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As the last #Jan6thHearings unfold, here’s something everyone should know: there are at least THREE insurrectionists running for Congress right now, in WI, OH, and NC. Share this video and support the three Democrats who can stop them:…
Here are the Insurrectionist Three:
- Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District: Derrick Van Orden
- Ohio’s 9th: J.R. Majewski
- North Carolina’s 1st: Sandy Smith
All three were on Capitol Grounds on January 6. All three are trying to flip blue districts red. All three are getting national support from the GOP.…
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Peter Montgomery: The Jan 6th Hearings are the best miniseries since Game of Thrones! They're going to need to make the case again to show just how bad Jan 6th was, how Trump tried to overturn the election.
@petemont @RightWingWatch @peoplefor
Peter Montgomery: If people aren't held responsible, this will happen again. If they aren't held responsible, Jan 6 will become a practice coup & they'll try it again. Truth-telling is the first step to accountability.
@petemont @RightWingWatch @peoplefor
Peter Montgomery: It's been an amazing public service to investigate Jan 6th & to show all this to the American people.
@petemont @RightWingWatch @peoplefor
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@RepRiggleman who is saying someone made a 9 second call from a switch board from the white house. Keep in mind the call was made after Trump told everyone to go home. 4:17 pm #Jan6th…
It’s unclear what, if any, connection exists between the White House and the rioter, including whether the call was made by mistake or whether the call went to voicemail. I found this from 2012
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The President told Mr. Miller that there would be a large number of protestors on January 6, 2021, and Mr. Miller should ensure sufficient National Guard or Soldiers would be there to make sure it was a safe event. Senior adviser Stephen Miller, General Mark A. Milley.
Jan 3rd Trump asked about election protest preparations and Mr. Miller tells him, “We’ve got a
plan, and we’ve got it covered.” @StephenM
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So this article says. They are probing the Jan 6th attack. (AND) Trumps efforts to undo the 2020 election. So we are back on the 2020 election and NOT Trump enticing people to go to the capitol?
And they are rushing to get him on the record in time to air clips of his testimony. To answer questions irrelevant to the committee’s investigation.
In the lawsuit it states:
"Put simply, the committee views itself as having a roving commission to examine any matter involving its political adversaries that piques its interest without any regard for the rights of the citizens subjected to its investigation,”
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Richard Ojeda: Those were NOT their people; they just wanted to make it look that way. When things got tough, Josh Hawley took off running.
Rick: The Haulin' Hawley 5K.
Rich: A wannabe tough guy, & it shows.
@Ojeda4America @NoDemLeftBehind
Richard Ojeda: There's a guy, Jordan Klepper, goes to all the Trump rallies & talks to people. They're ignoring the #Jan6thHearings altogether. They have time to stand around for 12 hrs waiting for Trump but don't have time to watch a 2-hr hearing
@Ojeda4America @NoDemLeftBehind
Richard Ojeda: DeSantis is just waiting right now for the go-ahead to run. He won't run head-to-head against Trump b/c he needs Trump's uneducated base.
@Ojeda4America @NoDemLeftBehind
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Max Burns: Steve Bannon just cannot stop committing federal crimes. He's been part of every push against democracy since Trump became Pres.
@themaxburns @thedailybeast #Jan6thHearings
Rick: Steve Bannon was found guilty of contempt of congress after only 3 hrs of deliberations by federal jury; he could get 6 mos to 3 yrs in jail.
Max Burns: There's no GOP Pres to pardon him now, either.
@themaxburns @thedailybeast #Jan6thHearings
Max Burns: Schedule F is a nightmare; GOP wants to make 50,000 federal employees immediately eligible to be fired if Trump is reelected & finds them disloyal. Purging the Civil Service is their goal. Openly planning this shows incredible confidence.
@themaxburns @thedailybeast
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Jan 6 plotters: going to prison

Sidney Powell
Roger Stone
Don Jr
Ron Johnson
Gym Jordan
Mo Brooks
Marjorie Traitor Greene
Jenna Ellis
Patrick Byrne
My Pillow Guy

For context. We are 18 months from Jan 6th

Watergate hearings started 10 months after the break-in. The hearings turned into impeachment 13 months later. 4 months after that, Nixon resigned

And 5 months later criminal convictions began of 41 Nixon criminals convicted to prison
The Jan 6th plot of coup d'etat was hatched on 18 Dec 2020

Donald Trump
Mark Meadows *

Sidney Powell
General Mike Flynn
Patrick Byrne
(+ Some young lawyer)
Giuliani **

Pat Cipollone *
Eric Herschmann *
Derek Lyons *

* Joined soon
** Joined later
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Bob Ney: The hearing tonight was amazing. I keep up with what's going on in D.C., yet tonight there was still new information. It was sobering truth and was well done.
@bobney #Jan6thHearings
Bob Ney: It went back through everything that verifies. The outtakes were amazing to watch; you could tell Trump didn't want to be there or do anything. As the Capitol was being stormed, Trump was calling Senators to try to stop the certification.
@bobney #Jan6thHearings
Sarah Burris: I think maybe people who are casual Trump fans are starting to flip but a lot of the core 30% of nutters are just gonna stay with Trump. Mike Pence might have a chance to win but not with 30% supporting Trump.
@SarahBurris @RawStory #Jan6thHearings
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Sarah Burris: This is more than just Jan 6; they're trying to make the point that Trump was manipulating people. Groups like The Proud Boys are using that as a cop-out.
@SarahBurris @RawStory
Sarah Burris: I get what Liz Cheney is trying to do--drawing the conclusion that Trump is the pillar of indictment.
Rick: As was stated during the hearing, Trump is a stain on our history.
@SarahBurris @RawStory
Sarah Burris: There is a radical rightwing terrorism about this that hasn't been addressed yet. This is the manifestation of when someone lights the powder keg of rightwing crazy people.
@SarahBurris @RawStory #Jan6thHearings
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Perhaps the most damning/horrifying revelation: Trump didn’t make his Rose Garden appearance (at 4:03pm) until AFTER it was clear that the insurrection wouldn’t succeed—the military had been mobilized and the lawmakers had made it to safety.
In today’s hearing, every witness on record describing Trump’s Jan. 6 conduct—Pottinger, Matthews, Milley, Cipollone, Kushner, Deere, Luna, Murtaugh, Miller, McEntee—is a Trump appointee. A damning portrait from everyone around him that day. #Jan6thHearings
O’Brien accepted Pottinger’s resignation but asked him to stay on site until O’Brien had returned to the White House. Pottinger: “I ended up staying at my desk through the night.”
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Oh God, the #Jan6thHearings is fucking it up. People want linear narratives:

This happened. Then that happened. Ooh, this other thing happened at the same time! Are they connected? Let's discuss!

Why. Are. They. Not. Telling. A. Story???
I was just complaining to Dawn about how the long paper I'm rereading to summarize for the podcast (…) is organized around the final theory rather than around the history. It darts back and forth over the history, which. is. confusing.
So much work I'm having to do to reconstruct a history of what happened when from a bunch of disconnected references. People listening to this presentation are not going to put in that effort, so they will not get the message of how, hour after hour, Trump refused to do anything.
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As you watch tonight’s mid-season ending to the #Jan6thHearings. There’s a trove of stories we’ve done at @Local4News and @clickondetroit showing just how central Michigan was to the plot to overturn the election. A thread:
Starting in the days after the election, it was clear Michigan votes would be at issue after Rudy Giuliani called out Wayne county and Detroit in one of his earliest press conferences. 1/
Trump also summoned the leaders of Michigan’s legislature to the Oval Office as his people were pushing for states to overrule their voters. We still don’t know what they talked about. When I asked I was sung to.…
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The proceedings are being chaired by a Republican

The witnesses have been Republicans

Most worked for Republican president Trump

The insurrection was planned & carried out by Republicans

And the dereliction of duty for 187 minutes was that of a Republican

Trump knew the coup was happening

He did nothing to stop it

On the contrary-he incited the insurrectionists even more

Instead of calling the Capitol Police, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security or even the FBI

Donald Trump called Senators-trying to convince them to delay certification of the election

While insurrectionists chanted Hang Mike Pence

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OK. Yesterday's #Jan6thHearings recap, on 2x speed.

Thompson giving another version of his standard opening: Come on, elections matter and you can't turn violent. Candidates have obligations to stop followers from getting violent. Any American leader had to do that.
Trump didn't; instead, he summoned a mob to Washington.

Cheney: No hearing last week, but we got Cippolone's testimony, and it "met our expectations"
This hearing is going to focus on Trump summoning the mob to fight for him.

Trump lawyers have changed their tunes - they recognize the Committee has established what happened and that it was wrong and illegal, now they're saying Trump was misled by bad advisors
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Some thoughts on today’s #January6thHearings: A tale of two very different halves for me - but both evoking a sense of dread and acute threat. Trump brought carnage. Unless he is held to account, he will bring a lot more, and the damage will be irreparable.
The first part centered on that December 18 meeting between Trump’s outside team and his White House lawyers: What an absolutely bizarre scene – nothing anyone would have accepted as remotely plausible, had it been presented in a movie or a novel. Trumpism as farce.
And then there were all these ludicrous conspiracists, extremist grifters, and unhinged rightwing activists echoing Trump’s call for a march on DC – what an utterly bizarre spectacle it all was, in so many ways the fitting crescendo to the Trump experience.
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Then-President Trump’s call for his supporters to march on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was planned in advance, and he intended to go with them, evidence presented at Tuesday’s #Jan6thHearings on the insurrection showed.…
“He directed them to the U.S. Capitol. He told them he would join them. And his supporters believed him, and many headed towards the Capitol,” said House Select Committee member Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.).…
A draft tweet obtained by the Jan. 6 House Select Committee showed that prior to the insurrection, Trump had planned to call on his supporters to march to the Capitol.

Trump never sent the tweet.…
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.@Liz_Cheney reveals at end of #Jan6thHearings #Trump called a #Jan6thCommittee witness we have not yet seen. The witness did not take the call but told their lawyer. The lawyer told the Committee. The Committee referred it to #DOJ. #USAG, is this enuf for #WitnessTampering yet? Image
Other shattering testimony:
- The 12/18 meeting #TFG held in #OvalOffice with #SidneyPowell, #MikeFlynn, #Giuliani, & aides was “unhinged”-loud screaming, name-calling, almost coming to fisticuffs.
- They were there to discuss draft order to seize voting machines in key states.
- It was revealed at 12/18 meeting that #Trump had named #SidneyPowell as special counsel to prosecute cases related to the voting machines. Supposedly gave her a “security clearance.”
#Jan6thHearings #January6thCommitteeHearings…
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Encrypted chats show that Roger Stone spoke directly to Stewart Rhodes, the head of the OathKeepers!

In the #Jan6thHearings, the Committee showed footage of Roger Stone taking the Proud Boys’ oath!

Here is Roger Stone, protected by the Oath Keepers.

#DemVoice1 #Fresh Image
Roger Stone had deep connections with the OathKeepers and the Proud Boys.

The Jan. 6th Committee just showed footage of Roger Stone taking the Proud Boys’ oath.


#DemVoice1 #Fresh
How were Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys communicating with the Trump Admin? Have the tweets above, in the thread provided you with the information you were seeking?

#DemVoice1 #Fresh
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Interesting day.

I've sent numerous networks schematics I have fleshed out and put together to #Jan6thCommittee, a 'Thinktank' et al.

'Thinktank' was specifically interested in my 'Oathkeepers' networks-asking me 'how I would like to be attributed'

4 clusters Image
1/4 of the 'Oathkeeper Network Clusters' Image
2/4 of the 'Oathkeepers Network Clusters' Image
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More than 800 people across the country have been charged with crimes related to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, but only 16 have been charged with one of the country’s most serious crimes: seditious conspiracy.… Image
The #Jan6thHearings are emphasizing ties between Trump and right-wing extremists who've been charged with sedition.

Here's what you need to know about sedition:…
Although it is not the same as treason — which involves actually levying war against the U.S. or helping enemies of the federal government — seditious conspiracy is a very serious charge and carries a 20-year maximum sentence.…
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The ties between allies of former President Trump and the far-right extremists who attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, is the focus of today's #Jan6thHearings by the House committee investigating the insurrection.…
The panel looked at a Dec. 18 White House meeting in which Trump allies tried to convince him to sign an executive order to seize voting machines.…
Trump sent a tweet about an hour after the Dec. 18 meeting ended, announcing a “wild” rally hours before Congress met to certify the election results.…
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Today’s #Jan6thHearings focus on the consensus across the far right after Trump's “will be wild” tweet: he wanted them in war mode.

Examples thus far just the tip of the iceberg. @SITE_FRFL reported extensively on this mobilization leading to that day.… Image
Leaders of the Proud Boys and Oath keepers "collaborated" with Trump allies like Rodger Stone and Former General Michael Flynn.

Stone "regularly" had contact with these extremists via a chat group called "Friends of Stone" in months ahead of January 6. Image
Unsent draft of a Trump tweet contained an announcement there would be a march to the Capitol after his speech on J6. Messages among organizers ahead of that day hinted that he would announce the march at the end of his speech.
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The House Jan. 6 panel will be holding a hearing today to present evidence it says it recently obtained.

The surprise hearing is raising expectations of new bombshells in the investigation into the Capitol insurrection.

Here's what you need to know:…
The House panel investigating the Capitol insurrection will hear testimony Tuesday from Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide in the Trump White House.
Her appearance has been cloaked in extraordinary secrecy and has raised expectations for new revelations in the nearly yearlong investigation.

The committee announced the surprise hearing with only 24 hours’ notice.
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