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The air cleaner purchased by @nseducation for schools has a Clean Air Delivery Rate almost HALF of a common retail unit and may create secondary products by reacting with gas phase contaminants in a poorly ventilated room using photocatalytic oxidation #nspoli /1 Guardian Beyond Air F159E: ...
As seen in the photo, it's not running on its highest setting. For #ventilationequity in non-mechanically ventilated classrooms, should be a min 15 CFM per person, or 375 CADR for 25 people, AND at an acceptable noise level. How many per classroom? #DoTheMath! /2
Don't get me wrong, any filtration is better than nothing! But it's a mere band-aid over a gaping wound.
A DIY $120 #corsirosenthalbox will beat the air cleaners purchased by @nseducation AND can be used in STEM lessons! See /3 Screen capture of web site
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For the past 20 months, experts in Aerosol transmission of respiratory viruses have been conducting studies that prove #COVIDisAirborne. These experts have called for Airborne mitigations (ventilation, filtration and respirators), but we have not heeded their calls. Why?

The ID/PH Evidence-Based Medicine gatekeepers, driven by biased #DropletDogma groupthink, and sunk cost fallacy, smugly dismissed these studies. They threw rocks at the conclusions, and perpetually raised the bar of evidence to accept and mitigate Airborne Transmission.

The criticisms from these self-anointed gatekeepers were ripe with logical fallacies, and they never bothered to offer a plausible alternate explanation for the undeniable indoor superspreader events. Just baseless declarations that COVID is NOT Airborne.

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Since election day, the price of oil appears to have jumped about $16 /barrel. #DoTheMath $16*20 million barrels a day is $320 million more spent daily across US economy. This works out to 2,240 millions/per week or $2.24 Billion or 116,800 millions or $116.8 billion/yearly.
If you divide this by 150 million American workers it works out to $778 more spent per worker per year or $2.13/day. Keep in mind this doesn't take into account the multiplier effect which magnifies this cost to 3-7 fold depending on industry.

Why am I writing about this today?
Because our Domestic Energy Industry (Western States, Alaska, etc) is being attacked from within our own Nation by our own Government for the benefit of Globalism and International Oil Trusts. It's disgusting. President Trump ended hundreds of billions being siphoned out of the
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#Servicetweet #Bundesheer #ARWT

Aus aktuellem Anlaß sehe ich mich genötigt, darauf hinzuweisen, daß ich mich nun schon seit Monaten im Krankenstand befinde.

Da ich hierbei aus versicherungsrechtlichen Gründen — nachweislich — die #3VE zu öffnen, ...

#Servicetweet #Bundesheer #ARWT

... habe ich auch keinen Zugang zu irgendwelchen dienstlichen Informationen.

Alles, was von mir hier mit eventuellem militärischen, verwaltungstechnischem, oder sonst konstruierbarem Zusammenhang ...

#Servicetweet #Bundesheer #ARWT

... mit meiner allfälligen beruflichen Tätigkeit gepostet wird, aus meinem privaten Wissenschatz, resp. der Tatsache entspringt, dass ich auch im #Krankenstand Quellen wie #Janes und Ähnliches weiterhin im Auge behalte.

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Wat is #Pizzagate...? Pizzagate is ontdekt door #wikileaks die de mails van #JohnPodesta te pakken kregen. Daaruit bleek dat er veel gebruik werd gemaakt van codetaal uit de pedofilie. Image
Codetaal gevonden in de #PodestaEmails Image
Men zegt dat #Pizzagate fakenews is, maar door wie? Door #StephenColbert die zeer goede vrienden ls met #Podesta... En door onder andere Snopes, die betaald worden door Soros.... Ik zou zeggen #DoTheMath Image
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Adding the % Positives to # Daily Tests angle to the Testing being reported by States.

For India aggregated from the States performance, the n-fold growth of # cases reported is near-perfectly matched by the growth of tests, positives growing much faster.


As rough indicators of prevalence, these two charts strongly suggest that testing has not grown enough - on aggregate - to account for intensive contact tracing. Nor has it expanded enough to check asymptomatics or community transmission.


As discussed elsewhere, testing should scale to a level where the % positives consistently yields a level of 2% or below and drops further as testing is increased.

There are some Indian states which have indeed ramped up and maintained to such levels.

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During Christmas break from #Impeachment, take a minute to stop and ask...

What happened to the #EpsteinFiles Russia stole during those hacks?

What about the #RNC materials Russia stole during those hacks?

Why was only the #DNC information released?

#Facts -

Jeffery Epstein was a pedophile.
Jeffery Epstein ran a sex trafficking ring.
Jeffery Epstein had many high profile clients.
Many of those clients were government officials.
Jeffery Epstein died of suspicious circumstances.

#Facts -

Russia hacked the #DNC
Russia hacked the #RNC
Russian hackers spent years hacking #Epstein

Russia only released the #DNC materials.

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With Bruin Republicans who asked for a pic after my @yaf #openbordersinc #AmericaFirst speech 🇺🇸
@yaf Full text of my UCLA speech:…
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@amywilson @JosephsonJyl #DoTheMath being repeated in follow-up comments. It's so catchy - and so on point. Jyl also really hit home on issues with BOE this past budget cycle.
@amywilson @JosephsonJyl #Cordero PS 37 parent @rayaponte21 speaking on record at City Council for #FundOurSchools & teachers who helped his daughter thrive
"What will her mother and I do if there are no before or after school programs?"
"Students must ration their water because there is not enough."
@amywilson @JosephsonJyl @rayaponte21 ...@rayaponte21 "There is only one solution to this problem..please help our teachers fulfill their mission by funding our schools." #FundOurSchools
Great job Ray - way to represent
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LIve tweeting City Council meeting - it's 2.5 hours in, but LOTS happened, going to recap!
1- here we are outside City Hall filing in:
2-We gathered in lobby of City Council Chambers. Parents, faith leaders, PTAs, @JerseyTogether members-to #FundOurSchools.
The following schools brought mailboxes & letters, some of whose kids spoke on record (more on that in a bit):
PS 3
PS 6
PS 22
PS 26
PS 28
PS 34
PS 37
Beginning of meeting - #FundOurSchools
Making ourselves heard: JCSP is currently $100M underfunded. JC's tax base is growing leaps & bounds, but schools being left behind. This must change for sake of our kids, schools, teachers, paras, counselors, nurses, all staff.
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A THREAD: Being a mechanical engineer for 25+ years, I love math! I appreciate the fact I get to use it as the proud Representative for Texas House District 135 in the Texas Legislature. So, let’s do a little math. #DoTheMath #txlege
We’ll be breaking down the real life effect of SB 2 and HJR 3, bills that were “supposed” to positively impact Texans. Spoiler alert: they don’t. #DoTheMath #txlege
Hypothetical: If you were to save $100/yr (averages out to $1.90/wk.), under this property tax “relief” proposal, which you won’t, you couldn’t buy your regular cup of coffee a week. That, my friends, is not working for everyday Texans. #DoTheMath #txlege
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