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🧵We are a group of volunteers exploring existing and non-conventional options for moving #Ukrainian #grains, #wheat and #agricultural products into the #European #Railway Network for distribution to EU #Export terminals, primarily, but not exclusively on the #Danube Waterway.
Why, what's stopping this?

Similar to @Apple, @Microsoft or @Android Operating Systems, #Ukraine's and #Europe's #trains, #locomotives & #wagons operate on physically different track widths.

While having similar functionalities, they don't "play well with each other".
Specifically, a Ukrainian train cannot travel on a European railway (track) and European trains cannot travel on Ukrainian railways.

The width, called "Gauge", between rails is different. Ukrainian is 1520mm wide, while European is 1435mm.
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The NYS Assembly hearing on All-Electric Buildings is about to begin!

Burning fossil fuels in buildings is New York's largest source of emissions. It's killing us and our planet.

It's time to stop expanding gas and build #RenewableHeatNow!

Tune in here:
"Energy efficiency and electric heat pumps show strong promise for energy cost savings.

NYSERDA is also supporting 4 dozen feasibility studies on geothermal district heating systems. The community model will help underserved neighborhoods and holds strong promise for job growth"
"We see all-electric buildings in new construction not only as feasible, but affordable, and as an important starting point to achieve our climate goals.

We also see appliance standards and benchmarking as necessary." - @Doreen_M_Harris, President & CEO of NYSERDA
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We need new narratives to reduce aviation and lay the tracks for a fair planet!

Today we release our new reframing guide: #CommonDestination

It's a powerful toolbox for activists and campaigners working on #ClimateJustice and sustainable mobility. #ReframeAviation

#Thread 1/8
The first chapter of #CommonDestination guide offers an introduction to transformative communication: how can we reframe issues like air traffic to reveal their polluting reality?
Read the chapter:
Air traffic is the most unjust mode of transport - to #ReframeAviation is a matter of #ClimateJustice.

Check out the second chapter of #CommonDestination for the latest facts on air traffic and its impacts:
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Thread: Dan Campbell was one of the workers who operated Nanticoke, North America's largest coal facility. He wasn't sure what to think about climate change & whether his workplace was contributing to childhood asthma or shortening the lives of Ontarians from air pollution 1/
He had worked hard to become very good at his job, enjoyed the challenge of his work and took pride in keeping the lights on across the province. 2/
Luckily when the Ontario government decided to shut down the #coal fleet, Dan, a highly skilled worker, had the opportunity to find work of similar caliber and pay operating a #nuclear reactor @Bruce_Power . 3/
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I'm deeply troubled by this claim made by @PearseDoherty in the Dáil yesterday that 2800 people die each year from fuel poverty. There are factually incorrect claims made about and deaths from fuel poverty. The opposition parties need to be challenged on this by the media. A🧵
Firstly the speech smacks of "my deaths are more important than yours". Crass. All deaths whether due to air poll or fuel poverty are a failure to protect our citizens. Using deaths from one cause (whatever the #) to argue against action to prevent other deaths is disgraceful.
Secondly, the figure is just plain wrong. 2800 people are not dying each year from fuel poverty. A leading expert @colmpbyrne described it as a 'huge exaggeration'. Where did @PearseDoherty get the number from & did he look for up to date research?…
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With #Raisina2022 kickstarting today, @orfonline is delighted to announce the launch of the 6th edition of our flagship annual journal of essays, the #RaisinaFiles.

Edited by @samirsaran and @anahitakhanna95.

Click here to read: Image
Are the contours of a new geopolitical formation—the DragonBear—characterised by deepening relations between #China & #Russia in key strategic areas, now increasingly visible? If so, what are #Putin's geopolitical choices?

From @vtchakarova

To forestall ceding more manufacturing output and control over critical #supplychains to #China, other nations must be prepared to rethink long-standing conventions about international #trade, writes Jeffrey Jeb Nadaner.

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue2022
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So you've made that critical, brave decision to step up to the greatest challenge in human history. A #ClimateActionHero is always born asking the exact same question as those born before:

"So...what the heck do I do now?"

Take heart.

You're not alone.

This 🧵's for you
Answering a call to action (after first ignoring or refusing it) is textbook superhero origin story material, which means the first steps of your adventure are already taken. But Climate's been in popular culture since 2006. Something specific's compelling you now. What is it? /2
Something drove the point home to you. Activated you. Take a moment and enshrine it because you'll be explaining it time and time again, to allies, detractors, society's gate-keepers and even future #ClimateActionHeroes just like you. It's #TheBigWhy & every hero's got one /3
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"A litany of broken climate promises, a file of shame cataloguing empty pledges that put us on fast track to an unlivable world & climate disaster. This is what science tells us will result from our current energy policies." @antonioguterres 👏🔥
#IPCC #ClimateReport presser 1/n
"Government and business leaders are saying one thing and doing another. Simply put, they are lying. Climate scientists warn we are close to tipping points that could lead to irreversible, cascading impacts." @antonioguterres
#IPCC #ClimateReport presser 2/n
"Current climate pledges mean 14% increase in emissions. We need 45% cut by 2030. The dangerous radicals are not activists, but countries investing in new fossil fuel infrastructure, which is moral and economic madness." @antonioguterres 💚
#IPCC #ClimateReport presser 3/n
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Looking forward to an august panel discussion on how the economy can be reshaped to help better deliver on our #NetZero and #LevellingUp agendas #NEFBriefing
.@Miatsf opens the panel by welcoming the progress that has been made to date in getting finance more interested in #NetZero & #LevellingUp, but there is still progress to be made - for example, low levels of investment in #SMEs despite them being drivers of growth #NEFBriefing
First speaker @JosephEStiglitz discusses how to use the credit system to accelerate a green transition. Says historically financial institutions have made "strong statements" about wanting a green portfolio, but critics fear this may just be "greenwashing" #NEFBriefing
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Lots of other great big global things going on. All the time. At *the same* time. We get it. But CLIMATE never sleeps & neither does Calgary Climate Hub. The work continues. March is a busy one. Join us. #yyc @350Canada @ArushaCentre @OpenStreetsYYC @Reality_Canada @FFFCalgary Image
We don't advocate turning a blind eye to global tectonics like #Covid, the "Freedom Convoy," the #UkraineInvasion & whatever's next. But this is the #ClimateEra. Expect more mayhem not less. We need to be able to walk, chew gum & save the world at the same time. So let's do it /2
In March the Hub's hitting up some of the most critical pieces of the #ClimateEmergency. We start by joining @350Canada & @FFFCalgary on the March 12 #DayOfAction for a #JustTransition, which is a foundational necessity for Alberta moving forward /3… #yyc
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We’re THRILLED to return with a new podcast season of "Stories from Home: Moving the Just Transition," that grounds us in the history of #ClimateJustice and in present day #JustTransition organizing. 🎤

STAY TUNED for the release of Episode 1 this Sunday, February 20! 📻🌻
Each episode of "Stories from Home" will deep dive into different topics – from the importance of community controlled climate solutions, to what is a false solution, to art & organizing, to how we relate to one another in just relationship & just what is energy democracy anyway?
Our host Keenan Rhodes, along with #ClimateJustice leaders, will serve as our guides and teachers. In the 1st episode, “The Roots of Climate Justice,” we travel from Indianapolis, to Puerto Rico, North Carolina to Mississippi, California & beyond.
TUNE IN this Sunday, Feb.20 🌻
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A dig, burn & dump economy based on extracting natural & human resources faster than we can regenerate will eventually come to an end — either through collapse or through our intentional re-organization. Transition is inevitable. Justice is not.❤️‍🔥

#ResistAndBuild #JustTransition
How can we resist false climate solutions and ensure a Just Transition that restores our communities and the web of life?

#JustTransitionNow #ClimateJustice #CommunityControl #CommunitySelfDetermination
Frontline communities & workers are impacted first and worst by the interlinked crises of climate change and the extractive economy.
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❗️ STARTING NOW | Our #TalkingAfricaEurope on Climate and Energy begins. On the agenda:
🌿 #ClimateAction
🌍 #AUEUSummit
🤝 #CitizenEngagement
… and much more!
Kicking off our first #TalkingAfricaEurope discussion on the year, Mo Ibrahim, Founder and Chairman @Mo_IbrahimFdn, notes the importance of having cross-continental discussions, especially ahead of the #AUEUSummit. ⤵️
Joining us at today's #TalkingAfricaEurope discussion, @CharlesMichel, @eucopresident, stresses that the next #AUEUSummit should be "the opportunity for a new paradigm, for a new approach, for a new alliance between Africa and Europe". #ReimagineAfricaEurope
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Is a “Just Transition” away from fossil fuels towards a decarbonized energy system technology specific? The basket of available & scalable technologies: Wind, Solar & Nuclear each come with characteristics that determine wages, levels of unionization & security of employment.🧵1/
When #GreenNewDealers imagine the jobs of a clean energy transition, they often nostalgically harken back to the post war era when generations of blue collar workers could support families on a single income in a unionized workplace & afford to send their kids to college. 2/
This was the reality of many blue collar jobs before the neoliberal era crushed the labour movement. As a result, much of Western manufacturing was offshored, leading to a cut throat race to the bottom for wages & working conditions. 3/
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Getting a lot of media requests to comment on the NDP grassroots Wet'suwet'en solidarity statement.

The story is getting framed in predictable/sensationalist ways, so I'll say what I have to say in this thread.
The story is not about a conflict in the NDP, or attacks on leaders (much as those headlines get clicks.)

This is a story about the conflict created by unneeded fossil fuel projects that are dividing communities and COOKING THE PLANET.
In BC, we are reeling from fires (made worse by shitty logging practices) and heat (that killed 600 people) and floods (made worse by the fires) causing TENS OF BILLIONS in damage, lives and livestock and livelihoods swept away.

Climate breakdown. It's here. It's terrifying.
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Extraordinary scenes in Seanad on deeply flawed Horticultural #Peat Bill. On top of exemption from #planning , the bill stayed enforcement action & disregarded unlawful extraction & more putting us clearly in breach of EU law - key parts of their #PeatBill NOT highlighted🤔& 👇
- #Peatbill didn't even bother to provide properly for allocation of all the assessments required by EU law. Talk about giving #falsehope to those impacted by the successive failures! U simply can't stick ur head in the bog when it comes to EU law - at least u shouldn't but 😱👇
What @reginadoherty described as "a foolish legal action" added insult to injury to our National Courts who rightly upheld the challenge . The #PeatBill added further insult and disregard to the EU Court of Justice's rulings.
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Unsere ⇊ #Kohlefakten ⇊ zeigen, dass ein #Kohleausstieg spätestens 2030 notwendig ist, und welche Maßnahmen in dieser Legislaturperiode dafür ergriffen werden müssen: Erneuerbaren-Ausbau, Mobilitätswende, Wärmewende und Effizienzwende. [Thread]
Aus dem Ziel, die 1,5-Grad-Grenze der globalen Klimaerhitzung mit nur 50%-iger Wahrscheinlichkeit nicht zu überschreiten, ergibt sich für Deutschland ein #CO2-Budget von rund 3,6 Gt ab Beginn 2021.
Selbst im Falle eines #Kohleausstieg|s 2030 muss die Auslastung der Kraftwerke rechtzeitig und kontinuierlich gedrosselt werden, um im Rahmen dieses CO2-Budgets zu bleiben.
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#Carbonequation points to ltd #carbonbudget. There is also a #trustequation linked to past (in)actions. If trust equation is undermined, there'd be little hope 4 integrity of carbon equation. @climateactiontr’s analysis imp but incomplete. Read👇
Here are 6 reasons:
1. Let's start with the future.
Even with the latest pledges, by 2030, #China, the #US & the #EU would consume 45% of available carbon space for 1.5 °C.
2. By 2050, they will consume nearly 90% of the available carbon space.
3. Shall we open the history books now?
In the pre-2020 #climateaction regime, developed countries collectively consumed a whopping 25 GtCO2eq additional carbon space - equivalent to almost 50% of annual global emissions.
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Do you already know our #GlobalSteel Transformation Tracker? Our new online tool provides insights on the status quo of #steelproduction worldwide, to the necessary reinvestments, announcements of #greensteel production before 2030 and more. Ready for some insights? 👇 #COP26 1/7 Global Steel Transformation...
Where are the steel centres located? Are blast furnaces, integrated direct reduced iron or electric arc furnace used for production? Our interactive map with data from @GlobalEnergyMon/@caitlinswalec lets you explore steelmaking around the world. 2/7 Image
Our #GlobalSteel Transformation Tracker visualises the required reinvestments of a country’s #blastfurnace fleet from 2021-2050. That most of the blast furnaces will reach the end of its working life before 2030 is an opportunity to replace them with low-carbon technologies. 3/7 Image
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730+ groups call upon global leaders to deliver #RealZero through rapid & permanent emissions cuts & real solutions, not dangerous techno-fixes, like carbon capture, blue hydrogen, geoengineering, or carbon markets & accounting tricks.
A thread 🧵
This call comes as governments and corporations at #COP26 unveil “#NetZero” climate pledges, many of which are being used to greenwash climate inaction and justify “business-as-usual” fossil fuel production.

#NetZeroIsNotZero #KeepItInTheGround
“Climate leadership will not be measured decades from now, but rather by the pace and scale of concrete, near-term actions taken today.”

It's time to invest in #RealZero solutions, no more techno-fixes, geoengineering, carbon markets, or accounting tricks.
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Thx for speaking up. Given #excessdeaths of ca 10-18 million does "deeply disappointing" do justice to the "accidental genocidal" of what's been allowed? You could help by being more authentic about the #politicaleconomic backstory to why these "stupid" decisions have been made
For example, you've said very little about the investors who are profiting (ie enabling) the pharma companies. Why is that? #WilfulBlindness is as contagious as the pandemic!…

@MaEllenSirleaf @HelenClarkNZ @TheIndPanel
Unless we take corrective action now abt #vaccineapartheid, lets be honest. The chances of millions, perhaps billions, being ignored as the #ClimateEmergency & #BiodiversityCrisis hits are very high. The precedents we are setting are DEEPLY unjust. #ClimateJustice #JustTransition
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🇬🇧 has made private finance the driver of climate diplomacy. There’s been a big early announcement from the #GlasgowFinancialAllianceforNetZero (#GFANZ)…
There's much to welcome here but it's also "work in progress" (eg we need 2025/5 yr targets).
Detailed analysis is warranted. But if we zoom out, we can see that the big execution challenge is there’s “near zero” alignment between what humans need to #thrive vs the incentives that drive the *daily* behaviour of the financial sector players who are the BSD’s today 2/15
This is true for ALL the big issues of today: economic, social, environmental & governance. #PrivateVoluntaryInitiatives just aren't fit for purpose when it comes to #systemic threats. For an intellectual deep dive with 11 cartoons (!) see @Duncan_BBR 3/15
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Launch event for '2021 Report of the UK Financing a Just Transition Alliance' is in 2 minutes!

Join us at one of @GRI_LSE's final #JustZero webinars:…

We'll share some key takeaways in the thread below ⤵️ A screenshot of the cover of the alliance's report
@GRI_LSE While we're waiting for the webinar to begin, download the @GRI_LSE report:…

It sets out action needed across finance, place, and policy for the UK to hit a #JustTransition to #NetZero.

Required reading ahead of #COP26 👀
@NVJRobins1 introduces the report's co-author, Sabrina Muller, @GRI_LSE.

"Ensuring the transition is socially equitable" is a critical factor for the #JustTransition – and "the financial sector has an essential role to fill."

We're delighted to have been an #FJTA member. Many of the Alliance member logos all together on one screen
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1.This Wednesday the Government will publish the Autumn Spending Review and Budget; an opportunity to demonstrate their public spending commitments to tackling the #ClimateEmergency #NatureEmergency and #JustTransition

Here’s what you should look out for:

A press briefing🧵
2.Greenpeace analysis suggests the Chancellor should prioritise
🔎 green homes
🔎 clean transport
🔎 nature
🔎 circular economy
🔎 support for workers transitioning to green jobs
3. In the next 3 years, an extra £73bn of public investment will be needed to meet these priorities.

And if they are met, they have the potential to create 1.8m green jobs over the course of 4 years.
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