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1) When I read NY's Chris Cuomo say
Do you remember what the 2a was created for? That there was no....
2)...individual right contemplated until Scalia read it in?
If you are an originalist about the constitution you have no basis for thinking you and not the state controls access." ~C.Cuomo

It makes me think of..
3) Judge Scalia

Who appeared in the #Wikileaks #PodestaEmails

he was referenced by a "contractor" to John Podesta & the term used was #WetWorks
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if you can’t see who #QAnon is actually pointing to here, you are asleep still... #DigitalSellOuts #PAYtriots @realDonaldTrump
Hey @inthematrixxx...Is That #AlexJones you’re Sporting?
Big Fan of #MOS? You know #AJ’s Dad was #CIA? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump #DigitalSellouts
Yeah, Remember That Time at the Florida Trump Rally When @inthematrixxx Admitted On Camera that he was a “BIG FAN” of
THE MORE YOU KNOW - #QAnon @realDonaldTrump #DigitalSellOuts #PAYtriots
@Saintedanon Video:
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This isn’t a research-based thread, but rather my imagination asking questions. We keep hearing undertones of time travel, aliens, and other phenomena we can’t comprehend even if we tried.
I’ve watched @realDonaldTrump since I was a child. My family would go to Atlantic City casinos and dump us kids off at the beach. (Please don’t judge, as I’m not) he was a household name even then.
I LOVED the Apprentice from Season 1 and was glued. I just enjoyed the tasks, his ballsy critiques, and everything in between.
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Q sagt Beginn des Massenerwachens auch im „Ausland“ voraus.
H = Horovitz? (FISA)
Wofür steht D? 🧐

#Qposts #QAnondeutsch🇩🇪
Q ist zurück!

#QAnondeutsch🇩🇪 #Qposts
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#FlintWaterCrisis #PodestaEmails @Wikileaks
"Update: Michigan and the Meaning of Flint" 03-08-2016…
"House passed a bill that could alter .. the way state & local infrastructure is financed in the capital markets, when H.R.2209:…
"..a bill to "require the appropriate Federal banking agencies to treat certain municipal obligations as level 2A liquid assets, and for other purposes" was adopted by the House with a voice vote. "
"Thought the bill has flown below the media radar, it is significant. Municipal obligations, including bonds, are at the heart of infrastructure investment in America. And infrastructure investment has been a large focus of this primary. "
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I bring up how Bernie was cheated in the 2016 elections then I ask Tulsi if she will be our voice and protest if and when she and Bernie gets cheated again next year. The democrat club leader didn't like that and took the mic from me and tried to obfuscate my question.
The second part of the video. I understand that Tulsi can't exactly come out and heavily criticise the democratic party she has to be diplomatic so I guess I will leave it at that. I imagine she would have responded differently if she wasn't at a democratic club. It's like a cage
The last bit. I understand Tulsi says she wants to lead with love but at some point she will need lead as a warrior. The democratic party is playing nice a little bit right now but they are going to crush her like a bug if she isn't prepared to push back hard.
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I’m no computer expert, but this article is suggesting the #MuellerReport proved that Russians, not Seth Rich or someone else, was responsible for the transaction of DNC file leaks to Wikileaks. I consider this factually incorrect. (Short thread)…
You’ll want to examine the report for yourself, beginning at around page 38 (of the document itself, numbered at the bottom of the pages.…
They suggest a VPN was set up to make it look like the computer was actually connected.

1) I see no evidence in the report to corroborate this

2) Even if Russians or whomever HAD hacked the server, it doesn’t automatically prove they gave the info to Wikileaks.
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It's interesting now that the Russian collusion and election interference hoax has been debunked that [they] are now trying to create the narrative that Assange is going to be punished for "hacking with the Russians in the 2016 election" with his pending US extradition.
This just tells me that Assange's arrest is all part of 'the plan' and the Deep State are in MASS PANIC because it is HABBENING!
#Qanon #WWG1WGA
Ask yourself:

- Why is it happening at the same time AG Barr is about to drop the hammer on #Spygate?

- Why at the same time as Devin Nunes sending criminal refferals for operatives knowingly leaking false info about the Russia investigation and lying to congress?
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Prior to the NSC in 2015, Ferrante was CoS for the FBI’s cyber division under James Comey. Ferrante stayed in his position as director for cyber incident response at the NSC through the Trump administration, until April 2017, when he left to join FTI Consulting.
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Not false, plus:

The leader of ICSS — which again, claims to be a sports-promoting outfit of which she is a spox for — is Mohammed Hanzab, who has a background as an intelligence and defense specialist in the Qatari military.

Hanzab previously served as president of QIASS.
MassINC board member.

CFR member.

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The same hackers that released episodes of a yet-to-be-aired Netflix series and hacked ABC, NBC, and HBO say that 10 gigabytes of highly-confidential material they stole from a law firm could shed more light on 9/11.…
The Dark Overlord, an international hacker group, have announced that they have stolen a trove of undisclosed information regarding the 9/11 attacks — and they are ready to release it unless they do not receive ransom money, denominated in Bitcoins of course.
The group says they hacked an unnamed US-based law firm. When looking through the stolen cache of data, they found "hundreds of gigabytes of litigation-related documents", including 18,000 e-mails, NDAs, expert witness testimonies, and communications with gov’t officials.
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LinkedIn co-founder Billionaire Reid Hoffman has acknowledged that he partially funded a group that used disinformation tactics in Alabama’s 2017 special election in an effort to sink Republican candidate Roy Moore. - The Verge…
Last week, Facebook suspended five accounts linked to the operation for “engaging in coordinated inauthentic behavior.” One of those accounts belonged to Jonathon Morgan, CEO of cybersecurity company New Knowledge.…
The group Hoffman backed financially, American Engagement Technologies, created misleading Facebook pages, urged Republicans in Alabama to support a write-in candidate instead of Roy Moore, and “created false evidence that bots were backing Moore on Twitter.”
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Merry Christmas everyone.

Powerful synthesis of the evidence thus far on #Guccifer2 from @with_integrity:

Guccifer 2.0 Game Over – Year End Review…
A Christmas present that everyone who appreciates the truth will thoroughly enjoy.…
Discussing the #Forensicator's first analysis of #NGPVAN:

"That study has been the subject of some controversy, although mostly built on conflating the findings with various interpretations of them, and with reporting on the study conducted by third parties."
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Huge Thread on Child Pedophile Services #OpExposeCPS #MissingKids #WhereAreTheChildren #FosterCare

#Bush #Clinton #Obama Admin - The School to State Care to Prison to Sex Trafficking pipeline. @Drag0nsVsPed0s #ARIELSARMY @NoLongerIgnored
@POTUS @FLOTUS @IvankaTrump
Thank you for taking a stand against child sex trafficking. You have taken on quite a cesspool from the last 4 admins 2 #SaveTheChildren
Pull Federal funding from states not complying with your executive orders. #ThisIsNotAGame
Kids missing from group homes a common thread in Milwaukee sex trafficking…
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Najib, also a former finance minster, and ex-Treasury secretary-general Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah, presently face six charges of criminal breach of trust (CBT) amounting to RM6.6 billion.

Najib also faces 21 money laundering charges and 4 charges of power abuse linked to 1MDB.
In addition, the Pekan MP faces three charges of CBT and one for abusing his power in the transfer of RM42 million of SRC International funds into his bank account.

He’s also been charged w/three counts of money laundering related to the same transaction.…
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — A former senior scientist at #Genentech Inc. and three former colleagues have been indicted on charges of stealing trade secrets from the biotechnology company to give to a rival firm in Taiwan.…
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WASHINGTON — Florida (D) Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her husband terminated two Bank of the West loans on the day that her IT employee Imran Awan (Pakistani SPY) left her laptop in a closet in Capitol Hill after midnight, w/a note of “attorney/client privilege.”
The @DailyCaller previously reported: Alongside the laptop were a Pakistani ID card, copies of Awan’s driver’s license and congressional ID badge, and letters to the U.S. attorney.…
Police also found notes in a notebook marked “attorney-client privilege.” The laptop had the username “RepDWS,” even though the Florida Democrat and former DNC chair previously said it was Awan’s computer and that she had never even seen it.”…
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Yukos Oil - Simon Kukes
Financial Times named Simon as one of 64 most respected businessmen.…
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"In view of the more recent work published by the #Forensicator regarding potential media collusion with #Guccifer2.0, we are inclined to revisit an interview given by #WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief #JulianAssange in August of 2016.."

"The significance of revisiting #Assange’s statements is the degree to which his most significant claim is corroborated or paralleled by the #Forensicator’s analysis."
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New #QAnon 1785.

Twitter [today] releases ban?
Was Twitter told by MSN to demonstrate impact?
Do you think they got the [4am] memo?
All for a conspiracy?
Enjoy the show.

#QArmy #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump #POTUS #FakeNews #FakeNewsMedia #WednesdayWisdom @realDonaldTrump
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Kositzka, Wicks, and Company:… #PodestaEmails
There’s a nugget @kjgillenwater
They gave advice to, and/or handled the campaigns reimbursements.… Oh boy.
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