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The UK already pays less into the EU Budget (as a percentage of gross national income) than any other member states.
#brexitlies #stopbrexit
Some members like Belgium and the Netherlands pay in nearly double what the UK does (as a percentage of GNI).
We have to counter the Brexiter argument that the EU sees the UK as some sort of endless resource of money while giving us little in return.
It simply isn't true.
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Yet more lies from leading Brexiters.
Apart from anything else, there is no such place as Slough General Hospital...
For that matter, Slough isn't in London either.
#stopbrexit #brexitlies
The sad thing is, her lies get 500 retweets in 6 hours.
Misinformation from Brexiters spreads like wildfire.
@BritainOpen @BerkshireTAB @BerkshireforEU @WindsorforEU can you help to publicise and call out the fake facts I've highlighted in the above tweet.
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Time for a catch-up on our weekend campaign activities so here is a thread to bring you all up to date and share the observations and stories of the day. This week our main stall was in Ellesmere Port to talk to the people there. The local MP is @justinmadders. /thread
The planned decision to visit Ellesmere Port turned out particularly prescient given the recent news of Vauxhall’s warnings about the consequences of the “Do or Die” no-deal being touted around by Johnson and Hunt…
Here is a photo of our Remain Angels for the Day. Aren’t they gorgeous? 😉
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Have you read how the Lisbon Treaty will force the UK to adopt the Euro and join the Schengen Area?


(Spoiler - it's a load of codswallop. Read on and debunk the myths yourself.)

#Brexit #LisbonTreaty #BrexitShambles #BrexitLies #PeoplesVote

@mrjamesob @campbellclaret
You've probably seen one of the attached during your journey through social media. The Lisbon Treaty outlines plenty of changes happening in 2020 and 2022, right? Wrong.

'Why should I believe a remoaner?', you ask. You don't have to. Debunk the myths yourself.
1. Open up the Treaty -… (web) or… (PDF)
2. Ctrl+F
3. Search '2020' - no matches will be found
4. Search '2022' - no matches will be found
5. Pat yourself on the back, you've debunked the myths. The Treaty contains no such changes.
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I ran into a rabid Brexiter on my evening walk today. Talked about how happy he was now that UK was leaving the EU. I tried to keep my cool and think I managed to get in a few hard facts, like it’s not the EU forcing a hard border in Ireland #Disinformation #Brexit
The guy happens to be an (unfollowed but not unfriended) FB friend, and he offered me a ride home and said “Please don’t unfriend me.”
He’s decent enough, but very ill informed. I also told him that I’ve never been to a country more ill informed about EU than the UK.
I told him that there had been a massive anti EU disinformation campaign in the UK since the early 1990ies. The lies were so many the EU found it necessary to launch a separate page to debunk it. It has arond 600 entries, I sad.
Referring to this:…
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I have just got back from a week in Berlin. I no longer feel that I am 'home'. There is something so sick, so diseased about Brexitland: the cheating and lying that go unreported and unpunished; the craven behaviour of the BBC that renders it a hideous propaganda machine; the
abject failure of the Opposition to oppose; May's ludicrous, deluded, insulting claims to be 'keeping us united' and this outrageously obdurate determination to kill off democracy and to spit in the faces of our friends...these all combine to leave me feeling very bleak indeed.
In Berlin, I was reminded how amazing it is to be European, what a joy to feel part of this great movement for peace, fraternity and enterprise and how heart-breaking it is to think that a few corrupt bigots and kleptocrats could take this away.I am also depressed by my inability
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