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Traveling from Lagos international airport is so so stressful. My God!

Everything is designed to stress you. But what takes the cake are the humans. The sheer number of steps you have to interact with people is mind mumbing. And almost all these people are begging!
I’m tired and angry and stressed, so let’s count the people in Lagos airport you have to see before you get to your seat on the plane…. And rate their pointlessness 0-5.

“0” means very pointless, obviously. 5 means essential personnel, should be there.
Person #1 is a security personnel by the front door that you must show your ticket to prove you’re traveling. Screens people who want to carry their whole family to do excursion and farewell party INSIDE the terminal. Please stay outside. Essential for Naija. Score: 5
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AUDIO RELEASE: Atlanta Zone 4 FIT officers spent all evening mocking the vigil/balloon release for Bre'Asia Powell, a 16-year-old girl who was fatally shot at Mays HS. Full 5min audio here…. Transcript and excerpts below. #ATLScanner #StopCopCity
Transcript is available at… . It's been cleaned up to correct some transcription errors/readability. Highlights follow below. #ATLScanner #StopCopCity
APD: "The vigil will only last as long as the shooter wants it to."…
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A thread to shed light on the recent short statement released by the @USEmbassyLibya regarding the unfolding events in Zawiya. This statement, which could potentially be interpreted as an endorsement by the US Embassy for the Government of National Unity (GNU) to utilize Image
1 - .... drone strikes against their adversaries in western Libya, requires some context. Here, I delve into the background and offer insights into this intriguing stance taken by the United States.
2- While the US Embassy/officials have made public declarations in support of holding elections in #Libya in recent months, there has been a parallel effort by agents of the US government on the ground to advocate for & bolster the power-sharing agreement between the LNA & GNU.
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🧵THREAD: Unveiling the Connections and Actions of @DrLeanaWen.

What a coincidence that it was Wen, 🇺🇸's and 🇨🇳's top Covid fearmonger, who was interviewed right after the Boston Bombing. She speaks as if she's struggling to recall her lines. At least her accent has improved. Image
#2 In 2018, Wen became the president of "Planned Parenthood" (, which is heavily supported by the Eugenicists Bill Gates Jr. and Sr. ( Another coincidence. Image
#3 It is, therefore, no coincidence that this Chinese-born woman was the biggest propagandist during Covid, doing everything in her power to suppress society in a Chinese-style manner, gaslighting them, and calling for inhumane measures, as the following tweets will demonstrate. Image
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@laralogan They came to take God of good out of school & we didn't fight.

Then they came to remove Pledge of Allegiance. And we didn't fight.

Then they came to replace good with evil.

Will we fight?

It's very difficult to find now with all the confusion and scrubbing ...cont
@laralogan Scrubbing the internet of factual articles, but the word of God, the Bible was the first approved & textbook stemming from its use by the 13 colonies.

It has everything in it one would need for life. Reading, writing arithmetic social studies sound moral teachings Etc. Cont/
@laralogan The great founders of this great country, this republic, knew well the God of the Bible. Read George Washington's prayer journal.

Many great pillars of this country knew the truth of the word of God, including Abraham Lincoln who most likely learned to read cont/
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@vrtnws Er staan verschillende fouten in dit artikel:
"De Europese Centrale Bank (ECB) stelt in een recent rapport dat 60 procent van de inflatie te wijten is aan die graaiflatie, die winsthonger van de bedrijven."
Dat heeft de ECB nooit een rapport gesteld!
@vrtnws "The latest increases in the GDP deflator have been driven by both unit labour costs and unit profits."
zegt de ECB in een blog.
Merk op het gaat hier om de GDP deflator, niet de inflatie. De ingevoerde energie- en voedingsprijzen zitten hier niet in.
@vrtnws Voor het 4e kwartaal zegt de ECB in de blog:
"Unit profits increased by 9.4% in the fourth quarter of 2022, year-on-year, and contributed more than half the domestic price pressures in that quarter, while unit labour costs increased by 4.7% and contributed less than half."
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@vonderleyen The #Qatargate #Scandal: Could It Signal The #End Of The ‘#BrusselsEU’? | Apr 21
- A vice #president of the #EuropeanParliament and other EU #lawmakers have been #bribed by the governments of #Qatar, #Morocco, #Mauritania, and possibly other countries…
@vonderleyen Inquiry Launched Into Secret Talks Between #Pfizer And #EUCommission Chief For Sale Of #Vaccines | Sep 18
- Pfizer has been holding sovereign governments to #ransom making bizarre demands asking for #bankreserves, #embassy buildings and #military bases.
@vonderleyen The #EuropeanCommission's #refusal of public access to text messages #SMS exchanged between
@vonderleyen and the CEO of a #pharmaceutical company on the purchase of a #Covid19Vaccines
- CASE 1316/2021/MIG - OPENED ON Thursday | 16 Sep 2021
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When I worked at the @TNHouseReps, almost everyone there knew a woman or an intern who was being sexually harassed by a Representative or had a Rep cross the line with them. However, not one of those women wanted to go to HR to report the member. Why? A 🧵
@TNHouseReps Tennessee is a "right to work" state. At the @TNHouseReps, that phrase is especially laughable. When you get hired there, you don't actually work for the office that hired you. For ex., I worked for the @TNDemocrats but was told that I worked "at the pleasure of the Speaker."
What does that mean? It means if the Speaker doesn't like something you said, did, posted, WHATEVER, you could be fired for no cause at all with zero recourse. My own Chair told me there was little he could do to protect me if the Speaker wanted to fire me.
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Alors ne prenez pas ça pour une attaque contre la police, mais son rôle n’a rien à voir avec la garantie de l’Etat de droit. C’est un non-sens.
L’Etat de droit est un Etat qui est soumis aux règles qu’il édicte lui-même, et qui peut se voir imposer le respect de ces règles. Soit qu’un acte illégal soit annulé, soit qu’il soit contraint à l’action. Le garant de l’Etat de droit, c’est le juge.
Il faut que le juge ait des garanties d’indépendance telles qu’il ne puisse subir de pression ou de rétorsion par l’Etat selon ses décisions et qu’il ait les moyens légaux de juger l’Etat et ses émanations à la demande d’un citoyen.
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These protests Obidient Pastors are sponsoring, because they hoped to continue living large on Govt funds across the Country has to stop!

No one is more Nigerian than the other & there are processes.

Nigeria is not a Banana Republic where anything goes
Why does anyone think states not won by the APC are the only legitimately won states ?

They used the pulpit for their divisive messages and the eggs splattered on their ungodly faces .

I am almost certain,more than 90% of the women who protested in Nassarawa
Had no idea what they were there for,or what those placards meant, being magnanimous in victory isn’t the same as being timid.
Unless we want the Country to descend into anarchy, a ban on Public Protests on Elections matters needs to be placed across the country.
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Op-eds like this are useful for many reasons. They reveal the defects of U.S. and Western policy toward and opinion-making about Africa, including the "soft bigotry of low expectations" that defines it.

I'll talk about some of those issues in a #thread 🧵…
To begin with, consider this op-ed to be more or less the logic behind the Biden administration's embrace of the result of Nigeria's presidential election. The Washington Post is the unofficial bible of elite Beltway opinion. Its editorial board is authoritative in that regard.
The op-ed neatly lays out the low bar for what Western opinion considers to be "free and fair elections" in African countries. Essentially any outcome short of civil war is acceptable. My goodness, it's right there in the first paragraph! WaPo did not bury the lede one bit.
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From the Desk of the President-Elect @officialABAT


With the conclusion of the Governorship and State Houses of Assembly elections,I congratulate all the elected governors & assembly members for earning the mandate Image
of the people.
The March 18 governorship election held across 28 states and the state legislative poll across the 36 states of the federation have brought the 2023 election circle to a fitting close.
I must praise President Muhammadu Buhari,the Independent National Electoral Image
Commission, security agencies, Observer Groups, Civil Society Organisations, development partners and the electorate for the success of the elections. The election is pivotal to the growth and sustenance of democracy and democratic governance at the state level.
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#PRESSSTATEMENT from the President-Elect @officialABAT

Nigeria: At the Cusp of Renewed Hope
A fair, credible election has been held & has been won. The honor of that victory and the steep responsibility it entails has fallen on me. I say this not to gloat or boast because
there is no room for such behavior. I merely state the facts as they are.

I realize many good & well-meaning Nigerians voted for other candidates. They are naturally disappointed that their favored candidate did not win. Other candidates have voiced their dissatisfaction,
stating they will go to court to contest the election. This is inherent to the democratic process. We defend their right to seek legal recourse.
While they exercise the legal rights afforded them in our democracy, I have set my course & mind on the leadership of this nation.
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You have heard of the several billions that Lagos State generates, what you really don't know is how it is spent and the different types of taxes that comes into the coffers of the state.

In this feature video, Ayodele Subair,
the execute chairman of the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service walks you through how the taxes helps to develop the state.

Under the administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the executive arm has expansively improved Lagos and taxes are making it happen.
Development are non-stop, in transport; air, rail, road and water systems are being worked on concurrently to make Lagos transportation seamless and in line with 21st century system.

In health, the journey continues to make sure Lagosians are safe, hale and hearty -
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లఖ్నాటి దండయాత్ర #778వ వార్షికోత్సవం - బెంగాల్ సుల్తానేట్ను ఒరిస్సా చక్రవర్తి ఓడించిన #778వ వార్షికోత్సవం

దక్షిణ భారతంలో, ముఖ్యంగా ఆంధ్ర ప్రాంతంలో హిందూ దేవాలయాలు, హిందూ ధర్మం ముస్లింల అరాచకాలకు గురి కాకుండా 14 శతాబ్ధం వరకు కాపాడిన వారు ఎవరో తెలుసా?
బెంగాల్ మీదుగా, ఆంధ్ర ప్రాంతంలో ప్రవేశించి ప్రబలమైన భుద్ధ ధర్మం లా ముస్లింలు ప్రవేశించలేక పోవడానికి కారణం సుమారు 1000 సంవత్సరాల పాటు ఒరిసాను పాలించి తూర్పు తీరాన్ని కాపు కాసి, హిందూ ధర్మాన్ని రక్షించిన తూర్పు గంగ చక్రవర్తుల గొప్పతనమే.

మీరు కోణార్క్లోని గంభీరమైన సూర్య దేవాలయాన్ని చూశారా?

మీరు సింహాచల గంభీరమైన వరాహ లక్ష్మీ నరసింహ
ఆలయాన్ని చూసారా?
మీరు భువనేశ్వర్ అనంత వాసుదేవ ఆలయాన్ని

ఇవి హిందువుల దేవుళ్ళైన సూర్య, నరసింహ మరియు నారాయణలకు కృతజ్ఞతగా నిర్మించబడినవి.
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JAMB Shifts 2023 Mock-UTME
The 2023 Mock-UTME earlier scheduled for Thursday,16th March, 2023, has been shifted to Thursday, 30th March, 2023.

The shift in date is partly owing to the change in the date for the Gubernatorial and

State Houses of Assembly Elections earlier scheduled to hold on Saturday,11th March, 2023 but now moved to 18th March, 2023.

Candidates, who registered early and indicated their willingness to take the Mock-UTME, would be notified as to when to print their
Mock-UTME notification slip, which would contain their centres and other details.
The Mock-UTME is an optional examination introduced by the Board to provide opportunity for candidates to have hands-on experience with the system as well as afford the Board an opportunity
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The Presidency wishes to react to some public concerns that President Muhammadu Buhari did not react to the Supreme Court judgement on the issue of the N500 and N1,000
old currency notes, and states here plainly and clearly that at no time did he instruct the Attorney General and the CBN Governor to disobey any court orders involving the government and other parties.

Since the President was sworn into office in 2015, he has never directed
anybody to defy court orders, in the strong belief that we can't practise democracy without the rule of law and the commitment of his administration to this principle has not changed.
Following the ongoing intense debate about the compliance concerning the legality of the old
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Served Hot 🔥 from the desk of @realFFK
I make no apology for saying the following.

Lagos is NOT no-man's land. It belongs to the Yoruba. Other than winning the Presidency, the most important thing for the Yoruba to do today is to ensure that Babajide Sanwo-Olu is
re-elected as Governor of Lagos state.

Outside of that we are finished as a race and as a people.

The Labour Party candidate, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, whose mother & wife are Igbo &who is running a patently anti-Yoruba & pro-Igbo campaign, is one of those that burnt
properties & buses during the Endsars riots.
He is also in bed with IPOB and is hell bent on imposing an unashamedly Igbo agenda on the people of Lagos state including removing all our Yoruba traditional rulers & imposing Igbo ones.

Would the Igbo allow any Yoruba man to do
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PRESS STATEMENT issued 6-3-23


When the defeated Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar told the whole world last week that he would seek redress in court over the outcome

of the 25 February Presidential election, little did we know that he did not plan to be guided by his own promise.

Going by his political antecedents, it was rather not surprising that Atiku, days later, led a band of protesters, nay jesters in Abuja, to the
Headquarters of Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC).

What was on display today by Alhaji Atiku and his motley crowd was a new low from the perennial election loser.

With Atiku staging a theatre of the absurd, we fail to see how a march to INEC by a scanty
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Tinubu extols Pastor Adeboye's virtues at 81

President-elect @officialABAT
has sent special birthday goodwill message to Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God on his 81 birthday anniversary. Image

The President-elect in his goodwill message noted that Pastor Adeboye has been a tremendous blessing to Nigeria, Africa and the world with his ministerial work as an influential preacher and leader.

Tinubu in a statement by his Media Office, signed by Media Adviser,
Mr. Tunde Rahman, noted with excitement his personal and family relationship with Pastor Adeboye from the time he was Governor of Lagos State and how the annual Lagos State Thanksgiving Service started by his administration has continued to be conducted till date by
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WHY @inecnigeria

Server Was Attacked 162 Times In The Last 72 Hours.
162 attempts were made to hack into the Inec server meant for the upload of the just concluded general election results from various polling units
across the federation in the last 72 hours, an independent source disclosed.

The attempt was initiated from different parts of the world, Asia, Europe, America & locally withing Nigeria.

This explains why the Independent National Electoral Commission was reluctant to

upload the 2023 General Election result to the server despite calls from other political parties.

The PDP and LP alongside other political parties raised an alarm regarding INEC's inability to upload the results to the site and insist collation of results should be
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By The President-Elect
of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,

March 1, 2023

My fellow Nigerians,

I am profoundly humbled that you have elected me to serve as the 16th president of our beloved republic.

This is a shining moment in the life of any man and affirmation of our democratic existence. From my heart, I say thank you.

Whether you are Batified, Atikulated, Obidient, Kwankwasiyya, or have any other political affiliation, you voted for a better, more hopeful nation
and I thank you for your participation and dedication to our democracy.
You decided to place your trust in the democratic vision of a Nigeria founded on shared prosperity and one nurtured by the ideals of unity, justice, peace and tolerance. Renewed hope has dawned in 🇳🇬
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Nigerians stay awake! Obasanjo and ‘owners of Nigeria’ plotting another June 12

By Louis Odion, FNGE

One read with bewilderment, even a sense of dark foreboding, the statement by former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, yesterday calling for the cancellation“of

all elections that do not pass the credibility and transparency test” during the Saturday (February 25) presidential elections.

We have always known Chief Obasanjo to harbour anti-democratic proclivities. But never did one anticipate this effrontery, this in-your-face
audacity by the General and his co-travellers to seek to re-enact the perfidious circus that eventuated in the June 12 annulment of 1993, thereby plunging the country into needless catastrophe yet again.

There is clearly no basis — whether legal or moral — to cancel
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Democracy 101

What is democracy?

By Temitope Ajayi @TopeEkitiman

Except democracy is no longer about the majority, the tiny minority alleging rigging of this election will be able to impose their will on the rest of us. But if democracy is about the will of the

majority as expressed by the ballot, then Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has won the presidential election in a free and fair process with the national spread as required by law.

Make no mistake, we will not be apologetic about this win. It is emphatic. It is clear. And we will

celebrate it to the fullest.

And for those accusing other people of ethnic bigotry because Peter Obi will not win, i hope you will be honest to yourselves when the dust is settled and you can think more clearly.

Peter Obi won in Lagos, Plateau, Delta, Edo and other
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