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In a really shocking week, this is the most shocking story. Boris Johnson promised Parliament that the full report would be published. But the @thesundaytimes reveals that it was doctored by Downing Street officials. He lied to Parliament @RhonddaBryant #Partygate
.@Mark_J_Harper If the report was doctored, then Boris Johnson lied to Parliament when told you that it would all be published @SamCoatesSky @bbclaurak @Peston @BBCWorldatOne @thesundaytimes @Gabriel_Pogrund @RhonddaBryant @HugoGye @hzeffman
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The Institute of Economic Affairs are on #PoliticsLive AGAIN?

The IEA is a dodgy free-market fundamentalist think tank which refuses to say who funds them, & represents the interests of billionaires who want to reduce taxes & remove worker, consumer, & environmental protections.
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As fines are issued for breaking lockdown rules at the #DowningStreetParties, here's seven occasions when Boris Johnson lied.

Britain has called for regime change in Russia. We shouldn't have to wait years for regime change here in Britain.…
On 28th February, a spokesman for Boris Johnson said the sanctions against Russia “we are introducing, that large parts of the world are introducing, are to bring down the Putin regime.”

Downing Street later insisted that the official had “misspoke”.…
Boris Johnson lied to & misled voters about the #DowningStreetParties:


“What I can tell the right hon & learned gentleman is that all guidance was followed completely in No 10.”


"The guidance is there & I am very, very keen that people understand this.”
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No evidence of a very concerning, intolerant, antidemocratic, anti-free-speech, increasingly authoritarian hard-right Government here. 🧐

As hardly anyone has heard of him, who is Stuart Anderson?
In 2005, Anderson co-founded Anubis Associates, offering courses in close protection training, "operational protection" for corporate VIPs, and "discreet personal protection" and consultancy services for petrochemical groups, financial institutions & stadiums. How did that go?
Anubis Associates collapsed in 2012. Anderson describes himself as having gone from a "paper millionaire" to being in receipt of food parcels within a month.

At the time of its collapse, Anubis Associates owed £271,000 in unpaid tax.
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A creative #BorisJohnson protest, art & photography thread (to be continued)


Copenhagen, Denmark

by: @ densortemink / IG
via: @ coronastreetart / IG


Graffiti "Sack Boris"
Leake Street Tunnel, Lambeth, London

[credits below]

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New research into public attitudes to democracy in the UK shows integrity is valued above all other traits in a politician.

When asked which traits politicians should have, “being honest” came top, followed by “owning up when they make mistakes”.…
When respondents were asked to “imagine that a future prime minister has to choose between acting honestly & delivering the policy that most people want”, 71% chose honesty & only 16% delivery.

When asked if they agreed more that “healthy democracy requires that politicians always act within the rules” or that “healthy democracy means getting things done, even if that sometimes requires politicians to break the rules”, 75% chose the former & just 6% the latter.
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Environment Agency staff say Govt funding cuts mean the regulator is no longer a deterrent to polluters.

An inevitable consequence of a Govt which prioritises free-market ideology & deregulation over the environment, is that our rivers are now full of shit.

Risking their livelihoods, three officers at the Environment Agency have blown the whistle on how they are increasingly unable to hold polluters to account or improve the environment as a result of the body’s policies.…
The officers wish to remain anonymous because the Environment Agency’s chief executive, Sir James Bevan, has “been very clear that he will sack anybody that is seen to be openly criticising the agency”, one officer said.
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As headlines swirl, let's take a step back:
1) Evidence of #DowningStreetParties has been sitting on many people's desks & consciences since early 2020 and only became known due to infighting in Tory Party. Nothing to do with the country, shame or awareness of the hypocrisy.
2) Evidence is being gathered by #SueGray a civil servant who'll report to #Boris - he'll then be judge & jury on what happens next including deciding if her recommendations are published.
A report with no legal standing.
A further pointless waste of taxpayers' money.
3) #metpolice hide behind the 4 Es they say they operate under during #COVID19 - engage, explain, encourage observation of the law, before enforcement. I'd add a 5th EVADING!
No investigating of historic rule-breaking but they must've witnessed/seen the parties on CCTV etc
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One senior Tory has messaged me to say they are hearing there might be a statement from Sir Graham Brady first thing tomorrow morning and that the PM has been told tonight.
Not confirmed - but there’s a sense of real movement tonight.
I’ve also been told cabinet ministers have been phoning round MPs to try and gather support for Boris Johnson.
You just wonder where we will be by PMQs tomorrow.
Another Tory MP says he’s been told 54 letters are in place and PM is going to contest it.
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#GMB reporting that Boris Johnson hid from cameras this morning by lying down in the back seat of his official car

#r4today #PMQs

A frit Boris Johnson hides in the back seat of his official Range Rover to avoid Downing Street photographers

An embarrassing coward.

#GMB #PMQs @LBC #PoliticsLive
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Right now, right-wing journalists and papers are trying to pretend they didn't spend the last 6 year telling people to trust Boris Johnson with the country's future. 😬
Don't mind me, I'm just harvesting for later...
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In July we found out that journalists could face up to 14 years in prison for stories embarrassing the Govt with 'unauthorised disclosures' not 'in the public interest', following Patel's proposed changes to the Official Secrets Act.
The proposed change to law would remove defence for reporters handed leaked documents & increase the maximum jail term for journalists from 2 to 14 years: reporters who handle leaked documents would not have a defence if charged under the proposed new laws. #DowningStreetParties Image
The proposals suggest the UK Government agenda is to deter journalists, whistleblowers & sources from embarrassing the government & intelligence agencies, & they implicitly conflate probing journalism with spying by hostile states.

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All the times public were told not to break Covid lockdown rules as No10 organised 'BYOB party'

🔴 @mollyblackall

@mollyblackall 📧 When Martin Reynolds, the PM's principal private secretary, emailed colleagues to “bring your own booze” to the event.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 The rest of the UK were only allowed to socialise outdoors with one person they did not live with.…
@mollyblackall Here's a rundown of all the times the Government told people to stay home and stressed the importance of lockdown in the days before the party 📅⬇️…
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