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Study from @salkinstitute found that partial reprogramming using the #Yamanaka transcription factors (#Oct4, #Sox2, #Klf4 & #cMyc) for short periods of time:

-restored a youthful #epigenetic signature to #aging cells & extends the life span of a #premature #aging mouse model.
-long-term partial reprogramming led to rejuvenating effects in different tissues, such as the #kidney & #skin, and at the #organismal level; duration of the treatment determined the extent of the beneficial effects.
-The rejuvenating effects were associated with a reversion of the #epigenetic clock and metabolic and #transcriptomic changes, including reduced expression of genes involved in the #inflammation, #senescence & #stressresponse pathways.…
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(Thread) - New Report: we are proud to present ‘A Compass towards 2030’, which tracks progress towards a #resilient and #regenerative well-being #economy. Access it here:… #COP26 #ClimateCrisis (1/9)
We start from the observation, that the #EU is confronted with a proliferation of dashboards. They provide neither a narrative that is compelling, visually attractive and easy to understand nor a #political summary to monitor developments towards #BeyondGDP (2/9)
We take inspiration from #DoughnutEconomics to close this gap. The Doughnut shows overshoots of planetary boundaries (outer ring) & shortfalls on #social foundations (inner ring). Challenge of the century is to get into green ring: a #safe & just space for #humanity & #EU (3/9)
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Warum ist es für falsch halte, dass @Bayer den #Politico-Future of Food and Farming Kongreß sponsort
und die World Food Convention des @Tagesspiegel
Und @BASF den Zukunftsdialog Agrar und Ernährung von @DIEZEIT 👉
Aus gutem Grund müssen Zeitungen Anzeigen als Anzeigen kennzeichnen. Damit klar getrennt wird, wo Journalist*innen ihre Recherche teilen und wo jemand etwas verkaufen will. Es ist keine perfekte Lösung, dass Medien von Anzeigenkunden abhängig sind, aber immerhin.
Das Event-Sponsoring weicht diese Grenze auf und das ist nicht gut. Was bedeutet es, dass Bayer u BASF Partner dieser Events sind? Sie geben großzügig etwas Geld ab, damit Expert*innen diskutieren können? Welchen Einfluss nehmen sie auf das Programm, direkt oder indirekt?
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FINALLY our new manuscript is out in @FrontiersIn! Env outcomes of #regenerative multi-species #grazing at @whiteoakpasture w/ full LCA + soil C data

We find support for regenerative ag's potential to help mitigate #climatechange & restore #soilhealth!…
Top-line findings:

- @whiteoakpasture was sequestering 2.29 Mg C/ha/yr, which lowered its LCA footprint by 80%

- when comparing this to commodity animal production, @whiteoakpasture had a 66% lower GHG footprint after considering soil C
- multi-species pasture rotation *did* require more land to produce the same amount of food compared to commodity
- however, this land was restored from degraded cropland (peanut/cotton)
- in short - this does NOT mean that MSPR = deforestation/land use change from native lands
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The ruling class "imperative" to save, rebrand & expand the capitalist system, is coming down like a sledgehammer over our collective heads. The "#reset" social engineering & behavioral change campaigns have just begun. Know your enemy. This is #classwar.

Revisiting The #BTeam. Image
B Team: Founded by billionaire Richard Branson (Virgin) & Zeitz former CEO of Puma, co-founder of eco-luxe lodge Segera Retreat & the Zeitz Foundation in #Kenya.

Managed by PR firm Purpose co-founded by Heimans (Avaaz, "New Power", Share Verified).… ImageImageImageImage
Benioff: Founder, CEO of #Salesforce. B Team Leader. World Economic Forum's Board of Trustees member. Inaugural Chair of WEF's Forum Center for the #4IR. Owner of TIME magazine. Co-founder of Breakthrough Energy w/ Gates et al. (nuclear, #CCS)


#IngkaGroup is #Ikea Image
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seeing as we can't talk about other things on here today 😬 & given that I've spent the past week poring over the #TeTārukeāTāwhiri: #Auckland's #Climate Plan text again, I thought you might be interested in a few key parts of the Plan that are often overlooked.
first off, why Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri?
a gift from the mana whenua of Tāmaki, this cultural narrative is deeply emebedded in this place, but critically "...calls for a change in our response, from a human-centred approach to an ecological-centred approach..." 2/x
Mana Whenua, through the Kaitiki Forum, have played a key role in developing our #ClimateAction response, drawing together wisdom & knowledge of Tāmaki w/ the understanding that living systems & #whakapapa relationships are key to #wellbeing, #sustainability & #resilience. 3/x
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🇺🇸 A national #food policy for the #UnitedStates:

Calls for a "National Food Policy" have been made for decades - with quite some resurgence in the past few years.

So, rooted in existing efforts & movement building, IPES-Food’s #US team is gearing up for more discussions.

We're collectively developing a process through which policy makers, the private sector, researchers, tribal nations and civil society might align their efforts to make a sustainable US food system a reality. The aim? ...

... Develop a shared understanding of US food & #agriculture policy landscape; build on organizational successes in bringing about #foodsystems change; identify opportunities to reform 2023 #FarmBill; & work towards #regenerative, #sustainable, & equitable food system.

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This article has been making the rounds:….

And we’ve noticed it being used to shut down discussion about the societal and environmental benefits of eating #localfood - so we did some digging below the controversial headline.
The article cites (among other things) a study comparing growing lettuce in the UK during winter to importing it from Spain (where it’s still in season). Growing out-of-season food is often energy-intensive and this naturally makes a local diet look bad. But…
A local diet isn’t just about eating what you can BUY locally; it’s about eating what can naturally GROW locally. If one were to compare local in-season food vs imported food of the same type, the results would look very different.
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