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Our Introduction to Redesigning Business Through Doughnut Economics video explores the role of enterprise design in blocking or unlocking #regenerative and #distributive actions by businesses.
Watch our video below:

And to use these ideas with or within any business, see DEAL’s Doughnut Design for Business tool:
We worked with 100s of businesses around the world to explore what #DoughnutEconomics means for #business.
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On Monday, we [the MSEE cohort at @TheSmithSchool, @UniofOxford] met visionary systems thinker @KateRaworth and spoke with her about reimagining what and who the economy is for. Yet you won't hear her thesis in a mainstream economics lecture. 🧵 1/16
In her 2017 book #DoughnutEconomics, Raworth showed that mainstream economic thinking is based on a set of flimsy conceits and assumptions, in particular about GDP growth. These conceits have helped enable and accelerate global ecological and climate breakdown. 2/
Raworth notes that nowhere do the mainstream neoclassical or neoliberal economic thinkers include *the planet we live on* in their calculations. Their focus is fixed almost solely on growth. At any and all costs, the line must go up - forever. 3/
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So you've made that critical, brave decision to step up to the greatest challenge in human history. A #ClimateActionHero is always born asking the exact same question as those born before:

"So...what the heck do I do now?"

Take heart.

You're not alone.

This 🧵's for you
Answering a call to action (after first ignoring or refusing it) is textbook superhero origin story material, which means the first steps of your adventure are already taken. But Climate's been in popular culture since 2006. Something specific's compelling you now. What is it? /2
Something drove the point home to you. Activated you. Take a moment and enshrine it because you'll be explaining it time and time again, to allies, detractors, society's gate-keepers and even future #ClimateActionHeroes just like you. It's #TheBigWhy & every hero's got one /3
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Wichtiges Thema und richtige Schlussfolgerungen. Aber bitte, bitte, bitte nicht immer wieder die #TragedyOfTheCommons hervorkramen und Menschen als reine Egoisten framen. Ein 🧵zu #Kooperation, #Gemeingütern und #ClimateAction
Zuerst mal zur Idee der Gemeingüter als "Tragödie" von Garrit Hardin: Wie Felix Lobrecht in der Sendung richtig sagt, Hardin "war ein ziemlicher Rassist". Und das ist noch nett ausgedrückt (2/10).
Hardins Argument basiert außerdem auf einem überholten, neo-liberalen Welt- und Menschenbild, das kaum mit der Realität zu tun hat. Wie konstruiert 'homo eoconomicus' eigentlich ist, erklärt z.B. @KateRaworth in ihrem Buch #DoughnutEconomics (3/10)
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There are only a few days left to apply to be part of what I think is going to be an inspiring collective journey this year, and I wanted to share a little bit more about why we put it together in this way, and why I think you should sign up if you can with one of the 12 hosts ♥️
We started off with knowing that we wanted to explore more deeply as peer groups, how we even start to reimagine + practice new economic possibility at a neighbourhood scale. We knew from previous experiences starting from a learning circle, a book club, a small group to explore
.. deeply together, helps us all to have a similar starting point even if we interpret the ideas differently. We knew our friends at the incredible @EnrolYourself were experts in peer groups + how to explore ideas, + go on learning journeys together.

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(Thread) - New Report: we are proud to present ‘A Compass towards 2030’, which tracks progress towards a #resilient and #regenerative well-being #economy. Access it here:… #COP26 #ClimateCrisis (1/9)
We start from the observation, that the #EU is confronted with a proliferation of dashboards. They provide neither a narrative that is compelling, visually attractive and easy to understand nor a #political summary to monitor developments towards #BeyondGDP (2/9)
We take inspiration from #DoughnutEconomics to close this gap. The Doughnut shows overshoots of planetary boundaries (outer ring) & shortfalls on #social foundations (inner ring). Challenge of the century is to get into green ring: a #safe & just space for #humanity & #EU (3/9)
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💭How can peer-learning sit at the heart of social change? We heard about peer-powered approaches in hospitals, neighbourhoods and activist spaces at last week's #LXDMeetup. Here are some highlights👇 Zoom screenshot of a grid of 25 faces, half with cameras on.
We heard from @chrisbrlg how improving outcomes in the NHS is about cultivating an ecosystem of good leadership, where peer-spaces can resource staff to make sense of complexity and empower them to make decisions.
Up next was @esthermaughanmc from The Resilience Project, which tackles eco-anxiety in 18-24 year olds with a peer-support approach. Their groups are often the first time young people meet others with the same perspective, feel seen, heard & understood.
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I’ve been meaning to do this thread for a while, but never quite get the chance to stop and word it quite right, but over the years with anything #DoughnutEconomics related two things happen, and I thought I’d explain those two things and answer some of the questions people pose.
So, it is really exquisite work, but I hadn’t quite realised that fully until this year, and I think I realise that a bit more now, and wanted to share. Most of my experiences without it were absolutely gut wrenching inspiration, like exploding out my heart type thing when I ..
... heard Kate talk about this idea, it’s so simple, so much common sense, like surely of course we all should have known this, starting back in 2018, when Andy shared the book at the Hub, every talk, every exploration was exactly that so inspiring, so I went back and read ..
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Hoy les quiero contar la historia de uno de los personajes más influyentes en la sociedad moderna.

Un personaje que empezó como un retrato, para volverse un modelo a seguir.

Con ustedes: el HOMO ECONOMICUS.
¿Quién es? ¿Cómo surge? ¿Por qué importa? HILO 👇 Image
Este personaje es la unidad de análisis más pequeña de la economía, algo así como el átomo en la física.

Es el protagonista de cada libro de texto de Economía y su influencia va más allá de lo que puedas imaginar: determina modelos, moldea pensamientos, influencia políticas...
El Homo economicus es la descripción del “hombre” (sí, hombre) racional, quien se encuentra en el corazón de la teoría económica mainstream.

Esta hermosa historia que voy a contar se basa en el capítulo 3 de #DoughnutEconomics, de @KateRaworth.
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1. Some context for this LIVE @earthinstitute conversation at noon (US Eastern) on lessons from the #COVID19 pandemic and related economic turmoil that might reshape development/wellbeing pathways going forward. Join Herman Daly and @KateRaworth
2. Join the conversation, and pose questions, here on Twitter @revkin via Periscope (no advance link; subscribe):
or on Facebook:…
or YouTube:…
3. Herman Daly, once a senior World Bank economist, strayed from the reservation long ago.
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Everyone knows that money makes the world go round but few know that it spins in completely opposite directions to how our monetary system is usually described. The UK money system explained in 2 minutes (plus links for further reading) thread follows:
Money 1 - Your Bank Deposit is a record of how much YOU have loaned to your bank (to use as it wishes) - a positive balance in your bank account is just a record of what your bank owes you.
As a depositor, you are a low ranking creditor to the bank. Therefore the Government provides assurance that up to £85000 per individual is safe.…
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