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1/ „Bis 2019, noch vor Ausbruch der Corona-Pandemie, investierten die Pharmakonzerne #Pfizer, #Roche, #Sanofi und #EliLilly in das Mainzer Unternehmen. Auch die Bill- und Melinda-Gates-Stiftung stieg mit 50 Mio. Euro ein. Haupteigentümer Thomas ……
2/ … Strüngmann sagte damals, #BioNTech könne zum #Amazon der Biotechbranche werden. …

Allerdings ist der Patentstreit nicht das einzige Problem der Mainzer. #BioNTech ist in Deutschland Hauptbetroffener von der zurückgehenden Nachfrage nach Corona-Impfstoffen. …
3/ Für #BioNTech und seine Aktionäre werden deswegen sichtbare Erfolge in der Krebstherapie immer dringender. Um hier voranzukommen, hat Unternehmenschef #Sahin entschieden, die Forschung in diesem Bereich nach London zu verlagern, wo … eine von der #EU unabhängige …
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Der Milliardär, der noch vor kurzem vor den "bösen Machenschaften" der Pharmaindustrie warnte (Coronaimpfung), tritt nun als Verteidiger genau dieser Industrie und deren vollkommen überzogenen Preise auf.

Weil er zu Recht befürchten muss, von #EliLilly verklagt zu werden.
Nachdem #Musk seine 8$-Verifikation einführte, gab es auch einen Fakeaccount von #EliLilly, welcher ankündigte, dass deren Insulin ab jetzt gratis sei.
Woraufhin der Aktienkurs des Konzerns einbrach.

Lustig ist, dass #Twitter die Falschaussage von Musk korrigierte (abermals).
#Musk hat den Tweet mittlerweile gelöscht.

Dies ist jetzt die einzige Reaktion auf Bernie Sanders.
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How Big Pharma DELIVERED CAMPAIGN CASH to key lawmakers with surgical precision

The pharmaceutical industry there is one agenda: Heading off Medicare drug price negotiation, which it considers an existential threat to its business model.

Campaign donations to members of Congress — which must be reported to the Federal Election Commission — are the tip of the iceberg, signaling far greater activity in influence peddling that includes spending millions on lobbying activities and advertising campaigns.

Pharmaceutical companies and their lobbying groups gave roughly $1.6 million to lawmakers during the first six months of 2021, with Republicans accepting $785,000 and Democrats $776,200, the Pharma Cash to Congress database shows.

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Le scandale du #MEDIATOR
a tellement mis en avant des pbs de conflit d’intérêt entre les organismes de l’Etat et BIGPHARMA,

que l’AFSSAPS a changé de nom et c’est nommée #ANSM… Image


La sphère publique est juge et partie.
Cela peut mener a une sous-évaluation des incidents déclarés.

ANSM= une cible pour le lobby de BigPharma. Pb / Levothyrox, Depakine, Médiator… ImageImage

Des politiques influents peuvent être rémunérées par Bigpharma.
Il y a aussi des récompenses (offres de travail); ex de Monsanto.

Des « experts » Français décideurs ont des conflits d’intérêt.… Image
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#Donanemab for #Alzheimer, misleadingly spun as positive: “donanemab resulted in a better […] ability to perform activities of daily living than placebo at 76 weeks”. The data suggest otherwise. (1/8)

#EliLilly @NEJM #ADPD2021…
(2/8) First off, donanemab accomplished exactly what it was designed for: At 76 weeks, the reduction in the amyloid plaque level as assessed by florbetapir PET was 85.06 centiloids greater in the donanemab group than in the placebo group (−84.13 vs. 0.93 centiloids)
(3/8) However, the primary outcome, the composite iADRS (range, 0 - 144), showed a difference of only 3.20 points in favor of donanemab. While with a p=0.04, the trial was powered to show a 6-point difference. This goal was not reached, as the authors admit in the discussion.
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A un año del inicio de la pandemia de COVID-19, contamos con una serie de vacunas que han demostrado una eficacia sobresaliente en los ensayos clínicos de fase tres, en decenas de miles de personas (50% al 95% eficacia)
En el mediano y largo plazo, las vacunas brindarán un buen nivel inmunitario en la población mundial, reduciendo así la circulación del virus y disminuyendo los casos severos y muertes relacionadas con COVID-19…
La distribución global y equitativa de vacunas presenta un desafío sin precedentes, ya que la demanda de dosis de vacunas supera ampliamente el ritmo de producción

La conservación de las mismas a -20 o -80 C, plantea una dificultad, sobre todo en países con recursos limitados
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1/ Diabetes mellitus is one of the most active areas of drug development. Fascinating advances have occurred in the past decade, leading to easier-to-administer medications and reductions in cardiovascular mortality.
2/ I saw a young patient with T2DM & obesity (BMI 62 kg/m2). She was being treated with high-dose insulin glargine at night, lispro sliding scale & metformin. Her morning BS were ~140 and her pre-meal levels ~150 mg/dL. Despite these numbers, her A1c was 8.6%. Next step?
3/ A reasonable A1c goal for a young patient is ~7%. A ⬆️ A1c with reasonable morning and pre-prandial BS levels suggests post-prandial excursions poorly covered by lispro.
The ideal drug to add is one that is potent (⬇️ A1c >1%), is easy to administer and does not further ⬆️Wt.
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Analysis: #NYSE: #LLY

Case 39 #EliLilly and Company
DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

LLY 1/5
The June 2000 high at 109.00 was finally overcome in October 2018, peaking at 132.13 in March 2019. Prices have since stalled and are currently trading in a broad range 119.90 - 105.60. .........

LLY 2/5
..... The 25 year #trendline is still intact. We expect prices to correct lower before entering into position.

LLY 3/5
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Trump's admin has made life exceedingly difficult for people like me who are fighting #cancer & dealing with extreme medical costs.

Obama said in 2009 that he hated watching his mother forced to work to pay bills as she fought for her life.

Many of us are still doing this.
Now Trump wants to make yet another critic of #ACA--the only buffer sick & #disabled Americans have until we get #UHC--head of HHS.

#AlexAzar is an actual lobbyist for #BigPharma.
And cut his legal teeth--he's a lawyer--working for #KenStarr investigating the Clintons.
Anyone who thinks sick/#disabled people are going to get a fair shake under this presidency aren't thinking clearly. And while I know we have more Russia news and
more sexual abuse claims today, this appointment impacts EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN WHO IS NOT RICH and it's barely news.
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