previous administration to withdraw US troops from #Afghanistan.
There's a great deal of focus on the #semiconductor shortage at the highest levels of the US government, says @PressSec.
Concerned about the violence in #NorthernIreland and US joins the calls for calm, says @PressSec.
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Here is a picture of Lord Harold Sidney Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere with Hitler.

He founded the Daily Mail, which influenced British politics, to strongly support for the appeasement of Nazi Germany.

Now his Great Grandson of the Daily Mail supports Boris Johnson 🤷‍♂️ Photo of Hitler. In the 1930s Lord Rothermere used his newsp
"The Mail Online successfully lobbied the Government to delete a tweet denouncing one of its articles, a freedom of information request has revealed"

Sceptics against #Lockdown cited the misleading article that "95% of #Covid cases had underlying causes"… A Mail Online article that claims 95% of Covid deaths had un
The Daily Mail influenced many people to vote to Leave the EU with front page articles attacking migrants who were 'besieging' and 'swamping' the UK

Daily Mail readers actually upvoted comments taken from Hilter's quotes with 'Jew' replaced by 'Migrant':… Daily Mail front page covers condemning migrants
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"Stormont’s justice minister, Naomi Long, says Johnson’s “dishonesty” over Brexit border checks has inflamed the situation"

#NorthernIreland #NorthernIrelandRiots #ToryLies #ToryBritain… Northern Ireland Bus Petrol Bombed
“there will be no border down the Irish Sea – over my dead body”
Alexander Johnson, UK Prime Minister

#NorthernIreland #NorthernIrelandRiots #ToryLies #ToryBritain…
"The DUP backed leave in the 2016 referendum, sank Theresa May, and put its trust in Boris Johnson, only for the prime minister to betray his allies in Northern Ireland and agree to a de facto border in the Irish Sea"
#NorthernIreland #NorthernIrelandRiots…
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More violence broke out in #Belfast, UK as rioters set a bus on fire & attacked police. The ongoing rioting was sparked when the state declined to prosecute Sinn Fein politicians who attended a large funeral of an IRA member in violation of COVID rules.
Earlier this week, rioters hurled dozens of firebombs at police in #Belfast. At one point, a rioter was set on fire. #NorthernIreland
A "peace wall" separating nationalist and unionist neighborhoods in #Belfast was targeted by rioters in ongoing unrest. #NorthernIreland
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#UnitedKingdom #Lisburn #NorthernIreland #H5N8 #BirdFlu

The Chief Veterinary Officer of Northern Ireland, Dr. Robert Huey, reported that notifiable avian influenza, subtype H5N8,
was observed at a commercial holding near Lisburn in a second poultry flock in Northern Ireland. Dr Huey reported the first ever case of the lethal H5N8 in Northern Ireland at a commercial premises in Clough last week, where 80,000 birds had to be slaughtered.
Moreover, a number of other suspicious cases around the area have been investigated by the Police. Strict disease prevention steps, including Temporary Control Zones (3km and 10km), are now in effect in the region to reduce the spread of diseases.
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#UnitedKingdom #Clough #NorthernIreland #H5N8 #BirdFlu

Following the discovery of bird flu at the premises, about 30,000 birds on a poultry farm in Northern Ireland were culled.
This is the first time that the disease has been reported in the country's commercial fleet since 1998. A 3-mile security zone has been set up by the Department of Agriculture around the farm near Clough in County Antrim. Dr Robert Huey,
Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) of Northern Ireland, has launched disease control measures based on clinical signs and initial results provided by the Institute of Agri-Food and Biosciences (AFBI) and
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THREAD: Boris Johnson has a problem named Joe Biden: Democrats are ☑️ on UK climate leadership and ☑️ on UK defense spending increase, but in no mood to prioritize the relatively small trade deal Johnson wants to agree in Biden’s first 100 days. 1/…
My new article puts the much more likely timeframe for the U.S.-U.K. #trade deal as 2022. It’s not punishment for #Brexit per se, but Brexit means the U.K. has complicated Washington’s relations with Europe, and dropped it down the global pecking order /2
I interviewed 16 senior officials and former officials on both sides of the Atlantic, and it’s clear that despite the new EU-UK settlement, Brexit will continue to change the transatlantic dynamic under Biden /3
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