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Resilient US Consumer 🧵

1. In April, households saw incomes increase as employment and inflation contributed to nominal incomes. Alongside this increase in employment income, we also saw continued support from income on assets total incomes. Below we show the composition: Image
2. Personal income increased by 0.36% in April, disappointing consensus expectations of 0.4%. This print contributed to a sequential deceleration in the quarterly trend relative to the yearly trend.
3. The primary drivers of this print were Employee Compensation (0.6%) & Income on Assets (0.25%). Over the last year, Employee Compensation (3.36%), Rental Income (0.5%), & Income on Assets (0.96%). have been the primary sources of the 5.43% growth in income.
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Göteborg - The best city in the world when it rains

The Swedish city of Göteborg is - as far as I know is the only city in the world - with a rain vision; 'Rain Gothenburg'.

The goal is 'We are the best city in the world when it rains'. That is on almost 40% of the days, so it is a nice way to turn a disadvantage into an asset.…

Next to interventions as rainwater storage and green roofs, a number of unique components;

1. The Rain Playground / Regnlekplatsen

This playground is at its best during rainy days.…

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We are LIVE tweeting this panel discussion with @amitabhk87, Gwendoline Abunaw, @KettelThomsen, @Joojin_SFOC and @shikha_bhasin

Stay tuned for updates!

Watch the session LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova #Greentransition
.@amitabhk87: The financial architecture wasn’t designed for #climatechange. There is a vast amount of capital available for climate change, but it will flow in when the risks are mitigated. For risks to be mitigated the financial architecture needs to be altered.

.@amitabhk87: If the developing world wishes to have #green, #resilient and #inclusive growth, it will only happen with concessional financing which would enable technology leapfrogging.

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(Thread Post | थ्रेड पोस्ट)

We are exploring the distinction between #unity and #uniformity...
हम #एकता और एकरूपता के बीच के अंतर पर गौर कर रहे हैं...
The distinction between seems to be in each word's relationship with #tolerance and #acceptance.
जहां तक हमे दिखता है, दोनों शब्दों के बीच का अंतर सहिष्णुता और स्वीकृति के साथ उनके संबंध में पता चलता है।
#Uniformity is about being alike, with less room for our #differences. We can see that it has relevance in some places, such as setting up structures for organising things.
(हिंदी अनुवाद थ्रेड में अगले पोस्ट में है.)
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(Thread) - New Report: we are proud to present ‘A Compass towards 2030’, which tracks progress towards a #resilient and #regenerative well-being #economy. Access it here:… #COP26 #ClimateCrisis (1/9)
We start from the observation, that the #EU is confronted with a proliferation of dashboards. They provide neither a narrative that is compelling, visually attractive and easy to understand nor a #political summary to monitor developments towards #BeyondGDP (2/9)
We take inspiration from #DoughnutEconomics to close this gap. The Doughnut shows overshoots of planetary boundaries (outer ring) & shortfalls on #social foundations (inner ring). Challenge of the century is to get into green ring: a #safe & just space for #humanity & #EU (3/9)
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Excerpts from "'America’s Post-Pandemic Geography' - Covid-19 is transforming all types of communities, from big cities to suburbs to rural areas" - from the Summer 2021 Issue of @CityJournal - by @Richard_Florida & @joelkotkin. A #Thread.

The article →…
1. "The #Pandemic will pass...But in geographic terms, today’s Covid-precipitated crises may well prove to be the most transformative event that #America has experienced since the great migration to the suburbs after World War II."
2. "....centrifugal forces pull some people out of #Cities: families seek more #Affordable space, backyards, and access to better schools. With the wider scope of choice that #RemoteWork affords, some are casting their nets wider and moving farther afield..."
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Flowers, I will go see she said.

Headed to Esplanade (cuz this photo alone would check a box but would actually be cheating - the power of “optics” or manufactured data whose lives & careers are Twitter).

Question everything you see
See like a #pediatrician Image
I shall see from a new perspective she said - I will cross on the other side.

(Actually, I wanted to be on the other side but would have to walk a block to cross so, fine, I’ll cross on this side. Bah humbug). Image
I shall admire the barely born green hope unfurling into the crisp Spring air, fragile yet #resilient, she said

(Yay #Science and @museumofscience #BostonStrong #Boston ... and yes, and requisite monuments to male anatomy and war as well) Image
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🔎 'Corporate concentration in the US #food system makes food more expensive and less accessible for many Americans' 💵🌽🇺🇸

🗞️ Excellent new piece in the @ConversationUS by @hendricksonm & IPES-Food's own Phil Howard 👇🏾

Quick thread! 🧵/1…
"We’ve closely followed #corporate consolidation of food production, processing and distribution in the U.S. over the past 40 years. In our view, this process is making #food less available or affordable for many Americans," say Hendrickson & Howard. /2
"Consolidation has placed key decisions about our nation’s #foodsystem in the hands of a few large companies, giving them outsized influence to #lobby policymakers, direct food and industry #research and influence #media coverage." /3
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Join me Monday Jan 25, 6.15pm CET for the #Water Action Track Anchoring Event at the #Climate #Adaptation Summit 2021 @CASsummit2021

Register at

#climatechange #resilient #adaptnow #water #AdaptationSummit #ClimateAdaptation #AdaptOurWorld
The Water Action Track helps accelerate and scale up water actions in climate adaptation. While 90% of climate change disasters are water related, water adaptation drives resilient solutions: water is the leverage for sustainable climate action! @CASsummit2021

With @MinIenW @WorldBankWater @WorldResources @GCAdaptation and our numerous partners worldwide across sector and silos, we work in cities, countries, regions and rivers to build resilience by water adaptation action, together.
#AdaptationSummit #ClimateAdaptation #AdaptOurWorld
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seeing as we can't talk about other things on here today 😬 & given that I've spent the past week poring over the #TeTārukeāTāwhiri: #Auckland's #Climate Plan text again, I thought you might be interested in a few key parts of the Plan that are often overlooked.
first off, why Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri?
a gift from the mana whenua of Tāmaki, this cultural narrative is deeply emebedded in this place, but critically "...calls for a change in our response, from a human-centred approach to an ecological-centred approach..." 2/x
Mana Whenua, through the Kaitiki Forum, have played a key role in developing our #ClimateAction response, drawing together wisdom & knowledge of Tāmaki w/ the understanding that living systems & #whakapapa relationships are key to #wellbeing, #sustainability & #resilience. 3/x
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Cross-learning and knowledge-building are key to think #resilient cities as they plan for recovery. Earlier this month, the international community of #urban professionals released important tools 1/3
1 - @UNHABITAT launched the Global Future Cities Knowledge Platform:….

2 - @GlobalResCities developed a Resilience toolkit (

Cc: @UNHABITAT @MaimunahSharif @WRIRossCities @SamehNWahba @jscaseddon @plamsonhall 2/3
3 - @UNDP framework for investment in cities post COVID-19 targets 6 key areas: disaggregated data, affordable housing and slum upgrading, access to public services and health, participation of marginalized citizens, & strengthening social cohesion. 3/3
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Real Rates... don’t rise initially in a V Recovery from a Deep Recession.. the Reason u get a V is coz of Low Rates with the Rate Sensitive Consumer.
It’s simple aggregate Duration + Convexity math of Monetary + Fiscal Stimulus (Every Recession sees both).. It works a lot better at Peak Unemployment & Trough GDP than vice versa.. coz of a Mean Reverting Consumer’s Human Nature that oscillates between Fear & Greed.
The linear part is rates (duration)... the non linear part of price improvement (convexity) is a return to normalized unemployment over time that’s bridged by monetary + fiscal stimuls. This is time is a much bigger kicker coz trough is deeper.

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During the #pandemic, many argue that dense cities are vectors of rapid spread of #COVID19. In a recent op-ed, @nebuer42 and @VaidehiTandel demystified high densities and called for building resilient cities. 1/4
This also means that overcrowded public transport and congested streets adversely affect public health. @hvpachisia @VaidehiTandel, @kadambari_shah, @jammastergirish and @VasantDhar used @Uber Movement data to quantify road congestion in Mumbai ( 2/4
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Thread: For a good couple of years now, I have heard @makemytrip stories through #youtube videos, have admired the progress, and got inspired. Today had a privilege to listen to #MakeMyTrip Founder @DeepKalra at @headspin_io #Automation #Hackathon wrap. (1/N)
Trying to list down a few things which I could capture from all the wisdom which was flowing and ones which I will probably remember for a long time.

1. People (#customer) have to come back for a reason. Make sure to give them that. (2/N)
2. Sales were saying go back to the #Corporate job but the heart was saying "Too Early to Give up".

3. Customer Retention is the most important thing.

4. On #UX: I (Customer) am going to give you 5 minutes of my life to you. You have that much time to grab the eyeballs. (3/N)
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1/ It is strange being an epidemiologist, liberal, scientist who feels like we are making mistakes with absolutism of shutdowns. (and being lumped with antivaxxers, Trump etc. by my own people)
Many people out of work→ anxiety & depression & social discord →
2/ →alcohol & risk behaviors, no healthcare, kids no school (no internet)=key #socialdeterminants of health.
Those w/ no #skininthegame seem to ignore and say it is about going out
We are talking about people dying—with any decision—so have the conversation honestly
3/ what do we need?
Minimize harms of #SocialDistancing to work & wellbeing
build #resilient society with universal basics
-fast $ payments when blocked from working
Pop studies of #COVID epi to know where it is before hospital testing identifies
(in 2021?)
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1/10 It’s hard to shut my mind off in the face of #COVID19. As #AcuteCareSurgeons our day/night/weekend jobs taking care of #injured patients and #patients needing #EmergencySurgery for abdominal and soft tissue diseases do not dissipate.
2/10 Yet we are also experts in #CriticalCare and need to prepare to care for patients w/ #respiratoryfailure and #shock due to #COVID19. We are implementing #plans based on the little evidence that exists while trying to stay #safe, #healthy, and #resilient.
3/10 We step into the trauma bay as others threaten to shoot our patient (but police can protect us). We do operations where rHepC/HIV risk is high (but PEP can protect us). We don't shy away from blood, feces or dead flesh up to our eyeballs (but we have #PPE to protect us).
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My colleagues and I are very pleased to be meeting with many of our institutional clients today, at the inaugural @blackrock Fixed Income Summit!
We’ll discuss how the fixed #income universe has dramatically changed in recent years, where we think it’s heading in the years to come, and how best to structure more #resilient-portfolios for the period ahead; some thoughts, in preview:
Due to the #demographic revolution underway across the globe, as well as massive growth in pension, insurance and central bank assets, there is roughly 3X as much capital that needs to be #invested today as was the case in the early-2000s. Image
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