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Had a question, why do you think there is such a dearth of info about the Tories charter cities and freeport plans post Brexit? #Libertarian #BrexitLies
Do people know what charter cities are? Because this is actually a key hidden plan behind the Brexit campaign. Sunak is a disciple of Prof.Paul Romer who experimented with r/w charter cities in Honduras and Madagascar, Honduran Supreme Court shut him down. So off they trot to UK.
UK is in transition, an 'emerging economy' now with 3rd country status. A regression has been instrumented whereby the clean slate has foreign frontier capitalists/ UK hedge funders queuing up with multinational pals for their chunk of flesh and a UK ruled by and for shareholders
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Are we really doing this again?

Even the propagandists at the Mail on Sunday know the EU never banned the crown from appearing on pint glasses - something Tories established for themselves in 2007

Desperate stuff

#BrexitLies #SundayMorning @LBC
Also, at no point in my adult life has any pub refused to sell me a pint of orange juice or diet coke or any other fruit or soft drink.

It's all so pathetic.
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What do you think happens when a small group of the ultra wealthy buy and shape UK Govt policy? Retainers put down by financiers expect to see massive returns. Brexit's lie will usher in total state deregulation. This is the cornerstone of disaster capitalism. #BrexitLies
The pro-European business elite fled the Tory party as the ERG gained power. Johnson on the promise of a hard brexit saw donations increase massively from hedge funders and private equity. Tory party is officially unrepresentative of the public's interests and values.
A small group of ultra wealthy individuals exert control over Govt policy, it is a model copied from the US. Cash for access now the norm in British politics. Leave campaign money came mostly from hedge funders, Crispin Odey made £220m on 2016 referendum result.
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Never forget that between 2010-2018 £340,000 per year of tax payers money funded the ERG. Each Tory MP that paid £2000 subscription fee claimed that back on expenses. Information on ERG research was never made public, Rees-Mogg's staff denied he was even a member. #BrexitLies
ERG also has a 2nd bank account for private donations, the extent of their funding runs into the millions. Tax payer money was crucial to ERG's success. Westminster 'regulator' looked the other way. Brexit was forced by a cartel of far right libertarians and disaster capitalists
Private foundations have very few legal restrictions, by law they have to donate 5% of their earnings to 'no-profit' charities. Well guess what? They get tax deductions so they can impact society under the aura of generosity to salve public resentment. The ultra wealthy run Govt
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Michael Martin, “the single worst call [Martin] ever had with anyone”. The FT’s Peter Foster claimed he had been told the call was “very difficult”, “stubborn”, “eulogising on sovereignty” and “little grasp of detail” …not even close to “conciliatory”…
Not to be outdone the foreign secretary, Liz Truss, then managed to annoy EU vice president Maroš Šefčovič in a telephone conversation that one EU source characterised as “horrendous”, adding that they had “seldom seen Šefčovič so cross and so upset”.
Described as a ‘tough’ meeting, Sinn Féin’s president Mary Lou McDonald and her deputy Michelle O’Neill, Stormont’s first minister designate, emerged to accuse the prime minister of coordinating with “obstructionist tactics” by the DUP who want to see the protocol ditched.
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Russia has fomented the rise of the far right across central and eastern Europe. Like a virus attacking its host, malign Russian influence seeks out and attacks democracies.
Eroding the foundations of democracies takes years to fully achieve the desired destabilizing and disabling effects, as the western model of democracy becomes more discredited and undermined so the Kremlin’s model rises up.
Russia’s networks of influence are complex, rendering a countries ability to conduct oversight through transparency, accountability and the rule of law extremely vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation.
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Labour talks down the prospect of nationalising public services and says it wants to take a more market-based approached.
Whichever way you look at it Jacob and Keir, Brexit is sh*t
Keir Starmer and Jacob Rees-Mogg say Brexit has benefits: what are they?…
An analysis by the University of Sussex Trade Policy Observatory found that the UK's Brexit losses were 178 times bigger than any gains from new agreements, with all deals combined worth less than 50p per person a year.
Very curious to see how this article goes down.
Pretty sure hitching your wagon to Rees-Mogg's star is going to suck you into a black hole.
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When The Daily Express tweets about #BrexitShambles today, its readers go into hiding.

3 hours later, and this is the only reply:
In 2016, they dismissed our warnings as "Fear-mongering propaganda".

Brexiters know about #BrexitLies now. They're living #ProjectFear. They're afraid of being able to pay for food and heating. No wonder the only replies today are from nude models.…
#Brexit is shit.
#Brexit is doomed.

We are going to tear it to pieces, bit by bit, until it is nothing more than a lingering stain on our global reputation.…
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Heart of populist Brexit beats with unrestrained passion for the Tories favourite authors/economists, Hayek, Rand, Friedman, Buchanan, W.Rees-Mogg. The world bore witness to what was inflicted, so many caught in the disaster capitalist maelstrom, now the UK sucked into its vortex
Economic violence runs parallel to military tactics of war, 'Go in hard and fast' nothing gradual, no time to recuperate from shocks the Tories unleashed on its own people. Like a boomerang Brexit returns, hammers the UK with the real pain of its ideology on a myopic public/press
When the Tories ousted party moderates, the ERG and its vast network of right wing libertarians and oligarchs seized the opportunity to force through the clean slate, far right extremists throughout history lay off a countries workforce in order to exact revenge on socialism.
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Environment Agency staff say Govt funding cuts mean the regulator is no longer a deterrent to polluters.

An inevitable consequence of a Govt which prioritises free-market ideology & deregulation over the environment, is that our rivers are now full of shit.

Risking their livelihoods, three officers at the Environment Agency have blown the whistle on how they are increasingly unable to hold polluters to account or improve the environment as a result of the body’s policies.…
The officers wish to remain anonymous because the Environment Agency’s chief executive, Sir James Bevan, has “been very clear that he will sack anybody that is seen to be openly criticising the agency”, one officer said.
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This ERG Govt have instrumented Brexit as a pseudo nationalist Trojan Horse to unleash and destabilize the entire economic infrastructure of the UK. They are implementing a return to feudalism, they are obsessed with property, the Gold Standard and utterly demolishing the state.
Alejandro Chafuen 'For libertarians, removing the state as the final authority to define money might be the most consistent path.' This is about blind faith in free markets and not being accountable to Govt or the rule of law. Extremely dangerous. #libertarian #BrexitReality
Hayek - "If we ever again are going to have sound money, it will not come from Govt... it will be issued by private enterprise." Libertarians, the ERG/Govt have used this as a procedural template for the mess the UK is in as a result of a dark money fueled Brexit. #GTTO
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I detest Frost's contemptuous attitude to the EU. These are our friends, bonded by history, culture and multi-national families spanning a vast continent. They are our biggest trading market and our closest allies. What the hell are we doing here?
#BrexitHasFailed #BrexitBritain
Absolutely risible, almost paralytically drunk interpretation. #BrexitDenial
It’s appalling bad faith. How can anyone negotiate with a government that behaves in this way? No agreement will have any trust or meaning.
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It's just chicken & turkey.
It's just milkshake.
It's just cancer drugs in Northern Ireland.
It's just fishing.
It's just Erasmus.
It's just Belfast violence & port threats.
It's just 7K bank jobs.
It's just trade.
It's just farmers.
It's just musicians.

It's just been 8 months!
Obviously I can back all that up. Sources:

The @BritishPoultry Council have said that the Chicken Shortages in Nando's and KFC and Tesco's warnings about Christmas turkeys are because of Brexit.

As for the lack of milkshake and other issues...

The Road Haulage Association has cited Brexit labour shortages as the number 1 barrier to fixing the shortages.……
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It's 5 years today since the vote to leave the EU. Let's remember all the #BrexitLies that the Leave campaigns told. Share your favourite #Brexit image or meme in the comments below. #BrexitDay #BrexitDisaster #BrexitReality #BrexitMadness #BrexitBritain Image
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#BrexitBill UNTRUTHS
Does jurisdiction of ECJ in this country cease on Thursday?
No, not in NI, & not in respect of issues relating to the status of EU citizens living & working in this country
Are were gaining our independence?
No, we never lost it!
How otherwise could we have decided to leave the EU?
Are we regaining unfettered sovereignty, that golden calf before which so many supporters of leaving the EU seem now to worship?
NO, this agreement we are debating inhibits the exercise of our sovereignty in hundreds of...
different ways, as does our membership of NATO, acceptance of the compulsory jurisdiction of the UN’s International Court of Justice & the WTO's dispute settlement procedures,as do the provisions of the rules-based international order we are, quite rightly, defending & promoting
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LORD FOX #BrexitDeal #BrexitReality
2. Double regulation means double cost! Any UK company wishing to export to EU now must comply with both new UK regulations & standards & EU ones—an extra set of design, testing, certification & admin costs. Eg Chemicals = £1 bn of EXTRA cost!
What are Govt doing to alleviate millstone hanging around British industry?
3. Rules of Origin: #BrexitDeal does not allow for parts imported from regions outside UK & EU to be counted towards local content = diagonal cumulation.This will make it hard, or impossible☡😭 for...
our more complex MANUFACTURERS to avoid being hit by heavy tariffs from EU.😭What are Govt doing about that?
..undeniable issues. This Conservative treaty makes things WORSE for:
Finally, it is clear..there are many further deals to be made😱😭
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@SpecCoffeeHouse @NicholasTyrone I think you have missed the essential point that we have now passed peak Brexit. From now on only the disastrous reality will come at us from all sides. 57% already were Remainers on the day we joined. Soon a huge majority will hate Brexit. I expect poll tax riots response level
@SpecCoffeeHouse @NicholasTyrone Already the biggest vote winner, fish , has turned out to be a disaster. We’ve ended up with a FTA smaller than the UK itself. Gibraltar joined Schengen, Falklands shafted. UK regions never wanted It. #BrexitReality . #Brexitbenefits , there are none. #Brexitears from now on
@SpecCoffeeHouse @NicholasTyrone Remember too, this was a Tory internal civil war foisted on an uninterested country that they only won because of the #Austeridiocy policy falsely foisted after the financial crash. It was a protest vote. There are no benefits to Brexit. It’s a #ToryBrexitShambles .
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LORD PURVIS was wondering what a cynical govt wd do if knew it could only get a POOR #BrexitDeal🤔👇

▪leave it to the last minute
▪issue a misleading press statement
▪only allow minute scrutiny
▪seek to prevent post-legislative scrutiny
▪refuse to publish impact assessment
The INDEPENDENT UK Trade Policy Observatory assessment stated:
“Even with the FTA announced on Christmas Eve, Brexit INCREASES UK-EU trade COSTS, REDUCES TRADE btwn them, & requires resources for form-filling, queuing..These in turn, lead to change in consumption which..
UK residents’ welfare.”
It goes on to a sobering conclusion:
“Exports of value added will fall by nearly 5.5% relative to a pre-Brexit scenario & GDP by 4.4%.”
My noble friends Lord Fox and Lady Kramer will outline this in more detail.
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☡Why #NoDealBrexit is far worse than #Covid for FOOD SUPPLIES 1. Tariffs 2. Disruption to supply chains 3. Time of Year!!
#TripleThreat #BrexitReality
Trust @the_brc actual experts in food supply, or believe #ToryLiars expert only in #ToryIncompetence!🤔
+ WARNINGS from @RHA =actual Experts in Road Haulage/ transport logistics!!
Think they understand their business & #BrexitReality more than clueless Govt ministers - tin-eared #Brexiters eg Gove = #BrexitLies #BrexitCon!!
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Dodgy as highly opaque, low transparency rated (E) @WhoFundsYou clearly "politically" motivated (against @ChtyCommission rules) RW think tanks have WRONGLY advised govt policy! Many now appointees IN Vote Leave cabal govt which is abusing power & scant regard for Rule of Law!!
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The UK already pays less into the EU Budget (as a percentage of gross national income) than any other member states.
#brexitlies #stopbrexit
Some members like Belgium and the Netherlands pay in nearly double what the UK does (as a percentage of GNI).
We have to counter the Brexiter argument that the EU sees the UK as some sort of endless resource of money while giving us little in return.
It simply isn't true.
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Yet more lies from leading Brexiters.
Apart from anything else, there is no such place as Slough General Hospital...
For that matter, Slough isn't in London either.
#stopbrexit #brexitlies
The sad thing is, her lies get 500 retweets in 6 hours.
Misinformation from Brexiters spreads like wildfire.
@BritainOpen @BerkshireTAB @BerkshireforEU @WindsorforEU can you help to publicise and call out the fake facts I've highlighted in the above tweet.
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Time for a catch-up on our weekend campaign activities so here is a thread to bring you all up to date and share the observations and stories of the day. This week our main stall was in Ellesmere Port to talk to the people there. The local MP is @justinmadders. /thread
The planned decision to visit Ellesmere Port turned out particularly prescient given the recent news of Vauxhall’s warnings about the consequences of the “Do or Die” no-deal being touted around by Johnson and Hunt…
Here is a photo of our Remain Angels for the Day. Aren’t they gorgeous? 😉
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Have you read how the Lisbon Treaty will force the UK to adopt the Euro and join the Schengen Area?


(Spoiler - it's a load of codswallop. Read on and debunk the myths yourself.)

#Brexit #LisbonTreaty #BrexitShambles #BrexitLies #PeoplesVote

@mrjamesob @campbellclaret
You've probably seen one of the attached during your journey through social media. The Lisbon Treaty outlines plenty of changes happening in 2020 and 2022, right? Wrong.

'Why should I believe a remoaner?', you ask. You don't have to. Debunk the myths yourself.
1. Open up the Treaty -… (web) or… (PDF)
2. Ctrl+F
3. Search '2020' - no matches will be found
4. Search '2022' - no matches will be found
5. Pat yourself on the back, you've debunked the myths. The Treaty contains no such changes.
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