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Earlier today Twitter celebrated Republican Reinstated Smells. A hashtag game #TerribleCandleScents got your faitful T Dawg to dig into the ole candle drawer and take a few whiffs. Then you all voted by liking my silliest jokes. So let's revisit the 12 worst smelling candles Image
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@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump Eric needs to stop putting his fingers into electric sockets and you, "Judge", need to put the boxes of wine away. Biden helped clinch passage of a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, ended the war in Afghanistan, expanded access for veterans to therapy dogs and
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump service dogs while increasing assistance to Americans returning from Afghanistan, championed the American Rescue Plan; extended a 15% increase to SNAP funding, helping children who qualify for free lunch; restored funding to veterans programs, including programs to assist
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump veterans’ mental health (that had been cut by Donald Trump); boosted funding to the Affordable Care Act, providing new options for people who need health insurance and lowering costs for people already insured; protected tens of thousands of aviation jobs; provided socially
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Ivanka Trump Is Now Under Criminal Investigation In New York

#Ivanka was already under suspicion for potential tax crimes related to her role in the jacking up of hotel prices at the Trump Hotel in DC for Trump’s inauguration.

#Ivanka #DonJr #EricTrump are all under criminal investigation as the state of New York is investigating the entire #TrumpOrganization

The NY AG’s office said Tuesday that it is pursuing a criminal investigation into the Trump Organization, in addition to the ongoing civil probe
Trump himself is being investigated for bank and tax fraud in Manhattan.
The state investigation is looking at the criminal activity of the entire Trump Organization, which includes Trump and his adult children, who all are officers or work for the Trump Organization.

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Le président Donald Trump envisage d’accorder des grâces présidentielles anticipées à trois de ses enfants, son avocat Rudy Giuliani ainsi que son beau-fils Jared Kushner.
De quoi pourraient-ils être accusés ?
Déroulez ce thread pour un état des lieux 🔽
#DonaldTrumpJr Le fils aîné de Trump a été mis en cause lors de l’investigation de Robert Mueller. Il avait rencontré en 2016 deux lobbyistes russes qui avaient offert des informations compromettantes sur la campagne présidentielle d’Hillary Clinton. Il n’a jamais été condamné.
La Trump Organization dont elle est la vice-présidente fait l’objet d’une enquête approfondie. En cause : des réductions fiscales illégales justifiées par des “frais d’expertise”. On parle de plusieurs millions de dollars. Ivanka aurait reçu une partie de la somme.
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#Kushner wasn't "successful" til he got a WH job. He & #Ivanka owed $1.4 BILLION on their #mortgage til foreign investors prepaid nearly a century in rent. They got a self-serving taxcut into law & raked in $90 mil from undisclosed overseas sources, most Saudi Arabian. >thread
By the time #Jared & #Ivanka became White House Senior Advisers, they were a little late on their #mortgage. The Washington Post reported that by March 1, 2018, they owed $1.4 billion on 666 5th Avenue.

That's a B. >2…
2 months after WashPost reported #Kushner owed $1.4 billion, a company "swooped in & agreed to take a 99-year lease on the building, paying a near-century’s worth of rent upfront." The #Qatar Investment Authority was a leading investor in the company. >3…
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New York Judge Orders #EricTrump to Sit for Deposition

Eric had REFUSED TO COMPLY with a subpoena—until after the election

NY AG James cited a #FoxNews Radio interview, in which Eric uttered the words “WHY WOULD YOU POSSIBLY COMPLY.”


#EricTrump will no longer be able to delay his interview and will be sitting down with investigators in my office no later than October 7

To be clear, no entity or individual is allowed to dictate how or when our investigation will proceed or set the parameters...

“New York State is currently attempting to determine whether or not Trump and his various family businesses IMPROPERLY INFLATED the VALUE OF ASSETS “on annual financial statements in order to secure loans and obtain economic and tax benefits.”

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#EricTrump lawyers say he can’t testify in #NY probe into family business practices till after election because of ‘extreme travel schedule’

‘No one is above the law, period,’ responds state AG #LetitiaJames


#LetitiaJames launched her civil investigation of potential fraud in Trump business dealings in March 2019 after President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Cohen told Congress that Trump had REPEATEDLY INFLATED the VALUE OF HIS ASSETS to obtain more favorable terms for loans...
The lawyers argued #EricTrump’s “extreme travel schedule” related to his father’s re-election campaign prevented him from testifying sooner in state AG #LetitiaJames’s civil probe

They said they also wanted “to avoid the use of his deposition attendance for political purposes.”
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Is Ivanka Trump The New Face Of Privilege And Global Suffering, In Places Like The U.S. And India?…

#IvankaTrump #Trump* #India #UnitedStates #World

"This is not the first time Ivanka Trump has used “cheap stunts” to improve her image and brand. ..
.. She recently pledged to bring justice for #NativeAmerican families afflicted by higher rates of violence, homicide, and human trafficking by opening the nation’s first Indian Affairs task force office dedicated to solving cold cases of missing and murdered American Indians...
... and #Alaska Natives. #NativeAmerican women and tribal leaders however remain skeptical towards her commitment to resolving the root causes of violence against #Indigenous women and providing adequate federal resources. (2) They point to a lack of concern during the last...
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